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   Chapter 4 Gephart. 18Feb49; AA112510. The

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1977 January - June By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 5043

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New York Times Company (PWH); 17Feb77;



Emotional disorders of children. By

Gerald H. J. Pearson. ? 17Oct49; A37221.

Mary A. Pearson (W); 23Feb77; R654707.

R654708. Killers of the dream. By Lillian Smith. ? 24Oct49; A37602. Paula Snelling (E); 23Feb77; R654708.


The History of the American sailing

navy. By Howard I. Chapelle. ? 27Oct49;

A37604. Henry S. Noble (E); 23Feb77;


R654710. The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. By R. M. Rilne, new translation by M. D. Herter Norton (M. D. Herter Norton Crena De Iongh) Originally pub. 1930 under the title Journal of my other self. Present ed. is a new translation of Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge. ? 17Nov49; A38491. M. D. Herter Norton Crena De Iongh (A); 23Feb77; R654710.


L'Europe romantique. De Guy De

Pourtales, ed. illustree par Emile Grau

Sala, gravees sur le bois par A. Marliat &

R. Armanelli. NM: illus. ? 15Dec49;

AF11349. Emile Grau Sala (A); 22Feb77;



Vosges, Lorraine, Alsace. By Jacques

Legros. ? 2Jan50; AFO-518. Jacques

Legros (A); 22Feb77; R654731.


Cahiers de la pleiade. Automne 1949.

Redacteur en chef: Jean Paulhan.

? 15Dec49; AFO-566. Pierre Paulhan &

Frederic Paulhan (C); 22Feb77; R654732.

R654733. Lecons sur la representation conforme des aires simplement connexes. Fascicule 8. By Gaston Julia. ? 2Jan50; AFO-591. Gaston Julia (A); 22Feb77; R654733.


Histoire du Canada francais. By Leon

Lemonnier. ? 10Nov49; AFO-601. Madame

Leon Lemonnier, nee Renee Blanche Legrand

(W); 22Feb77; R654734.


Histoire de la premiere armee francaise.

By Jean Joseph De Lattre De Tassigny.

? 15Dec49; AFO-645. Madame De Lattre De

Tassigny, nee Simone Calary De Lamaziere

(W); 22Feb77; R654735.


Lecons sur la theorie des fonctions. By

Emile Borel. 4. ed. ? 30Jan50; AFO-883.

Madame Lange, nee Odile Appell (E);

22Feb77; R654736.


Elements de calcul tensoriel. By Andre

Lichnerowicz. ? 20Jan50; AFO-896. Andre

Lichnerowicz (A); 22Feb77; R654737.


Chamonix, le Mont-Blanc, Argentiere,

Vallorcine. By Gilbert Houlet. ? 2Jan50;

AFO-905. Gilbert Houlet (A); 22Feb77;



Ziggurats et tour de Babel. By Andre

Parrot. ? 30Dec49; AFO-920. Andre

Parrot (A); 22Feb77; R654739.

R654740. Les Ames fortes. By Jean Giono. ?

30Dec49; AFO-929. Aline Giono (C); 22Feb77; R654740.


Cours de calcul operationnel. By

Maurice Denis-Papin & Arnold Kaufmann.

? 5Jan50; AFO-933. Maurice Denis-Papin &

Arnold Kaufmann (A); 22Feb77; R654741.

R654742. Vincent d'Indy. T. 2: la maturite, la vieillesse (1886-1931) By Leon Vallas. ? 5Jan50; AFO-940. La Ville de Lyon (E); 22Feb77; R654742.


De Cesar a Charlemagne. By Marcel

Brion. ? 15Dec49; AFO-1012. Marcel

Brion (A); 22Feb77; R654743.


Atlas du Bottin; cartes & plans. By

Emmanuel Verger. ? 15Jan50; AFO-1403.

Emmanuel Verger (A); 22Feb77; R654744.


Le Capitaine ardant. By Pierre Nord,

pseud. of Andre Brouillard. ? 15Dec49;

AFO-914. Pierre Nord, pseud. of Andre

Brouillard (A); 22Feb77; R654745.

R654757. Searchlight on peace plans; choose your road to world government. By Edith Wynner & Georgia Lloyd. NM: additions. ? 9Sep49; A35863. Edith Wynner & Georgia Lloyd (A); 1Mar77; R654757.

R654758. Christmas in Carthage. By Nan Gilbert, pseud. of Mildred Geiger Gilbertson. (In American girl, Dec. 1949) ? 23Nov49; B221299. Mildred Geiger Gilbertson (pen-name: Nan Gilbert) (A); 1Mar77; R654758.

R654759. Meditations in John. By August Van Ryn. ? 8Mar49; A31007. August Van Ryn (A); 1Mar77; R654759.


The Green forest. By Alfred E. Van

Vogt. (In Astounding science fiction,

June 1949) ? 17May49; B196152. Alfred

E. Van Vogt (A); 1Mar77; R654760.


Final command. By Alfred E. Van Vogt.

(In Astounding science fiction. Nov. 1949)

? 15Oct49; B216711. Alfred E. Van Vogt

(A); 1Mar77; R654761.


The Shadow men. By Alfred E. Van Vogt.

(In Startling stories, Jan. 1950)

? 4Nov49; B223394. Alfred E. Van Vogt

(A); 1Mar77; R654762.


The Sound. By Alfred E. Van Vogt. (In

Astounding science fiction, Feb. 1950)

? 1Feb50; B230227. Alfred E. Van Vogt

(A); 1Mar77; R654763.

R654764. Rogue ship. By Alfred E. Van Vogt. (In Super science stories, Mar. 1950) ? 3Feb50; B232503. Alfred E. Van Vogt (A); 1Mar77; R654764.

R654769. Woman of the rock. By Hector Chevigny. ? 10Mar49; A31070. Hector Chevigny (A); 2Mar77; R654769.


The Cats in our lives. By Pamela

Kellino & James Mason. ? 23Mar49;

A31112. Pamela Kellino & James Mason (A);

2Mar77; R654770.


The Texas cookbook. By Arthur L.

Coleman & Lois F. Coleman. ? 29Aug49;

A35339. Arthur & Bobbie Coleman (Arthur

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