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   Chapter 1 No.1

A Fool There Was By Porter Emerson Browne Characters: 1120

Updated: 2017-11-29 00:05

I. Of Certain People

II. Of Certain Other People

III. Two Boys and a Girl

IV. The Child and the Stranger

V. As Time Passes

VI. An Accident

VII. An Incident

VIII. Of Certain Goings

IX. Of Certain Other Goings

X. Two Boys and a Doctor

XI. A Proposal

XII. A Foreign Mission

XIII. The Going

XIV. Parmalee-and The Woman

XV. A Warning

XVI. The Beginning

XVII. In The Night

XVIII. White Roses

XIX. Shadows

XX. A Fairy Story

XXI. A Letter

XXII. Again The Fairy Story


XXIV. The Rescue


XV. The Return

XXVI. The Red Rose

XXVII. The Red Road

XXVIII. The Battle

XXIX. Defeat

XXX. And Its Consequences

XXXI. That Which Men Said

XXXII. In the Garden

XXXIII. Temptation

XXXIV. The Shroud of a Soul

XXXV. The Thing that was a Man

XXXVI. Again the Battle

XXXVII. The Pity of It All


"Beautiful, gloriously beautiful in her strange, weird dark beauty"

"Bye little sweetheart"

"I do forgive-forgive and understand"

"Can't you find in that dead thing you call a heart just one shred of pity?"

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