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   Chapter 2 No.2

Voices; Birth-Marks; The Man and the Elephant By Matt J. Holt Characters: 1030

Updated: 2017-12-06 00:03

Are only common people, pawns of life, shepherds,

Who abide in the fields and keep watch day and night,

To see thy angel herald and hear his evangel:

"Behold I bring to you good tiding of great joy,

For unto you is born a saviour-Jesus the Lord?"

Do only dreamy shepherds like the Maid of France,

See and hear thy choir as it sings: "Glory to God,

Exalted One-on earth peace, good will towards men?"

Do only the old and feeble, living in the past,

Or waiting for the consolation of Israel


Like Simeon; cling to life until they see the Lord?

Do only the lonely Annas, eighty years widowed,

Know thy face because of their fasting and prayers?

When will we who delve for gold, lift our eyes skyward;

And seeing the star, worshipfully come and give;

Remembering thou didst come and give-as prophets sang:

"And thou Bethlehem, Land of Judah,

Art in no wise least among the princes of Judah,

For out of thee shall come forth a ruler,

Who shall be shepherd of thy people Israel."

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