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   Chapter 16 F. Landry (A); 6Nov73; R563670.

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1973 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 9905

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R563671. Les Armes blanches. By Gerard Jarlot. ? 15Feb46; AF1575. Mme Jarlot, nee Eva Schechtman (W), Flore Jarlot & Fabrice Jarlot (C); 6Nov73; R563671.


La Grosse galette. By John

DosPassos, traduit de l'anglais par

Charles DeRichter. Add. ti.: Big money.

NM: translation. ? 2Mar46; AF1586.

Charles DeRichter (A); 6Nov73; R563672.


Le Rocher de Sisyphe. By Roger

Caillois. ? 15Feb46; AF1615. Roger

Caillois (A); 6Nov73; R563673.


Les Etapes de la peinture francaise

contemporaine. T. 3: Depuis le

Cubisme, 1911-1944. By Bernard

Dorival. ? 8Apr46; AF2055. Bernard

Dorival (A); 6Nov73; R563674.

R563675. Passage de lignes. By Maurice Bayen. ? 30Apr46; AF2056. Maurice Bayen (A); 6Nov73; R563675.


Le Sable et l'ecume. By Georges

Achard (Terexa Torres) ? 30May46;

AF2058. Georges Achard (A); 6Nov73;



Les Armes miraculeuses. By Aime

Cesaire. ? 30May46; AF2059. Aime

Cesaire (A); 6Nov73; R563677.


Des Francais pour la France: le

probleme de la population. By Robert

Debre & Alfred Sauvy. ? 15Apr46;

AF2060. Robert Debre & Alfred Sauvy

(A); 6Nov73; R563678.


Du cote de Port Royal. By Bernard

Dorival. ? 15Apr46; AF2063. Bernard

Dorival (A); 6Nov73; R563679.


Circonstancielles, 1940-1945.

By Roger Caillois. ? 15Apr46; AF2064.

Roger Caillois (A); 6Nov73; R563680.

R563681. Pas d'orchidees pour Miss Blandish. By James Hadley Chase, traduit de l'anglais par Marcel Duhamel. NM: translation. ? 10Jun46; AF2065. Marcel Duhamel (A); 6Nov73; R563681.


Les Principes du calcul infinitesimal.

By Rene Guenon. ? 30May46; AF2066.

Ahmed Abdel Nahed Yehya (C); 6Nov73;


R563683. Paysage cruel. By Edith Boissonnas. ? 2May46; AF2072. Edith Boissonnas (A); 6Nov73; R563683.


Le Passager clandestin. By Armen

Lubin. ? 15May46; AF2073. Armen

Lubin (A); 6Nov73; R563684.


Leibnitz et Spinoza. By Georges

Friedmann. ? 30Apr46; AF2074. Georges

Friedmann (A); 6Nov73; R563685.


Louis Treize. By Philippe Erlanger.

? 30May46; AF2075. Philippe Erlanger

(A); 6Nov73; R563686.


Le Dualisme dans l'histoire de la

philosophie et des religions. By

Simone Petrement. ? 15May46; AF2076.

Simone Petrement (A); 6Nov73; R563687.


Le Crepuscule des images. By Germain

Bazin. ? 15Apr46; AF2078. Germain

Bazin (A); 6Nov73; R563688.


Et de quoi encore. By Claude

Aveline, images de Francoise Estachy.

? 30Apr46; AF2081. Claude Aveline

(A); 6Nov73; R563689.

R563690. Robespierre. By Gerard Walter. ? 15May46; A2120. Gerard Walter (A); 6Nov73; R563690.

R563691. Peter Ibbetson. De George DuMaurier, avec une introd. par sa cousine Lady X (Madge Plunket), illustre par l'auteur, traduit de l'anglais par Raymond Queneau. ? 30May46; AF2121. Raymond Queneau (A); 6Nov73; R563691.

R563692. La Cage de fer. By Jeanne Galzy. ? 30Apr46; AF2123. Jeanne Galzy (A); 6Nov73; R563692.

R563693. L'Asphyxie. By Violette Leduc. ? 5May46; AF2124. Francois Canon (E); 6Nov73; R563693.

R563694. Journal de Jacques. By Jean Legrand. ? 30Mar46; AF2125. Jean Legrand (A); 6Nov73; R563694.


Sous l'invocation de Saint Jerome.

By Valery Larbaud. ? 15May46; AF2126.

Monsieur le Maire de Vichy pour la

Ville de Vichy (E); 6Nov73; R563695.


Le Dernier des metiers. By Jacques

Laurent Bost. ? 8Apr46; AF2127.

Jacques Laurent Bost (A); 6Nov73;


R563697. Fragments d'un liber veritatis, 1941-1942. By Andre Chamson. ? 15May46; AF2128. Andre Chamson (A); 6Nov73; R563697.


Memo on Kathy O'Rourke. By Jack

Sher. (In Saturday evening post,

Nov. 23, 1946) ? 20Nov46; B48033.

Jack Sher (A); 23Nov73; R563706.

R563743. The Idiom of poetry. By Frederick A. Pottle. NM: p. 135-210 & editorial revision (p. 1-134) ? 9Nov46; A8581. Frederick A. Pottle (A); 19Nov73; R563743.

R563744. A Fine moral point. By Daniel Lang. (In The New Yorker, June 8, 1946) ? 6Jun46; B24249. Daniel Lang (A); 19Nov73; R563744.


Seven men on a problem. By Daniel

Lang. (In The New Yorker, Aug. 17,

1946) ? 15Aug46; B33557. Daniel

Lang (A); 19Nov73; R563745.


The Unscientific lobby. By Daniel

Lang. (In The New Yorker, Nov. 16,

1946) ? 14Nov46; B48794. Daniel

Lang (A); 19Nov73; R563746.

R563755. Dime novel. By Frank Gruber. (In Short stories, Nov. 25, 1946) ? 10Nov46; B49482. Lois Gruber (W); 15Nov73; R563755.


Briefing period. By Jerome Weidman.

(In Good housekeeping, Nov. 1946)

? 18Oct46; B43255. Jerome Weidman

(A); 9Nov73; R563757.


Sometimes a man remembers. By

Jerome Weidman. (In Good Housekeeping,

Nov. 1946) ? 18Oct46; B43255.

Jerome Weidman (A

); 9Nov73; R563758.


Atomality in France. By Virgil

Thomson. (In New York herald tribune,

Oct. 27, 1946) ? 27Oct46; B44141.

Virgil Thomson (A); 9Nov73; R563759.


Ellie. By John O'Hara. (In The

New Yorker, Oct. 19, 1946) ? 17Oct46;

B43019. Katharine B. O'Hara (W) &

Wylie O'Hara Holahan (C); 9Nov73;



Notes on N. O. By Truman Capote.

(In Harper's bazaar, Oct. 1946)

? 11Oct46; B52123. Truman Capote

(A); 9Nov73; R563770.

R563820. Considerations sur les causes des deux guerres. By Jean Bourdon. ? 17Oct46; AF3503. Jean Bourdon (A); 16Nov73; R563820.


L'Ecroulement d'une dictature. By

Willy Sperco. ? 7Nov46; AF3514.

Willy Sperco (A); 16Nov73; R563821.


La Question d'extreme Orient. By

Pierre Renouvin. ? 17Oct46; AF3588.

Pierre Renouvin (A); 16Nov73;


R563823. L'Eglise catholique et la Revolution francaise. By Andre Latreille. ? 31Oct46; AF3599. Andre Latreille (A); 16Nov73; R563823.

R563824. La Vie quotidienne en Egypte au temps de Ramses (13-12 siecles avant J. C.) By Pierre Montet. ? 17Oct46; AF4048. Mme Pierre Montet, nee Marie Castelli (W); 16Nov73; R563824.


Partie perdue. By Suzanne Martinon.

? 30Oct46; AF6092. Suzanne Martinon

(A); 16Nov73; R563825.


Un Linceul n'a pas de poche. De

Horace MacCoy, traducteurs: Marcel

Duhamel & Sabine Berritz. ? 30Oct46;

AF6144. Marcel Duhamel (A); 16Nov73;



Monsieur Teste; nouvelle edition

augmentee de fragments inedite. By

Paul Valery. ? 30Oct46; AF6319.

Claude Valery, Francois Valery &

Mme Rouart Valery, nee Agathe Valery

(C); 16Nov73; R563827.


Paysans de Syrie et du Proche Orient.

By Jacques Weulersse. ? 30Oct46;

AF6322. Jacques Weulersse (A);

16Nov73; R563828.


A Letter of endorsement. By Grace

Amundson. (In Hearst's international

cosmopolitan, Nov. 1946) ? 28Oct46;

B46505. Grace Amundson (A); 19Nov73;



The Roy Rogers paint book. No. 668.

By Betty Goodan. ? 17Oct46; AA41909.

Whitman Publishing Company (PWH);

7Nov73; R563837.


The Golden encyclopedia. By

Dorothy A. Bennett & Cornelius DeWitt.

? 21Oct46; A6753. Western Publishing

Company, Inc. (PWH); 7Nov73; R563838.


Handbook of United States coins.

By R. S. Yeoman, Leo F. Hewitt &

Charles E. Green. NM: revision.

? 30Oct46; A9616. Western Publishing

Company, Inc. (PWH); 7Nov73; R563839.


Little Lulu. By Marjorie H. Buell.

(In Playthings, Oct. 1946) ? 15Oct46;

B5-1. Marjorie H. Buell (A);

7Nov73; R563840.


Old New England. By J. Barrows

Mussey. ? 18Nov46; A8751. J. Barrows

Mussey (A); 26Nov73; R563845.


"Old Abe" American eagle. By

Lorraine Sherwood. ? 19Aug46;

A11549. Lorraine Sherwood (A);

26Nov73; R563846.


Television talk. Issued by National

Broadcasting Company, Inc. ? 25Jan46;

AA3602. National Broadcasting Company,

Inc. (PWH); 26Nov73; R563849.

R563850. NBC television guide to commercial production procedure. Issued by National Broadcasting Company, Inc. ? 4Mar46; AA6755. National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (PWH); 26Nov73; R563850.


Bullet breed. By Leslie Ernenwein.

? 4Oct46; A6593. Zeta Ernenwein

Pagliuca (C); 26Nov73; R563851.

R563852. That man is here again; the adventures of a Hollywood agent. By Arthur Kober. All but one of stories prev. pub. in The New Yorker & Red book. NM: foreword. ? 22Nov46; A8603. Arthur Kober (A); 26Nov73; R563852.

R563905. My cherished thoughts. By Viola Jane Knab. (Viola J. F. K. Mailloux) ? 24Apr46; AA19729. Viola K. Mailloux (A); 27Nov73; R563905.

R563906. Writing is my life. By Thomas Wolfe. (In Atlantic monthly, Dec. 1946) ? 25Nov46; B48447. Paul Gitlin (PPW); 27Nov73; R563906.


Doors to a narrow house. By

Margaret Stavely (Margaret Stavely

Payne) ? 24Jun46; A4890. Margaret

Stavely Payne (A); 28Nov73; R563919.


Hy speed longhand. By Andrew J.

Graham Sexton & R. B. Sexton. Revised

Dec. 16, 1945. ? 16Dec45; A197.

Nan C. Hunt (Adm. c. t. a.); 28Nov73;



Danny Doffer. By Marie Halun Bloch,

pictures by Jessie Robinson. ? 30Oct46;

A6833. Marie Halun Bloch (A); 4Dec73;



Mama boots 'em home. By Irving

Wallace. (In Liberty magazine,

Feb. 16, 1946) ? 6Feb46; B7802.

Irving Wallace (A); 28Nov73;



An American tragedy. By Theodore

Dreiser, introd. by Henry L. Mencken.

NM: introd. ? 25Mar46; A4086.

Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust

Company (Surviving E of Henry L.

Mencken); 12Nov73; R563979.


Carey-Thomas award presented to

Alfred A. Knopf. Speech by Henry

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