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   Chapter 22 THE LAST TRICK.

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Each man uttered the name of the other, as if with the same breath. The meeting came so suddenly that, for the bare fraction of a second, both men were nonplused.

Then both whipped out a weapon.



They fired together, and both missed, Nick's usually accurate aim being spoiled by the gloom of the cellar.

Kilgore instantly sprang further away in the darkness, and aimed again.

The hammer of his weapon fell as usual, but there was no report. In his recent fight at the Venner house he had emptied both of his revolvers, save the one bullet that had just missed Nick Carter.

Then Kilgore, failing to have found Nick at his mercy, thought only of making his own escape. He turned and ran toward the open door by which he had entered.

At that moment Chick's ringing voice sounded from outside.

"This way! this way, Patsy!" he cried, louder than the rolling thunder overhead. "I've found the rat hole!"

"I'm with you," yelled Patsy.

They were already at the door.

By the frequent flashes of lightning they had, after the fight at Venner's, succeeded in following Kilgore across the meadows, and they well knew that he was headed to get even with Nick.

Now Nick's voice rang through the cellar.

"Look out for him, Chick," he commanded. "He's coming that way. Look out for his gun."

"Hurrah!" roared Chick, the moment he heard Nick's voice. "Let him come, gun and all!"

Kilgore saw his flight cut off in that direction, but he knew every inch of the house. He turned like a rat in the darkness, and made for the stairs leading to the floor above. Up these he hurriedly scrambled.

Nick heard him through the gloom, and followed him, pitching headlong at the foot of the stairs just as Kilgore opened the door leading to the hall above.

There the dim rays from a hall lamp revealed the man for an instant, and showed Nick the way. He was up again and after Kilgore like a hound after a fox.

Kilgore dashed through the hall, but dared not take time to unlock and open the front door of the house. He had a profound respect for the revolver in the hand of his pursuer, who already had reached the hall.

It was a flight for life, and Kilgore knew it.

He turned like a flash and darted up the stairs, making for the second floor. Three at a stride he covered, and succeeded in reaching the corridor above before Nick could get a line on him.

Nick followed, gun in hand.

On the second floor Kilgore darted into a dark chamber, and then through that to one adjoining it, where he waited till he heard Nick plunging into the one first mentioned.

Then Kilgore slipped out into the hall again, hoping to retrace his steps downstairs and escape by the front door.

In the way of that, however, Chick and Patsy were now in the lower hall, the former shouting lustily up the stairs:

"Run him down, Nick! Run him down! We'll cover this way of escape!"

An involuntary oath broke from Kilgore's lips, and at the same moment a vivid flash of lightning from the inky heavens illumined all the house.

From the chamber in which he stood, Nick again caught sight of his man, and was after him in an instant.

Kilgore heard him coming, and again fled through the hall and up another flight of stairs.

"You'd better throw up your hands," roared Nick, as he followed.

The answer came back with a yell of defiance:

"Not on your life!"

"You're a lost dog," cried Nick, hoping to keep him replying.

"You'll not get me alive!"

"Then I'll get you dead!" cried Nick, as he mounted the stairs.

"You haven't got me yet!"

"Next door to it, my man."

This brought no answer.

In a moment Nick reached the second hall, where he briefly paused to listen. Save the rain beating on the roof of the house, only one sound reached his strained ears. It was like that of some one hammering against the side of the house with some heavy object. For a moment the detective was puzzled. He could not fathom the meaning of such a sound.

Then a gust of damp night air rushed through the hall and swept Nick's cheek.

"Ah! an open window!" he muttered. "That's easily located."

He groped his way into one of the rear chambers. There the night air was sweeping in through an open window, to the sill of which Nick quickly sprang.

Now the noise he had heard was instantly explained.

Cornered like a rat, yet viciously resolute to the last, Kilgore had, in order to make his escape, resorted to a means from which a less cool and nervy scoundrel would have shrunk on such a night as that.

He had, by reaching far out of the window, been able to grasp an old-fashioned lightning rod with which the ancient wooden mansion was provided, and by which he proposed to descend to the ground. Under the swindler's weight, the beating of this swaying rod against the side of the house was the sound Nick had heard.

Kilgore, whose courage was worthy a far better cause, already was halfway to the ground.

Yet Nick had no idea of letting the knave escape thus, and he raised his weapon to fire.

There was no need for a bullet, however, for the hand of the Almighty did the work.

From the black vault of the heavens a bolt of liquid fire suddenly shot earthward, with a crash of thunder that seemed to rend the entire firmament.

The fiery bolt reached the earth-but it reached it through the rod to which Dave Kilgore was desperately clinging.

Not a sound came from the doomed man as he went down-or if there was a sound, it was drowned by the deafening crash and successive reverberations of thunder.

Before Nick had fairly recovered from the blinding light and terrific concussion, he heard the voice of Chick yelling loudly from below:

"Nick, Nick, come down here! The house is afire. The whole house is afire!"

Nick heard and darted for the stairs, at once realizing how well the lightning had done its terrific work. Before he could reach the lower hall, dense volumes of smoke were pouring through the house, and one entire side of the fated dwelling was in flames.

Nick thought of the woman in the cellar below, and, with Chick and Patsy at his heels, he led the way to the diamond plant. The electric light had been extinguished by the lightning stroke, but Nick soon located the body of Cervera, and together the detectives brought her out and laid her upon the ground some rods away from the burning dwelling.

"She's done for, poor wretch!" muttered Nick, as he looked at her bloodless face.

He was right.

Se?ora Cervera had danced her last dance-a terrible one it was! She had lapsed into a merciful unconsciousness, from which she never emerged.

Next came Kilgore, and they easily found him. He lay stretched upon the ground, dead and scorched almost beyond recognition, at the base of the metallic rod through which he had met his fate.

"Lend a hand here," said Nick. "We'll place him with his confederate until we can have them properly removed."

"So be it," said Chick, gravely. "It's about the last we can do for them, and this nearly ends our work on this job."

"You've got the others?"

"Every man of them."

"Well done!" nodded Nick, as they raised the lifeless form between them. "Behold the way of the transgressor."

"Hark!" exclaimed Patsy. "There goes the fire alarm. In three minutes there'll be a mob about here."

"Much good the firemen will do," rejoined Nick. "That house is doomed, and all that's in it."

He was right. With the passing of the tempest, and the first sign of a star in the eastern sky, all that remained of the house above the diamond plant was a heap of red, smoldering embers, filling the cellar and the secret chamber-and blotting out, though perhaps not forever, the secret art of that misguided genius, Jean Pylotte, dead with a bullet in his brain, on the floor of Rufus Venner's hall.

There remains but little to complete the record of this strange and stirring case.

Before morning Nick had lodged Venner and Spotty Dalton in the Tombs, and had Garside arrested at his residence. The lifeless bodies of their three confederates,-Cervera having died at dawn-were taken to the Morgue.

Early the following day, Harry Boyden, the young man arrested for the murder of Mary Barton, was discharged from custody, and hastened to the home of Violet Page, to make her happy with the news of his release and his story of Nick Carter's extraordinary work. Both called upon Nick a day or two later, and expressed their gratitude and affection in terms which here need no recital. Incidentally it may be added that they were married, as planned, the following summer.

How strangely the circumstances and experiences of life are knit and bound together. But for the vicious crime of a jealous woman, Nick might have labored long, and possibly vainly, to run down the Kilgore gang and their extraordinary criminal project, in which Cervera so strongly figured. It was as Nick said, the two crimes seemed bound together as if with links of steel.

In the trial which preceded the conviction and punishment of the three living members of the gang, Nick learned all of the facts of the case.

Venner & Co., it appeared, were on their last legs, and went into the game to square themselves, the design being to market vast quantities of the artificial diamonds. With this project in view, Venner had purchased the house at the rear of his own, under the name of Dr. Magruder, and there had established the plant. How well the scheme would have succeeded, but for Nick Carter, will never be known.

At all events, in the stock of Venner & Co. were found numerous stones which only the most proficient experts could prove to be artificial; and even to this day it is intimated that, among the bejeweled women of New York there are some unconsciously wearing the manufactured diamonds of Jean Pylotte. What matters, however, since where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise?

Jean Pylotte: His art died with him, alas! For in the ruins of the diamond plant there could be found no evidence sufficient to reveal his great secret.

Surely it had opened the way to a great swindle, the possibilities of which can hardly be conceived. But, fortunately, in the way of it had come-

Nick Carter.


* * *


New Magnet Library


Not a Dull Book in This List

Nick Carter stands for an interesting detective story. The fact that the books in this line are so uniformly good is entirely due to the work of a specialist. The man who wrote these stories produced no other type of fiction. His mind was concentrated upon the creation of new plots and situations in which his hero emerged triumphantly from all sorts of trouble, and landed the criminal just where he should be-behind the bars.

The author of these stories knew more about writing detective stories than any other single person.

Following is a list of the best Nick Carter stories. They have been selected with extreme care, and we unhesitatingly recommend each of them as being fully as interesting as any detective story between cloth covers which sells at ten times the price.

If you do not know Nick Carter, buy a copy of any of the New Magnet Library books, and get acquainted. He will surprise and delight you.


* * *

850-Wanted: A Clew By Nicholas Carter

851-A Tangled Skein By Nicholas Carter

852-The Bullion Mystery By Nicholas Carter

853-The Man of Riddles By Nicholas Carter

854-A Miscarriage of Justice By Nicholas Carter

855-The Gloved Hand By Nicholas Carter

856-Spoilers and the Spoils By Nicholas Carter

857-The Deeper Game By Nicholas Carter

858-Bolts from Blue Skies By Nicholas Carter

859-Unseen Foes By Nicholas Carter

860-Knaves in High Places By Nicholas Carter

861-The Microbe of Crime By Nicholas Carter

862-In the Toils of Fear By Nicholas Carter

863-A Heritage of Trouble By Nicholas Carter

864-Called to Account By Nicholas Carter

865-The Just and the Unjust By Nicholas Carter

866-Instinct at Fault By Nicholas Carter

867-A Rogue Worth Trapping By Nicholas Carter

868-A Rope of Slender Threads By Nicholas Carter

869-The Last Call By Nicholas Carter

870-The Spoils of Chance By Nicholas Carter

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872-The Slave of Crime By Nicholas Carter

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881-Birds of Prey By Nicholas Carter

882-When Destruction Threatens By Nicholas Carter

883-The Keeper of Black Hounds By Nicholas Carter

884-The Door of Doubt By Nicholas Carter

885-The Wolf Within By Nicholas Carter

886-A Perilous Parole By Nicholas Carter

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888-Dodging the Law By Nicholas Carter

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940-Tracked Across the Atlantic By Nicholas Carter

941-A Clew From the Unknown By Nicholas Carter

942-The Crime of a Countess By Nicholas Carter

943-A Mixed Up Mess By Nicholas Carter

944-The Great Money Order Swindle By Nicholas Carter

945-The Adder's Brood By Nicholas Carter

946-A Wall Street Haul By Nicholas Carter

947-For a Pawned Crown By Nicholas Carter

948-Sealed Orders By Nicholas Carter

949-The Hate That Kills By Nicholas Carter

950-The American Marquis By Nicholas Carter

951-The Needy Nine By Nicholas Carter

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954-The Old Detective's Pupil By Nicholas Carter

955-Found in the Jungle By Nicholas Carter

956-The Mysterious Mail Robbery By Nicholas Carter

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980-Gideon Drexel's Millions By Nicholas Carter

981-Death in Life By Nicholas Carter

982-A Stolen Identity By Nicholas Carter

983-Evidence by Telephone By Nicholas Carter

984-The Twelve Tin Boxes By Nicholas Carter

985-Clew Against Clew By Nicholas


986-Lady Velvet By Nicholas Carter

987-Playing a Bold Game By Nicholas Carter

988-A Dead Man's Grip By Nicholas Carter

989-Snarled Identities By Nicholas Carter

990-A Deposit Vault Puzzle By Nicholas Carter

991-The Crescent Brotherhood By Nicholas Carter

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993-The Sea Fox By Nicholas Carter

994-Wanted by Two Clients By Nicholas Carter

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1002-A Game of Craft By Nicholas Carter

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1008-The Twelve Wise Men By Nicholas Carter

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1010-A Gamblers' Syndicate By Nicholas Carter

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1016-Found on the Beach By Nicholas Carter

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1021-The Secret of the Marble Mantel By Nicholas Carter

1022-A Bite of an Apple By Nicholas Carter

1023-A Triple Crime By Nicholas Carter

1024-The Stolen Race Horse By Nicholas Carter

1025-Wildfire By Nicholas Carter

1026-A Herald Personal By Nicholas Carter

1027-The Finger of Suspicion By Nicholas Carter

1028-The Crimson Clew By Nicholas Carter

1029-Nick Carter Down East By Nicholas Carter

1030-The Chain of Clews By Nicholas Carter

1031-A Victim of Circumstances By Nicholas Carter

1032-Brought to Bay By Nicholas Carter

1033-The Dynamite Trap By Nicholas Carter

1034-A Scrap of Black Lace By Nicholas Carter

1035-The Woman of Evil By Nicholas Carter

1036-A Legacy of Hate By Nicholas Carter

1037-A Trusted Rogue By Nicholas Carter

1038-Man Against Man By Nicholas Carter

1039-The Demons of the Night By Nicholas Carter

1040-The Brotherhood of Death By Nicholas Carter

1041-At the Knife's Point By Nicholas Carter

1042-A Cry for Help By Nicholas Carter

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1044-Hounded to Death By Nicholas Carter

1045-A Bargain in Crime By Nicholas Carter

1046-The Fatal Prescription By Nicholas Carter

1047-The Man of Iron By Nicholas Carter

1048-An Amazing Scoundrel By Nicholas Carter

1049-The Chain of Evidence By Nicholas Carter

1050-Paid with Death By Nicholas Carter

1051-A Fight for a Throne By Nicholas Carter

1052-The Woman of Steel By Nicholas Carter

1053-The Seal of Death By Nicholas Carter

1054-The Human Fiend By Nicholas Carter

1055-A Desperate Chance By Nicholas Carter

1056-A Chase in the Dark By Nicholas Carter

1057-The Snare and the Game By Nicholas Carter

1058-The Murray Hill Mystery By Nicholas Carter

1059-Nick Carter's Close Call By Nicholas Carter

1060-The Missing Cotton King By Nicholas Carter

1061-A Game of Plots By Nicholas Carter

1062-The Prince of Liars By Nicholas Carter

1063-The Man at the Window By Nicholas Carter

1064-The Red League By Nicholas Carter

1065-The Price of a Secret By Nicholas Carter

1066-The Worst Case on Record By Nicholas Carter

1067-From Peril to Peril By Nicholas Carter

1068-The Seal of Silence By Nicholas Carter

1069-Nick Carter's Chinese Puzzle By Nicholas Carter

1070-A Blackmailer's Bluff By Nicholas Carter

1071-Heard in the Dark By Nicholas Carter

1072-A Checkmated Scoundrel By Nicholas Carter

1073-The Cashier's Secret By Nicholas Carter

1074-Behind a Mask By Nicholas Carter

1075-The Cloak of Guilt By Nicholas Carter

1076-Two Villains in One By Nicholas Carter

1077-The Hot Air Clew By Nicholas Carter

1078-Run to Earth By Nicholas Carter

1079-The Certified Check By Nicholas Carter

1080-Weaving the Web By Nicholas Carter

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1107-A Masterpiece of Crime By Nicholas Carter

1108-A Blow For Vengeance By Nicholas Carter

1109-Tangled Threads By Nicholas Carter

1110-The Crime of the Camera By Nicholas Carter

1111-The Sign of the Dagger By Nicholas Carter

1112-Nick Carter's Promise By Nicholas Carter

1113-Marked for Death By Nicholas Carter

1114-The Limited Holdup By Nicholas Carter

1115-When the Trap Was Sprung By Nicholas Carter

1116-Through the Cellar Wall By Nicholas Carter

1117-Under the Tiger's Claws By Nicholas Carter

1118-The Girl in the Case By Nicholas Carter

1119-Behind a Throne By Nicholas Carter

1120-The Lure of Gold By Nicholas Carter

1121-Hand to Hand By Nicholas Carter

1122-From a Prison Cell By Nicholas Carter

1123-Dr. Quartz, Magician By Nicholas Carter

1124-Into Nick Carter's Web By Nicholas Carter

1125-The Mystic Diagram By Nicholas Carter

1126-The Hand That Won By Nicholas Carter

1127-Playing a Lone Hand By Nicholas Carter

1128-The Master Villain By Nicholas Carter

1129-The False Claimant By Nicholas Carter

1130-The Living Mask By Nicholas Carter

1131-The Crime and the Motive By Nicholas Carter

1132-A Mysterious Foe By Nicholas Carter

1133-A Missing Man By Nicholas Carter

1134-A Game Well Played By Nicholas Carter

1135-A Cigarette Clew By Nicholas Carter

1136-The Diamond Trail By Nicholas Carter

1137-The Silent Guardian By Nicholas Carter

1138-The Dead Stranger By Nicholas Carter

1140-The Doctor's Stratagem By Nicholas Carter

1141-Following a Chance Clew By Nicholas Carter

1142-The Bank Draft Puzzle By Nicholas Carter

1143-The Price of Treachery By Nicholas Carter

1144-The Silent Partner By Nicholas Carter

1145-Ahead of the Game By Nicholas Carter

1146-A Trap of Tangled Wire By Nicholas Carter

1147-In the Gloom of Night By Nicholas Carter

1148-The Unaccountable Crook By Nicholas Carter

1149-A Bundle of Clews By Nicholas Carter

1150-The Great Diamond Syndicate By Nicholas Carter

1151-The Death Circle By Nicholas Carter

1152-The Toss of a Penny By Nicholas Carter

1153-One Step Too Far By Nicholas Carter

1154-The Terrible Thirteen By Nicholas Carter

1155-A Detective's Theory By Nicholas Carter

1156-Nick Carter's Auto Trail By Nicholas Carter

1157-A Triple Identity By Nicholas Carter

1158-A Mysterious Graft By Nicholas Carter

1159-A Carnival of Crime By Nicholas Carter

1160-The Bloodstone Terror By Nicholas Carter


copies of the works of Nick Carter in the New Magnet Library have been sold. Millions more are going to be sold, not because the line represents forbidden literature, but because it fills a large and growing demand for recreational reading.

Nick Carter is justly famous. He stands as one of America's foremost literary characters. He is the close companion of some of America's leading professional and business men. Statesmen of high and low degree have called him "Nick," and do not hesitate to say that he has given them more satisfaction and pleasure than any other character in fiction.

The Nick Carter stories, therefore, hold a great deal for you. Any in the foregoing list are worth while.


79 Seventh Avenue New York City

* * *



Stories of Frank and Dick Merriwell


Fascinating Stories of Athletics

* * *

A half million enthusiastic followers of the Merriwell brothers will attest the unfailing interest and wholesomeness of these adventures of two lads of high ideals, who play fair with themselves, as well as with the rest of the world.

These stories are rich in fun and thrills in all branches of sports and athletics. They are extremely high in moral tone, and cannot fail to be of immense benefit to every boy who reads them.

They have the splendid quality of firing a boy's ambition to become a good athlete, in order that he may develop into a strong, vigorous right-thinking man.


1-Frank Merriwell's School Days By Burt L. Standish

2-Frank Merriwell's Chums By Burt L. Standish

3-Frank Merriwell's Foes By Burt L. Standish

4-Frank Merriwell's Trip West By Burt L. Standish

5-Frank Merriwell Down South By Burt L. Standish

6-Frank Merriwell's Bravery By Burt L. Standish

7-Frank Merriwell's Hunting Tour By Burt L. Standish

8-Frank Merriwell in Europe By Burt L. Standish

9-Frank Merriwell at Yale By Burt L. Standish

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11-Frank Merriwell's Races By Burt L. Standish

12-Frank Merriwell's Party By Burt L. Standish

13-Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Tour By Burt L. Standish

14-Frank Merriwell's Courage By Burt L. Standish

15-Frank Merriwell's Daring By Burt L. Standish

16-Frank Merriwell's Alarm By Burt L. Standish

17-Frank Merriwell's Athletes By Burt L. Standish

18-Frank Merriwell's Skill By Burt L. Standish

19-Frank Merriwell's Champions By Burt L. Standish

20-Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale By Burt L. Standish

21-Frank Merriwell's Secret By Burt L. Standish

22-Frank Merriwell's Danger By Burt L. Standish

23-Frank Merriwell's Loyalty By Burt L. Standish

24-Frank Merriwell in Camp By Burt L. Standish

25-Frank Merriwell's Vacation By Burt L. Standish

26-Frank Merriwell's Cruise By Burt L. Standish

27-Frank Merriwell's Chase By Burt L. Standish

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31-Frank Merriwell's Opportunity By Burt L. Standish

32-Frank Merriwell's Hard Luck By Burt L. Standish

33-Frank Merriwell's Protégé By Burt L. Standish

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36-Frank Merriwell's Fame By Burt L. Standish

37-Frank Merriwell's College Chums By Burt L. Standish

38-Frank Merriwell's Problem By Burt L. Standish

39-Frank Merriwell's Fortune By Burt L. Standish

40-Frank Merriwell's New Comedian By Burt L. Standish

41-Frank Merriwell's Prosperity By Burt L. Standish

42-Frank Merriwell's Stage Hit By Burt L. Standish

43-Frank Merriwell's Great Scheme By Burt L. Standish

44-Frank Merriwell in England By Burt L. Standish

45-Frank Merriwell on the Boulevards By Burt L. Standish

46-Frank Merriwell's Duel By Burt L. Standish

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51-Frank Merriwell's Fun By Burt L. Standish

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56-Frank Merriwell's Luck By Burt L. Standish

57-Frank Merriwell's Mascot By Burt L. Standish

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59-Frank Merriwell's Phantom By Burt L. Standish

60-Frank Merriwell's Faith By Burt L. Standish

61-Frank Merriwell's Victories By Burt L. Standish

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63-Frank Merriwell in Kentucky By Burt L. Standish

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65-Frank Merriwell's Shrewdness By Burt L. Standish

66-Frank Merriwell's Set Back By Burt L. Standish

67-Frank Merriwell's Search By Burt L. Standish

68-Frank Merriwell's Club By Burt L. Standish

69-Frank Merriwell's Trust By Burt L. Standish

70-Frank Merriwell's False Friend By Burt L. Standish

71-Frank Merriwell's Strong Arm By Burt L. Standish

72-Frank Merriwell As Coach By Burt L. Standish

73-Frank Merriwell's Brother By Burt L. Standish

74-Frank Merriwell's Marvel By Burt L. Standish

75-Frank Merriwell's Support By Burt L. Standish

76-Dick Merriwell At Fardale By Burt L. Standish

77-Dick Merriwell's Glory By Burt L. Standish

78-Dick Merriwell's Promise By Burt L. Standish

79-Dick Merriwell's Rescue By Burt L. Standish

80-Dick Merriwell's Narrow Escape By Burt L. Standish

81-Dick Merriwell's Racket By Burt L. Standish

82-Dick Merriwell's Revenge By Burt L. Standish

83-Dick Merriwell's Ruse By Burt L. Standish

84-Dick Merriwell's Delivery By Burt L. Standish

85-Dick Merriwell's Wonders By Burt L. Standish

86-Frank Merriwell's Honor By Burt L. Standish

87-Dick Merriwell's Diamond By Burt L. Standish

88-Frank Merriwell's Winners By Burt L. Standish

89-Dick Merriwell's Dash By Burt L. Standish

90-Dick Merriwell's Ability By Burt L. Standish

91-Dick Merriwell's Trap By Burt L. Standish

92-Dick Merriwell's Defense By Burt L. Standish

93-Dick Merriwell's Model By Burt L. Standish

94-Dick Merriwell's Mystery By Burt L. Standish

95-Frank Merriwell's Backers By Burt L. Standish

96-Dick Merriwell's Backstop By Burt. L. Standish

97-Dick Merriwell's Western Mission By Burt L. Standish

98-Frank Merriwell's Rescue By Burt L. Standish

99-Frank Merriwell's Encounter By Burt L. Standish

100-Dick Merriwell's Marked Money By Burt L. Standish

101-Frank Merriwell's Nomads By Burt L. Standish

102-Dick Merriwell on the Gridiron By Burt L. Standish

103-Dick Merriwell's Disguise By Burt L. Standish

104-Dick Merriwell's Test By Burt L. Standish

105-Frank Merriwell's Trump Card By Burt L. Standish

106-Frank Merriwell's Strategy By Burt L. Standish

107-Frank Merriwell's Triumph By Burt L. Standish

108-Dick Merriwell's Grit By Burt L. Standish

109-Dick Merriwell's Assurance By Burt L. Standish

110-Dick Merriwell's Long Slide By Burt L. Standish

111-Frank Merriwell's Rough Deal By Burt L. Standish

112-Dick Merriwell's Threat By Burt L. Standish

113-Dick Merriwell's Persistence By Burt L. Standish

114-Dick Merriwell's Day By Burt L. Standish

115-Frank Merriwell's Peril By Burt L. Standish

116-Dick Merriwell's Downfall By Burt L. Standish

117-Frank Merriwell's Pursuit By Burt L. Standish


There is a greater appreciation of athletic sports among Americans than among people of any other nationality.

We have had definite proof of this in the correspondence occasioned by our publication of the adventures of Frank and Dick Merriwell. These two boys are active athletes. They are proficient in every line of sport, and they play fair or not at all.

This last feature of the Merriwell stories fills our daily mail with letters from readers who say that they appreciate the integrity and fairness of the Merriwells more than words can tell.

These books, while of greatest interest to the right-thinking boy are educational and make for the development of a character which will enable the average boy to meet his fellows fairly and squarely in the battle of life.


79 Seventh Avenue New York City

* * *

Bill Cody

At a rough estimate there are 400 million civilized human beings who have heard of Bill Cody, not under his real name, but by the name everybody called him, "Buffalo Bill."

His character made him an outstanding figure during a period of the development of America when a strong character was a matter of vital necessity.

We doubt, however, whether the man's work is fully appreciated, or ever has been. In the rush and bustle that followed the introduction of the railroad to the West, the results of Buffalo Bill's work were more or less overlooked, but a time is coming when this remarkable man's achievements will be fully appreciated.

This is the character whose adventures are dealt with in Buffalo Bill's Border Stories.

Read them. You will find them of true historical value.


79 Seventh Avenue New York City

* * *

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