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   Chapter 21 No.21

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"Thank you, " Natalie told the nurse as she washed her hands. The water pressure made some splash out of the silver sink. "I know I'm going to be okay. He's scary, but I mean, I'm fine."

The nurse turned to Natalie's step-dad, "do what you can to keep her away from that guy. I'm not a cop, but I have children of my own. Protect her."

Even though Genni's body being found wasn't out to the public yet, she was on everyone's mind.

"Thank you, ma'am. She'll be fine." Natalie's step-dad was always there for her. He shook the nurse's hand and started for the door. Natalie hopped off the examining table and joined him.


Robert wrapped his coat around Natalie on their way to the truck. He let his arms covered in tattoos show; Jesus's name and crosse

in her hands.

As they finally pulled into their driveway twenty minutes later, Robert opened the glove box in front of Natalie.

"You don't have a permit yet, but we can work on that. I think you need this." He grabbed something in the shadows of the glove box. He pulled it out and turned on the overhead light in the car. "Here. I trust you, and you know what's appropriate with this."

He placed a heavy, black pistol on Natalie's lap. She picked it up like a pro... because she'd used one before.

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