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   Chapter 6 Bockus & colleagues at University of

U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1973 July - December By U.S. Copyright Office Characters: 1844

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Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine.

? 13Feb46; A1065. Henry L.

Bockus (A); 11Oct73; R561026.


Urological nursing. By David M. Davis.

4th ed. ? 13Feb46; A1194. David M.

Davis (A); 11Oct73; R561027.


Prevention, first aid and emergencies.

By Lyla M. Olson. ? 26Feb46; A1622.

Lyla M. Olson (A); 11Oct73; R561028.

R561029. Gastroenterology; general index to volume 1, 2 and 3. By Henry L. Bockus, and colleagues at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine. ? 5Mar46; A1791. Henry L. Bockus (A); 11Oct73; R561029.


The Science of dental materials. By

Eugene W. Skinner. 3d ed., rev.

? 7Mar46; A1792. Rosamond L. Skinner

(W); 11Oct73; R561030.


The American pocket medical dictionary.

Editor: W. A. Newman Dorland.

18th ed. ? 11Apr46; A2581. W. B.

Saunders Company (PWH); 11Oct73;



A Rev

iew of nursing; with outlines of

subjects, questions and answers. By

Helen F. Hansen. 5th ed. ? 14May46;

A4152. Helen F. Hansen (A); 11Oct73;


R561033. Complete denture prosthesis. By Rudolph O. Schlosser. 2nd ed. ? 28Jun46; A4751. Rudolph O. Schlosser (A); 11Oct73; R561033.

R561034. Growth and development of the young child. By Winifred Rand, Mary E. Sweeny & E. Lee Vincent. 4th ed. ? 2Jul46; A4829. Mary E. Sweeny (A); 11Oct73; R561034.


Microbiology and pathology for nurses.

By Mary Elizabeth Morse, Martin Frobisher,

Jr. & Coleman B. Rabin. 2nd ed.

? 11Jul46; A4963. Martin Frobisher

(A); 11Oct73; R561035.

R561036. The Administration of health and physical education. By Jesse Feiring Williams & Clifford Lee Brownell. 3d ed. ? 22Jul46; A5201. Clifford Lee Brownell (A); 11Oct73; R561036.


Professional adjustments. By Alice

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