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   Chapter 24 7Dec49;

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1976 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 1832

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A39814. Francis Sitwell (E); 30Dec76;



The World in the attic. By Wright

Morris. ? 29Aug49; A35481. Wright

Morris (A); 30Dec76; R650017.

R650018. Giant widens his world; the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. By M. Ilin & E. Segal, translation from Russian by Beatrice Kinkead. NM: translation. ? 9Dec49; A38897. International Publishers (PWH); 30Dec76; R650018.

R650019. Joseph Stalin, a political biography. Prepared by Marr-Engels-Lenin Institute, editor & translator: Alexander Trachtenberg. Prev. pub. in the original language in 1947. NM: translation. ? 21Dec49; A44351. International Publishers (PWH); 30Dec76; R650019.

R650020. United States submarine operations in World War 2. By Theodore Roscoe. ? 23Dec49; A39384. Theodore Roscoe (A); 30Dec76; R650020.

R650021. The United States Coast Guard, 1790-1915. By Stephen H. Evans. ? 31Oct49; A37963. Stephen H. Evans (

A); 30Dec76; R650021.

R650022. Round-shot to rockets. By Taylor Peck. ? 26Sep49; A37132. Taylor Peck (A); 30Dec76; R650022.

R650023. Naval leadership. By J. L. Holloway, Jr., Walter G. Ebert & Lowell E. English. ? 3Oct49; A37009. J. L. Holloway, Jr., Walter G. Ebert & Lowell E. English (A); 30Dec76; R650023.


Russian conversation and grammar. By

Claude P. Lemieux. ? 3Sep49; A35768.

Claude P. Lemieux (A); 30Dec76; R650024.


Combustion engines manual. Authors:

Paul W. Gill & Eugene J. Ziurys.

? 3Sep49; A35767. Paul W. Gill & Eugene

J. Ziurys (A); 30Dec76; R650025.


Engineering Materials. Authors: V. B.

Graff, D. W. Seavey & F. L. Coonan.

? 30Aug49; A35765. V. B. Graff, D. W.

Seavey & F. L. Coonan (A); 30Dec76;


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