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   Chapter 1 No.1

RED: Welcome To Fayetteville By Wesley Bryant Characters: 1987

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Derrick walked underneath the neon lights of the movie theater as he held Kathrine's hand. His sharp edge of a jawline emerged from the opening of his dark blue hoodie; he didn't want anyone to see him. Kathrine was willingly holding his hand even though she didn't know exactly who Derrick Colten was. She had just moved into town two weeks ago and was glad to be making friends. She was worried that moving at this stage in high school would ruin every dream she ever had. But with Derrick, she liked the way he looked, the way he talked. She felt like it was somehow a reminder of home. "Maybe this could be more, " she thought.

The only thing on her mind was Derrick. Because in this moment, all she knew was that he was warm. His hands weren't rough as he rubbed her thumb with his. It felt right... but it wasn't. Derrick had Kathrine blocked on all social media and told her he didn't have it. He didn't want Kathrine to see all of his pictures with Natalie. Kathrine was

the blonde that Derrick always wanted, not for a relationship but for a night.

Kathrine Woods was a gorgeous girl. Blue eyes. Full lips. She didn't need makeup, but she still liked it. She had even considered starting a makeup blog. At the least, she would always keep lipgloss on. Her height was just under 6 feet, just short of Derrick's 6'3". She always wore a hand full of simple rings, and made sure her white converse shoes matched everything.

Derrick took Kathrine behind the green restaurant on the top of the hill where he had parked his car. He got into the driver's seat; she got into the passenger seat, but not for long. Kathrine was attracted to Derrick, but she wasn't that girl. She had caught onto at least one thing about Derrick: he wanted something she wasn't going to give.

He was cheating on Natalie and Kathrine had no idea. She also had no idea what other secrets were in this town. This new small town was full of surprises, and she would be one of them.

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