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The Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 2 By Marco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa Characters: 908

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And when Acomat Soldan had heard the message of Argon his nephew, he thus replied: "Sirs and envoys," quoth he, "my nephew's words are vain; for the land is mine, not his, and I helped to conquer it as much as his father did. So go and tell my nephew that if he will I will make him a great Prince, and give him ample lands, and he shall be as my son, and the greatest lord in the land after myself. But if he will not, let him be assured that I will do

my best to bring him to his death! That is my answer to my nephew, and nought else of concession or covenant shall you ever have from me!" With that Acomat ceased, and said no word more. And when the Envoys had heard the Soldan's words they asked again: "Is there no hope that we shall find you in different mind?" "Never," quoth he, "never whilst I live shall ye find my mind changed."

<+> (Argon's wrath at the reply. Both sides prepare for battle.)

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