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   Chapter 17 No.17

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Derrick's foot was bouncing on the concrete floor. The silver table was cold and let the bright light above it bounce into his eyes. The mirror on the wall in front of him was massive, covering almost the entire wall. His chair was uncomfortable and made his butt hurt. He looked at the heavy metal door, waiting for someone to walk in and sit in front of him.

He ran his hands through his hair the best he could with them latched together by handcuffs. He let them drop onto the table. Clink. The handcuffs were heavy, and so was his situation he was in.

How did this happen... how did it get so bad... he thought.

The heavy door squealed on the floor like nails on a chalkboard. Sheriff Mullins knew it made that sound, and he did it on purpose. He stepped into the room just enough for the door to slam behind him. He stared at Derrick with disappointment. He had so much he wanted to say to the boy that was doing those horrible things to his girlfriend. But as sheriff, he couldn't let his personal feelings get in the way. He never did, but with a murder case cutting deep into the stress of the entire police force and the t

his crowbar has three things on it... bleach, deer's blood, and Genni's blood. Son, all of those things were at the crime scene. Do you hear what I'm saying?" He leaned in over the table towards Derrick, "This crowbar was at the crime scene and probably was used to kill Genni... and we found it in your car."

Derrick dropped his head, "I want a lawyer and my phone call."

"I figured so, " Sheriff Mullins stood up, pushed his chair back to the table and left the interrogation room. The woman that brought in the crowbar was still behind the glass watching him. Sheriff Mullins stood next to her looking at Derrick.

"Did he do it?" she asked him.

"I don't know yet..." he paused. "I want to talk to the kids that brought us the crowbar first."

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