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   Chapter 13 No.13

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Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

Evelyn finished her lemonade. The conversation with Jasper was beyond small talk. It was going deeper, to the meaty topics she loved to talk about, and so did he.

"How is it living with Zach? I know this is still fresh to you guys, " Jasper said.

"Yeah. It's still fresh. To be honest, I'm mad. Our parents just ditch our families and get together. Now I'm step-siblings with someone I was just acquainted with. Then, our parents take off on some honeymoon. What were they thinking?"

"Do they even know about what's been happening here? About Genni?"

"If they had social media, but they're in some cabin or something... I don't know. We can't contact them. They said we probably wouldn't be able to talk to them."

"That's weird." Jasper didn't think about overstepping a boundary by calling her parent and step-parent weird. Good thing she didn't notice...

but he didn't care. He liked the lighting, and he loved this surge of inspiration he was feeling. He leaned down and put one knee on the ground. He leaned to the left, hitting the button. Click. The shutter in the camera flashed open to take the picture.

Yes, it was a beautiful scene. His camera was capturing something that would look great on Instagram. But, something a little more exciting was

Behind him. At the street corner by the Coca-Cola mural on the brick wall... someone was watching. But, he'd never see who they were... the red hoodie was hiding their face.

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