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   Chapter 23 No.23

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"Sheriff Mullins had no further statement on the killing of the teenaged Genesis Fisher. The police statement was released on their Facebook page. We're waiting for more information regarding this case. When we have more, we'll come to you with live updates." The news woman spoke with elegance and was straightforward on the screen. The police station behind her cast a perfect backdrop for the television. Next to her, news stations from every network were talking into microphones with camera crews lined up and down the sidewalk.

The front door opened to reveal Deputy Marie Evans swiftly making her way down the steps to her patrol car. The news crews hurried after her, sticking out their microphones.


"What was the state of her body!?" "Had Ms. Fisher been in any trouble!?"

"What is the sheriff doing about the situation?!"

Deputy Evans sat in her car after slamming the door. She pulled out onto the road as fast as she could. When she was far enough away, she started to show her true emotions from the new stress that was on the town. It was the day after Christmas, and she was here trying to figure out what happened to Genni and who did it.

She sighed, taking one hand off the steering wheel and rubbing it through her hair.


"Why did you let her out? Why did she have to go out that night!?" Genni's mother yelled at her husband.

"I had no idea... do you think I wanted this?!" he yelled back at her. The

from his shoulder-strap and hit him in the stomach. He passed by the windows in the hallway and stepped outside to his car.

"I don't know what to do..." he whispered. He slid his keys into the slot without turning the key. He slid his camera into the passenger seat as he put his head on the steering wheel.

"Why?" he said, lifting his head and banging it on the steering wheel. Without looking up, he rose his hand and switched on the headlights. The lights beamed through the driveway.

"Why did I do that?" he said again, hitting his head on the steering wheel again. Finally, he rose his teary eyes to start the engine. Standing just a few feet from the car, someone was creating a huge shadow behind them.

The lights shined into the red hoodie, showing their face.

Jasper rolled down the window, "What are you doing?" he asked his friend between his sniffles and shaky voice.

They didn't say a word.

Just silence, a red hoodie, and a crowbar.

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