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   Chapter 18 No.18

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"I don't like this, man, " the teenager told his dad as they went to the edge of the freezing cold water.

"It's okay, son. I told you... this is the tradition. All the men in this family do this at some point. It's the way we do things."

The Thompsons did this with every father and son at the edge of the Elk River. It was used as some type of bonding time within the family. They thought it met the quota of "bonding time" for the fathers and sons of every generation in the family.

The breeze was soft and so was the flow of the river. It was low and barely moving, the winter weather made it too cold to bear, but for this family, it was something you had to do.

The son took off his shoes and set them onto the dirty rocks at the water's edge. He let the water tickle his toes, sending goosebumps up his feet to his ankles.

"There you go. I'm righ

a stop. He reached below the surface of the water and grabbed a rope. His fist pulled at the shirt on the other side. It was heavy. The rope. The cinder blocks. The water weight. The dead weight.

He struggled to pull it up out of the water. He tugged with both hands, almost losing his balance in the water.

Finally, he pulled up a dead girl's body. Her neck showed a gruesome scene. The massive gash from the crowbar was ugly. Her head flopped back, letting her wet hair fall behind her. It revealed her muddy, eroded face. It wasn't hard to tell... this was Genni.

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