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   Chapter 27 No.27

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 2592

Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

Going back to high school after the horrible winter break was bitter sweet. It was something to distract them from the constant traumatic events, but it was school. They were all zoned out in class. Derrick, Kathrine, Zach, Evelyn, and Natalie did everything they could to hold back tears in class. They all had emotions bursting at the seams. They weren't the only ones... every seat was filled with aching hearts and empty notebooks. Everyone wanted to be ready to get back to life... but nobody was able to.

Natalie didn't waste any time between classes and zoomed down the hall in about 30 seconds. She walked into her fourth and final class for the day, sat down, pulled out her phone, and waited for the teacher to start class. The desks around her started to be fill

He spread the photos out over his messy desk.

The first one was a photo of someone in a red hoodie walking down a sidewalk at night. The Coca-Cola mural told him it was on the square in town.

The next photo was of Natalie on her bed. The timestamp on the photo was just a few minutes before his death.

And the third... a photo of the inside of Jasper's car. In the open door, someone in a red hoodie was reaching in, but Jasper's leg was covering their face in the frame.

"That's him..." she told him.

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