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   Chapter 1 Dublin & Alfred J. Lotka. NM

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1974 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 2535

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revisions. ? 25Nov46; A8674. Thomas

D. Dublin (C); 19Nov74; R591276.

R591292. Henry Ford. By Cy Caldwell. ? 10Nov47; A18536. Cy Caldwell (A); 20Nov74; R591292.

R591296. Current biography: who's news and why, 1946. Editor: Anna Rothe. ? 7Jul47; A7931. The H. W. Wilson Company (PWH); 21Nov74; R591296.

R591297. Stern-wheelers up Columbia: a century of steamboating in the Oregon country. By Randall Vause Mills. ? 17Nov47; A19454. Hazel Emery Mills (W); 20Nov74; R591297.

R591298. Rocky Mountain tales. By Levette J. Davidson & Forrester Blake. ? 29Apr47; A12507. Mrs. Levette J. Davidson (W); 20Nov74; R591298.


Leopard glue. By Charles S. Ludwig.

? 12Dec46; A11616. Charles S. Ludwig

(A); 20Nov74; R591299.


Sankey still sings. By Charles S.

Ludwig. ? 1May47; A12906. Charles S.

Ludwig (A); 20Nov74; R591300.


How to be a cowboy with Red Ryder.

By Fred Harman. (In Red Ryder comics,

July 1947) ? 13Jun47; B5-1066.

Stephen Slesinger, Inc. (PWH);

21Nov74; R591316.


How to be a cowboy with Red Ryder.

By Fred Harman. (In Red Ryder comics,

June 1947) ? 16May47; B5-1071.

Stephen Slesinger, Inc. (PWH);

21Nov74; R591317.


This dre

ad fate. By MacKinlay

Kantor. (In Air Force, May 1947) ?

25Apr47; B87235. MacKinlay Kantor

(A); 22Nov74; R591327.


But not yet slain. By Benjamin

Appel. ? 29Sep47; A18909. Benjamin

Appel (A); 22Nov74; R591329.


Acrobatics for all. By Erwin Frank

Beyer. ? 1Feb47; A10322. Erwin Frank

Beyer (A); 22Nov74; R591330.


The Horse of the Americas. By Robert

Moorman Denhardt. ? 3Nov47; A18415.

Robert Moorman Denhardt (A); 22Nov74;



Alkali cleaner nomograph. By John J.

Cramer. ? 17Jan47; AA46852. BASF

Wyandotte Corporation (PWH); 22Nov74;



Taxtimer-farm record system. By

William W. Westrup. ? 21Nov47;

AA69249. Mrs. William W. Westrup (W) &

Robert W. Westrup (C); 22Nov74;


R591334. Soups, salads and desserts; as satisfying, well balanced meals or as individual dishes in any meal. By Louise Haberbush Gross. ? 12Nov47; A18757. Marie Louise Gross (C); 22Nov74; R591334.


Sammy blows bis whistle. By George

E. Kelly. ? 17Oct47; A19847. Girard

Trust Bank (E); 25Nov74; R591337.


The Catoctin conversation. By Jay

Franklin, pseud. of John Franklin

Carter, Jr. ? 10Feb47; A12644. Sonia

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