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   Chapter 3 King Features

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1976 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 33526

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Syndicate, Inc. (PCW); 15Nov76; R646386.


King Features illustrated weekly, May

12, 1949. ? 12May49; AA118555. King

Features Syndicate, Inc. (PCW); 15Nov76;



King Features illustrated weekly, May

19, 1949. ? 19May49; AA118556. King

Features Syndicate, Inc. (PCW); 15Nov76;



King Features illustrated weekly, May

26, 1949. ? 26May49; AA118557. King

Features Syndicate, Inc. (PCW); 15Nov76;



La America espanola. By Harvey L.

Johnson. ? 10Nov49; A37960. Harvey L.

Johnson (A); 15Nov76; R646400.

R646401. The Classical tradition: Greek and Roman influence on Western literature. The Classical tradition. By Gilbert Highet. ? 8Sep49, AIO-104; 10Nov49, A39162. Gilbert Highet (A); 15Nov76; R646401.


Hawaii: a history. By Ralph S.

Kuykendall & A. Grove Day. ? 7Dec48;

A28250. Gloria H. Kuykendall (W), Delman

L. Kuykendall (C) & A. Grove Day (A);

6Dec76; R646402.


The Idea of a theater. By Francis

Fergusson. ? 7Nov49; A38332. Francis

Fergusson (A); 15Nov76; R646403.

R646408. Child development. By Marian E. Breckenridge & E. Lee Vincent. 2nd ed. ? 3Jan49; A28689. E. Lee Vincent (A); 15Nov76; R646408.

R646409. A Comprehensive review of dentistry for use in preparing for dental state board licensing examinations. By Vincent R. Trapozzano. ? 3Jan49; A28691. Vincent R. Trapozzano (A); 15Nov76; R646409.


Individual sports for women. By Dorothy

S. Ainsworth, Marion Broer, & Gertrude

Goss. 2nd ed. ? 19Jan49; A30351.

Dorothy S. Ainsworth (A); 15Nov76;



Clinical auscultation of the heart. By

Samuel A. Levine & W. Proctor Harvey.

? 27Apr49; A32430. W. Proctor Harvey

(A); 15Nov76; R646411.


Oral and dental diagnosis. By Kurt H.

Thoma. 3rd ed. ? 13May49; A32853. Kurt

H. Thoma (A); 15Nov76; R646412.

R646413. Fundamentals of inorganic, organic and biological chemistry. By Joseph I. Routh. 2nd ed. ? 13Jun49; A33522. Joseph I. Routh (A); 15Nov76; R646413.

R646414. Fundamentals of bacteriology. By Martin Frobisher, Jr. 4th ed. ? 14Jul49; A34511. Martin Frobisher, Jr. (A); 15Nov76; R646414.


Fundamentals of otolaryngology: a

textbook of ear, nose and throat diseases.

By Lawrence R. Boies. ? 1Aug49; A34856.

Lawrence R. Boies (A); 15Nov76; R646415.


Jordan-Burrows textbook of bacteriology.

By William Burrows. 15th ed. ? 11Aug49;

A35038. William Burrows (A); 15Nov76;


R646417. Clinical biochemistry. By Abraham Cantarow & Max Trumper. 4th ed. ? 16Aug49; A35228. Abraham Cantarow (A); 15Nov76; R646417.

R646418. Techniques of supervision in public health nursing. By Ruth B. Freeman. 2nd ed. ? 21Oct49; A37507. Ruth B. Freeman (A); 15Nov76; R646418.


Current therapy, 1949. By Howard F.

Conn. ? 28Feb49; AA109094. Howard F.

Conn (A); 15Nov76; R646419.


Laboratory manual of chemistry. By

Joseph I. Routh. 2nd ed. ? 23May49;

AA118735. Joseph I. Routh (A); 15Nov76;


R646421. Chords and melodies; for the beginning pianist. Second level. By Ed McGinley. ? 15Nov49; AA134622. Shawnee Press, Inc. (PWH); 15Nov76; R646421.

R646440. Gregory of Tours: selections from the minor works. By William Coffman McDermott. NM: translation & arr. of Gregory's writings, foreword, pref., table of contents, introd., bibliography & index. ? 11Nov49; A38380. William Coffman McDermott (A); 15Nov76; R646440.

R646441. The Burgundian code: liber constitutionum sive lex gundobada-constitutiones extravagantes. By Katherine Fischer (Katherine Fischer Drew) NM: translation of the codes, foreword, pref., table of contents, introd., bibliography & index. ? 11Nov49; A38381. Katherine Fischer Drew (A); 15Nov76; R646441.


The Voice of the old frontier. By

Robert William Glenroie Vail. ? 11Nov49;

A39141. Mrs. Robert W. G. Vail (W);

15Nov76; R646442.

R646447. Hit it on the head. By Nan Gilbert, pseud. of Mildred Geiger Gilbertson. (In Forward, Oct. 22, 1949) ? 8Oct49; B218746. Mildred Geiger Gilbertson (pen-name: Nan Gilbert) (A); 16Nov76; R646447.


Postscripts to the American language.

By Henry Louis Mencken. (In New Yorker,

Dec. 4, 1948) ? 2Dec48; B167420.

Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company

(E of Henry L. Mencken); 16Nov76;



Postscripts to the American language.

By Henry Louis Mencken. (In New Yorker,

Dec. 11, 1948) ? 9Dec48; B169290.

Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company

(E of Henry L. Mencken); 16Nov76;



An American reaction to Bernard Shaw's

forty letter alphabet. By Henry Louis

Mencken. (In Quarterly journal of speech,

Dec. 1948) ? 10Dec48; B173918.

Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company

(E of Henry L. Mencken); 16Nov76;



Nine poems. By William Goyen. (In

Voices, spring 1949) ? 20Apr49; B188622.

William Goyen (A); 16Nov76; R646451.


The Search for life's meaning. By

Alfred G. Fisk. ? 6Sep49; A36412.

Eleanor M. Fisk (W); 17Nov76; R646458.


Freedom and faith. By Samuel Moor

Shoemaker. ? 15Nov49; A38692. Ober,

Grimes, and Shriver (E); 17Nov76;



A Treasury of the blues. Author,

compiler, editor (composer): William C.

Handy, text: Edward Abbe Niles, illus. by

Miguel Covarrubias. ? 16Nov49; A38540.

Irma L. Handy (W), Katharine Handy Lewis &

Wyer Owens Handy (C); 17Nov76; R646460.


Oil! titan of the Southwest. By Carl

Coke Rister. ? 10Jun49; A33435. Mrs.

Carl Coke Rister (W); 17Nov76; R646461.


The Saga of sock: a complete story of

boxing. By John V. Grombach. ? 14Nov49;

A38706. John V. Grombach (A); 17Nov76;



Practical hooked rugs. By Stella Hay

Rex. ? 30Sep49; A37888. Stella Hay Rex

(A); 17Nov76; R646463.


Ringside maiden. Pt. 1. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Jan. 1, 1949) ? 24Dec48;

B171272. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



Ringside maiden. Pt. 2. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Jan. 8, 1949) ? 31Dec48;

B171273. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



Ringside maiden. Pt. 3. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Jan. 15, 1949) ? 7Jan49;

B173430. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



Ringside maiden. Pt. 4. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Jan. 22, 1949) ? 14Jan49;

B173431. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



Ringside maiden. Pt. 5. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Jan. 29, 1949) ? 21Jan49;

B173432. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;


R646500. Ringside maiden. Pt. 6. By Edwin Lanham. (In Collier's, the national weekly, Feb. 5, 1949) ? 28Jan49; B173433. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76; R646500.


Ringside maiden. Pt. 7. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Feb. 12, 1949) ? 4Feb49;

B175482. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



Ringside maiden. Pt. 8. By Edwin

Lanham. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Feb. 19, 1949) ? 11Feb49;

B176238. Edwin Lanham (A); 18Nov76;



The Story of the Three Musketeers. By

Frank Lee Beals & Bernadine Bailey.

? 21Oct48; A26587. Bettina Byrd Iwersen

(C of Frank Lee Beals); 19Oct76;



The Story of Moby Dick, the white whale.

By Frank Lee Beals. ? 19Sep49; A36179.

Bettina B. Iwersen (C); 6Dec76; R646509.

R646533. Save the witness. By Patricia McGerr. ? 3Nov49; A37854. Patricia McGerr (A); 16Nov76; R646533.


Dardanelles derelict; a Major North

story. By F. Van Wyck Mason. ? 3Nov49;

A37855. F. Van Wyck Mason (A); 16Nov76;



It's raining violence. By Theodora Du

Bois. ? 3Nov49; A37856. Theodora Du

Bois (A); 16Nov76; R646535.


Word power made easy: the complete

three-week vocabulary builder. By Norman

Lewis. ? 3Nov49; A37857. Norman Lewis

(A); 16Nov76; R646536.


The Islands of unwisdom. By Robert R.

Graves. ? 3Nov49; A37858. Robert R.

Graves (A); 16Nov76; R646537.


The Handy book of indoor games. By

Geoffrey Mott-Smith. ? 7Nov49; A37934.

Copeland and Lamm, Inc. (PWH); 16Nov76;


R646539. Charles H. Goren's Bridge quiz book. ? 7Nov49; A37935. Charles H. Goren (A); 16Nov76; R646539.


Never dies the dream. By Margaret

Mortenson Landon. ? 7Nov49; A37936.

Margaret Mortenson Landon (A); 16Nov76;


R646541. In green pastures: a treasury of inspirational poetry and prose. Compiled by Marjorie Barrows. ? 7Nov49; A37937. Marjorie Barrows (A); 16Nov76; R646541.


The Outline of history: being a plain

history of life and mankind. Author: H.

G. Wells, revised & brought up to the end

of the Second World War by Raymond

Postgate, with maps & plans by J. P.

Horrabin. ? on revisions; 7Nov49;

A37939. Doubleday and Company, Inc.

(PWH); 16Nov76; R646542.

R646543. The Art of cheese cookery; more than 250 recipes tested by Florence Arfmann. By Florence Arfmann & Nika Standen, pseud. of Nita Hazelton. ? 10Nov49; A33067. Nika Hazelton (A); 16Nov76; R646543.


Coffin corner. By George Bagby, pseud.

of Aaron Marc Stein. ? 10Nov49; A38068.

Aaron Marc Stein (A); 16Nov76; R646544.


The Liberation of Manhattan. By Edmund

Demaitre & Hark J. Appleman, illustrated

by Paul Galdone. ? 10Nov49; A38072.

Mark J. Appleman (A); 16Nov76; R646545.


The White sail. By Sara Ware Bassett.

? 10Nov49; A38073. Frederick B. Taylor

(E); 16Nov76; R646546.

R646547. The Man who covered mirrors; a Saturnin Day mystery. By Marten Cumberland. ? 10Nov49; A38359. John Walsh (NK); 16Nov76; R646547.


Rector's Haughty '90s cook book. By

Alexander Kirkland & Muriel Shaffer,

decorations by Bob Cato. ? 10Nov49;

A33360. Alexander Kirkland & Muriel

Shaffer (A); 16Nov76; R646548.

R646549. The Complete dog book: the care, handling, and feeding of dogs and pure bred dogs, the recognized breeds and standards. By The American Kennel Club. ? on changes, additions & revisions of text; 4Nov49; A734017. American Kennel Club (PWH); 16Nov76; R646549.


Joy, joy, joy. By James Reid Parker.

(In Woman's day, July 1949) ? 10Jun49;

B195426. James Reid Parker (A); 16Nov76;



The Red carpet. By James Reid Parker.

(In Woman's day, Dec. 1949) ? 8Nov49;

B217660. James Reid Parker (A); 16Nov76;



Unfold! unfold! By Theodore Roethke.

(In Partisan review, Nov. 1949) ? 2Nov49;

B218149. Beatrice Lushington (W);

16Nov76; R646552.


The Common ventures of life: marriage,

birth, work and death. By David Elton

Trueblood. ? 5Jan49; A28686. D. Elton

Trueblood (A); 22Nov76; R646554.

R646555. The Family: its function and destiny. Planned & edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen. (Science of culture series, vol. 5) ? 2Feb49; A29685. Ruth Nanda Anshen (A); 22Nov76; R646555.


Group work with American youth: a guide

to the practice of leadership. By Grace

Longwell Coyle. ? 24Nov48; A27802.

Lawrence T. Coyle, John P. Coyle & Anne C.

Howard (NK); 22Nov76; R646556.


Lincoln and the preachers. By Edgar

DeWitt Jones, with an introd. by William

H. Townsend. ? 24Nov48; A28245. Willis

R. Jones (C); 22Nov76; R646557.


The Importance of being ourselves. By

Arnold Hilmar Lowe. ? 24Nov48; A27801.

Arnold Hilnar Lowe (A); 15Nov76;


R646559. Let's do business with Russia: why we should and how we can. By Stella K. Margold. ? 24Nov48; A27804. Stella K. Margold (A); 15Nov76; R646559.


Selecting the new employee: techniques

of employment procedure. By Paul W.

Boynton. ? 5Jan49; A28884. Anne Boynton

(W); 15Nov76; R646560.

R646561. Industrial psychology and its social foundations. By Milton L. Blum. ? 19Jan49; A29167. Milton L. Blum (A); 15Nov76; R646561.

R646562. A Private killing. By James Benet. ? 19Jan49; A29169. James Benet (A); 15Nov76; R646562.

R646563. Middle management: the job of the junior administrator. By Mary Cushing Howard Niles. NM: last two chapters new, revisions & changes throughout. ? 19Jan49; A29254. Mary Cushing Howard Niles (A); 15Nov76; R646563.


Anthony Adverse in Africa. By Hervey

Allen, edited by Julie Eidesheim.

? 15Feb49; AA113801. Ann Andrews Allen

(W); 16Nov76; R646565.


Anthony Adverse in Italy. By Hervey

Allen, edited by Julie Eidesheim.

? 8Feb49; AA113802. Ann Andrews Allen

(W); 16Nov76; R646566.


Anthony Adverse in America. By Hervey

Allen, edited by Julie Eidesheim.

? 22Feb49; AA113803. Ann Andrews Allen

(W); 16Nov76; R646567.


The Pelican. By Will Cuppy. (In The

Saturday evening post, Dec. 18, 1948)

? 15Dec48; B171174. Alan L. Rosenblum

(E); 16Nov76; R646568.


Great anteater. By Will Cuppy. (In The

Saturday evening post, Nov. 27, 1948)

? 24Nov48; B168396. Alan L. Rosenblum

(E); 16Nov76; R646569.


Textbook of wood technology. Vol. 1.

By H. P. Brown, A. J. Panshin & C. C.

Forsaith. ? 4Jan49; A28935. A. J.

Panshin (A); 19Nov76; R646570.

R646571. Water supply engineering. By Harold E. Babbitt & James J. Doland. 4th ed. ? 25Mar49; A31222. Elma J. Babbitt (W); 22Nov76; R646571.


Quantum mechanics. By Leonard I.

Schiff. ? 3Jan49; A28936. Frances B.

Schiff (W); 19Nov76; R646572.


Personnel management. By Walter Dill

Scott, Robert C. Clothier & William R.

Spriegel. 4th ed. ? 5Jan49; A28938.

William R. Spriegel (A); 19Nov76;



Chili growth and development. By

Elizabeth B. Hurlock. ? 4Jan49; A29054.

Elizabeth B. Hurlock (A); 19Nov76;


R646575. Standard handbook for electrical engineers. By Archer E. Knowlton. 8th ed. ? 6Jan49; A29055. McGraw-Hill, Inc. (PWH); 19Nov76; R646575.


Introduction to atomic physics. By Otto

Oldenberg. ? 7Jan49; A29056. Otto

Oldenberg (A); 19Nov76; R646576.


Mirror for man: the relation of

anthropology to modern life. By Clyde

Kluckhohn. ? 25Jan49; A29571. Florence

R. Taylor (W); 19Nov76; R646577.


Principles of mechanics. By John L.

Synge & Byron R. Griffith. 2nd ed.

? 16Feb49; A30168. John L. Synge & Byron

A. Griffith (A); 19Nov76; R646578.


Introduction to community recreation.

By George D. Butler. 2nd ed. ? 10Feb49;

A30169. National Recreation and Park

Association, Inc. (PWH); 19Nov76;



Fieldbook of natural history. By E.

Laurence Palmer. ? 1Mar49; A30553.

Katherine V. W. Palmer (W); 19Nov76;


R646581. Practical shop mathematics. Vol. 2: advanced. By John H. Wolfe & Everett R. Phelps. 3rd ed. ? 17Mar49; A31265. Mary Ann Lindsay (NK of John H. Wolfe) & Charlotte Mann (C of Everett R. Phelps); 19Nov76; R646581.


Mathematics for electricians. By Martin

H. Kuehn. 3rd ed. ? 4Mar49; A31268.

Marie Kuehn (W); 19Nov76; R646582.


Aircraft maintenance and repair. By

Technical Development Staff, Northrop

Aeronautical Institute & Charles Edward

Chapel. ? 31Mar49; A31522. Northrop

Aeronautical Institute (PWH); 19Nov76;



Gregg shorthand manual simplified. By

John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie &

Charles E. Zoubek. ? 9Mar49; A32149.

Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A);

19Nov76; R646584.

R646585. Gregg shorthand manual simplified: functional method. By Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek. ? 11Mar49; A32150. Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646585.


Gregg dictation simplified. By Louis A.

Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek. ? 16Mar49;

A32151. Louis A. Leslie & Charles E.

Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646586.


Methods of teaching transcription. By

Louis A. Leslie. ? 30Jun49; A34772.

Louis A. Leslie (A); 19Nov76; R646587.


Most-used shorthand words and phrases.

By Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek.

? 31May49; A34828. Louis A. Leslie &

Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646588.


Phrases of Gregg shorthand simplified.

By John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie &

Charles E. Zoubek. ? 21Jul49; A35118.

Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A);

19Nov76; R646589.

R646590. Word list of Gregg shorthand simplified. By John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek. ? 18Aug49; A36681. Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646590.


Gregg speed building simplified. By

John R. Gregg, Louis A. Leslie & Charles

E. Zoubek. ? 14Nov49; A36803. Louis A.

Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76;


R646592. Gregg shorthand manual simplified; teacher's handbook. By John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek. ? 28Apr49; AA118394. Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646592.


Gregg dictation simplified; teacher's

handbook. By Louis A. Leslie & Charles E.

Zoubek. ? 28Apr49; AA118395. Louis A.

Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76;


R646594. Gregg shorthand manual simplified: functional method; teacher's handbook. By Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek. ? 28Apr49; AA118396. Louis A. Leslie & Charles E. Zoubek (A); 19Nov76; R646594.


Boys' and girls' march of comics

featuring M.G.M. Tom and Jerry. No. 46.

By Loew's, Inc. ? 3Nov49; AA134756.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (PWH); 16Nov76;



Came the dawn. By Roger Bax, pseud. of

Paul Winterton. U.S. ed. pub. 4Jan50,

A39602 as Two if by sea. ? 15Sep49;

AI-2098. Roger Bax (pseud.) Paul

Winterton (A); 16Nov76; R646598.

R646616. The Story of television: the life of Philo T. Farnsworth. By George Everson. ? 14Mar49; A31504. George Everson (A); 19Nov76; R646616.


Rocky Mountain cities. By Roy B. West,

Jr. ? 28Mar49; A31612. Roy B. West, Jr.

(A); 19Nov76; R646617.

R646618. The Critical reader. By Hallett Smith, Roy Lamson, Jr. & Wallace W. Douglas. ? 13Apr49; A31973. Hallett Smith, Roy Lamson, Jr. & Wallace W. Douglas (A); 19Nov76; R646618.


Sport fishing boats. By S. Kip

Farrington, Jr. ? 22Apr49; A32318. S.

Kip Farrington, Jr. (A); 19Nov76;



The Music of Israel. By Peter

Gradenwitz. ? 29Apr49; A32416. Peter

Gradenwitz (A); 19Nov76; R646620.


Western civilizations. By Edward M.

Burns. 3rd ed. ? 2May49; A32417. Marie

B. Burns (W); 19Nov76; R646621.


Young William Washburne. By Humphrey

Pakington. ? 20Jun49; A35148. Humphrey

Pakington (A); 19Nov76; R646622.


The Mature mind. By Harry A. Overstreet.

? 10Aug49; A35149. Bonaro

Overstreet (W); 19Nov76; R646623.

R646624. Killers of the dream. By Lillian Smith. ? 12May49; AA118733. Paula Snelling (E); 19Nov76; R646624.


Sailing days on the Penobscot. By

George S. Wasson, introd. & epilogue by

Walter Muir Whitehill. NM: introd. &

epilogue. ? 9May49; A59823. Walter Muir

Whitehill (A); 19Nov75; R646625.

R646626. Notes on Chopin; a translation. By Andre Gide, translator: Bernard Brechtman. ? 29Aug49; A35276. Philosophical library. Inc. (PWH); 16Nov76; R646626.


The Law. By Rene A. Wormser. ? 1Nov49;

A37921. Rene A. Womser (A); 15Nov76;



An Invitation to Russian. By Margarita

Madrigal & Sonia Bleeker. ? 4Nov49;

A38097. Margarita Madrigal (A) & Herbert

S. Zim (E of Sonia Bleeker); 15Nov76;



A Handy guide to papermaking, after the

Japanese edition of 1798. By Kunisaki

Jihei & Charles Everett Hamilton.

? 17Dec48; A31302. Charles Everett

Hamilton (A); 22Nov76; R646742.


The Pentateuch and Rashi's commentary-Genesis.

By Abrahan Ben Isaiah a.k.a. S.

Sheps, & Benjamin Sharfman. ? 11Oct49;

A36939. S. S. and R. Publishing Company,

Inc. (PWH); 9Dec76; R646745.


Henry James and the expanding horizon.

By Osborn Stoltz Andreas. ? 13Dec48;

A30022. Lowell W. Andreas (NK); 6Dec76;



Facts with fractions. By Bernard Ernest

Tobin. ? 1Jun49; AA119468. Jeannette E.

Tobin (W); 19Nov76; R646771.

R646772. The Indians of the Southwest: a century of development under the United States. By Edward Everett Dale. ? 25Sep49; A36349. Rosalie Gilkey Dale (W); 19Nov76; R646772.

R646773. Hang by your neck. By Henry Kane. ? 31May49; A33410. Henry Kane (A); 19Nov76; R646773.


And now you don't. Pt. 2. By Isaac

Asimov. (In Astounding science fiction,

Dec. 1949) ? 15Nov49; B221151. Isaac

Asimov (A); 19Nov76; R646778.

R646797. Soviet economy during the Second World War. By Alexander Trachtenberg, translation by N. A. Voznesensky. NM: translation. ? 18Mar49; A31022. International Publishers Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76; R646797.

R646798. Handbook of philosophy. Translation & adaptation by Howard Selsam. Prev. pub. abroad, 1939; adapted from Short philosophic dictionary, by H. Rosenthal & P. Yudin. NM: translation & adaptation. ? 10Jun49; A33667. International Publishers Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76; R646798.

R646799. The Situation in biological science: complete stenographic report of the session of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, held in U.S.S.R., July 31-Aug. 7, 1948. Translation from the Russian language: Alexander Trachtenberg. NM: translation from the Russian language. ? 17Jun49; A33668. International Publishers Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76; R646799.


The Twilight of world capitalism. By

William Z. Foster. ? 30Jun49; A34204.

International Publishers Company, Inc.

(PWH); 22Nov76; R646800.


Longshot O'Leary's garland of practical

poesie. By Thomas McGrath. ? 22Aug49;

A35111. International Publishers Company,

Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76; R646801.


Social roots of the arts. By Louis

Harap. ? 19Sep49; A36170. International

Publishers Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76;


R646803. The U.S.S.R. and world peace; speeches of the Soviet foreign minister Andrei Y. Vyshinsky. Edited by Jessica Smith. ? 3Oct49; A36818. International Publishers (PWH); 22Nov76; R646803.


Atomic energy and society. By James S.

Allen. ? 11Nov49; A38144. International

Publishers Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76;



American capitalism, 1607-1800. By Anna

Rochester. ? 16Nov49; A38153.

International Publishers Company, Inc.

(PWH); 22Nov76; R646805.


Labor fact book. No. 9. By Labor

Research Association. ? 27Jun49;

AA120595. International Publishers

Company, Inc. (PWH); 22Nov76; R646806.

R646811. The White rabbit caper. By James Thurber. (In The New Yorker, Nov. 19, 1949) ? 19Nov49; B218657. Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 22Nov76; R646811.

R646825. Longes Mac N-Uislenn the exile of the sons of Uisliu. By Vernam Edward Hull. ? 4Oct49; A39285. Vernam Edward Hull (A); 23Nov76; R646825.


The Personalized numbers contest;

information for playing. By John J.

Caggiano. ? 14Oct49; AA130515. John J.

Caggiano (A); 17Dec76; R646861.


The Old Testament. Vol. 1. Newly

translated from the Vulgate Latin by

Ronald Arbuthnott Knox. ? 5Nov48;

A29371. Sheed, Andrews and McMeel

Publishers (formerly Sheed and Ward)

(PWH); 5Nov76; R646862.


Meter and rhythm. Book 2. By Helen

Hobbs Jordan. ? 4Apr49; AA114425. Helen

Hobbs Jordan (A); 17Dec76; R647029.


Catch a falling star. By Frederic F.

Van De Water. ? 19Jan49; A29479.

Frederic F. Van De Water (A); 20Dec76;


R647034. The Long watch. By Robert A. Heinlein. (Im American Legion Magazine, Dec. 1949) ? 17Nov49; B220027. Robert A. Heinlein (A); 22Nov76; R647034.


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The Boyer-Campbell Company. Catalog no.

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