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   Chapter 20 No.20

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"Long time no see, " Sheriff Mullins said as he sat in front of Kathrine in the interrogation room. He gave her a cup of coffee to keep her awake. It was obvious she didn't need it because her feet were bouncing on the concrete floor nonstop and her fingers kept fidgeting from her hair to her neck. Hair to neck. He just wanted to make her feel at home.

"I don't really like coffee, but thank you, " Kathrine told him, pushing it back to his side of the table. The smell was strong and bitter. It was obvious there wasn't anything in it.

"Oh, that's all right. I'll drink it." He let about a third of the cup fall down his throat, not letting the temperature or bitterness affect him. "I don't really like anything in my coffee."

"That's gross, " she chuckled. It didn't take her anxiousness away, but it helped.

"So, I brought you in today to talk about Derrick. You reported the murder to me, and you also found the crowbar with Zach. Tell me about that..."


In the next room, Deputy Marie

d. Zach let go and headed for the door. Before he could leave the room, she turned around to talk to him one last time.

"Hey, hun, " she felt like she needed to tell him something. It was bothering her, and she liked the kid. "You really don't know everyone. People are crazy these days and you never know... be careful out there."

Zach met up with Kathrine and her mom in the lobby before walking out to the parking lot together. Kathrine walked through the door, brushing her blond hair behind her ear to stop the wind from blowing it. Zach stared at her... letting two questions run through his head.

Why did she come to Fayetteville? What happened in Florida?

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