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Up To Date Business By Various Characters: 1124

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A Poorly Drawn Cheque 7

A Carefully Drawn Cheque 8

A Cheque Drawn so as to Insure Payment to Proper Party 9

A Cheque Payable to Order 11

A Blank Indorsement 11

A Cheque Made to Obtain Money for Immediate Use 13

A Certified Cheque 14

A Cheque for the Purchase of a Draft 16

A Bank Draft 17

Ordinary Form of Promissory Note 18

A Promissory Note Filled Out in an Engraved Blank 19

A Special Form for a Promissory Note 20

The Advantages of the Clearing-house System 22

The Route of a Cheque 24

Backs of Two Paid Cheq

ues 25

A Sight Draft Developed from Letter 27

A Sight Draft 28

An Accepted Ten-day Sight Draft 28

An Accepted Sight Draft 29

A Time Draft 29

Foreign Exchange 32

A Bill of Exchange (Private) 35

A Bill of Exchange (Banker's) 36

First Page of a Letter of Credit 38

Second Page of a Letter of Credit 40

A Certificate of Stock in a National Bank 42

A Certificate of Stock in a Manufacturing Company 43

A Protest 48

A Private Bond 55

A Shipping Receipt ("Original") 60

A Steamship Bill of Lading 61

A Local Waybill 62

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