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additions. ? 20Oct48; A26783. Holt,

Rinehart and Winston (PWH); 24Sep76;



Making arithmetic plain. Book 1. By

Rose Lollie Weber & Ruth Hollie Weber.

? 21Jan49; AA105074. Litton Educational

Publishing, Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645206.


We spell and write. Grade 7. By Ervin

Eugene Lewis, Elizabeth Bozarth Lewis &

Herman L. Shibler. ? 20Jan49; AA105076.

Litton Educational Publishing, Inc. (PWH);

2Nov76; R645207.

R645208. Achievement tests to Making arithmetic plain, book 1. By Ruth Rebec & Rose Weber. ? 15Jul49; AA124040. Litton Educational Publishing, Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645208.


Teachers answers for all exercises and

tests for Making arithmetic plain, book 1.

By Rose Weber & Ruth Weber. ? 15Aug49;

AA125296. Litton Educational Publishing,

Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645209.


We spell and write. Grade 8. By Ervin

Eugene Lewis, Elizabeth Bozarth Lewis &

Herman L. Shibler. ? 29Aug49; AA126208.

Litton Educational Publishing, Inc. (PWH);

2Nov76; R645210.


Making arithmetic plain. Book 2. By

Rose Weber & Ruth Weber. ? 4Oct49;

AA129303. Litton Educational Publishing,

Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645211.

R645212. Tests for use with Making arithmetic plain, book 2. By Ruth Weber & Rose Weber. ? 7Oct49; AA129882. Litton Educational Publishing, Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645212.

R645213. Making arithmetic plain; teacher's answers for all exercises and tests. Book 2. By Ruth Weber & Rose Weber. ? 13Oct49; AA130354. Litton Educational Publishing, Inc. (PWH); 2Nov76; R645213.

R645220. The Man. By Ray Bradbury. (In Thrilling wonder stories, Feb. 1949) ? 30Nov48; B175410. Ray Bradbury (A); 8Nov76; R645220.

R645221. Those explosive Nobel Prizes. By Irving Wallace. (In Collier's, Nov. 5, 1949) ? 28Oct49; B215824. Irving Wallace (A); 1Nov76; R645221.

R645230. Missionary stories. By Theresa Worman. ? 7Dec48; AA101278. Theresa Worman (A); 2Nov76; R645230.


More food for the body, for the soul.

By Frances Youngren. ? 1Dec48; AA104120.

Frances Youngren (A); 2Nov76; R645231.

R645232. A Sand County almanac: and sketches here and there. By Aldo Leopold. ? 27Oct49; A37596. Oxford University Press (PPW); 1Nov76; R645232.


Basic public speaking. By Paul L.

Soper. ? 27Oct49; A37598. Paul L. Soper

(A); 1Nov76; R645233.


The Oxford American psalter. By Ray F.

Brown. ? 27Oct49; A37700. Andrew Brown

& Stuart Brown (C); 1Nov76; R645234.

R645276. Men and women of Carolina: selected addresses and papers of J. Rion McKissick. Editing & introd.: Frank Harper Wardlaw. ? 7Oct48; A28215. University of South Carolina Press (PWH); 17Sep76; R645276.


Florida, land of change. By Kathryn

Trimmer Abbey Hanna. 2nd ed., rev. & enl.

? 4Nov48; A27598. Alfred Jackson Hanna

(Wr); 3Nov76; R645283.

R645284. Federal prose; how to write in and/or for Washington. By James R. Masterson & Wendell Brooks Phillips. ? 4Nov48; AA99168. James R. Masterson (A); 3Nov76; R645284.


Fundamentals of general psychology. By

John Frederick Dashiell. 3rd ed.

? 16Sep49; A36361. F. K. Dashiell &

Dorothy D. Smith (C); 3Nov76; R645285.


And now you don't. Pt. 1. By Isaac

Asimov. (In Astounding science fiction,

Nov. 1949) ? 18Oct49; B216711. Isaac

Asimov (A); 3Nov76; R645286.


Young America, 1830-1840. By Robert E.

Riegel. ? 18Nov49; A38398. Robert E.

Riegel (A); 3Nov76; R645287.


Seventeen syllables; a short story. By

Hisaye Yamamoto DeSoto. (In Partisan

review, Nov. 1949) ? 2Nov49; B218149.

Hisaye Yamamoto DeSoto (A); 3Nov76;



Hidden highways. By Flora Marion

Davidson. ? 27Dec48; A28767. Flora

Marion Davidson (A); 4Nov76; R645290.


How to speak the written word. By Nedra

Newkirk Lamar. ? 23May49; A33973. Nedra

Newkirk Lamar (A); 4Nov76; R645291.


The Touch of the Master's hand. By

Harold A. Cockburn. ? 18Apr49; A33974.

Harold A. Cockburn (A); 4Nov76; R645292.


Great Gospel sermons. Vol. 1-2.

Compiled by Frank Spencer Mead.

? 18Jul49; A38693. Frank Spencer

Mead (A); 4Nov76; R645293.


Tarbell's teachers' guide, 1950.

Compiled by Frank Spencer Head.

? 31Oct49; AA134131. Frank Spencer Head

(A); 4Nov76; R645294.


Dwight L. Moody. Compiled by Frank

Spencer Head. (Great pulpit masters, vol.

1) ? 10Oct49; AA134133. Frank Spencer

Head (A); 4Nov76; R645295.


Charles H. Spurgeon. Compiled by Frank

Spencer Head. (Great pulpit masters, vol.

2) ? 31Oct49; AA134134. Frank Spencer

Head (A); 4Nov76; R645296.


Blind date. By Cornell Woolrich. (In

Ellery Queen's mystery magazine, Oct.

1949) ? 29Aug49; B207931. The Chase

Manhattan Bank, N.A. (E); 4Nov76;



The Birth of a salesman. By Horace

Kirtus Dugdale. ? 1Sep49; AA126786. H.

K. Dugdale (A); 4Nov76; R645298.


Practice for mastering language. By

Paul McKee & John E. Blossom. (Language

for meaning) ? 7Oct49; AA130287. Grace

McKee (W) & Beverly M. Eaton (C of Paul

McKee); 5Nov76; R645300.

R645301. A Christmas carol. By Charles Dickens, adapted by Albert L. Kanter. (Classics illustrated, no. 53) NM: adaptation. ? 26Nov48; AA102036. Twin Circle Publishing Company, division of Frawley Enterprises, Inc. (PWH); 5Nov76; R645301.


Love and death: a study in censorship.

By Gershon Legman. NM: revisions & 2

essays. ? 27Jul49; A34710. Gershon

Legman (A); 15Nov76; R645328.


The Play's the thing. By Ferenc Molnar.

(In Theatre arts, Mar. 1949) ? 11Feb49;

B176632. Matyas Sarkozi (NK); 23Nov76;



Reviewing physics. By Walter L. Abner.

? 15Mar49; AA116178. Amsco School

Publications (PWH); 22Nov76; R645344.


The Heart strings. By John D. Weaver.

(In Hearst's International cosmopolitan,

Apr. 1949) ? 1Apr49; B184178. John D.

Weaver (A); 8Nov76; R645358.


The World of Milton Berle. By Philip

Hamburger. (In The New Yorker, Oct. 29,

1949) ? 27Oct49; B215834. Philip

Hamburger (A); 8Nov76; R645363.


Earth conduction effects in transmission

systems. By Erling D. Sunde. ? 21Jan49;

A29225. Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

(PWH); 8Nov76; R645366.


Simple Simon. By Frederick Johnston

Hooker. ? 5Mar49; AA123198. The Stearns

and Foster Company (PWH); 8Nov76;



Cock horse. By Frederick Johnston

Hooker. ? 5Mar49; AA123199. The Stearns

and Foster Company (PWH); 8Nov76;



Mother Goose. By Frederick Johnston

Hooker. ? 5Mar49; AA123200. The Stearns

and Foster Company (PWH); 8Nov76;



Oklahoma: foot-loose and fancy-free. By

Angie Debo. ? 5Nov49; A37713. Angie

Debo (A); 8Nov76; R645370.


Kover all. By William Peck. ? 16Dec48;

AA102441. William Peck (A); 8Nov76;


R645373. Meeting house and counting house: the Quaker merchants of colonial Philadelphia, 1632-1763. By Frederick B. Tolles. ? 1Dec48; A29078. Elizabeth E. Tolles (W); 8Nov76; R645373.

R645374. Gentleman's progress: the itinerarium of Doctor Alexander Hamilton, 1744. By Alexander Hamilton, edited with an introd. by Carl Bridenbaugh. NM: editing & introd. ? 1Dec48; A29079. Carl Bridenbaugh (A); 8Nov76; R645374.


Western roundup. Editor: Arnold Hano.

? 10Sep48; A25247. Bantam Books, Inc.

(PWH); 9Sep76; R645423.

R645474. American folk art in wood, metal and stone. By Jean Herzber Lipman. ? 15Nov48; A28650. Jean Lipman (A); 3Nov76; R645474.

R645506. Kodak Ma-time computer. ? 28Oct49; AA133038. Eastman Kodak Company (PWH); 4Nov76; R645506.

R645507. Devil on two sticks. By Wade Miller, pseud. of Robert Wade & Bill Miller. ? 21Oct49; A37419. Robert Wade (A) & Enid A. Miller (W); 3Nov76; R645507.


Junk. By Edmund Wilson. (In New

Yorker, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 27Oct49;

B215834. Elena Wilson (W); 3Nov76;


R645509. A Dream of Daniel Updike. By Edmund Wilson. (In New Yorker, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 27Oct49; B215834. Elena Wilson (W); 3Nov76; R645509.

R645510. Words across the channel. By Edmund Wilson. (In New Yorker, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 27Oct49; B215834. Elena Wilson (W); 3Nov76; R645510.

R645511. The Purist's complaint. By Edmund Wilson. (In New Yorker, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 27Oct49; B215934. Elena Wilson (W); 3Nov76; R645



Le Bluff. By Edmund Wilson. (In New

Yorker, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 27Oct49;

B215834. Elena Wilson (W); 3Nov76;



Brief comments on mistaken meanings. By

Edmund Wilson. (In New Yorker, Oct. 29,

1949) ? 27Oct49; B215834. Elena Wilson

(W); 3Nov76; R645513.

R645514. Terror at daybreak. By Paul Horgan. (In Saturday evening post, Oct. 29, 1949) ? 26Oct49; B216330. Paul Horgan (A); 3Nov76; R645514.


There is no armour; a novel. By Robert

Howard Spring. ? 5Nov48, AI-1974;

16Feb49, A30157. Marion Howard Spring

(W); 5Nov76; R645516. (AI reg. under British

Proclamation of 10Mar44)


College publicity manual. Editor: W.

Emerson Beck. ? 10Nov48; A27270. W.

Emerson Beck (A); 5Nov76; R645517.

R645518. The Autobiography of Will Rogers. Selected & edited by Donald Day with a foreword by Bill Rogers and Jim Rogers. NM: several chapters & editorial equipment throughout. ? 3Oct49; A36884. Donald Day (A); 5Nov76; R645518.


The Fighting southpaw. By Richard T.

Flood, illustrator: Robert Candy.

? 30Aug49; A35565. Richard T. Flood &

Robert Candy (A); 4Nov76; R645519.


Another Dunkirk. By Winston Spencer

Churchill. (Churchill memoirs, episode

56) ? 22Feb49; AA108539. Lady

Spencer-Churchill (W), The Honourable Lady

Soames & The Honourable Lady Sarah Audley

(C); 20Oct76; R645520.

R645521. The Sorcerers. By Rudolph Kieve. ? 13Jan49; A29050. Rudolph Kieve (A); 26Oct76; R645521.

R645522. How to know the birds: an introduction to bird recognition. By Roger Tory Peterson. ? 10Feb49; A30478. Roger Tory Peterson (A); 26Oct76; R645522.


Shane. By Jack Schaefer. ? 14Oct49;

A37550. Jack Schaefer (A); 26Oct76;


R645524. In the dentist's office: a guide for auxiliary dental personnel-hygienist, assistant, secretary. By G. Archanna Morrison. ? 23Nov48; A27900. William E. Corkum (E); 5Nov76; R645524.

R645525. Familiar quotations. By John Bartlett, editor: Christopher Morley, associate editor: Louella D. Everett, 12th ed. ? 8Nov48; A27310. Little, Brown and Company (PWH); 5Nov76; R645525.


Time of hope. By C. P. Snow. U.S. ed.

pub. 11Jul50, A45430. ? 23Sep49;

AI-2701. C. P. Snow (A); 1Oct76;

R645526. (AI reg. entered under British

Proclamation of 10Mar44)


Answer without ceasing. By Margaret Lee

Runbeck. ? 11Oct49; A37019. Margaret

Lee Runbeck (A); 3Nov76; R645528. (See

also Answer without ceasing; 9Jun77;


R645529. Something in a cloud. By Jack Finney. (In Good housekeeping, Mar. 1949) ? 18Feb49; B178672. Jack Finney (A); 4Nov76; R645529.


You haven't changed a bit. By Jack

Finney. (In Collier's, the national

weekly, Apr. 16, 1949) ? 8Apr49;

B185073. Jack Finney (A); 4Nov76;



A Dash of spring. By Jack Finney. (In

Hearst's International cosmopolitan, June

1949) ? 27May49; B192912. Jack Finney

(A); 4Nov76; R645531.


The Little courtesies. By Jack Finney.

(In Collier's, June 25, 1949) ? 17Jun49;

B197905. Jack Finney (A); 4Nov76;



Three thousand years of espionage. By

Kurt Singer. ? 7Dec48; A28251. Kurt

Singer (A); 26Nov76; R645565.

R645566. Daphnis and Chloe. By Moses Hadas. NM: additional translation & editorial revision. ? 17Oct49; A37733. Elizabeth Hadas (W); 5Nov76; R645566.


New ways of gravure. By Stanley William

Hayter. ? 17Oct49; A37734. Stanley

William Hayter (A); 5Nov76; R645567.


Knight's gambit. By William Faulkner.

Portions prev. pub. in Harper's Magazine &

others. NM: 1 story. ? 18Oct49; A37839.

Jill Faulkner Summers (C); 5Nov76;


R645569. Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Author and illustrator: Doctor Seuss, pseud. of Theodor Seuss Geisel. ? 6Oct49; A37840. Theodor Seuss Geisel (Doctor Seuss) (A); 5Nov76; R645569.

R645570. Department of amplification, correction and abuse (vicarious) By E. J. Kahn. (In The New Yorker, Oct. 15, 1949) ? 13Oct49; B213903. E. J. Kahn (A); 5Nov76; R645570.


Grief. By John O'Hara. (In The New

Yorker, Oct. 22, 1949) ? 20Oct49;

B214860. Wylie O'Hara Doughty (C);

5Nov76; R645571.

R645572. A Day in the life of a priest. By Jim Bishop. (In The Sign, Nov. 1949) ? 15Oct49; B215086. Jim Bishop (A); 5Nov76; R645572.

R645606. La Mongolique. By Maurice Ciantar. ? 5Oct49; AFO-84. Maurice Ciantar (A); 5Nov76; R645606.


Quand le soleil se tait. By Jean

Duvignaud. ? 2Oct49; AFO-85. Jean

Duvignaud (A); 5Nov76; R645607.

R645608. Aspects de Chopin. By Alfred Cortot. ? 21Oct49; AFO-319. Paul Chardon (E); 5Nov76; R645608.


Bleu horizon; pages de la Grande Guerre.

By Roland Dorgeles. ? 21Oct49; AFO-324.

Madame Poland Dorgeles, nee Madeleine

Moisson (W); 5Nov76; R645609.


Le Chasseur vert. By Marcel Schneider.

? 21Oct49; AFO-339. Marcel Schneider

(A); 5Nov76; R645610.

R645611. Les Meubles. By Pierre Gascar. ? 30Sep49; AFO-364. Pierre Gascar (A); 5Nov76; R645611.

R645612. Les Regates de San-Francisco; l'onda dell'incrociatore. By Quarantotti-Gambini, translation: Michel Arnaud. NM: translation. ? 5Oct49; AFO-366. Michel Arnaud (A); 5Nov76; R645612.


Les Chemins du long voyage. by Andre

Dhotel. ? 30Oct49; AFO-423. Andre

Dhotel (A); 5Nov76; R645613.


Ceux de la galatee: la fosse aux vents.

By Roger Vercel. ? 21Oct49; AFO-379.

Madame Roger Vercel, nee Madeleine Adam

(W); 5Nov76; R645614.


La Maison des passants. By Marie

Mauron. ? 30Oct49; AFO-525. Marie

Mauron (A); 5Nov76; R645615.


Parmi tant d'autres feux. By Raymond

Guerin. ? 30Oct49; AFO-545. Madame R.

Guerin, nee Esther Sonia Benjacot (W);

5Nov76; R645616.

R645617. Letizia mere de l'Epereur. By Alain Decaux, pref. de Prince Napoleon. ? 30Oct49; AFO-859. Alain Decaux (A); 5Nov76; R645617.


L'Ere romantique. T. 2: les arts

plastiques. By Louis Reau. ? 15Oct49;

AFO-938. Dominique Fontaine (E); 5Nov76;


R645619. Separation of church and state in the United States. By Alvin W. Johnson & Frank Herman Yost. NM: reorganization & additions. ? 15Nov48; A27792. L. C. Christensen (E of Alvin H. Johnson); 4Nov76; R645619.


Poems for men: Damon Runyon. By Damon

Runyon. ? 31Oct47; A20378. Mary Runyon

McCann (C); 28Oct75; R645620.

R645639. The Graduate Record Examination profile tests. Booklet 2, form A: test 7-verbal factor, test 8-mathematics. ? 25Oct48; A782378. Educational Testing Service (PWH); 30Aug76; R645639.

R645640. The Graduate Record Examination profile tests. Booklet 1, form A: test 1-physics, test 2-chemistry, test 3-literature, test 4-fine arts, test 5-biological science, text 6-social studies. ? 25Oct48; A782379. Educational Testing Service (PWH); 30Aug76; R645640.

R645641. Iowa silent reading tests; new edition. Elementary test: forms CM & DM, separate answer sheet. By Harry A. Greene & Victor H. Kelley. ? 16Nov48; AA103229. William F. Greene (C) & Mary F. Kelley (W); 4Nov76; R645641.


Iowa silent reading tests; new edition.

Elementary test: forms CM & DM,

supplementary directions for use with

machine-scored answer sheets. By Harry A.

Greene & Victor H. Kelley. ? 16Nov48;

AA103225. William F. Greene (C) & Mary F.

Kelley (W); 4Nov76; R645642.


Bad company. By Joseph Henry Jackson.

? 15Sep49; A36130. Charlotte C. Jackson

(W); 4Nov76; R645643.


Judy-come-lately. By Ethel Bowyer

Martin. ? 15Sep49; A36131. Ethel Bowyer

Martin (A); 4Nov76; R645644.

R645645. Freedom and welfare in the Caribbean: a colonial dilemma. By Annette Baker Fox. ? 22Sep49; A36521. Annette Baker Fox (A); 4Nov76; R645645.


Sweden: model for a world. By Hudson

Strode. ? 13Oct49; A37016. Therese

Strode (W); 4Nov76; R645646.


Modern American dramas; new edition. By

Harlan Hatcher. NM: additions &

revisions. ? 11Oct49; A37138. Harlan

Hatcher (A); 4Nov76; R645647.

R645648. The Second World War. Vol. 2, book 1, installment 3. By Winston Spencer Churchill. (In The New York times, Feb. 7, 1949) ? 7Feb49; B5-8486. Lady Spencer-Churchill (W), Lady Soames & Lady Sarah Audley (C); 1Dec76; R645648.


And gazelles leaping. By Sudhin N.

Ghose, with illus. by Shrimati Arnakali E.

Carlile. ? 28Feb49, AI-2176; 1Nov49,

A37652. Yvonne Louise Ghose (W); 5Nov76;



Promise and fulfilment: Palestine

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