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U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1973 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 21845

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R565514. Our American music: three hundred years of it. By John Tasker Howard. 3rd ed. ? 25Jun46; A4534. Joan Howard Kutscher (C); 12Dec73; R565514.

R565515. How our government is run. By Inez N. McFee, Alice Crew Gall & Lydia Holland. NM: revisions. ? 25Jun46; A4535. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Inc. (PWH); 12Dec73; R565515.

R565516. Riding high. By Lenora Mattingly Weber. Prev. pub. in The American girl. NM: revisions & additions. ? 28Jun46; A4639. Harry A. Weber (C); 12Dec73; R565516.


Roget's international thesaurus.

By Lester V. Berrey & Alexander Gode.

NM: revisions & additions. ? 11Jun46;

A4717. Thomas Y. Crowell Company,

Inc. (PWH); 12Dec73; R565517.


The Donkey cart. By Clyde Robert

Bulla, illustrated by Lois Lenski.

? 2Aug46; A5218. Clyde Robert

Bulla (A); 12Dec73; R565518.


China's story. By Enid LaMonte

Meadowcroft (Mrs. Donald M. Wright)

illus.: Dong Kingman, Weda Yap &

Georgi Hemls. ? 20Aug46; A5259.

Audre Chmura (E of Enid LaMonte

Meadowcroft); 12Dec73; R565519.


New wings for women. By Sally

Knapp. ? 2Aug46; A5356. Sally

Knapp (A); 12Dec73; R565520.


Atlas of world affairs. By

Clifford H. MacFadden, George F.

Deasy & Henry Madison Kendall.

? 23Jul46; A5751. Clifford H.

MacFadden (A); 12Dec73; R565521.


The Model aircraft handbook. By

William John Winter, illustrators:

Paul Theodore Plecan and Henry Ash

Thomas, Jr. NM: additions. ? 2Aug46;

A6088. William J. Winter (A); 12Dec73;


R565523. A Pocketful of rhymes. By Katherine Love, illustrated by Henrietta Jones. ? 24Sep46; A6558. Katherine Love (A); 12Dec73; R565523.


Our foreign born citizens: what they

have done for America. By Annie

E. S. Beard. NM: chapter on

Dimitri Mitropoulos by Doris G.

Dixon. ? 6Aug46; A6612. Thomas Y.

Crowell Company, Inc. (PWH); 12Dec73;


R565525. Betsy in spite of herself. By Maud Hart Lovelace, illus.: Vera Neville. ? 15Oct46; A6901. Maud Hart Lovelace (A); 12Dec73; R565525.


The First year. By Enid LaMonte

Meadowcroft, pseud. of Mrs. Donald M.

Wright, illus.: Grace Paull. NM:

illus. ? 5Oct46; A6952. Grace

Paull (A); 12Dec73; R565526.

R565527. Operas and musical comedies. By Joseph Walker McSpadden. NM: additions & revisions. ? 15Nov46; A8308. Lucille McSpadden (W); 12Dec73; R565527.


Congress at the crossroads. By

George Barnes Galloway. ? 1Nov46;

A8347. Eilene Marie Galloway (W);

12Dec73; R565528.

R565529. Famous American generals. By Robert H. Shoemaker & Leonard Allen Paris, illus.: Constance Joan Naar. ? 29Oct46; A8348. Robert H. Shoemaker & Leonard Allen Paris (A); 12Dec73; R565529.


How God fix Jonah. By Lorenz

Graham, illustrator: Letterio

Calapai. ? 18Nov46; A8388. Lorenz

Graham (A); 12Dec73; R565530.

R565531. Tales of Momolu. By Lorenz Graham, illustrator: Letterio Calapai. ? 18Nov46; A8389. Lorenz Graham (A); 12Dec73; R565531.

R565532. Famous men of science. By Sarah K. Bolton, text; Edward W. Sanderson, illustrator: Constance Joan Naar. 3rd ed. ? 19Nov46; A8826. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Inc. (PWH); 12Dec73; R565532.

R565533. Abe Lincoln and his times, 1809-1865. By Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft (Mrs. Donald Wright) pictures: editors of Look. ? 4Nov46; A8827. Audrey Chmura (E of Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft); 12Dec73; R565533.


English composition. ? 7Dec46;

AA29883. Educational Testing Service

(PWH); 12Dec73; R565534.


Cooperative biochemistry test.

Form X. By C. W. Bennett, Lisabeth

Beynon, E. R. Binnenwies & others.

? 4Nov46; AA59265. Educational

Testing Service (PWH); 12Dec73;



Visit to Dresden. By Virgil

Thomson. (In New York herald tribune,

Oct. 6, 1946) ? 6Oct46; B40418.

Virgil Thomson (A); 9Nov73; R565536.


A Sense of echelon. By Jerome

Weidman. (In Collier's, Oct. 19,

1946) ? 11Oct46; B40913. Jerome

Weidman (A); 9Nov73; R565537.


Dame Myra Hess. By Virgil Thomson.

(In New York herald tribune, Oct. 13,

1946) ? 13Oct46; B41861. Virgil

Thomson (A); 9Nov73; R565538.


Music not quite heard. By Eileen

Davis. (In Woman's home companion,

Nov. 1946) ? 18Oct46; B42587.

Eileen Davis (A); 9Nov73; R565539.


Musical gastronomy. By Virgil

Thomson. (In New York herald tribune,

Oct. 20, 1946) ? 20Oct46; B42962.

Virgil Thomson (A); 9Nov73; R565540.


I too, Nicodemus. By Curtis Bok.

? 15Aug46; A5424. Mrs. Curtis Bok (W),

Mrs. James Nelson Kise, Mrs. Ferdinand

P. Schoettle, Derek C. Bok & Benjamin

P. Bok (C); 28Nov73; R565541.

R565542. Season in the sun and other pleasures. Foreword by Wolcott Gibbs. NM: foreword. ? 15Nov46; A8406. Wolcott Gibbs, Jr. & Janet Ward (C); 5Dec73; R565542.


A Handbook of popular antiques.

By Katharine Morrison McClinton.

NM: foreword & all articles except one.

? 22Nov46; A8604. Katharine Morrison

McClinton (A); 5Dec73; R565543.


Simon Barere. By Virgil Thomson.

(In New York herald tribune, Nov. 19,

1946) ? 19Nov46; B46947. Virgil

Thomson (A); 5Dec73; R565544.


The Unrecorded. By Leonora Speyer.

(In The New York times, Nov. 19,

1946) ? 19Nov46; B47284. Enid V.

Hewitt, Pamela Moy, Leonora Speyer,

Jr., Vivien Claire Speyer (C); 5Dec73;



New York City Symphony. By Virgil

Thomson. (In New York herald tribune,

Nov. 26, 1946) ? 26Nov46; B47950.

Virgil Thomson (A); 5Dec73; R565546.

R565547. Poet of hell. By Karl Shapiro. (In The New Yorker, Nov. 23, 1946) ? 21Nov46; B48270. Karl Shapiro (A); 5Dec73; R565547.


Look out, here I come. By Bergen

Evans. (In The Atlantic monthly,

Dec. 1946) ? 25Nov46; B48447.

Bergen Evans (A); 5Dec73; R565548.

R565549. The Headless hawk. By Truman Capote. (In Harper's bazaar, Nov. 1946) ? 11Nov46; B49844. Truman Capote (A); 5Dec73; R565549.


Bumper crops in the desert. By

Oscar Lewis. (In Harper's magazine,

Dec. 1946) ? 29Nov46; B61095. Ruth

M. Lewis (W); 5Dec73; R565550.


L'Ange. By Paul Valery. ? 15Sep46;

AF2424. Claude Valery, Francois

Valery & Madame Agathe Rouart nee

Agathe Valery (C); 11Dec73; R565585.

R565586. Saint Francois. By Paul Claudel, illustrateur: J. M. Sert. ? 1Dec46; AF5854. Pierre Claudel & Madame Claudel-Nantet, nee Renee Claudel (C); 11Dec73; R565586.

R565587. Le Probleme. By Marcel Ayme, illustrateur: Nathalie Parain. ? 1Dec46; AF5957. Madame Marcel Ayme, nee Marie Antoinette Helene Mauricette Arnaud (W); 11Dec73; R565587.


Tandis que j'agonise. By William

Faulkner, traducteur: Maurice Edgar

Coindreau, illustrateur: Pierre

Courtin. NM: translation. ? 2Dec46;

AF6068. Maurice Edgar Coindreau (A);

11Dec73; R565588.


Poemes. De Gabriela Mistral,

traducteur: Roger Caillois. ? 1Dec46;

AF6100. Roger Caillois (A); 11Dec73;


R565590. La Lutte des classes sous la 1ere Republique; bourgeois et "bras nus" (1793-1797) By Daniel Guerin. ? 1Dec46; AF6291. Daniel Guerin (A); 11Dec73; R565590.


Entre chien et loup. By Jacques

Guicharnaud. ? 1Dec46; AF6167.

Jacques Guicharnaud (A); 11Dec73;



Victor; ou, Les Enfants au pouvoir.

Le Coup de Trafalgar. Le Camelot.

By Roger Vitrac. (Theatre) ? 30Nov46;

AF6168. Madame Grondin Guerin, nee

Anne Vitrac (C); 11Dec73; R565592.


Avez vous lu Char? By Georges

Mounin, pseud. of I. LeBoucher.

? 1Dec46; AF6276. Georges Mounin

(A); 11Dec73; R565593.

R565594. Hamlet. De William Shakespeare, traducteur: Andre Gide. NM: translation. ? 1Dec46; AF6278. Catherine Gide, nee Catherine VanRysselberghe (C); 11Dec73; R565594.


I will put chaos into fourteen

lines; sonnet. By Edna Saint Vincent

Millay. (In The Atlantic monthly,

May 1946) ? 23Apr46; B17880. Norma

Millay Ellis (NK); 12Dec73; R565595.


There are no islands anymore; poem.

By Edna Saint Vincent Millay. (In

New York times, June 2, 1946)

? 2Jun46; B21881. Norma Millay Ellis

(NK); 12Dec73; R565596.


Ragged island; poem. By Edna Saint

Vincent Millay. (In Harper's

magazine, Nov. 1946) ? 29Oct46; B48037.

Norma Millay Ellis (NK); 12Dec73;



Cartels in action; case studies in

international business diplomacy. By

George W. Stocking & Myron W. Watkins,

with the assistance of Alfred E.

Kahn & Gertrude Ovenfeldt. ? 2Dec46;

A7329. The Twentieth Century Fund

(PWH); 12Dec73; R565598.


More than cooking. By Stella

Standard. ? 9Dec46; A9236. Stella

Standard (A); 12Dec73; R565599.


International cartels. By Ervin

Hexner, with the collaboration of

Adelaide Walters. ? 26Jan46; A766.

Peter E. Hexner (C); 12Dec73; R565607.

R565631. There is no middle way. By Felix Frankfurter. (In Saturday review of literature, Oct. 26, 1946) ? 23Oct46; B44595. Marion D. Frankfurter (W); 14Dec73; R565631.


The Science of reading and spelling.

By Maurice Herbert Weiss. NM: additions

& revisions. ? 8May46; AA21451.

Florence Weiss Blank, Carolyn Weiss

Guertin, Milton B. Weiss & Armand B.

Weiss (PPW); 14Dec73; R565632.


Sure steps to reading and spelling.

By Maurice Herbert Weiss. NM:

pt. 2-3. ? 8May46; AA21452.

Florence Weiss Blank, Carolyn Weiss

Guertin, Milton B. Weiss & Armand B.

Weiss (PPW); 14Dec73; R565633.


The Sir Roger DeCoverley papers.

By Joseph Addison, Richard Steele &

Eustace Budgell, prefatory notes by

W. M. Thackeray, illus.: Gordon Ross.

NM: illus. ? 27Dec45; A381. The

George Macy Companies, Inc. (PWH);

14Dec73; R565644.


Bedeviled. Pt. 2. By Libbie

Block. (In Woman's home companion,

Aug. 1946) ? 19Jul46; B29546. Pat

Duggan (Wr); 14Dec73; R565645.


Radio and electronic symbols. By

Gerrit C. Zwart. ? 18Mar46; AA10628.

Gerrit C. Zwart (A); 18Dec73; R565703.


Record speeds. By Gerrit C. Zwart.

? 14Jun46; AA24236. Gerrit C. Zwart

(A); 18Dec73; R565704.

R565706. The Description of Swedland, Gotland and Finland. By George North, introd. & notes by Marshall W. S. Swan. NM: introd. & notes. ? 9Dec46; A7353. Scholars' Facsimiles and Reprints (PWH); 18Dec73; R565706.


The Unterrified. By Constance

Robertson. ? 17Jun46; A4556.

Constance Robertson (A); 19Dec73;


R565734. The Wild flag. By E. B. White. ? 5Nov46; A8502. E. B. White (A); 20Dec73; R565734.


565779. The Reluctant waiter. By Ludwig Bemelmans. (In This week magazine, Boston herald ed., July 21, 1946) ? 17Jul46; B33221. Madeleine Bemelmans (W) & Barbara Bemelmans Marciano (C); 21Dec73; R565779.


Outline of philosophy of Aristotle.

Issued by Student Outlines Company.

? 1Feb46; A298129. Student Outlines

Company (PWH); 21Dec73; R565780.


An Outline of The Federalist papers.

Issued by Student Outlines Company.

? 1Jan46; A774054. Student Outlines

Company (PWH); 21Dec73; R565781.


The Runaway soldier. By Fruma

Gottschalk. ? 15Aug46; A5428.

Fruma Gottschalk (A); 21Dec73;



Paint for fun-paint for a hobby.

By Vera F. Petrie. ? 10Apr46;

AA10480. Vera F. Petrie (A); 17Dec73;



Temptation. By John Pen, pseud. of

John Szekely, translation by Barbara

Tolnai & Ralph Manheim. NM: translation.

? 31Oct46; A8364. Elisabeth

Valy (PWH); 14Dec73; R565802.


The Mysterious package. By Elizabeth

Appleby Morris. ? 14Dec45; AA500184.

Elizabeth Appleby Morris (A); 14Dec73;



Sweet river in the morning. By

Winston Clewes. ? 10Sep46; A5713.

Dorothy Clewes (W); 10Dec73; R565808.

R565809. The River. By Rumer Godden, pseud. of Margaret Rumer Foster (Margaret Rumer Haynes Dixon) ? 26Aug46, AI-480; 15Oct46, A6989. Rumer Godden (pseud. of M. R. Haynes Dixon); 10Dec73; R565809.


Love story incidental. By Sophie

Kerr. ? 9May46; A3083. Mary Elizabeth

Taylor (E); 11Dec73; R565810.


With bated breath. Installment 37-39.

By Alice Ormond Campbell. (In

Daily news, New York, Dec. 17-19,

1945) ? 17Dec45, A5-129; 18Dec45,

A5-130; 19Dec45, A5-131. Chita

Ormond Campbell (C); 14Dec73;


R565836. A Tower on the Heights; the story of the First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn. By Ralph Foster Weld. ? 14May46; A3162. Ralph Foster Weld (A); 17Dec73; R565836.

R565837. A College program in action: a review of working principles at Columbia College. Editor: Jacques Barzun, issued by the Committee on Plans. ? 20May46; A3194. Columbia College (PWH); 17Dec73; R565837.


Prince Felix du Schwarzenberg: Prime

Minister of Austria, 1848-1852.

By Adolph Schwarzenberg. ? 22Jul46;

A5432. Hilda Schwarzenberg (E);

17Dec73; R565838.


Children of the Cumberland. By

Claudia Lewis. ? 4Oct46; A6810.

Bank Street College of Education (PWH);

17Dec73; R565839.


Inter American affairs, 1945. By

Arthur P. Whitaker. ? 23Oct46; A8333.

Columbia University Press (PWH);

17Dec73; R565840.


Introduction to contemporary

civilization in the West. Vol. 2.

By Justus Buchler. ? 18Nov46; A9216.

Columbia College (PWH); 17Dec73;


R565842. A History of American philosophy. By Herbert W. Schneider. ? 2Dec46; A9691. Herbert W. Schneider (A); 17Dec73; R565842.


History of the Metropolitan Museum.

Vol. 2. By Winifred Howe. ? 22Nov46;

A9693. Metropolitan Museum of Art

(PWH); 17Dec73; R565843.

R565844. Introduction to contemporary civilization in the West, volume 2; manual. By Justus Buchler. ? 8Oct46; AA40426. Columbia College (PWH); 17Dec73; R565844.

R565845. Sequential analysis. Editor: W. Allen Wallis. NM: additions to sections 2 & 7. ? 17Oct46; AA40658. Trustees of Columbia University (PWH); 17Dec73; R565845.


My Africa. By Mbonu Ojike.

? 18Feb46; A1735. Pauline Elsie

Nwannedie Ojike (W); 14Dec73; R565868.


The Listening world. By Reginald

Arthur Moore. ? 5Nov46; A6964.

Reginald Moore; 17Dec73; R565871.


Little troll. By Lenore Sorsby &

Karin Michaelis. ? 5Nov46; A6965.

Lenore Sorsby (A); 17Dec73; R565872.


Mehitabel, girl pioneer; the story

of her adventurous journey west with

Tod and the triplets. By Nettie

Wolcott Park, illus.: Harold Cue.

? 27Nov46; A7325. L. C. Page and

Company, Inc. (now Farrar, Straus and

Giroux, Inc.) (PWH); 17Dec73; R565873.

R565874. The Dim view. By Basil Heatter. ? 14Nov46; A8203. Basil Heatter (A); 17Dec73; R565874.


Anna Zenger: mother of freedom. By

Kent Cooper. ? 15Nov46; A8251.

Sally Cooper (W); 17Dec73; R565875.


Ritual; psychoanalytic studies. By

Theodor Reik. NM: introd. ? 11Nov46;

A8303. Arthur Reik (C); 17Dec73;



The Story of Jesus in the world's

literature; anthology. Editor: Edward

Wagenknecht. ? 14Nov46; A8365.

Edward Wagenknecht (A); 17Dec73;



How much do you know; or, An Evening

at home. By Sylvan & Della Hoffman.

NM: compilation. ? 25Nov46; A8669.

Sylvan Hoffman (A); 17Dec73; R565878.


The Last circle. By Stephen Vincent

Benet, compiler: Rosemary Carr Benet.

? on compilation & 1 new poem; 18Nov46;

A8670. Thomas C. Benet (C); 17Dec73;



Mister Strauss. By Philip Hamburger.

(In New Yorker, Nov. 9, 1946)

? 7Nov46; B46080. Philip Hamburger

(A); 17Dec73; R565880.

R565881. Can lawyers be honest. By Richard Rovere. (In New Yorker, Nov. 23, 1946) ? 21Nov46; B48270. Richard Rovere (A); 17Dec73; R565881.

R565882. Ladders to fire. Thieves in the night. By Edmund Wilson. (In The New Yorker, Nov. 16, 1946) ? 14Nov46; B48794. Elena Wilson (W); 17Dec73; R565882.


Eugene O'Neill-dry ice. By Mary

McCarthy. (In Partisan review,

Nov.-Dec. 1946) ? 25Nov46; B49293.

Mary McCarthy (A); 17Dec73; R565883.


The Interior castle. By Jean

Stafford. (In Partisan review,

Nov.-Dec. 1946) ? 25Nov46; B49293.

Jean Stafford (A); 17Dec73; R565884.


The Weeper. By Richard Rovere.

(In New Yorker, Nov. 30, 1946)

? 27Nov46; B49642. Richard Rovere

(A); 17Dec73; R565885.

R565886. All brains. By Richard Rovere. (In New Yorker, Dec. 7, 1946) ? 5Dec46; B49643. Richard Rovere (A); 17Dec73; R565886.


The Day they gave babies away.

By Dale Eunson. (In Cosmopolitan,

Dec. 1946) ? 5Dec46; B49970.

Dale Eunson (A); 17Dec73; R565887.


The Place of death. By Randall

Jarrell. (In The Nation, Dec. 7,

1946) ? 5Dec46; B50244. Mary

Von Schrader Jarrell (W); 17Dec73;


R565889. A Treasury of Stephen Foster: the centennial edition of the works of Sidney Lanier. By Edmund Wilson. (In The New Yorker, Dec. 14, 1946) ? 12Dec46; B50930. Elena Wilson (W); 17Dec73; R565889.

R565894. Spirit level and other poems. By Christopher Darlington Morley. ? 15Nov46; A8621. The President and Fellows of Harvard College (PWH); 17Dec73; R565894.

R565895. The Theory of monopolistic competition; a reorientation of the theory of value. By Edward Hastings Chamberlin. 5th ed. ? 27Mar46; A2504. Lucienne Chamberlin (W); 17Dec73; R565895.


Psychiatric interviews with children.

By Helen Leland Witmer. ? 3Dec46;

A7366. The Commonwealth Fund (PWH);

17Dec73; R565896.


Health insurance in the United States.

By Nathan Sinai, Odin W. Anderson &

Melvin L. Dollar. ? 2Dec46; A7367.

The Commonwealth Fund (PWH); 17Dec73;


R565898. The Letters and private papers of William Makepeace Thackeray. Vol. 3: 1852-1856, vol. 4: 1857-1863. Collected & edited by Gordon H. Ray. ? 29Nov46; A9297. Belinda Norman-Butler (PPW); Gordon H. Ray (A); 17Dec73; R565898.

R565899. Touched with fire: Civil War letters and diary of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., 1861-1864. By Mark DeWolfe Howe. ? 1Dec46; A9359. Mary Manning Howe (W); 17Dec73; R565899.


The Russian religious mind: Kievan

Christianity. By George P. Fedotov.

? 10Dec46; A10283. Nina Rojankovsky

(C); 17Dec73; R565900.

R565912. American law reports, annotated. Vol. 159. ? 10Jan46; A497. The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company & Bancroft Whitney Company (PWH); 13Dec73; R565912.

R565913. American law of veterans; an encyclopedia of the rights and benefits of veterans of World War 2. By Robert J. Kimbrough & Judson B. Glen of the publisher's editorial staff. ? 25Jan46; A687. The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (PWH); 13Dec73; R565913.


Federal code, annotated. Vol. 5,

1945 replacement volume. ? 15Jan46;

A902. The Lawyers Cooperative

Publishing Company (PWH); 13Dec73;


R565915. Cumulative supplement to Carmody's New York practice. Vol. 1-7, 8 (pt. 1-2), 9-12. ? on additions & revisions; 23Jan46; AA3293. The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (PWH); 13Dec73; R565915.

R565916. Deller's edition of Walker on patents; 1945 cumulative supplement. Vol. 1-4. By Anthony W. Deller. ? 26Feb46; AA5720. The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (PWH); 13Dec73; R565916.

R565917. Teaching reading with preparatory books and readers. By Arthur I. Gates. ? 22Jan46; AA2712. Georgina S. Gates (W); 17Dec73; R565917.

R565918. Teacher's manual for The Pupil's own vocabulary spellers; text workbook edition. By Arthur I. Gates. NM: additions. ? 1Oct46; AA18666. Georgina S. Gates (W); 17Dec73; R565918.


White bird. By Robert P. Tristram

Coffin. (In The Saturday evening post,

Nov. 30, 1946) ? 27Nov46; B48788.

Richard N. Coffin, Margaret Coffin

Halvosa, Mary Alice Westcott & Robert

P. Tristram Coffin, Jr. (C); 17Dec73;



Preface to philosophy; book of

readings. By Ross Earle Hoople,

Raymond Frank Piper & William Pearson

Tolley. ? 16Jul46; A3583. Lila K.

Piper (W); 17Dec73; R565920.


Death in the night watches. By

George Bellairs. ? 19Nov46; A8371.

George Bellairs (A); 17Dec73; R565921.


Lokoshi. By Raymond Creekmore,

illustrated by the author. ? 26Nov46;

A8628. Raymond Creekmore (A); 17Dec73;


R565923. Small town. By Granville Hicks. ? 26Nov46; A8630. Granville Hicks (A); 17Dec73; R565923.


Learning how to behave. By Arthur

M. Schlesinger. ? 26Nov46; A8632.

Elizabeth B. Schlesinger (W), Arthur M.

Schlesinger, Jr. & Thomas B. Schlesinger

(C); 17Dec73; R565924.


Beyond the garden gate. By Sophus

Keith Winther. ? 3Dec46; A8866.

Sophus Keith Winther (A); 17Dec73;



The Flying house. By Ruth & Latrobe

Carroll, illustrated by Ruth Carroll.

? 3Dec46; A8868. Ruth Carroll &

Latrobe Carroll (A); 17Dec73; R565926.


Land of promise; the story of the

Northwest Territory. By Walter Havighurst.

? 3Dec46; A8869. Walter Havighurst

(A); 17Dec73; R565927.


Who's who 1946. By staff of Adam &

Charles Black. Pub. abroad 11Jul46,

AI-386. ? 3Dec46; A8872. A. and

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