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   Chapter 9 No.9

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"Are you serious? He really did that?" Kathrine asked Zach. She was putting her blonde hair into a messy bun like she was ready to fight. She wasn't going to, but it made her feel more prepared. Any time Derrick is brought up she gets heated. Sometimes her fists even ball up.

"Yes, I'm for real. Kat, he scared me. He really did, " Zach was being honest with her. He didn't care if he looked like a wimp. It was an actual confrontation, and he didn't really know what to do.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"Police. We call the police and let them know how aggressive he is. Listen to this... you move here from Florida. Derrick cheats on Natalie with you. Genni gets too close and his anger gets the best of him. He kills Genni and hides her body... Kat, he was probably stalking you that night." Kathrine looked to the floor. "And then, he thinks everything is fixed and he could leave you alone. But Evelyn invites you over that night and everything explodes. His plan went up in flames and now he is piss


Pothole-scattered backroad. The night was a dark one. The moon was full and the stars were scattered. There wasn't any clouds or noises to take away from the beauty in the nature above them... but they didn't notice. They leaned down and made their way to Derrick's car.

Then it hit: panic. The idea that whoever did that to Genni could do it again.

Her eyes starting looking at Zach instead of Derrick's car. She slowed down, and so did he, which for some reason made her panic more. She shot up to her feet, making sure she could run if she had to.

"No, " she said as she stepped away from Zach. "Don't do this." That's all her fear would let her whisper.

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