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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

"I love this place, " Jasper said as he bit into his 6-inch sub.

"It's okay, " Evelyn chuckled as she sipped on her lemonade. Her side of the table was empty. She never really liked Subway. She thought all the choices were too much to handle. The sauces. The bread. The peppers... She liked things more organized and concrete. Sure, it was just a sandwich, but she'd rather have a burger.

"Derrick is in some trouble with Natalie... that night was crazy. Like, you could feel the tension, " Jasper rubbed a piece of lettuce from his mouth.

"What was he thinking? And he had the nerve to come to our house and scream at Zach."

"Hold on, " Jasper put down the sub as if it made a difference. "When did this happen?"

"Just the other day. I had to walk in there to make them shut up. Something about Zach telling Kathrine about him cheating."

"Oh, yeah, I guess she didn't know at the time?"

"Definitely not. But she knew when she walked through the door."

Jasper then changed the subject to something a little deeper. He was always playful, but

looked at me, faggot. Don't even think about trying to be my friend. Don't talk to me."

The laughing. The pointing. The texts. The looks.

Jasper wasn't like the typical person. He was straight, but it didn't matter. He was different, so he was wrong.

But after all of this, he always made the best he could in life. And here he was in Subway eating with a good friend. He didn't get near as many looks anymore. Maybe he "grew out of it." Really, it doesn't matter anymore, because Jasper finally was treated the way he should: like everyone else.

But maybe Jasper wasn't like everyone else... because not everyone was on that scribbled, hidden piece of paper. Jasper was on a list. A kill list.

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