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Up To Date Business By Various Characters: 1184

Updated: 2017-12-06 00:03

London the Natural Centre of the World's Trade 72

British Mercantile Marine 74

London Bridge 76

The Coal-fields of England 80

The Manchester Ship Canal 84

The Great Manufacturing Districts of England 88

France Compared in Size with the States of Illinois and Texas 95

Street Scene in Paris, Showing the Bourse 97

Approximate Size of the German Empire 104

North Central Germany, Showing the Ship Canal and the Leading Commercial Centres 109

Spain Compared in Size with California 113

Italy and its Chief Commercial Centres 117

Russia, the British Empire, an

d the United States Compared 121

Moscow 127

Comparative Sizes of India and the United States 133

China and its Chief Trade Centres 145

Japan's Relation to Eastern Asia 155

The Partition of Africa 159

Australia 171

The Most Prosperous Part of South America 183

Trade Centres of Canada and Trunk Railway Lines 192

Export Trade of United States and Great Britain Compared 198

United States Manufactures and Internal Trade Compared with the Manufactures and Internal Trade of all Other Countries 199

Principal Articles of Domestic Exports of the United States 205

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