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Pertz, Archiv., ix. 474

83 VIENNA - German?

There appears to be a MS. at Vienna; for above I have registered (No. 77) one at Berlin, which is called a copy of the Vienna MS., but I have not been able to get any particulars regarding it.





Royal Library, French, No. 37


This MS., published in facsimile by Baron A.E. Nordenski?ld, belongs to the "Cepoy" type of MSS. Yule wrote in The Athenaeum (17th June, 1882): "I gather that it has been produced by partial abridgement from one of the earlier MSS. of the type in question." And again (p. 766): "It will be seen that though the publication is a beautiful example of facsimile, it contributes, as far as I have been able to examine it, nothing to the amelioration or elucidation of the text or narrative."

The changes and suppressions are much less considerable than in the

Paris MSS., 5631 and 2810. Cf L. Delisle, Bib. de l'Ecole des

Chartres, XLIII., 1882, pp. 226-235, 424.

It is incomplete, and ends: "Et se aucuns disoit quí a luí."-Cf. Paris

MS., 1880. [Our No. 22]

It belonged to the Library of the French King, Charles V. (1364-1380), and later, as marked on the recto of the last folio, "Pour Symon du Solier demorant à Honnefleu," who was "procureur-syndic des manants et habitants de la ville de Honfleur."

H. Cordier.



Royal Library, French, No. 38


Translated from the Latin version.

G. Raymond, Romania, XI.

[1] + This MS. Fr. 2810 (formerly 8392), known as the Livre des Merveilles, belonged to the Library of John, Duke of Berry, at the Chateau of Mehun-sur-Yevre, 1416, No. 116 of the catalogue; also No. 196, p. 186, of Le Cabinet des Manuscrits de la Bibl. Nationale, par. L. Delisle, III. Count A. de Bastard began publishing some of the miniatures, but did not finish the work. Of the miniatures, Nos. 1, 12, 19, 35, 41, 37, 45, 47, 52, 56, 57, 60, 66, 70, 75, 78, 81 are engraved, pp. 258, 273, 282, 310, 316, 317, 328, 332, 340, 348, 350, 354, 381, 392, 406, 411, 417 in Charton's Voyageurs du Moyen Age, vol. ii., besides two others, pp. 305, 395, not identified; [in my edition of Odoric, I reproduced Nos. 33, 41, 70, pp. 439, 377, 207.-H.C.]; in the present work, Nos 5, 31, 41, 52, 70 are engraved, vol. i. pp. 15, 244, 369; Nos. 52, 70, vol. ii. pp. 5, 311. Nos. 60 and 75 have been reproduced, pp. 97 and 98 of Faguet's Hist. de la Littérature Fran?aise, 2nd ed., Paris, 1900.

[2] [Mr. E.W.B. Nicholson, who thought at first that this MS. was written at the end of the 14th century, in his Introduction to Early Bodleian Music, by J.F.R. Stainer and C. Stainer, London, 1901, has come to the conclusion (p. xviii.) that it belongs to the first half of the 15th century. I agree with him. Mr. Nicholson thinks that the writing is English, and that the miniatures are by a Flemish artist; Mr. Holmes, the King's Librarian, believes that both writing and miniatures are English. This MS. came into the Bodleian Library between 1598 and 1605, and was probably given by Sir Thomas Bodley himself.-H.C.]

[3] [This List was printed in vol. ii. pp. 449-462 of the first edition of the Book, but was omitted in the second edition. My own experience has shown me the usefulness of this table, which contains 85 MSS. instead of 75, and some additional particulars.-H.C.]

[4] [Ser petri de Faganea (Fagagna, in Friuli).-H.C.]

APPENDIX G.-Diagram showing Filiation of Chief MSS. and Editions of Marco


N.B.-Such MSS. as are not enclosed in Cartouches are hypothetical, or not known now to exist, but are recognized or demonstrable as links in the series. Nos. refer to List of MSS. in App. F. Printed Editions are in small capitals.


dictates at Genoa, 1298



| Rude French MS. |

-------| (No. 17), |----------

| | undivided. | |

Italian | Printed 1824 by |-------- |

--- (undivided). | Soc. de Géog. | | |

| | --------- A few notes | |

Italian ------------- by M. Polo. | |

divided in ----- | | | | |

3 Books. | | ------ | | |

| | | | Italian | | | |

| | -------- | Crusca MS. | | | |

--------- | |Latin, Cicogna's| | (No. 40). | | | |

|Latin (MS. No 24)| | | MS. (No. 35). | | Undivided. | | | |

| Printed 1824 by | | | Abridged, but | ------ | | |

| Soc. de Géog. | | |with new matter.|---------- | |

| 3 Books. | | -------- | |

--------- | | ------ |

------- | | Venetian | |

| Latin of | | | (type of | |

-------| Pipino, | | | Sloane MS.)| |

| | in 3 Books. | | Supplementary | (No. 6.) | |

| ------- | Notes by M. Polo. ------ |

Italian | | |

or | | |

PORTUGUESE ------ | |

| | RAMUSIO'S |-- |

------ | PRINTED | Revised French

|GRYNAEUS'S | | ITALIAN, | ------ made for Marco

| LATIN, | | 1559. | | Polo before

| 1532. | ------ | 1307.

------ | | |

| | | French Copy

------- ------ | given to T.

| FRENCH | | MARSDEN'S | | de Cepoy,

| PRINTED | | ENGLISH, | | 1307.

| EDITIONS, | | 1818. | | |

| OF 1556, &c. | ------ ----- ------

------- | French | | French |

| MSS. | | MS. C, |

| A & B | | Bern, and |

| (Nos. 19 | | Bodleian |

| & 18). | | (Nos. 20, |

----- | 63, & 8). |

| ------

| |

| |






| 1865. |


APPENDIX H.-Bibliography of Marco Polo's Book.


We attempt a list of all the editions of Polo; a task for which Sir Henry

Yule had no advantages, and which will be found well done for the time in

Lazari's Appendix, based on Marsden. It may be also useful to mention the

chief Editions, with their dates.

1477. The first Printed Edition is in German. We give a reduced Facsimile

of its Frontispiece.

1481. A reproduction of the preceding at Augsburg, in the same volume with

the History of Duke Leopold and his Son William of Austria.

About 1490. Pipino's Latin; the only printed edition of that version.

Without place, date, or printer's name.

1496. Edition in Venetian Dialect, printed by J.H. da Sessa.

1500. The preceding reproduced at Brescia (often afterwards in Italy).

1502. Portuguese version from Pipino, along with the Travels of Nicolo Conti. Printed at Lisbon by Valentym Fernandez Alema?o (see vol. ii. of this work). Stated to have been translated from the MS. presented by Venice to Prince Pedro (vol. i.)

1503. Spanish version by Rodrigo de Santaella. Sevilla.

1529. Ditto. Reprinted at Logro?o.

1532. Novus Orbis-Basileae. (See vol. i.)

1556. French version from the Novus Orbis.

1559. Ramusio's 2nd volume, containing his version of Polo, of which we

have spoken amply.

1579. First English Version, made by John Frampton, according to Marsden,

from the Spanish version of Seville or Logro?o.

1625. Purchas's Pilgrims, vol. iii. contains a very loose

translation from Ramusio.

1664. Dutch Version, from the Novus Orbis. Amsterdam.

1671. Andreas Müller of Greiffenhagen reprints the Latin of the Novus Orbis, with a collation of readings from the Pipino MS. at Berlin; and with it the book of Hayton, and a disquisition De Chataia. The Editor appears to have been an enthusiast in his subject, but he selected his text very injudiciously. (See vol. i.)

1735. Bergeron's interesting collection of Mediaeval Travels in Asia, published in French at the Hague. The Polo is a translation from Müller, and hence is (as we have already indicated) at 6th hand.

1747. In Astley's Collection, IV. 580 seqq., there is an abstract of Polo's book, with brief notes, which are extremely acute, though written in a vulgar tone, too characteristic of the time.

1818. Marsden's famous English Edition.

1824. The Publication of the most valuable MS. and most genuine form of the text, by the Soc. de Géographie of Paris. (See vol. i.) It also contains the Latin Text (No. 24 in our list of MSS. App. F.).

1827. Baldelli-Boni published the Crusca MS. (No. 40), and republished the Ramusian Version, with numerous notes, and interesting dissertations. The 2 volumes are cumbered with 2 volumes more containing, as a Preliminary, a History of the Mutual Relations of Europe and Asia, which probably no man ever read. Florence.

1844. Hugh Murray's Edition. It is, like the present one, eclectic as regards the text, but the Editor has taken large liberties with the arrangement of the Book.

1845. Bürck's German Version, Leipzig. It is translated from Ramusio, with

copious notes, chiefly derived from Marsden and Ritter. There are

some notes at the end added by the late Karl Friedrich Neumann, but

as a whole these are disappointing.

1847. Lazari's Italian edition was prepared at the expense of the late

Senator T. Pasini, in commemoration of the meeting of the Italian

Scientific Congress at Venice in that year, to the members of which

it was presented. It is a creditable work, but too hastily got up.

1854. Mr. T. Wright prepared an edition for Bohn's Antiq.

Library. The notes are in the main (and professedly) abridged

from Marsden's, whose text is generally followed, but with the

addition of the historical chapters, and a few other modifications

from the Geographic Text.

1854-57. Voyageurs Anciens et Modernes, &c. Par M. Ed. Charion.

Paris. An interesting and creditable popular work. Vol. ii.

contains Marco Polo, with many illustrations, including copies from

miniatures in the Livre des Merveilles. (See list in App. F.

p. 528.)

1863. Signor Adolfo Bartoli reprinted the Crusca MS. from the original, making a careful comparison with the Geographic Text. He has prefixed a valuable and accurate Essay on Marco Polo and the Literary History of his Book, by which I have profited.

1865. M. Pauthier's learned edition.

1871. First edition of the present work.

1873. First publication of Marco Polo in Russian.

1875. Second edition of this work.

1882. Facsimile of the French Stockholm MS. by Baron A.E. Nordenski?ld.



1.-1. Nuremberg … 1477.

The first translation of Marco Polo's Book was printed in German, at

Nuremberg, in 1477.

Collation: 58 ff. folio without pagination and without signatures.

Verso f. 1: Frontispiece: Portrait of Marco Polo with this inscription round the border: [Top] Das ist der edel Ritter. Marcho polo von [right] Venedig der grost landtfarer der vns beschreibt die grossen wunder der welt [Foot] die er selber gesehenn hat. Von dem auffgang [left] pis zu dem nyderg?g der sunne. der gleyche vor nicht meer gehort seyn. [See p. 555.]

Recto f. 2, begins:

Hie hebt sich an das puch dés edel? Ritters v? landtfarers || Marcho polo. In dem er schreibt die grossen wunderlichen || ding dieser welt. Sunderlichen von den grossen kunigen vnd || keysern die da herschen in den selbigen landen | vnd von irem || volck vnd seiner gewonheit da selbs.

Verso f. 58: Hie endet sich das puch des edel? Ritters und la?dtfarerz || Marcho polo | das do sagt v? mangerley wunder der landt || v? lewt | v? wie er die selbigen gesehen v? durch faren hat || von de auffgang pisz zu dem nydergang der sune Seliglich.

Disz hat gedruckt Fricz Cre?szner zu Nurmberg Nach cristi || gepurdt

Tausent vierhundert v? im siben v? sibenczigte iar.

[Illustration: Frontispiece of the first German Edition.]

The copy which I have examined is in the Grenville Library, No. 6787. (Vide Bib. Grenvilliana, Part II. p. 305.) When Marsden edited his Marco Polo, Grenville did not possess this edition. The only known copy was in the Vienna Imperial Library, but was without the portrait. Grenville had made a transcript spoken of by Marsden, pp. lxx.-lxxi., which we describe infra. "When Mr. Marsden," says Grenville in a MS. note at the beginning of this fine volume, "published his translation of this work, the only known copy of this first German Edition was in the Imperial Library at Vienna, and I had a literal transcript made from it: Since that time a second copy was found and sold by Payne and Foss to Lord Spencer: and now I have purchased from Leipsick a third [the present] beautiful copy. I know of no fourth copy. The copy at Vienna wants the portrait."

Vide Bib. Spenceriana, vol. vi. p. 176.

Other copies are to be found at the Imperial Library, Vienna, the Royal Library, Berlin, the Germanisches Museum, Nuremberg; a sixth copy was in the Crawford Collection (London, June, 1887, 1359) with the portrait, and was purchased by B. Quaritch. [See H. Cordier, Cent. of Marco Polo, p. 41.]

-The copy we just spoke of has No. LII. in the Grenville collection, British Museum; it is a folio of 114 pages numbered with a pencil; bound with the arms of the Rt. Honble. Thos. Grenville. Page 114, the exactness of this copy is thus certified: "Apographum collatum cum prototypo, quod in Bibliotheca Palatina Vindobonensi adservatur. Illo quidem, qui descripsit, recitante ex prototypo, me vero hoc apographum inspectante. Respondet pagina paginae, versui versus & syllaba syllabae. Vindobonae die 29. Augusti 1817. B. Kopitar, Biblioth. Palatinae Vindobon. scriptor."

With this manuscript is bound a letter addressed to Mr. Grenville by the Chevalier Scotti, who had the copy made; it is dated "Vienne 20 nmbre 1817," and ends with this post-scriptum: "N.B. Comme cette Edition fort peu connue du 477. est une édition non seulement précieuse, mais à la vérité fort rare aussi, elle avoit été prise par les Francois et portée à Paris la dernière fois qu'ils ont été à Vienne. Elle y a été rendue avec tout le reste qu'on avoit emporté à la suite des heureux succès des Coilisés, auxquels L'immortel Wellington a tant contribué en y mettant la dernière couronne dont les lauriers resteront à jamais inflétrissables."

2.-2. Augsburg … 1481.

-The second German edition of Marco Polo has been reprinted at Augsburg in 1481; it is as scarce as the first edition; I have examined the copy in the Imperial Library at St. Petersburg.

Collation: 60 ff. folio, without pagination nor signatures.

Recto f. 1: End of the story of William of Austria, after which is printed Marco Polo.

Verso f. 1: Frontispiece: Portrait of Marco Polo coloured with this inscription round the border: [Top] Das ist der edel ritter Marcho polo von Venedig. [right] der gr?st landfarer der vas beschreibt die grossen wunder der welt die er selber gese [foot] he:n hat. Von dem auffgang biss zu dem nidergang der [left] sunnen | der geleich vor nit meer geh?rt seind.

Recto f. 2, begins:

Hie hept sich an das buch des edle ritters v? landtfarers Marcho polo, in dem er schreibt die grossen wunderlichen ding diser welt. sunderlichen v? den grossen künigen vnd keisern | die da herschen in den selbigen landen vnd von jrem volck vnnd seiner gewonhe?t da selbs.

Recto f. 60: Hie enndet sich herczog Wilhalm von ?sterreich v? das buch des edeln ritters v? landtfarers Marcho polo | das da sagt von mengerle? wunder der land vnd leüt. vnd wie er die selbige gesehen v? durch faren hat von dem auffgang biss zu dem n?dergang d'sunnen Seligklich. Diss hat gedruckt Anthonius Sorg zu Augspurg Nach xpi gepurt tausent vier hundert vnd jm lxxxj. jare.

No. fig. in the text.

3.-3. Die New Welt der landschaften vnnd Insulen … gedruckt zu Strassburg durch Georgen Vlricher … An. M.D.XXXIIII, folio.

Ff. 103-133; Marr Paulen des Venedigers Erst Buch | von den Morgenlandern.-Ff. 134-152: Haithon des Armeniers Premonstratensis ordens | von den Tartern.

Translated from the Novus Orbis Regionvm.-See 11-12.

4.-4.* M. Polus. Reise in die Tartarey und zum Grossen Chan von Chatai, uebersetzt. v. H. Megisser. Altenburg, 1609, 8vo.

H. Ternaux-Compans, Bibliothèque asiatique et africaine, No. 1031.-[Notwithstanding all my researches, I could not find this edition in any private or public library in Germany.-H.C.]

5.-5. Chorographia Tartariae: || Oder || Warhafftige Beschreibung der || vberaus wunderbahrlichen Reise | || welche der Edle vnd weit erfahrne Venedigi-|| sche GENTILHUOMO MARCUS POLUS, mit dem || zunahmen MILLION, noch vor vierthalb hundert Jah=||ren | in die Oriental vnd Morgenl?nder | Sonderlich aber in || die Tartarey | zu dem grossen Can von Cathai | zu || Land vnd Wasser Pers?nlich verrichtet: || Darinnen ausführlich vnd vmbst?nd=||lich erzehlet werden | viel zuvor vnbekandte Landschaff=||ten | K?nigreich vnd St?dt | sampt dero Sitten vnd || Gebr?uchen | vnd andern seltzamen Sachen: || Die Er | als der erste Erfinder der newen Welt | gegen || Orient | oder den Ost Indien | gesehen vnd erfahren. || In drey vnterschiedliche Bücher abge=||[t]heilet: sampt einem Discurs Herrn Johan Bapti=||stae Rhamnusij | der Herrschafft zu Vene=||dig geheimen Secretarij | von dem || Leben des Autoris. || Alles aus dem Original | so in Italianischer || Sprach beschrieben | treulich vnd mit fleis ver=|| teutschet | auch mit Kupfferstücken || geziehret | durch || HIERONYMUM MEGISERUM.-|| Anno M. DC. XI. || Leipzig | in vorlegung Henning Grossen des Jüngern. Small 8vo. pp. 354 (last page numbered by mistake 351) + 36 prel. ff. for the tit., preface, etc., and 7 ff. at the end for the table.

Plates.-See p. 350: Alphabetum Tartaricúm, et Oratio Dominica


6.-6. Die Reisen des Marco Polo, oder Marcus Paulus, eines Venetianers, in die Tartarey, im Jahre 1272. (Allgemeine Historie der Reisen, Leipzig, 1750, VII, pp. 423 et seq.)

7.-7. Marco Paolo's || Reise in den Orient | || w?hrend der Jahre 1272 bis 1295. ||-Nach den || vorzüglichsten Original=Ausgaben verdeutscht, || und || mit einem Kommentar begleitet|| von || Felix Peregrin. ||- Ronneburg und Leipzig, || bei August Schumann, 1802, 8vo., pp. vi-248.

P. 248: Eisenberg, gedruckt bei Johann Wilhelm Sch?ne.

8.-8. Die Reisen des Venezianers Marco Polo im dreizehnten Jahrhundert.-

Zum ersten Male vollst?ndig nach den besten Ausgaben Deutsch mit einem

Kommentar von August Bürck.-Nebst Zus?tzen und Verbesserungen von Karl

Friedrich Neumann. Leipzig, B.G. Teubner, 1845, 8vo, pp. xvi-631.

-Di un frammento inedito di Marco Foscarini intorno ai Viaggiatori

Veneziani e di una nuova traduzione in tedesco dei Viaggi di Marco Polo.

[By Tommaso Gar] (Archivio Storico Italiano, Appendice, T. IV,

Firenze, 1847, pp. 89 et seq.)

9.-9. Die Reisen des Venezianers Marco Polo im dreizehnten Jahrhundert.-

Zum ersten Male vollst?ndig nach den besten Ausgaben Deutsch mit einem

Kommentar von August Bürck. Nebst Zus?tzen und Verbesserungen von Karl

Friedrich Neumann. Zweite unver?nderte Ausgabe.-Leipzig, Druck und

Verlag von B.G. Teubner, 1855, 8vo, pp. xvi-631.


10.-1. Commence; In nomine dni nri ihu xpi filij dei viui et veri amen. Incipit plogus i libro dni marci pauli de venecijs de cosuetudinibus et codicionibus orientaliu regionu.

Then the declaration of "Frater franciscus pepur. de bononia frm pdicatoru" who translated the work from the vulgar language into Latin.

End p. 147: Explicit liber dni marci de venecijs Deo gracias.

Collation: 74 f. or 148 pages; the last is blank, 4to, no title, no pagination; signatures p. 1, a. 1 = p. 141, k. 3 (a-h, par 8; i, by 4; k, by 6); maximum 33 lines by page; [1485?].

It is interesting to note that Christopher Columbus had a copy of this edition of Marco Polo, now kept in the Colombina at Seville. The margins of the following folios contain the autograph notes of the great navigator:

9 v. 31 r. & v. 46 v. 55 r. & v. 66 r. & v. 13 v. 36 v. 47 r. & v. 57 r. & v. 67 r. & v. 15 r. & v. 38 v. 48 r. & v. 59 r. & v. 68 r. & v. 17 v. 39 r. 49 r. & v. 60 r. & v. 69 r. & v. 18 r. & v. 40 r. & v. 50 r. & v. 61 r. & v. 70 r. & v. 19 r. 41 r. 51 r. & v. 62 r. & v. 71 r. & v. 23 r. & v. 42 r. & v. 52 r. & v. 63 r. 72 r. & v. 24 r. & v. 43 r. & v. 53 r. & v. 64 v. 73 r. & v. 25 r. 44 r. & v. 54 r. 65 r. & v. 74 r.

Cf. Simón de la Rosa y Lopéz, pp. XXIII, XLIII-XLIV of vol. II, Sevilla, 1891, 4to: Biblioteca Colombina.-Catálogo de sus libros impresos publicado por primera vez en virtud de acuerdo del Excmo. é Ilmo. Sr. Déan y Cabildo de la Santa Metropolitana y Patriarcal Iglesia de Sevilla bajo la immediata dirección de su Bibliotecario el Ilmo. Sr. Dr. D. Servando Arbolf y Faraudo Dignidad de Capellán Mayor de San Fernando.-See also H. Harrisse, Bibl. americana vetustissima.-Additions, p. XII.

"Edition fort rare, dit Brunet, et la plus ancienne que l'on ait de cette version latine de Marco Polo, faite par Pipino, vers 1320. Elle est imprimée avec les mêmes caractères, que l'Itinerarium de Joan. de Mandeville, c'est-à-dire par Gerard de Leeu, à Anvers, vers 1485, et non pas à Rome et à Venise, comme on l'avait supposé. Vend. 4 liv. 14 sh. 6d. Hanrott; 7 liv. Libri en 1859. (Choicer portion, 1562.)" Brunet writes elsewhere (cf. Mandeville par H. Cordier) about Mandeville from the same press: "…La souscription que nous allons rapporter semble prouver qu'elle a été imprimée à Venise; cependant Panzer, IX, 200, la croit sortie des presses de Theodoric Martin, à Aloste, et M. Grenville en trouvait les caractères conformes à ceux que Gérard Leeu a employés à Anvers, de 1484-1485. M. Campbell (Ann. de la typ. néerlandaise) la donne à Gérard Leeu, et fixe la date de l'impression à la première année du séjour de ce typographe à Anvers, après son départ de Gouda."

It is certain from the use of the signatures a, aa, a, and the similitude of the type of the three works, that the Mandeville, the Ludolphe, and the Marco Polo come from the same printing office, and have been printed together as it seems to be proved by the copy of the Sunderland Library, which was complete and contained the three works.

Lazari, p. 460, writes: "Jo. de Mandeville itineraria: Dom. Ludolph. de itinere ad Terrain Sanctam: M. Paul. Venet. de regionibus orientalibus. Liber rariss. Zwollis, 1483, in-4.

"Leggiamo questa nota nell' opera Bibliotheca Beauclerkiana or Sale catalogue of the books of Topham Beauclerk's Library, London, 1781, P. II., p. 15, n. 430. Marsden però ritiene celarsi sotto quell'erronea indicazione la seguente prima edizione [s.a., 4to] latina de' viaggi di M. Polo. Fgli istitui molte ricerche per rinvenire in Inghilterra quell' esemplare, ma non gli è stato possibile di averne traccia."

11.-2. Marci Pavli Veneti, de Regionibvs orientalibvs Libri III. (Novus Orbis Regionum).

Editions of 1532, 1537, 1555.-See 3-3.

12.-3. Marci Pavli || Veneti Itinerarivm, || seu de rebus Orientalibus || Libri tres. || Helmaestadii, || M.D. LXXXV, 4to.

Part of the Collection of Reineccius:

-Reineri Reinecii || Polyhistoris clarissimi || Historia O-|| rientalis:

|| Hoc est || Rerum in oriente à Christianis, Saracenis, Tur-||cis &

Tartaris gestarum diuersorum || Auctorum. || Totum opus in duas partes

tribulum est, || contenta in singulis sequens || pagina indicat. ||

Helmaestadii, || Typis Iacobi Lucij, impensis heredum Ludolphi || Brandes.

Anno 1602, 4to.

Verso of the title:

Primus Tomus continet:

-Chronicon Hierosolomytanum, cum appen-||dice Reineri Reineccij &

Chronologia || Henr. Meibomij.

In Altero sunt:

-Vita Henrici VII. Imp. auctore Conrado Vec-||erio.

-Vita Caroli IIII. Imp. ab ipso Carolo con-||scripta.

-Historia Orientalis Haythoni Armenij.

-Pauli Veneti Itinerarium.

-Fragmentum de reb. orientalibus ex Speculo || Historiali Vincentij


-Appendix ad Expositiones Haythoni auctore || Rein. Reineccio.

The colophon at the end of the first part has the date of 1584; at the end of the second part, 1585.

-This Marco Polo was reprinted according to Lazari, p. 465, in 1602.

13.-4. MARCI PAULI VENETI, || Historici fidelissimi juxta ac praestantissimi, || de || REGIONIBUS || orientalibus || libri III. || Cum Codice Manuscripto Biblio-|| thecae Electoralis Brandenburgicae collati, exq'; || eo adjectis Notis plurimum turn suppleti || tum illustrati. || Accedit, propter cognationem materiae, || HAITHONI ARMENI HISTORIA || orientalis: quae & de Tartaris || inscribitur; || Itemque || ANDREAE MULLERI, Greiffenhagii, || de CHATAJA, cujus praedictorum Auctorum uter-|| que mentionem facit, DISQUISITIO; inque ipsum || Marcum Paulum Venetum PRAEFATIO, & || locupletissimi INDICES. || Coloniae Brandenburgicae, ||-Ex Officina Georgii Schulzii, Typogr. Elect. || Anno M. DC. LXXI. 4to.


Engraved frontispiece.

Dedicatory Epistle, 3 ff. not numbered.

Andreae MüLLERI Greiffenhagii, in Marci Pauli Veneti Chorographiam,

Praefatio pp. 26.

Doctorum Virorum De hoc Marci Pauli Veneti Opere Testimonia, ac Judicia …

(Franciscus Pipinus, etc.) 8 ff. n. ch.

MARCI PAULI Veneti De Regionibus orientalibus Libri III, pp. 167.

Index primus Historicus, Sive alphabetica Recensio omnium eorum, quae Autor passim observavit, atque aliàs memoranda reliquit, 22 ff. not numbered.

Index secundus Chronographicus, qui Annos & cujuslibet anni NOTABILIA (quae quidem Autor designavit) continet, 1 page.

Index tertius Itineraries, Ubi Loca recensentur, quae auctor pertransiit, & Distanstantiae Locorum, quas ipse annotavit, 2 ff. not numbered.

Index quartus Glossarius, Estque vocum exoticarum, quas Autor ipse interpretatus est, 1 half p.

Emendanda in Marco Paulo Veneto, quaeq; ad hunc pertinent: aut ad eadem

Addenda, 1 f. not numbered.

HAITHONI Armeni || Historia ori-||entalis: || Qvae eadem & De Tartaris || inscribitur.|| Anno || CIC. ICC. LXXI, 2 ff. not numbered + pp. 107.

[Errata] 2 pp. not numbered.

Index, 7 pp. not numbered.

Andreae MüLLERI, || Greiffenhagii, || DISQUISITIO || Geographica & Historica, || De || CHATAJA, || In Qua || I. Praecipuè Geographorum nobilis || illa Controversia: Quaenam CHATAJA sit, & an || sit idem ille terrarum tractus, quem Sinas, & vul-|| gó Chinam vocant, aut pars ejus aliqua? || latissimè tractatur; || 2. Eadem verò opera pleraque rerum, quae unquam || de Chataja, deque Sinis memorabilia || fuerunt, atque etiam nunc sunt, compendiosè || enarrantur. ||-Ecclesiastae I. v. 15. ||: [Hebrew] || Senec. de Beneficiis VI. I. || Etiam quod discere supervacuum est prodest || cognoscere. ||-Berolini, Typis Rungianis. || Anno M. DC. LXX, 2 ff. not numbered + pp. 115 on 2 col.


14.-1. Marco Polo da Venie || sia de le merauegliose || cose del Mondo.

Below this title the mark of the printer SESSA: a cat holding a mouse in its mouth with the initials I and B on the right and on the left of the coat of arms (with a ducal crown above) which exhibits this group, and S at foot. Verso of f. 83:

Finisse lo libro de Marco Polo da Venie || sia dele merauegliose cose del modo Im || presso in Venetia per zoanne Baptista || da Sessa Milanese del M. ccccxcvi. || adi. xiii. del mese de Iunio regna || do lo Illustrissimo Principe Au || gustino Barbadico inclyto || Duce di Venetia.

Recto of folio 84: "Registro. a b c d e f g h i k l Tutti questi sono quaderni excepto l chie duerno"; audessous le monogramme de l'imprimeur en blanc sur fond noir.-Verso of folio 84 is blank.

The copy which I have examined is in the Grenville Library, No. 6666. It is in fine condition and complete, notwithstanding what the Sobolewski Sale Catalogue says to the contrary (No. 1730): it is a small 8vo ff. 84; each quire containing, as is indicated by the register, eight sheets, except quire 1, which has but four.

Grenville added to his copy the following note: "This appears to be the first edition printed in the original Italian.-The Abbé Morelli who sent me this book from Venice had found great difficulty in procuring a copy for the Library of St. Marc.-Panzer III. 396, refers only to the mention made of it by Denis. Supp. I, p'e 415. I know of no other copy in England…."

Lazari, p. 460, says: "Prima e rarissima edizione del compendio veneziano. Un capitolo che parla di Trebisonda, tratto dal viaggio di Fr. Odorico, precede il testo del Polo mutilo e scorrettissimo: quel capitolo non forma però parte d'esso, come nelle molte ristampe di questo compendio."

See Odoric de Pordenone, par Henri Cordier, p. 9.

Ternaux-Compans (29) mentions an edition of Sessa of 1486, which does not seem to exist.

15-2. Marco Polo da Vene || sia de le maraueliose || cose del Mondo. || Small 8vo.; 64 ff. non chif., sig. a-i: a-g by 8 = 56 ff., h and i by 4 = 8 ff., total 64 ff.


Recto 1st f.: border; vignette; above the vig. title ut supra.

Verso 1st f. begins: Tractate delle più maraueliose cose e delle piu notabile: che si ri || trouano nelle pte del modo. Re || dutte & racolte sotto breuita …

Recto f. 64: Impressa la presente opera per el Venerabile mi || ser pre Batista da Farfengo nella Magnifica cita de || Bressa. adi. xx. December. M. CCCCC. ||

"Ristampa dell' edizione 1496, leggiermente modificata nella introduzione.

Rarissima." (

Lazari, p. 460.)

16.-3. Marco Polo da Veniesia || de le marauegliose co= || se del Mondo.

small 8vo, 56 ff. not numbered, sig. a-g by 8.

Collation: title ut supra: Printer's mark: a cat holding a mouse in its mouth, M O on the sides; S at foot.-Ends, recto f. 56; Impresso in Venetia per Melchior Sessa. An||no D?i. M. CCCCC VIII. Adi. xxi. zugno.

17.-4. Marco Polo || Venetiano || in CVI si tratta le meravi||gliose cose del mondo per lui uedute: del costu=||me di uarij paesi, dello stranio uiuere di || quelli; della descrittione de diuersi || animali, e del trouar dell' o=||ro, dell' argento, e delle || pietre preciose, co=||sa non men uti||le, che bel||la. [Vignette.] || In Venetia, 8vo; 56 ff. n. ch., sig. a-g by 8.

At the end: Finite é lo libro de Marco Polo da Venetia delle: || marauegliose cose del mondo. || In Venetia per Matthio Pagan, in Frezaria, || al segno della Fede. 1555.

"Ristampa dell' edizione 1496. La edizione 1555 fu riprodotta dello stesso Mathio Pagan senza data." (Lazari, p. 463.)

A copy s.d. exists in the Grenville Library (304. a. 23), this is the title of it:

18.-5. Marco Polo || Venetiano. || In cvi si tratta le meravi||gliose cose del mondo per lui uedute, del costu||me di uarij paesi, dello stranio uiuere di || quelli; della descrittione de diuersi || animali, e del trouar dell' oro || dell' argento, e delle pie||tre preciose, cosa || non men utile, || che bel||la. In Venetia. s.d., 8vo., 56 ff. not numbered, sig. a-g by 8. At the end: In Venetia per Mathio Pagan, in Freza||ria, al Segno della Fede.-On the title M. Pagan's mark.

19.-6. Opera stampata nouame||te delle marauigliose co=||se del mondo: comin=||ciado da Leuante a ponente fin al me||zo di. El mondo nouo & isole & lo=||chi incogniti & siluestri abonda||ti e sterili & doue aboda loro || & largento & Zoglie & pie || tre pciose & animali & || mostri spaurosi & do||ue manzano car=||ne humana e || i gesti & vi=||uer & co=||stumi || de quelli paesi cosa certamete molto cu=|lriosa de intendere & sapere.

Small 8vo, 56 ff. not numbered, sig. a-g by 8. At foot of recto f. 56: Finito lo libro de Marco Polo da Venetia de le || marauegliose cose del mondo. || Stampata in Venetia per Paulo Danza Anno. || Dni M.D. xxxiij. Adi 10 Febraro. ||

Reprint of the 1496 edition.

20.-7. De i Viaggi di Messer Marco Polo Gentil'hvomo Venetiano (Ramusio, II, 1606.)

See the former editions of Ramusio.

21.-8. Marco Polo || Venetiano, || Delle Merauiglie del Mondo || per lui vedute; || Del Costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio || viuer di quelli. || Della Descrittione de diuersi Animali. || Del trouar dell' Oro, & dell' Argento. || Delle Pietre Preciose. || Cosa non meno vtile, che bella. || Di nouo Ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine || suo vero nel dire. || In Treuigi, Ad instantia di Aurelio Reghet||tini Libraro. M DXC. 8vo, 57 ff. numbered, a-g x 8 = 56 ff. + h X 1 = 57 ff.; vignette on the title; 1 wood-cut, not inserted in the text.

The wood-cut is not to be found in the copy of the British Museum, G bbb 8.

22.-9. Marco Polo Venetiano, Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per lui vedute; Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuer di quelli. Della Descrittione de diuersi Animali. Del trouar Dell' Oro, & dell' Argento. Delle Pietre Preciose. Cosa non meno vtile, che bella, Di nouo Ristampato, & Osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel dire. In Venetia, Appresso Marco Claseri, M DXCVII, 8vo, pp. 128, no cut.

23.-10. Marco Polo || Venetiano, || Delle Maraviglie del Mondo || per lui vedute. || Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuer || di quelli. || Della Descrittione de diuersi Animali. || Del trouar dell' Oro, & dell' Argento. || Delle Pietre Pretiose. || Cosa non meno vtile, che bella. || Di nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo || vero nel dire. || [fleuron] In Venetia, M DCII. || Appresso Paolo Vgolino, small 8vo pp. 104; no cut.

Page 104: Finito è lo Libro di Marco Polo da Venetia delle ||

Marauigliose cose del Mondo.

This edition differs from the following bearing the same date:

24.-11. Marco Polo Venetiano, Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per lui vedute. Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuere di quelli. Della Descritione de diuersi Animali. Del trouar Dell' oro, & dell' Argento. Delle Pietre Preciose. Cosa non meno vtile, che bella. Di nouo Risstampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel dire. In Venetia. M DCII. Appresso Paulo Vgolino, 8vo, pp. 128; on the title, vig. exhibiting David carrying the head of Goliath; no cut.

25.-12. Marco Polo Venetiano, Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per lui vedute.

Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuer di quelli. Della

Descrittione de diuersi Animali. Dell trouar dell' Oro, & dell'

Argento. Delle Pietre Preciose. Cosa non meno vtile, che bella. Di

nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel dire. Con licenza

de' Superiori, & Priuilegio. In Venetia, M. DC. XXVI. Appresso

Ghirardo, & Iseppo Imberti, small 8vo, pp. 128; 1 wood-cut, not

inserted in the text.

26.-13. Marco Polo || Venetiano. || Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per || lui

vedute. || Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuer di

quelli. || De la Descrittione de diuersi Animali. || Del trouar dell'

Oro, & de l'Argento. || Delle Pietre preciose. || Cosa non meno

utile, che bella. || Di nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine || suo

vero nel dire. || In Venetia, & poi in Treuigi per Angelo Righettini.

1267 [read 1627]. || Con Licenza de' Superiori, small 8vo, pp. 128; 1

wood-cut, not inserted in the text.

27.-14. Marco Polo || Venetiano. || Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per || lui

vedute. || Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello stranio viuer di

quelli. || De la Descrittione de diuersi Animali. || Del trouar dell'

Oro, & de l'Argento. || Delle Pietre preciose. || Cosa non meno

utile, che bella. Di nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo ||

vero nel dire. || In Treuigi, Appresso Girolamo Righettini: 1640. ||

Con Licenza de Superiori, small 8vo, 128 pages with a vignette on

the title, printer's mark; wood-cut f. 2 verso.

28.-15.-* In Trevigi M. DC. LVII., appresso Girolamo Righettini, 8vo.

29.-16. Marco Polo Venetiano. Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per lui vedute.

I. Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello strano viuer di quelli. II. De

la Descrittione de diuersi Animali. III. Del trouar dell' Oro, & dell'

Argento. IV. Delle Pietre pretiose. Cosa non meno vtile, che bella.

Si nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel dire. In

Trevigi, Per il Righettini. M. DC. LXV. Con Licenza de' Svperiori,

small 8vo, 128 pp. with a wood-cut.

30.-17. Marco Polo Venetiano Delle Merauiglie del Mondo per lui vedute.

I. Del costume di varij Paesi, & dello strano viuer di quelli. II.

Della Descrittione de diuersi Animali. III. Del trouar dell' Oro, &

dell' Argento. IV. Delle Pietre pretiose. Cosa non meno vtile, che

bella. Di nuouo ristampato, & osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel dire.

In Trevigi, Per il Reghettini. M. DC. LXXII. Con Licenza de'

Svperiori, small 8vo. pp. 128; 1 cut not inserted in the text.

These various editions are reprints of the text of 1496.

31.-18. Il Milione || di Marco Polo || Testo di lingua || del secolo decimoterzo || ora per la prima volta || pubblicato ed illustrato || dal Conte || Gio. Batt. Baldelli Boni. || Tomo primo || Firenze || Da' Torchi di Giuseppe Pagani || M. DCCCXXVII. || Con approv. e privilegio, 4to, pp. XXXII.-CLXXV.-234+1 f. not numbered for the index.

INDICE: Vita di Marco Polo, P.I.-Sommario Cronologico della Vita del Polo, P. XXV.-Storia del Milione, P.I.-Illustrazione della Tela del Salone dello Scudo, P. CV.-Descrizione dell' Atlante Cinese, posseduto dalla Magliabechiana, P. CIX.-Schiarimento relativo all' età dell' Atlante Cinese, P. CXXI.-Notizia dei Manoscritti del Milione, di cui si è fatto uso nell' Opera, o veduti, o fatti riscontrare, P. CXXIII.-Della Porcellana. Discorso, P. CXXXVII.-Del Portulano Mediceo, e delle Scoperte dei Genovesi nell' Atlantico. Discorso, P. CLIII.-Voci del Milione di Marco Polo, citate dal Vocabolario della Crusca, P. CLXXIII.-Voci tratte dal Testo del Polo, e da citarsi dal Vocabolario della Crusca, P. CLXXIV. -Il Milione di Marco Polo, TESTO DELLA CRUSCA, P.I.

-Il Milione || di || Messer Marco Polo || Viniziano || Secondo la lezione

Ramusiana || illustrato e comentato || dal Conte || Gio. Batt. Baldelli

Boni || Tomo Secondo || Firenze || Da' Torchi di Giuseppe Pagani || M DCCC

XXVII. || Con approv. e privilegio, 4to, pp. XXVI.-514 + 2 ff. n. ch.

INDICE: Dichiarazione al Libro Primo, P. 1.-Proemio di Fra Pipino al

Milione, P. 3.-TESTO RAMUSIANO del Milione. Libro Primo,

P. 5-Dichiarazione al Libro Secondo, per rischiarare le Legazioni di Marco

Polo, P. 147.-Libro Secondo, P. 153.-Dichiarazione alla parte seconda del

Libro Secondo. Delia Lingua Cinese, P. 223.-Libro Terzo, P. 357.-Aggiunte

e Correzioni, P. 481.

-Storia || delle || Relazioni vicendevoli || Dell' Europa e dell' Asia || dalla Decadenza di Roma || fino alla || distruzione del Califfato || del Conte || Gio. Batt. Baldelli Boni. || Parte Prima || Firenze || Da' Torchi di Giuseppe Pagani || M DCCC XXVII. || Con approv. e privilegio, 4to, 4 ff. n. c. for the tit. and the ded.: "A Sua Altezza Imperiale e Reale Leopoldo Secondo Principe Imperiale d'Austria …" +pp. 466.

-Parte Seconda || Firenze || Da' Torchi di Giuseppe Pagani || M DCCC

XXVII. || Con approv. e privilegio, 4to, pp. 467 to 1004 + 1 f. n. ch.

Eighty copies of Baldelli-Boni's work were printed on large paper, and two on vellum.

Two maps generally bound apart accompany the work.

32.-19. I Viaggi in Asia in Africa, nel mare dell' Indie descritti nel secolo XIII da Marco Polo Veneziano. Testo di lingua detto Il Milione illustrato con annotazioni. Venezia, dalla tipografia di Alvisopoli, M DCCC XXIX, 2 parts, 8vo, pp. xxi + 1-189, 195-397.

"Ristampa del Testo di Crusca procurata da B. Gamba il quale vi appose piccole note a pie di pagina." (Lazari, p. 470.)

"Il en a été tiré 100 exemplaires, in-8, auxquels est jointe la carte géographique qui fait partie de l'ouvrage de Zurla. Il y en a aussi des exemplaires in-8, très grand Pap., et sur des papiers de différentes couleurs." (Brunet.)

33.-20. Il Libro di Marco Polo intitolato il Milione. (Relazioni di Viaggiatori, Venezia, co' tipi del Gondoliere, M DCCC XLI, I, pp. 1-231.)

Reprint of the Crusca Text.-See Baldelli-Boni, supra 31-18.

Gondoliere's Collection form vol. i. and ii. of the class XI. of the Biblioteca classica italiana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti disposta e illustrata da Luigi Carrer.

34.-21. I Viaggi in Asia in Africa, nel marc dell' Indie descritti nel secolo XIII da Marco Polo Veneziano testo di lingua detto Il Milione illustrato con annotazioni. Volume unico. Parma, per Pietro Fiaccadori, M DCCC XLIII, Small 8vo, pp. IV.-308.

Reprint of the Crusca Text.

35.-22. I Viaggi in Asia, in Africa, nel mare dell' Indie descritti nel secolo XIII da Marco Polo Veneziano. Testo di lingua detto II Milione. Udine, Onofrio Turchetto, Tip. edit. 1851, 16mo, pp. X.-207

36.-23. I Viaggi || di || Marco Polo || Veneziano || tradotti per la prima volta dall' originale francese || di Rusticiano di Pisa || e corredati d'illustrazioni e di documenti || da Vincenzo Lazari || pubblicati per cura || di Lodovico Pasini || membro eff. e segretario dell' I.R. Istituto Veneto. || Venezia || M DCCC XLVII, 8vo, pp. LXIV.-484, map.

Verso of the title: "Coi Tipi di Pietro Naratovitch."

See pp. 447-471, Bibliografia.-Pp. 473-484, Indice Alfabetico delle


37.-24. I Viaggi di Marco Polo secondo la lezione del Codice Magliabechiano più antico reintegrati col testo francese a stampa per cura di Adolfo Bartoli. Firenze, Felice Le Monnier, 1863, small 8vo, pp. LXXXIII.-439.

38.-25. Il Milione ossia Viaggi in Asia, in Africa e nel Mar delle Indie descritti nel secolo XIII da Marco Polo Veneziano. Torino, Tip. dell' oratorio di S. Franc, di Sales, 1873, 32mo, pp. 280.

Biblioteca della Gioventù Italiana.

39.-26. Giulio Verne. I Viaggi di Marco Polo unica versione originale fedelmente riscontrata sub codice Magliabeccano e sulle opere di Charton per cura di Ezio Colombo. Volume Unico. Milano, Serafino Muggiani e Comp., 1878, 16mo, pp. 143.

The frontispiece is a coarse wood-cut exhibiting Marco Polo; this vol. is part of a popular Collection of Travels.

40.-27. Marco Polo.-I Viaggi secondo la lezione del codice

Magliabechiano più antico. Milano, Sonzogno, 1886, 16mo.

See supra 37-24.


41.-1. MARCO || PAULO. ? Ho liuro de Nycolao veneto. ? O trallado da carta de huu genoues das ditas terras. ? C? priuilegio del Rey nosso senhor q nenhuu fa?a a impres || sam deste liuro ne ho venda em todollos se' regnos & senho=||rios sem li?e?a de Valentim fern?dez so pena c?teuda na car || ta do seu preuilegio. Ho pre?o delle. Cento & dez reaes. folio of 106 ff.

Collation: 8 prel. ff. n. chiff., and 98 ff. numbered.

Recto 1st f.: Titre ut supra.-Vignette showing a sphere.

Verso 2nd f.: Come?ase a epistola sobre a trallada?a do liuro de || Marco paulo. Feita per Valetym fern?dez escudey || ro da excellentissima Raynha Dona Lyanor. Ende || ren?ada ao Serenissimo & Inuictissimo Rey & Sen ||hor Dom Emanuel o primeiro. Rey de Portugal & || dos Alguarues. daque & alem mar em Africa. Sen || hor de Buynee. E da conquista da nauega?om & co||mercio de Ethiopia. Arabia. Persia. & da India.

Recto 7th f.: Come?ase a tauoa dos capitulos do liuro Primeyro.

Recto 1st f. chif.: Come?ase ho Liuro Primeiro de Marco paulo || de Veneza das condi?o?es & custumes das getes || & das terras & prouincias orientaes. E prime y ra||mente de como & em que maneyra Dom Marco=|| paulo de Veneza & Dom Maffeo seu irma?o se pas||sarom aas partes do oriente; vig. repres. a galley; border.

Verso f. 77: End of Marco Polo.

Recto f. 78: Nicolo Conti.

Verso f. 95: End of Nicolo Conti.

Recto f. 96: A Carta do genoues.

Verso f. 98: Acabase ho liuro de Marco paulo. c? ho liuro de Nicolao ve=||neto ou veneziano. & assi mesmo ho trallado de hua carta de huu || genoues mercador. que todos escreuer? das Indias. a serui?o || de d's. & auisameto daquelles q agora vam pera as ditas Indias || Aos quaes rogo & pe?o humilmente q benignamete queir? eme||dar & correger ho que menos achare no escreuer. s. nos vocabul' || das prouincias. regnos. ?idades. ylhas. & outras cousas muytas || & n? menos em a dist?cia das legoas de hua terra pa outra. Im=|| primido per Valentym fern?dez alema?o. Em a muy nobre ?ida || de Lyxboa. Era de Mil & quinhentos & dous annos. Aos. qua||tro dias do mes de Feureyro.-At the top, printer's mark.

A detailed description of this edition is to be found in Figanière's Bibliographia, No. 947.


42.-1. Cosmographia || breue introdu||ctoria en el libro || d' Marco paulo. ||-El libro del famoso Marco paulo || veneciano d'las cosas marauillosas || q vido enlas partes orietales c?uie || ne saber enlas Indias. Armenia. A||rabia. Persia & Tartaria. E d'l pode || rio d'l gra Ca y otros reyes. Co otro || tratado de micer Pogio floretino q || trata delas mesmas tierras & yslas.

Folio; 2 col.; 34 ff. numbered and 4 prel ff. not numbered.

On the title page 4 woodcuts exhibiting:

Marc paulo.

Micer pogio.

S. Domingo, ela ysla Isabela.


-The 4 prelim. ff. contain:

-Recto 1 f.: Title.

-Verso 1 f.: Prologo primero.

-F. 2 and 3: Maestre Rodrigo al lector.

-F. 4: Tabla de los capitulos.

-Marco Polo, ff. 1/26.

-Tratado de Micer Pogio, ff. 27-recto f. 27 [read 34].

-Last f. v. [numbered xxvij erroneously for xxxiv.]

"Acabase el libro del famoso Marco paulo vene||ciano el ql cueta de todas las tierras prouicias & islas delas Indias. Arabia || Persia Armenia y Tartaria y d'las cosas marauillosas que enellas se ha||llan assi mesmo el gra se?orio y riquezas del gran Can de Catayo se||?or delos tartaros | a?adido en fin vn tratado breue de micer Pogio || florentino el qual el mesmo escriuio por mandado de eugenio papa || quarto deste nombre por relacion de vn Nicolao [Conti] veneciano el || qual assi mesmo auia andado las ptidas orietales & de otros || testigos dinos d' fe como por el parece fiel mete trasladado || en lengua castellana por el reueredo se?or maestre Rodri||go de santa ella | Arcediano de reyna y canonigo ela sa || ta yglesia de Seuilla. El ql se eprimio por La [?] alao || polono y Jacome Cr?berger alemano ela muy || noble y muy leal ciudad d'Seuilla. A?o de || mil & q' nietos y tres a. xxviij. dias d'mayo."

43-2. Libro del famoso Marco || Polo veneciano delas cosas maraui||llosas q vido enlas partes orien=||tales: conuiene saber enlas|| Indias | Armenia | Ara||bia | Persia | & Tarta||ria. Edel poderio || del gran Can y || otros reyes. || Con otro || tratado || de mi||cer || Pogio Florentino & trata || delas mesmas tie=||rras & islas. s.l.n.d., fol.; 2 col. [Logro?o, 1529].

Collation: 4 prel. ff. not numbered + signatures a-d × 8 = 32 ff.; in all 36 ff. F. 1. v.: Prologo del Interprete.-f. 2 r. Cosmographia introductoria.-f. 3. v.: Tabla-f. 4 v.: Fin dela Tabla.-32 numbered f. follow: F. i.-Begins: Libro de Marco Polo Veneciano || (col. 1.) Aqui comien?a vn || libro que trata delas cosas marauillosas || que el noble varon micer Marco Polo de || Venecia vido enlas partes de Oriente.

Ends: recto f. xxxij: La presente obra del famoso Marco || Polo veneciano q fue traduzida fielmete de lengua veneciana en || castellano por el reueredo se?or maestre Rodrigo Arcedia||no de reyna y canonigo enla yglesia de Seuilla. || Fue impressa y corregida de nueuo enla || muy constante y leal civdad de || Logro?o en casa d'Mi||guel de eguia || a treze || de junio de mill & qui||nientos y. xx. & nueue. ||

"Cette édition de 1529, says Brunet est fort rare: 2 liv. 9 sh. Heber; 210 flor. Butsch, et 130 fr. en 1859.-Il y en a une plus ancienne de Séville, Cromberger, 1520 in-fol., que cite Panzer d'après Vogt."

Lazari says of this edition of 1520, p. 461: "Di estrema rarità. Questa traduzione è tratta da un antico testo italiano: l'autore n'é Maestro Rodrigo de Santaella."

44.-3. Historia || de las Gran-||dezas y Cosas || marauillosas de las

Prouin-||cias Orientales. || Sacada de Marco Pavlo || Veneto, y

traduzida de Latin en Romance, y a?a-|| dida en muchas partes por Don

Martin de Bolea || y Castro, Varon de Clamosa, || se?or de la Villa de

|| Sietamo. || Dirigida a Don Beltran de || la Cueba, Duque de

Alburquerque, Marques de|| Cuellar, Conde de Ledesma y Guelma, Lugar-

|| teniente, y Capitan Geneial por su Ma-||gestad, en el Reyno de ||

Aragon. || Con Licencia, en Carago?a. || Por Angelo Tauano, A?o. M.

DCI, 8vo, 8 ff. n. ch.+163 ff.+ 8 ff. n. ch. for the tab. and errata.

Last f. n. ch. verso: En Carago?a || Por Angelo Tauano || A?o. 1601.

45.-4. Biblioteca universal. Coleccion de los Mejores autores antiguos y modernos, nacionales y extranjeros. Tomo LXVI. Los Viages de Marco Polo veneciano. Madrid. Direccion y administracion, 1880, 16mo, pp. 192.

"La edicion que hemos tenido principalmente à la vista, para formar este volúmen de nuestra Biblioteca, es la de Ludovico Pasini, Venecia 1847."


46.-1. La || description geo-||graphiqve des Provinces || & villes plus fameuses de l'Inde Orientale, meurs, || loix, & coustumes des habitans d'icelles, mesme-||ment de ce qui est soubz la domination du grand || Cham Empereur des Tartares. || Par Marc Paule gentilhomme Venetien, || Et nouuellement reduict en || vulgaire Fran?ois. || [mark] A Paris, || Pour Vincent Sertenas tenant sa boutique au Palais en la gallerie par || ou on va a la Chacellerie. Et en larue neuue Nostre dame l'image sainct lehan l'Euangeliste. || 1556. || Avec Privilege dv Roy, || 4to, 10 prel. f. not numbered + 123 ff. numbered + I f. not numbered.

Sommaire dv Privilege du Roy (verso of title).-Episle "A Adrian de Lavnay sei||gneur de sainct Germain le Vieil, Viconte de || sainct Siluain, Notaire & Secretaire || du Roy." F.G.L.S.-De Paris ce xviii. iour d'Aoust 1556, 3 pages.-Preface av lectevr par F.G.L., 5 pages.-Table, 8 pages.-Pièces de vers 2 pages at the beginning and an advertisement (1 page) at the end.

Begins page 1: "Lors que Bauldoyn Prince Chre||stien tat fameux & renommé tenoit || l'Empire de Const?tinople, assavoir || en Pan de l'incarnation de nostre || Saulueur mil deux cens soixante & || neuf, deux nobles & prudes citoyes || de Venise….

Verso of last f. not numbered, the mark of Vincent Sertenas.

Oldest edition in French.

Marsden and Yule believe that it has been translated from the Latin of the Novus Orbis.

47.-2. Same title. A Paris, || Pour Estienne Groulleau, demourant en la rue neuue Nostre || dame, à l'image sainct Iehan Baptiste. || 1556. || Avec privilege dv Roy, 4to.

Same edition with a different bookseller.

48.-3. La Description geographique … de l'Inde Orientale … Par Marc

Paule … || A Paris, || Pour Jehan Longis tenant sa boutique au

Palais en la gallerie par || ou on va à la Chancellerie. || 1556.||

Auec Priuilege du Roy. 4to.

Same edition as Sertenas' with the privilege of this bookseller. A copy is marked in the Catalogue des livres … de … James de Rothschild, II, Paris, 1887, No. 1938. M.E. Picot remarks that the Preface by F.G. L., as well as the motto Inter utrumque belong to FRAN?OIS GRUGET, Lochois, who in the same year edited with the same booksellers the Dodechedron de Fortune.

49.-4. Les || Voiages || très-curieux & fort remarquables, || Achevées par toute || l'Asie, Tartarie, Mangi, Japon, || les || Indes orientales, iles adjacentes, || & l'Afrique, || Commencées l'An 1252. || Par Marc Paul, Venitien, || Historien recommandable pour sa fidelité. || Qui contiennent une Relation très-exacte des Pa?s Orientaux: || Dans laquelle il décrit très exactement plusieurs Pa?s & Villes, lesquelles || Lui même a Voiagées & vües la pluspart: & où il nous enseigne briévement || les Moeurs & Coutumes de ces Peuples, avant ce tems là inconnues aux|| Européens; || Comme aussi l'origine de la puissance des Tartares, quand à leurs Conquêtes || de plusieurs Etats ou Pa?s dans la Chine, ici clairement proposée & expliquée. || Le tout divisé en III. Livres, || Conferé avec un Manuscrit de la Bibliothèque de S.A.E. de Brandebourg, || & enrichi de plusieurs Notes & Additions tirées du dit Manuscrit, || de l'Edition de Ramuzio, de celle de Purchas, || & de celle de Vitriare.

Form a part of 43 and 185 col. in vol. ii. of Voyages faits principalement en Asie … par Pierre Bergeron. A la Haye, Chez Jean Neaulme M. DCC. XXXV, in 4.

After André Müller Greiffenhag.

Remark on the title-page the date of the voyage 1252! In the text, col. 6, it is marked 1272.

50.-5. Marco Polo-Un Vénitien chez les Chinois avec étude biographique et littéraire par Charles Simond. Paris, Henri Gautier, s.d. [1888], pp't 8vo, pp. 32.

Forms No. 122 of Nouvelle Bibliothèque populaire à 10 Cent. Besides a short biographical notice, it contains Bergeron's Text.

51.-6. Voyages de Marco Polo. Première partie. Introduction, Texte.

Glossaire et Variantes.

Introduction, pp. xi.-liv. [by Roux.]

Voyage de Marc Pol, pp. 1-288-Table des Chapitres, pp. 289-296.

[Published from MS. 7367 of the Bibliothèque nationale.]

Peregrinatio Marci Pauli. Ex Manuscripto Bibliothecae Regiae, No 3195 f°, pp. 297-494-Index Capitum, pp. 495-502.

Glossaire des mots hors d'usage, pp. 503-530 [by Méon].

Errata, pp. 531-532.

Variantes et Tableau comparatif des noms propres et des noms de lieux cités dans les voyages de Marco Polo, pp. 533-552.

(Vol. i. 1824, of the Recueil de Voyages, de la Société de géographie de Paris.)

-Rapport sur la Publication des Voyages de Marco Polo, fait au nom de la section de publication, par M. Roux, rapporteur. (Bull. de la Soc. de Géog., I. 1822, pp. 181-191.)

-Itinéraires à Jérusalem et Descriptions de la Terre Sainte rédigés en fran?ais aux xi'e, xii'e, & xiii'e siècles publiés par Henri Michelant & Gaston Raynaud. Genève, Fick, 1882, in-8.

Voyage des Polo, pp. xxviii.-xxix.-Ext. of MS. fr. 1116 are given, pp. 201-212, et of the version called after Thiébault de Cépoy, pp. 213-226.

The Fr. MS. 1116, late 7367, has been reproduced by photography (including the binding, a poor modern one in calf!) at Karlsruhe this year (1902) under the title:

-Le divisiment dou monde de Messer March Pol de Venece.-Die Handschrift

Fonds Fran?ais No. 1116 der National bibliothek zu Paris photographisch

aufgenommen auf der Gr. Hof-und Landes bibliothek zu Karlsruhe von Dr. A.

Steiner.-Karlsruhe. Hof-Buchdruckerei Friedrich Gutsch. 1902, in-4.

Has No. Impr. 5210 in the National Library, Paris.

52.-7. Marco Polo. (Charton, Voy. anc. et mod., II. pp. 252-440.)

Modernized Text of the Geographical Society.-Notes, Bibliography, etc.

53.-8. [Chinese]

-Le livre || de || Marco Polo || citoyen de Venise || Conseiller privé et commissaire impérial || de || Khoubila?-Khaan; || rédigé en fran?ais sous sa dictée en 1298 || par Rusticien de Pise; || Publié pour la première fois d'après trois manuscrits inédits de la Bibliothèque impériale de Paris, || présentant la rédaction primitive du Livre, revue par Marc Pol lui-même et donnée par lui, en 1307, à Thiébault de Cépoy, || accompagnée des variantes, de l'explication des mots hors d'usage, et de Commentaires géographiques et historiques, || tirés des écrivains orientaux, principalement chinois, avec une Carte générale de l'Asie; || par || M.G. Pauthier. ||-Paris || Librairie de Firmin Didot…. M. DCCC. LXV, 2 parts, large 8vo.

-Polo (Marco) par G. Pauthier.

Extrait de la Nouvelle Biographie générale, publiée par MM. Firmin

Didot frères et fils. Ppt. 8vo, on 2 col.

-A Memoir of Marco Polo, the Venetian Traveller to Tartary and China [translated from the French of M.G. Pauthier]. (Chin. & Jap. Rep., Sept. & Oct. 1863.)

54.-9. Les Récits de Marco Polo citoyen de Venise sur l'histoire, les moeurs et les coutumes des Mongols, sur l'empire Chinois et ses merveilles; sur Gengis-Khan et ses hauts faits; sur le Vieux de la Montagne; le Dieu des idolatres, etc. Texte original fran?ais du XIII'e siècle rajeuni et annoté par Henri Bellenger. Paris, Maurice Dreyfous, s.d., 18mo, pp. iv-280.

55.-10. Le Livre de Marco Polo-Facsimile d'un manuscrit du XIV'e siècle conservé à la Bibliothèque royale de Stockholm, 4to, 4 ff. n. c. for the title ut supra and preface + 100 ff. n. c. [200 pages] of text facsimile.

We read on the verso of the title-page: "Photolithographie par l'Institut lithographique de l'Etat-Major-Typographie par l'Imprimerie centrale-Stockholm, 1882."-We learn from the preface by the celebrated A.E. Nordenski?ld, that 200 copies, two of which on parchment have been printed. In the preface is printed a letter, Paris, 22nd Nov. 1881, written by M. Léopold Delisle, which shows that the Stockholm MS. belonged to the library of the King of France, Charles V. (who had five copies of Polo's Book) and had No. 317 in the Inventory of 1411; it belonged to the Louvre, to Solier of Honfleur, to Paul Petau when it was purchased by King Christina.

-Le "Livre de Marco Polo." Facsimile d'un manuscrit du XIV'e siècle conservé à la Bibliothèque royale de Stockholm. Stockholm, 1882, in-4 (Signed: LéOPOLD DELISLE)-Nogent-le-Rotrou, imp. de Daupeley-Gouverneur. [1882], pp. 8vo.

Extrait de la Bibliothèque de l'école des Chartes. t. xliii. 1882.-

This is a reprint of an article by M. Delisle in the Bib. de l'éc. des Chartes, xliii. 1882, pp. 226-235.-see also p. 434.-M.G. Raynaud has also given a notice of this edition of Stockholm in Romania, xl. 1882, pp. 429-430, and Sir Henry Yule, in The Athenaeum, 17th June, 1882, pp. 765-766.

-Il libro di Marco Polo facsimile d'un manoscritto del XIV secolo. Nota del prof. G. Pennesi. (Bol. Soc. Geog. Ital., 1882, pp. 949-950.)

-See MURET, Ernest, pp. 547 and 582.


56.-1. The most noble || and famous trauels of || Marcus Paulus, one || of the nobilitie of the state of || Venice, into the East partes || of the world, as Armenia, Per||sia, Arabia, Tartary, with || many other kingdoms || and Prouinces. || No lesse pleasant, than || profitable, as appeareth || by the Table, or Contents || of this Booke. || Most necessary for all sortes || of Persons, and especially || for Trauellers. || Translated into English. || At London, || Printed by Ralph Nevvbery, || Anno. 1579. Small 4to. pp. [28]+167+[1]. Sig. *-**** A-X.

Pp. 167 without the 28 first pages which contain the title (2 p.), the

epistle of the translator, Iohn Frampton (2 p.). Maister Rothorigo to the

Reader: An introduction into Cosmographie (10 pages), the Table of the

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