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   Chapter 11 No.11

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 2220

Updated: 2017-12-31 17:04

Sheriff Mullins' desk was getting full of papers and pictures. He needed this mystery to all come together, and fast. Fayetteville has had murders before, but this one was horribly different. It was a teenaged girl. The thing was, she was technically just missing. Social media and "the talk of the town" was that Genni was dead. The 17-year-old girl, Beta Club member, energized part of the community, was gone. Yes, the scene looked like a murder... but there wasn't a body. And the girl that reported it, Kathrine, didn't see it happen... she just had a feeling.

There was bleach in her blood according to the samples taken from the scene. Oh, the blood. There

d out Kathrine's police report and ran his finger over the wrinkled paper. He stopped at her phone number and started to dial his phone. No, he

Thought. He set the phone back where it belonged on his desk. I need to go home. It's so late already, he thought.

But today was his lucky day. He didn't need to call Kathrine. She was pulling into the parking lot with Zach, bringing the weapon of concern: the crowbar... Derrick's crowbar.

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