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   Chapter 4 No.4

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Evelyn looked around the parking lot of the police station. The darkness was intruded by a few floodlights from the station. The chilly breeze brushed her thin black hair to tickle her nose. Evelyn was average height, and she always wore a light purple hat. But for some reason, tonight, she wasn't wearing it. Her eyes were closer together than most, and she had blushing cheeks.

She was a tough girl, but something about the darkness and being alone was getting to her, even if she was at the police station. She wanted company, But she didn't want to deal with whatever was going on inside the station with that new girl, Kathrine.

Evelyn opened her car door and grabbed her phone from the cup holder below the radio. She unlocked it and called her new step-brother, Zach.

Zach and Evelyn had been friends for years, but now they weren't just friends. Zach's dad and Evelyn's mom had "fallen in love" (so they said) and got married.

"Hey, I know it's late. Don't freak out... but I'm at the police station, and I kinda need you to come here."

"What did you do?" Zach asked, a little pissed off.

"Nothing! Really. I ran into this girl... Kathrine, I think was her name. She's a new girl in town. She was going crazy in the middle of the street and needed a ride here so I brought her. I don't want to ditch her so I'm staying, but I would just like for you to be here."

"Okay. I'm coming." He didn't think twice. "Thank you, " Evelyn said as she ended the call.

Inside, Kathrine was giving her statement to the sheriff himself, Jimmy Mullins. He was in working later than he should, but he was just doing his job. He was large in build and had the strength to match it. He was comforting in the way he talked to the people of Fayetteville. His voice was deep and so was his way of thinking.

"I know it sounds crazy, and I don't know what happened. It was just wrong. My friend Genni... who knows where she is

..." she looked up from the desk to Sheriff Mullins, "I'm terrified for her." she had an urgency in her voice.

Sheriff Mullins grabbed the radio, "we're going to head out here and check everything. It's at that old farming store over at Park City hill."

Kathrine felt better, but it wasn't enough to calm her. Yes, she felt safe, but she wasn't anywhere near comfortable. She was proud of herself for running... but her stomach was hurting. Her heart was sinking because she left Genni behind...

Outside, she walked down to Evelyn, confused about the new guy standing next to her. She shot an awkward smile to Evelyn. She was trying to say "this is weird. Who is this?" Evelyn got the message.

"Uh, this is Kathrine, and this is Zach, my step-brother." Zach had a massive beard but was about the same height as his step-sister. Evelyn continued, "listen, our parents are out of town on their honeymoon for the next two weeks and our house is empty if you wanna swing by and stay the night, " Evelyn said.

"Umm, no it's fine. I want to go home and be with my mom... she's on her way, " she said as she leaned against the car.


Sheriff Mullins pulled into the dark parking lot. As his car turned, the headlights shined on several things: the broken street light, the graffitied walls of the store, then the white cars that had been painted a new color... but it wasn't paint. He grabbed his radio and let the deputies know. He

Parked his car and stepped outside. He could smell the iron and the stench of blood splattered on the cars.

Sheriff Mullins walked around the parking lot in full alert. He had his pistol in his right hand and the flashlight in his left fist, letting the gun rest on his wrist. He searched the entire parking lot to make sure it was safe. The glass of the building was solid. The door was still boarded shut. There didn't seem to be anyone here... no killer... and no dead body....

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