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   Chapter 10 3Jan49;

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1976 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 7134

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AA105709. Bertram W. Korn (A); 30Dec76;


R648036. American Jewish year book. Vol. 50. By Harry Schneiderman & Morris Fine. ? 3May49; AA115440. The Jewish Publication Society of America (PWH); 30Dec76; R648036.

R648059. We have a letter this. By E. B. White. (In The New Yorker, Apr. 16, 1949) ? 14Apr49; B187971. E. B. White (A); 9Dec76; R648059.

R648060. Pasture management. By E. B. White. (In The New Yorker, July 30, 1949) ? 28Jul49; B203686. E. B. White (A); 9Dec76; R648060.


Kenneth Roberts' working methods. By E.

B. White. (In The New Yorker, Aug. 13,

1949) ? 11Aug49; B205234. E. B. White

(A); 9Dec76; R648061.


The Unfashionable Kierkegaard. By Peter

F. Drucker. (In The Sewanee review,

autumn 1949) ? 1Oct49; B215922. Peter

F. Drucker (A); 8Dec76; R648062.


The Durban deep. By Martin Flavin. (In

Harper's magazine, Apr. 1949) ? 6Apr49;

B188507. Sean Flavin, Martin Flavin, Jr.

& Flavia Flavin Edgren (C); 3Dec76;



African chief in an Oldsmobile. By

Martin Flavin. (In Harper's Magazine, May

1949) ? 4May49; B190828. Sean Flavin,

Martin Flavin, Jr. & Flavia Flavin Edgren

(C); 3Dec76; R648064.

R648065. Readings in the clinical method in psychology. Editor: Robert Irving Watson. ? 5Jan49; A28881. Robert I. Watson (A); 3Dec76; R648065.


Food for better living. By Irene E.

McDermott, Mabel B. Trilling & Florence

Williams Nicholas. ? 4Jan49; A30203.

Irene E. McDermott (A); 7Dec76; R648088.


Work in progress, practical aids to

writing. By Ruel E. Foster & O. J.

Anderson. ? 10Jan49; AA106925. Ruel E.

Foster (A); 7Dec76; R648089.


The Ladder. By Victor Sawdon Pritchett.

(In The New Yorker, Nov. 5, 1949)

? 3Nov49; B216837. Victor Sawdon

Pritchett (A); 9Dec76; R648090.


Sy Oliver's Self instructor arranging

course. By Melvin James Oliver & Richard

Jacobs. ? 1Dec49; AA159747. Sy Oliver

(A); 6Dec76; R648099.


Captain Marvel story book. No. 4.

? 16Nov49; AA136144. Fawcett Publications,

Inc. (PWH); 6Dec76; R648100.


The Inner sanctum edition of the poetry

and prose of Walt Whitman. Editor: Louis

Untermeyer. ? 5Dec49; A40055. Simon and

Schuster, Inc. (PWH); 8Dec76; R648124.


Let's go fishing. Authors: Byron

Jackson & Kathryn Jackson, artist: Richard

Scarry. ? 18Nov49; A40463. Western

Publishing Company, Inc. (PWH); 6Dec76;



We like to do things. Author: Walter M.

Mason, artist: Steffie Lerch. ? 29Nov49;

A40466. Western Publishing Company, Inc.

(PWH); 6Dec76; R648181.


Johnny's machines. Author: Helen

Palmer, pseud. of Helen Geisel, artist:

Cornelius Dewitt. ? 9Nov49; A40467.

Western Publishing Company, Inc. (PWH);

6Dec76; R648182.


Santa and the angel. By Oskar Lebeck.

NM: revisions & additions. ? 1Nov49;

AA134757. Western Publishing Company,

Inc. (PWH); 6Dec76; R648183.


Advance California appellate reports,

Vol. 9, no. 53. NM: headnotes, summaries,

tables & index. ? 31Dec48; AA105853.

Bancroft-Whitney Company (PWH); 6Dec76;


R648227. Art and Mister Mahoney. By Carson McCullers. (In Mademoiselle, Dec. 1949) ? 29Nov49; B221120. Floria V. Lasky (E); 7Dec76; R648227.

R648228. Home for Christmas. By Carson McCullers. (In Mademoiselle, Dec. 1949) ? 29Nov49; B2

21120. Floria V. Lasky (E); 7Dec76; R648228.


The New York triumvirate. By Dorothy

Rita Dillon. ? 15Feb49; A30148. Dorothy

Rita Dillon (A); 6Dec76; R648346.


Church and state in Guatemala. By Mary

Patricia Holleran. ? 7Jul49; A34179.

Mary Patricia Holleran (A); 6Dec76;



Rural welfare services. By Benson Y.

Landis. ? 6Jul49; A34180. Benson Y.

Landis (A); 6Dec76; R648348.


The Family in a democratic society:

anniversary papers of the Community

Service Society of New York. Editor:

Margaret Lighty. ? 5Jul49; A34181.

Columbia University Press (PWH); 6Dec76;


R648350. Social work as human relations: anniversary papers of the New York School of Social Work and the Community Service Society of New York. Editor: Margaret Lighty. ? 5Jul49; A34183. Columbia University Press (PWH); 6Dec76; R648350.

R648351. Comedy and conscience after the restoration. By Joseph Wood Krutch. NM: introd. & index. ? 9Jun49; A34234. Marcelle Krutch (W); 6Dec76; R648351.

R648352. A Balkan mission. By James T. Shotwell. ? 14Jul49; A34427. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (PWH); 6Dec76; R648352.


The Populace in Shakespeare. By Brents

Stirling. ? 11Jul49; A34535. Brents

Stirling (A); 6Dec76; R648353.

R648354. Novels of empire. By Susanne Howe. ? 15Jul49; A34536. Susanne Howe (A); 6Dec76; R648354.


The Information film: a report of the

public library inquiry. By Gloria

Waldron. ? 2Sep49; A35593. Columbia

University Press (PWH); 6Dec76; R648355.


The Book industry: a report of the

public library inquiry. By William

Miller. ? 2Sep49; A35745. Columbia

University Press (PWH); 6Dec76; R648356.


The Library's public. By Bernard

Berelson. ? 16Sep49; A36528. Columbia

University Press (PWH); 6Dec76; R648357.

R648358. Silas Bright. By John Arthur Garraty. ? 20Sep49; A36529. John Arthur Garraty (A); 6Dec76; R648358.


Industry in Latin America. By George

Wythe. 2nd ed. ? 7Nov49; A37927.

George Wythe (A); 6Dec76; R648359.


The Problem of employment stabilization.

By Bertil Ohlin. ? 14Nov49; A38093.

Bertil Ohlin (A); 6Dec76; R648360.


A Pattern for hospital care. By Eli

Ginzberg. ? 22Nov49; A38666. Eli

Ginzberg (A); 6Dec76; R648361.


Wartime economic planning in agriculture.

By Bela Gold. ? 25Nov49;

A38667. Bela Gold (A); 6Dec76; R648362.


Government publications for the citizen.

By James L. McCamy. ? 19Oct49; A38711.

Columbia University Press (PWH); 6Dec76;



Rancho marauders. By Johnston McCulley.

(In West, Jan. 1950) ? 4Nov49; B223450.

Maurine McCulley (C); 3Dec76; R648368.


Walt Disney's Cinderella: puppet show.

Artist: Walt Disney Studio, adapter: Retta

Worcester. ? 4Nov49; A40469. Walt

Disney Productions (PWH); 3Dec76;



Donald Duck, November 13, 1949.

? 1Nov49; AA134937. Walt Disney

Productions (PWH); 3Dec76; R648370.


Donald Duck, November 20, 1949.

? 8Nov49; AA134939. Walt Disney

Productions (PWH); 3Dec76; R648371.


Donald Duck, November 21-26, 1949.

? 8Nov49; AA134940. Walt Disney

Productions (PWH); 3Dec76; R648372.


Donald Duck, November 27, 1949.

? 15Nov49; AA134941. Walt Disney

Productions (PWH); 3Dec76; R648373.


Donald Duck, November 28-December 3,

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