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   Chapter 24 No.24

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 4139

Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

Jasper leaned out his window, "Hey. What's up?" he yelled.

Silence. The person in the red hoodie walked slowly to the window. Their boots dragging in the gravel. They stopped, looking eye-to-eye with Jasper. They left the crowbar at their side. The darkness made it too hard to see them anymore. The lights from the radio were dimly shining on Jasper's face. Enough to show he wasn't scared... not yet.

"You have to be next. They need to understand."

"What are you talking about?" Jasper asked. Leaning into the window. "Stop being so weird. What's up with you?"

In the darkness, below Jasper's range of sight, they tightened their grip around the crowbar, getting ready to swing. They rose their hand, revealing the crowbar.

"Woah!" Jasper yelled as he jumped back. The crowbar swung through the opening and slammed into the steering wheel. The horn went off as they pulled it back out. Jasper pushed himself into the passenger seat, not caring if he smashed his camera. The shutter clicked, but no flash. He struggled to hit the lock for the doors in the dark. First, he hit the unlock, click, then the lock button. He couldn't get his hands to stop shaking.

"Stop! This isn't funny!" he yelled. They leaned in the car wi

killer jumped off Jasper and hurried for the crowbar. Jasper, still screaming in pain, jumped up and ran onto Natalie's porch.

The killer jumped from their knees to their feet as they chased Jasper onto the porch. They hiked up their arms in preparation for a final blow.

Swing. Gush. Crunch. The crowbar slammed into Jasper's back. "Ahhhhh!" he was screaming for his life.

The killer used the leverage from the crowbar in his back to pull him down into the steps of the front porch. He squalled as he turned over and tried crawling for help. The killer stood over his bloody body. They slipped the red hoodie back over their head, rose the crowbar, and slammed it into his neck.

They pulled the crowbar out, letting the blood continue to pour onto the dead grass.

"I'm sorry... maybe now they'll understand."

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