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   Chapter 22 CONVERSATION AND COLERIDGE. With other Essays.

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[In preparation.

* * *

The Great Educators.

A Series of Volumes by Eminent Writers, presenting in their entirety "A Biographical History of Education."

The Times.-"A Series of Monographs on 'The Great Educators' should prove of service to all who concern themselves with the history, theory, and practice of education."

The Speaker.-"There is a promising sound about the title of Mr. Heinemann's new series, 'The Great Educators.' It should help to allay the hunger and thirst for knowledge and culture of the vast multitude of young men and maidens which our educational system turns out yearly, provided at least with an appetite for instruction."

Each subject will form a complete volume, crown 8vo, 5s.

Now ready.

ARISTOTLE, and the Ancient Educational Ideals. By Thomas Davidson, M.A., LL. D.

The Times.-"A very readable sketch of a very interesting subject."

LOYOLA, and the Educational System of the Jesuits. By Rev. Thomas Hughes, S.J.

Saturday Review.-"Full of valuable information…. If a schoolmaster would learn how the education of the young can be carried on so as to confer real dignity on those engaged in it, we recommend him to read Mr. Hughes' book."

ALCUIN, and the Rise of the Christian Schools. By Professor Andrew F. West, Ph.D.

[In October.

In preparation.

ABELARD, and the Origin and Early History of Universities. By Jules Gabriel Compayre, Professor in the Faculty of Toulouse.

ROUSSEAU; or, Education according to Nature.

HERBART; or, Modern German Education.

PESTALOZZI; or, the Friend and Student of Children.

FROEBEL. By H. Courthope Bowen, M.A.

HORACE MANN, and Public Education in the United States. By Nicholas Murray Butler, Ph.D.

BELL, LANCASTER, and ARNOLD; or, the English Education of To-Day. By J. G. Fitch, LL. D., Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools.

Others to follow.

* * *

THE GREAT WAR OF 189-. A Forecast. By Rear-Admiral Colomb, Col. Maurice, R.A., Major Henderson, Staff College, Captain Maude, Archibald Forbes, Charles Lowe, D. Christie Murray, F. Scudamore, and Sir Charles Dilke. In One Volume, 4to, Illustrated.

In this narrative, which is reprinted from the pages of Black and White, an attempt is made to forecast the course of events preliminary and incidental to the Great War which, in the opinion of military and political experts, will probably occur in the immediate future.

The writers, who are well-known authorities on international politics and strategy, have striven to derive the conflict from its most likely source, to conceive the most probable campaigns and acts of policy, and generally to give to their work the verisimilitude and actuality of real warfare. The work has been profusely illustrated from sketches by Mr. Frederic Villiers, the well-known war artist.

[Nearly ready.

THE GENTLE ART OF MAKING ENEMIES. As pleasingly exemplified in many instances, wherein the serious ones of this earth, carefully exasperated, have been prettily spurred on to indiscretions and unseemliness, while overcome by an undue sense of right. By J. M'Neil Whistler. A New Edition. Pott 4to, half cloth, 10s. 6d.

[Just ready.

Punch.-"The book in itself, in its binding, print and arrangement, is a work of art…. A work of rare humour, a thing of beauty and a joy for now and ever."

THE JEW AT HOME. Impressions of a Summer and Autumn Spent with Him in Austria and Russia. By Joseph Pennell. With Illustrations by the Author. 4to, cloth, 5s.

[Just ready.

THE NEW EXODUS. A Study of Israel in Russia. By Harold Frederic. Demy 8vo, Illustrated. 16s.

[Just ready.

PRINCE BISMARCK. An Historical Biography. By Charles Lowe, M.A. With Portraits. Crown 8vo, 6s.

[Just ready.

The Times.-"Is unquestionably the first important work which deals, fully and with some approach to exhaustiveness, with the career of Bismarck from both the personal and the historical points of view."

ADDRESSES. By Henry Irving. Small crown 8vo. With Portrait by J. M'N. Whistler.

[In the Press.

STRAY MEMORIES. By Ellen Terry. 4to. With Portraits.

[In preparation.

LITTLE JOHANNES. By Frederick van Eeden. Translated from the Dutch by Clara Bell. With an Introduction by Andrew Lang. Illustrated.

[In Preparation.

* * * Also a Large Paper Edition.

LIFE OF HEINRICH HEINE. By Richard Garnett, LL. D. With Portrait. Crown 8vo (uniform with the translation of Heine's Works).

[In preparation.

THE SPEECH OF MONKEYS. By Professor R. L. Garner. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d.

[Just ready.

Daily Chronicle.-"A real, a remarkable, contribution to our common knowledge."

Daily Telegraph.-"An entertaining book."

THE OLD MAIDS' CLUB. By I. Zangwill, Author of "The Bachelors' Club." Illustrated by F. H. Townsend. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

National Review.-"Mr. Zangwill has a very bright and a very original humour, and every page of this closely printed book is full of point and go, and full, too, of a healthy satire that is really humorously applied common-sense."

Athen?um.-"Most strongly to be recommended to all classes of readers."

* * *

WOMAN-THROUGH A MAN'S EYEGLASS. By Malcolm C. Salaman. With Illustrations by Dudley Hardy. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Daily Graphic.-"A most amusing book."

Daily Telegraph.-"Written with brightness and elegance, and with touches of both caustic satire and kindly humour."

Daily Chronicle.-"It is the very thing for a punt cushion or a garden hammock."

GIRLS AND WOMEN. By E. Chester. Pott 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d., or gilt extra, 3s. 6d.

Literary World.-"We gladly commend this delightful little work to the thoughtful girls of our own country. We hope that many parents and daughters will read and ponder over the little volume."

GOSSIP IN A LIBRARY. By Edmund Gosse, Author of "Northern Studies," &c. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, buckram, gilt top, 7s. 6d.

Athen?um.-"There is a touch of Leigh Hunt in this picture of the book-lover among his books, and the volume is one that Leigh Hunt would have delighted in."

* * * Large Paper Edition, limited to 100 Numbered Copies, 25s. net.

THE LIFE OF HENRIK IBSEN. By Henrik J?ger. Translated by Clara Bell. With the Verse done into English from the Norwegian Original by Edmund Gosse. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Academy.-"We welcome it heartily. An unqualified boon to the many English students of Ibsen."

DE QUINCEY MEMORIALS. Being Letters and other Records here first Published, with Communications from Coleridge, The Wordsworths, Hannah More, Professor Wilson and others. Edited, with Introduction, Notes, and Narrative, by Alexander H. Japp, LL. D. F.R.S.E. In two volumes, demy 8vo, cloth, with portraits, 30s. net.

Daily Telegraph.-"Few works of greater literary interest have of late years issued from the press than the two volumes of 'De Quincey Memorials.' They comprise most valuable materials for the historian of literary and social England at the beginning of the century; but they are not on that account less calculated to amuse, enlighten, and absorb the general reader of biographical memoirs."

THE WORD OF THE LORD UPON THE WATERS. Sermons read by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Germany, while at Sea on his Voyages to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Composed by Dr. Richter, Army Chaplain, and Translated from the German by John R. McIlraith. 4to, cloth, 2s. 6d.

Times.-"The Sermons are vigorous, simple, and vivid in themselves, and well adapted to the circumstances in which they were delivered."

THE HOURS OF RAPHAEL, IN OUTLINE. Together with the Ceiling of the Hall where they were originally painted. By Mary E. Williams. Folio, cloth, £2 2s. net.

THE PASSION PLAY AT OBERAMMERGAU, 1890. By F. W. Farrar, D.D., F.R.S., Archdeacon and Canon of Westminster &c. &c. 4to, cloth, 2s. 6d.

Spectator.-"This little book will be read with delight by those who have, and by those who have not, visited Oberammergau."

THE GARDEN'S STORY; or, Pleasures and Trials of an Amateur Gardener. By G. H. Ellwanger. With an Introduction by the Rev. C. Wolley Dod. 12mo, cloth, with Illustrations, 5s.

Scotsman.-"It deals with a charming subject in a charming manner."

IDLE MUSINGS: Essays in Social Mosaic. By E. Conder Gray, Author of "Wise Words and Loving Deeds," &c. &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Saturday Review.-"Light, brief, and bright."

* * *


In Three Volumes.

THE HEAD OF THE FIRM. By Mrs. Riddell, Author of "George Geith," "Maxwell Drewett," &c.

[Just ready.

CHILDREN OF THE GHETTO. By I. Zangwill, Author of "The Old Maids' Club," &c.

[Just ready.

THE TOWER OF TADDEO. A Novel. By Ouida, Author of "Two Little Wooden Shoes," &c.

[In October.

KITTY'S FATHER. By Frank Barrett. Author of "Lieutenant Barnabas," &c.

[In November.

THE COUNTESS RADNA. By W. E. Norris, Author of "Matrimony," &c.

[In January.

ORIOLE'S DAUGHTER. A Novel. By Jessie Fothergill, Author of "The First Violin," &c.

[In February.

THE LAST SENTENCE. By Maxwell Gray, Author of "The Silence of Dean Maitland," &c.

[In March.

In Two Volumes.

WOMAN AND THE MAN. A Love Story. By Robert Buchanan, Author of "Come Live with Me and be My Love," "The Moment After," "The Coming Terror," &c.

[In preparation.

A KNIGHT OF THE WHITE FEATHER. By "Tasma," Author of "The Penance of Portia James," "Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill," &c.

[Just ready.

A LITTLE MINX. By Ada Cambridge, Author of "A Marked Man," "The Three Miss Kings," &c.

In One Volume.

THE NAULAHKA. A Tale of West and East. By Rudyard Kipling and Wolcott Balestier. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. Second Edition.

[Just ready.

THE AVERAGE WOMAN. By Wolcott Balestier. With an Introduction by Henry James. Small crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

[Just ready.

THE ATTACK ON THE MILL and Other Sketches of War. By Emile Zola. With an essay on the short stories of M. Zola by Edmund Gosse. Small crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

[Just ready.

DUST. By Bj?rnstjerne Bj?rnson. Translated from the Norwegian. Small crown 8vo.

THE SECRET OF NARCISSE. By Edmund Gosse. Crown 8vo.

[In October.

MADEMOISELLE MISS and Other Stories. By Henry Harland, Author of "Mea Culpa," &c. Small crown 8vo.

[In the Press.

THE DOMINANT SEVENTH. A Musical Story. By Kate Elizabeth Clarke. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s.

Speaker.-"A very romantic story."

PASSION THE PLAYTHING. A Novel. By R. Murray Gilchrist. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Athen?um.-"This well-written story must be read to be appreciated."

* * *

Heinemann's International Library.


New Review.-"If you have any pernicious remnants of literary chauvinism I hope it will not survive the series of foreign classics of which Mr. William Heinemann, aided by Mr. Edmund Gosse, is publishing translations to the great contentment of all lovers of literature."

Times.-"A venture which deserves encouragement."

Each Volume has an Introduction specially written by the Editor.

Price, in paper cover

s, 2s. 6d. each, or cloth, 3s. 6d.

IN GOD'S WAY. From the Norwegian of Bj?rnstjerne Bj?rnson.

Athen?um.-"Without doubt the most important and the most interesting work published during the twelve months…. There are descriptions which certainly belong to the best and cleverest things our literature has ever produced. Amongst the many characters, the doctor's wife is unquestionably the first. It would be difficult to find anything more tender, soft, and refined than this charming personage."

PIERRE AND JEAN. From the French of Guy de Maupassant.

Pall Mall Gazette.-"So fine and faultless, so perfectly balanced, so steadily progressive, so clear and simple and satisfying. It is admirable from beginning to end."

Athen?um.-"Ranks amongst the best gems of modern French fiction."

THE CHIEF JUSTICE. From the German of Karl Emil Franzos, Author of "For the Right," &c.

New Review.-"Few novels of recent times have a more sustained and vivid human interest."

Christian World.-"A story of wonderful power … as free from anything objectionable as 'The Heart of Midlothian.'"

WORK WHILE YE HAVE THE LIGHT. From the Russian of Count Lyof Tolstoy.

Liverpool Mercury.-"Marked by all the old power of the great Russian novelist."

Manchester Guardian.-"Readable and well translated; full of high and noble feeling."

FANTASY. From the Italian of Matilde Serao.

National Observer.-"The strongest work from the hand of a woman that has been published for many a day."

Scottish Leader.-"The book is full of a glowing and living realism…. There is nothing like 'Fantasy' in modern literature…. It is a work of elfish art, a mosaic of light and love, of right and wrong, of human weakness and strength, and purity and wantonness, pieced together in deft and witching precision."

FROTH. From the Spanish of Don Armando Palacio-Valdés.

Daily Telegraph.-"Vigorous and powerful in the highest degree. It abounds in forcible delineation of character, and describes scenes with rare and graphic strength."

FOOTSTEPS OF FATE. From the Dutch of Louis Couperus.

Daily Chronicle.-"A powerfully realistic story which has been excellently translated."

Gentlewoman.-"The consummate art of the writer prevents this tragedy from sinking to melodrama. Not a single situation is forced or a circumstance exaggerated."

PEPITA JIMéNEZ. From the Spanish of Juan Valera.

New Review (Mr. George Saintsbury):-"There is no doubt at all that it is one of the best stories that have appeared in any country in Europe for the last twenty years."

THE COMMODORE'S DAUGHTERS. From the Norwegian of Jonas Lie.

Athen?um.-"Everything that Jonas Lie writes is attractive and pleasant; the plot of deeply human interest, and the art noble."

THE HERITAGE OF THE KURTS. From the Norwegian of Bj?rnstjerne Bj?rnson.

Pall Mall Gazette.-"A most fascinating as well as a powerful book."

National Observer.-"It is a book to read and a book to think about, for, incontestably, it is the work of a man of genius."

In the Press.

LOU. From the German of Baron v. Roberts.

DONA LUZ. From the Spanish of Juan Valera.

WITHOUT DOGMA. From the Polish of H. Sienkiewicz.

* * *

Popular 3s. 6d. Novels.

CAPT'N DAVY'S HONEYMOON, The Blind Mother, and The Last Confession. By Hall Caine, Author of "The Bondman," "The Scapegoat," &c.

THE SCAPEGOAT. By Hall Caine, Author of "The Bondman," &c.

Mr. Gladstone writes:-"I congratulate you upon 'The Scapegoat' as a work of art, and especially upon the noble and skilfully drawn character of Israel."

Times.-"In our judgment it excels in dramatic force all his previous efforts. For grace and touching pathos Naomi is a character which any romancist in the world might be proud to have created."

THE BONDMAN. A New Saga. By Hall Caine. Twentieth Thousand.

Mr. Gladstone.-"'The Bondman' is a work of which I recognise the freshness, vigour, and sustained interest no less than its integrity of aim."

Standard.-"Its argument is grand, and it is sustained with a power that is almost marvellous."

DESPERATE REMEDIES. By Thomas Hardy, Author of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," &c.

Saturday Review.-"A remarkable story worked out with abundant skill."

A MARKED MAN: Some Episodes in his Life. By Ada Cambridge, Author of "Two Years' Time," "A Mere Chance," &c.

Morning Post.-"A depth of feeling, a knowledge of the human heart, and an amount of tact that one rarely finds. Should take a prominent place among the novels of the season."

THE THREE MISS KINGS. By Ada Cambridge, Author of "A Marked Man."

Athen?um.-"A charming study of character. The love stories are excellent, and the author is happy in tender situations."

NOT ALL IN VAIN. By Ada Cambridge, Author of "A Marked Man," "The Three Miss Kings," &c.

Guardian.-"A clever and absorbing story."

Queen.-"All that remains to be said is 'read the book.'"

UNCLE PIPER OF PIPER'S HILL. By Tasma. New Popular Edition.

Guardian.-"Every page of it contains good wholesome food, which demands and repays digestion. The tale itself is thoroughly charming, and all the characters are delightfully drawn. We strongly recommend all lovers of wholesome novels to make acquaintance with it themselves, and are much mistaken if they do not heartily thank us for the introduction."

IN THE VALLEY. By Harold Frederic, Author of "The Lawton Girl," "Seth's Brother's Wife," &c. With Illustrations.

Times.-"The literary value of the book is high; the author's studies of bygone life presenting a life-like picture."

PRETTY MISS SMITH. By Florence Warden, Author of "The House on the Marsh," "A Witch of the Hills," &c.

Punch.-"Since Miss Florence Warden's 'House on the Marsh,' I have not read a more exciting tale."

NOR WIFE, NOR MAID. By Mrs. Hungerford, Author of "Molly Bawn," &c.

Queen.-"It has all the characteristics of the writer's work, and greater emotional depth than most of its predecessors."

Scotsman.-"Delightful reading, supremely interesting."

MAMMON. A Novel. By Mrs. Alexander, Author of "The Wooing O't," &c.

Scotsman.-"The present work is not behind any of its predecessors. 'Mammon' is a healthy story, and as it has been thoughtfully written it has the merit of creating thought in its readers."

DAUGHTERS OF MEN. By Hannah Lynch, Author of "The Prince of the Glades," &c.

Daily Telegraph.-"Singularly clever and fascinating."

Academy.-"One of the cleverest, if not also the pleasantest, stories that have appeared for a long time."

A ROMANCE OF THE CAPE FRONTIER. By Bertram Mitford, Author of "Through the Zulu Country," &c.

Observer.-"This is a rattling tale, genial, healthy, and spirited."

'TWEEN SNOW AND FIRE. A Tale of the Kafir War of 1877. By Bertram Mitford.

THE MASTER OF THE MAGICIANS. By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and Herbert D. Ward.

Athen?um.-"A thrilling story."

LOS CERRITOS. A Romance of the Modern Time. By Gertrude Franklin Atherton, Author of "Hermia Suydam," and "What Dreams may Come."

Athen?um.-"Full of fresh fancies and suggestions. Told with strength and delicacy. A decidedly charming romance."

A MODERN MARRIAGE. By the Marquise Clara Lanza.

Queen.-"A powerful story, dramatically and consistently carried out."

Black and White.-"A decidedly clever book."

* * *

Popular Shilling Books.

MADAME VALERIE. By F. C. Philips, Author of "As in a Looking-Glass," &c.

THE MOMENT AFTER: A Tale of the Unseen. By Robert Buchanan.

Athen?um.-"Should be read-in daylight."

Observer.-"A clever tour de force."

Guardian.-"Particularly impressive, graphic, and powerful."

CLUES; or, Leaves from a Chief Constable's Note-Book. By William Henderson, Chief Constable of Edinburgh.

Mr. Gladstone.-"I found the book full of interest."

A VERY STRANGE FAMILY. By F. W. Robinson, Author of "Grandmother's Money," "Lazarus in London," &c.

Glasgow Herald.-"An ingeniously devised plot, of which the interest is kept up to the very last page. A judicious blending of humour and pathos further helps to make the book delightful reading from start to finish."

Dramatic Literature.


With Introductory Notes by Malcolm C. Salaman. 16mo, Paper Covers,

1s. 6d.; or Cloth, 2s. 6d. each.

THE TIMES: A Comedy in Four Acts. With a Preface by the Author. (Vol. I.)

Daily Telegraph.-"'The Times' is the best example yet given of Mr. Pinero's power as a satirist. So clever is his work that it beats down opposition. So fascinating is his style that we cannot help listening to him."

Morning Post.-"Mr. Pinero's latest belongs to a high order of dramatic literature, and the piece will be witnessed again with all the greater zest after the perusal of such admirable dialogue."

THE PROFLIGATE: A Play in Four Acts. With Portrait of the Author, after J. Mordecai. (Vol. II.)

Pall Mall Gazette.-"Will be welcomed by all who have the true interests of the stage at heart."

THE CABINET MINISTER: A Farce in Four Acts. (Vol. III.)

Observer.-"It is as amusing to read as it was when played."

THE HOBBY HORSE: A Comedy in Three Acts. (Vol. IV.)

St. James's Gazette.-"Mr. Pinero has seldom produced better or more interesting work than in 'The Hobby Horse.'"

LADY BOUNTIFUL. A Play in Four Acts. (Vol. V.)

THE MAGISTRATE. A Farce in Three Acts. (Vol. VI.)

To be followed by Dandy Dick, The Schoolmistress, The Weaker Sex,

Lords and Commons, The Squire, and Sweet Lavender.

* * *

The Crown Copyright Series.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, price 5s. each.

ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN. By Amélie Rives, Author of "The Quick or the Dead."

Scotsman.-"… It has beauty and brightness, and a kind of fascination which carries the reader on till he has read to the last page."

THE PENANCE OF PORTIA JAMES. By Tasma, Author of "Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill," &c.

Athen?um.-"A powerful novel."

INCONSEQUENT LIVES. A Village Chronicle. By J. H. Pearce, Author of "Esther Pentreath," &c.

Saturday Review.-"A vivid picture of the life of Cornish fisher-folk. It is unquestionably interesting."

A QUESTION OF TASTE. By Maarten Maartens, Author of "An Old Maid's Love," &c.

National Observer.-"There is more than cleverness; there is original talent, and a good deal of humanity besides."

COME LIVE WITH ME AND BE MY LOVE. By Robert Buchanan, Author of "The Moment After," "The Coming Terror," &c.

Daily Telegraph.-"We will conclude this brief notice by expressing our cordial admiration of the skill displayed in its construction, and the genial humanity that has inspired its author in the shaping and vitalising of the individuals created by his fertile imagination."

VANITAS. By Vernon Lee, Author of "Hauntings," &c.

THE O'CONNORS OF BALLINAHINCH. By Mrs. Hungerford, Author of "Molly Bawn," &c.

A BATTLE AND A BOY. By Blanche Willis Howard, Author of "Guenn," &c.

* * *


21 Bedford Street, W.C.

* * *

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