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   Chapter 6 No.6

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Derrick's eyes shot open. Deer in the headlights. His girlfriend, Natalie was sitting next to him, and the girl he cheated on her with was walking through the door. He thought Kathrine didn't know anything about Natalie, and he was scared it was about to get ugly. The truth is: Kathrine knew he was

Cheating. Kathrine wasn't going to freak out. Was she expecting to see Derrick tonight? No. But she knew how to keep her cool.

"This is Kathrine, guys! She's a great girl, " Evelyn told everyone even though she didn't really know her.

Derrick was squirming in the loveseat. Natalie was starting to notice his hands were getting sweaty.

"Hey, Kathrine! I'm Jasper!" he jumped up and leaned in to hug her. He usually didn't hug like that, but he had heard that Kathrine was with Genni before she went missing... Well, everyone had heard that.

"This is Derrick and Natalie. They're dating... obviously, " Evelyn laughed.

Kathrine rose her eyebrows, "Derrick, you look familiar... do I know you from somewhere?"

Natalie turned to look at Derrick for

out on a date. I thought she would give it up but she didn't."

Zach turned around to grab a few games, "you've got to be kidding me..."

"No, I'm not. And Kathrine didn't know about Natalie, but I guess now she does."

"I'm not fixing this for you. Just get in there and have fun."

"Zach, what's wrong with you? We've been like brothers forever and now you're just gonna let this happen?"

"Yeah, we're brothers, but this isn't cool, and I'm not gonna let this stress me out. Can we just have a good time?" Zach walked back out into the living room.

"Where'd Derrick go?" Natalie laughed.

"Uh, bathroom?" Zach said as he put the games on the wooden coffee table in the center of the room.

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