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   Chapter 3 Rowan No End

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The scent of sweaty gym socks caused Jimmy Kanter to cringe his Pig snout in disgust. He never imagined he would be at the school gymnasium in the middle of the night looking for a pink rose.

The seventeen-year-old pudgy male had short hair, which looked as if his mother had cut it with a pair of safety scissors. It was uneven, stringy and greasy. He had some freckles on his face, his pig snout was freshly powdered so it didn’t run- something that happens whenever he becomes nervous- and he wore a nice buttoned up black shirt with black khaki pants.

For the first time in his life, things were going his way. He was finally passing all his classes, his mother and father got back together after they separated months ago and now he was going on a date with the most popular girl in school; Vicky Sadler.

He found a note on his locker earlier in the day that Vicky signed and it read:

“Meet me in the gym at 8pm. Find a pink rose and I’ll be right behind you.”

Any sane person would think this would be trap but Vicky’s parents were adventurers who traveled through both the Magic and Mortal Realm looking for ancient artifacts, so he had every reason to believe Vicky enjoyed sending people on scavenger hunts.

Jimmy let out a sigh of relief as he noticed a pink rose lying on the top of the bleachers. He quickly ran up and grabbed the rose. He sniffed it and it smelled just like Cotton Candy-one of Vicky’s favorite treats.

“I knew you’d come.” The soft voice of Vicky Sadler said from behind Jimmy. His heart skipped a beat upon hearing her voice and he smiled to himself. He could not wait to turn around and gaze lovingly into the hazel eyes of his longtime crush.

Jimmy cleared his mind and he slowly turned around, it wasn’t done for dramatic effect but instead for him to control his anxiety, which would sometimes make him stutter and shake uncontrollably. “Vicky, I must say how excited I am that-“ Jimmy’s words were cut off when a bright flash blinded him.

He covered his eyes as he heard laughing.

“Eww you dweeb!” Standing before him on the step of the bleachers was Dean Deckler, the most popular boy in school. He looked at the phone screen at the picture he just took of Jimmy making a hideous face that was a combination of shock and lust.

Jimmy’s sight cleared from the flash and he looked around gym in hopes of seeing Vicky, but it was just him and Dean. “Wh-Where’s Vicky? I-I heard her.”

Dean glared at the male and he smirked. “That was me you moron! Remember I’m a Chameleon. I can disguise my voice.” He cleared his throat and spoke adjusting his voice to sound just like Vicky’s, “You see you Dweeb, I’m not Vicky but I sound just like her.” Dean laughed again and he shook his head causing his voice to return back to its normal baritone pitch.

Jimmy looked at the eighteen-year-old male standing in front of him. “Wh-Wh-Why would you do this?”

“Why not?” Dean replied back followed once again with a crude laugh.

Dean Deckler was Captain of the Football team and a Chameleon. It doesn’t mean he was a lizard at all, but it meant that he could shape shift into anyone and take on their likeness, mannerisms and voice. Jimmy couldn’t help but wonder if Dean’s good looks, chiseled cheek bones, athletic body, light blue eyes and blonde hair, was even real or just a perfect illusion.

“I did it because I see the way you look at Vicky. The way she helps you with your homework because your Fat ass can’t do anything right. And I’m here to tell you it needs to stop. Vicky is my girl.”

“B-B-b-but you and here are no-no-no-not even dating.”

Dean shrugged, “So? It doesn’t matter where we are now in our relationship because my Dad brought a Magic Crystal Ball from the Black Market and I saw Vicky and I as adults. We’re going to not only be married but I’m going to rule the Magic Realm, and when that happens, I’m going to make sure you and your family of pigs, never see this Realm again.”

Dean laughed at his own words, he pushed Jimmy causing the teen to lose his balance on the bleachers, and he fell on his back.

“Ha! Next time watch your back buddy. Oink, Oink!”

Dean jumped off the bleachers and started to walk toward the double doors of the gymnasium whistling a tune to himself.

Jimmy rubbed his temples angrily as he watched the Jock walk away unfazed at all by the attack he just unleashed on the innocent teen. “Rowan No End, Rowan No End…Rowan No End.”

A high-pitched giggle echoed throughout the gymnasium and it caused Dean to stop walking. He couldn’t believe how disrespectful Jimmy was by laughing at him, laughing at him! Does the Pig even know who Dean is? Who his father is?!

The Jock turned around and he froze in fear when in a black smoky light a man appeared before him wearing a black and white Jester costume.

The man stood at five feet tall, he was unhealthily skinny with not one ounce of fat on his bones, his eyes were yellow and the man’s infectious smile was decorated with crooked orange teeth and black lipstick on this thin lips.

“Who the hell are you?” Dean asked angrily.

“Who am I?” the Jester asked his voice was high pitched as if he just inhaled some helium. He licked his black painted lips and smiled. “I’m your end.”

Jimmy closed his eyes as he heard the horrifying screams of Dean Deckler mixed with the laughs of the Jester. Jimmy knew, Dean was never going to be a problem again.


Twenty Minutes Later:

“Speaking of that!” Judias interrupted and glanced over at Agatha, “What will I do about him? He won’t rest until I’m dead.”

Agatha’s calming smile reappeared on her face and she nodded her head once again softly. “Do not worry about him. As I said, this apartment is cloaked as well as you both. When the time comes you will face your father, but that time isn’t coming soon.”

“How do you know?” Judias asked.

“Because, I have foreseen it. And-“ Agatha stopped speaking when she heard a soft ringing in her ears. She smiled at both men and bowed her head. “It is my time to move on. Do not mourn me. Do not be sad for me. Just celebrate your life and know… that everything happens for a reason. Blessed be.”

In a white blinding light, Agatha’s ghost disappeared from the loft.

Judias looked at Nathaniel, “What the hell did she mean by that?”

Nathaniel was going to reply by citing how he didn’t know why Agatha did the things she did, when the crystal ball on the table started to glow red. Both men looked at it and Nathaniel smiled softly.

“It’s showtime.”

Judias looked at the crystal ball and let out a soft sigh as he made his way over to the glowing ball. The Witch placed his hands on the ball as Nathaniel did the same and in a bright red light, they both disappeared out of the loft.

In the same red light, they appeared in a school hallway. The hallway’s décor consisted of Halloween decorations from Pumpkins, to Skeletons and faux spider webs. Gold and Black painted lockers lined up the hall and a black twelve feet tall Christmas tree decorated with golden Jack O Lanterns stood in the middle of the hallway.

“Where are we?” Nathaniel asked looking around the empty hallway.

“It looks like we’re in a…-“ Judias walked down the hallway and read the school’s banner that stood over the Halloween decorated tree. “-Ah crap. We’re at Hallows High.”

The Knight joined him and read the banner, “Hallows High? That doesn’t sound good.”

“It’s just a school filled with Magical Beings many people associate Halloween with as well as beings that are sometimes associated with Fairy Tales. Goblins, Ogres, Ghosts, talking Mice and wannabe Prince and Princes.”

Nathaniel knew there were schools in various parts of the Realm that catered to the diverse population, but he had no idea there was one specifically one for Fairy Tale characters. “So their Christmas is Halloween?” He asked referring to the large Christmas tree.

Judias shook his head, “No. They used to have a statue of writer Hans Christian Andersen a few centuries ago, but the Council of Elders felt the statue was a direct sign of disrespect since Hans profited off the fictitious stories he created based on the students here and their families; so they tore it down and replaced it with a ‘Halloween Tree’. You write a wish on a piece of paper and then put it inside of the tree. If you believe in Magic, in an hour your wish will come true. ”

The Knight realized Judias wasn’t joking and the information he just shared with him was actually factual. “Do you honestly believe this tree is some sort of…wishing tree?”

The Witch gave him a smirk, “Write down a wish and check for yourself.”

Before Nathaniel could utter a word, the sounds of high heels echoed behind them. They turned around to find a middle-aged woman walking towards them with a plastered smile on her face. Her brown chestnut hair was styled into a neat bun on top of her head; she wore a pink and white wool dress, pink and white shoes and a set of pink pearls were around her neck.

Both men watched as she stopped two feet away from them and gave them a wide smile. “Hello! You must be Grey and Echoes! Agatha has told me so much about you. My name is Dean Tremaine; Dean is not my first name. My first name is Dharma. So my full name is Dharma Tremaine but you two can call me Dean Tremaine.”

If there were an award for the most annoying and preppy person alive, Dean Tremaine would win it without trouble.

Judias nodded his head. “Yes, I’m Judias Grey. May I ask why did you call for us?”

“Earlier today we’ve had a situation at the gym concerning a student. It appears he just disappeared. Sadly this wasn’t the first time something like this happened.”

“Disappeared?” Nathaniel asked not entirely sure how that was even possible.

Dean Tremaine nodded her head still with the smile painted on her face. “Well you see Mr. Echoes, it seems that there is an Urban Legend at this school…and well…I feel like one of my students may have conjured up a very realistic version of it and kidnapped his fellow peer in a silly prank.”

“A prank?” Judias asked. “Forgive me Dean Tremaine, but in a school like this; any indication of a prank should be taken seriously especially if one of your students went missing.”

“I know, Mr. Grey.” Dean Tremaine said.

Nathaniel waited to see if Judias had another question to ask and when silence visited the trio the Knight quickly added, “You said there is an urban legend in this school. What Urban legend?”

“Someone by the name of Rowan No End.”

A small gasp escaped Judias’ mouth and the Knight quickly looked at him. “You’ve heard of him?”

Judias nodded slowly. “Yeah...he was a Jester for the Vanderson Kingdom.”

“Who are they?”

Judias looked at the Knight. “The Vandersons ruled…the Dark Magic Realm.”


Dean Tremaine watched quietly as Judias and Nathaniel skimmed through a box of information she handed them about the cases of the missing students. In the box were pictures of the missing students, accounts of eyewitnesses and photographs of the scenes where the students disappeared.

Nathaniel read the transcripts of the eyewitnesses and noticed how every student mentioned the same name ‘Rowan No End’.

“So what are we looking at here with this Rowan No End?” The Knight asked looking at Judias.

“The Vandersons were a family of Warlocks who ruled the Dark Magic Realm with iron fists, bloody boots and an appetite for Witches and shockingly Ogres.” Judias stated causing Dean Tremaine to listen closely as this information was new to her. “Rowan-“

“Please!” Dean Tremaine interjected quickly with the smile still imprinted on her face. “Let’s not say that name again. The students believe if you say his name three times he’ll appear and we don’t want that.”

“Like Bloody Mary?” Nathaniel asked.

Dean Tremaine nodded and Judias rolled his eyes and continued. “Mr. No End, was a Jester for the Vandersons. No one knew where he came from or if he had family. He just showed up one day and the King hired him as the Jester. However, there was a secondary tale about this Jester and the tale stated, No End kidnapped children, usually teenagers and he would suck their blood.”

“He’s a vampire?”

Judias let out a loud chuckle and he shook his head. “Not a Vampire at all. He just sucks the blood out of Virgins. He doesn’t need it to live…he just enjoys the taste.”

Nathaniel scrunched his nose in disgust, as he didn’t want to hear anything about people devouring blood or human flesh.

“Although-“ Judias added drifting into his thoughts, “-I don’t think he ever had abilities to be conjured.”

“I thought the Dark Magic Realm was imprisoned in Athena’s Box?” The Knight asked remembering the conversation Agatha had with them a few minutes ago.

Judias gave him a simple nod. “That is right. I don’t know how in the hell he escaped unscathed and how he is being conjured but-“ The Witch stopped speaking as he saw a sheet of paper on top of the desk. The sheet had five names on it:

“*Cindy Charming

*Angela Uma

*Augustine Kui

*Maxx Sheppers

*Jimmy Kanter”

He turned the sheet over to the Dean. “Who are these names?”

Dean Tremaine read them over quickly and answered him, “Those are the witnesses. Cindy and Angela were present when Lilly Snow was taken, Augustine and Maxx were present when Ariel Sebastian was taken and Jimmy was present when Dean Deckler was taken.”

“Five witnesses and not one investigation was done?” The Knight’s tone held resentment and anger toward the preppy Dean. Three missing students should’ve been enough for her to call for help not only from the Echoes Kingdom but also the Council of Magical Elders.

The Dean’s smile didn’t fade once from her tired and heavily applied make up face. “I understand how upset you must be Mr. Echoes, but students run away from here all the time. No one wants to be at school. I’m sure you both resented your parents for taking you to school.”

“That’s not true. I enjoyed learning.” Nathaniel stated.

“Are these students present today?” Judias added.

Dean Tremaine nodded. “Upon your arrival I contacted them. They’re waiting for you to speak to them in the library.”

Nathaniel took out a photograph from the box and he examined it carefully. It was a picture of a black crystal. The crystal was shattered from the inside, it’s edges were sharp as if it was attached to something and was roughly ripped apart. He showed both Dean Tremaine and Judias the photograph. “Any idea what this is?”

Dean Tremaine shook her head. “Not at all. It was found on the site of Lilly Snow, the first missing student.”

Judias cleared his throat causing Dean Tremaine to look at him and he started to recite a spell,

“Love in life is what we’ve seen,

Lost in fear when we are mean.

Lose the hope and paint it green,

Use my words to freeze this scene.”

Dean Tremaine opened her mouth to speak but she didn’t utter a sound…or a word. Instead, she stood motionless like a statue staring at the Witch.

Nathaniel noticed her statuette pose and glanced at Judias, “Did you freeze her?”

Judias dismissed his words, “She’ll thaw out in five minutes and it’ll give me a break from her perky attitude.”

The Knight could tell there were many questions dancing around in Judias’ head, “What do you make of this case?”

“It’s not making any sense yet. We have three missing students, five witnesses, an urban legend and a crystal. Something isn’t right here and Dean Tremaine isn’t going to help us in ways we need her too. You and I are going to have to split up.”

Nathaniel agreed that was the best option here “Sounds good. What would you like me to do?”

“I need you to take that picture of the Crystal to Haneltha’s Magic Crystal Shop. I know the owner and she is an expert in anything that involves magical crystals.”

“Okay. What about you?”

Judias picked up the sheet containing the students’ names and he showed it to the Knight. “I’m going to interview these students and see what they can tell me. If one of them is lying I’ll be able to spot it.”

Nathaniel once again nodded his head and in a blue light he disappeared from the office.

Judias let out a deep sigh of frustration. If the Witch wanted to solve this case before the night was over, he was going to take part in something he never enjoyed doing: socializing.

The following notes were taken by Judias during his interrogation with the eye witnesses aka the students:

? Cindy Charming: 17 years old. She identifies as a “Future Princess”. She claims her and her “bff” Angela Uma, confronted Lilly Snow about a rose she received during her 8th period Magic 101 Class. Apparently, Lilly is dating Cindy’s brother and Cindy was starting to suspect that Lilly was cheating on him-as if I truly care about teenage drama. She swears on ‘all the designer bags in the world’, that she didn’t do any harm to Lilly. I believe her. She may be vain and spoiled and her teeth are whiter than snow; but she is a self-proclaimed Princess who didn’t need a scandal like this to ruin her chances of getting the crown.

? Angela Uma: 17 years old; 17 years “and a half”. She proclaims herself ‘Queen of Hallows High’- a fact I’m pretty sure her “bff” Cindy would quickly shoot down. She is hesitant at first to talk about the night where Lilly Snow went missing, but after a few seconds of her brushing her hair, as if she was a cat grooming itself; she decided to speak willingly. Apparently, Lilly Snow was Cindy’s bestfriend since kindergarten but they stopped being “besties” because Lilly started to date Cindy’s brother…which according to Angela and Cindy, is a clear violation of the “Girl Code”. I don’t think she did anything to Lilly at all. Angela’s attention span is that of a Newt…not very bright.

? Augustine Kui: 18 years old. He identifies as a “Vegan Goblin, Troll, Ogre”- he apparently doesn’t know what kind of species he is…Anyway, he is a regular at a local Pub where students of Hallows High attend after school. He has seen Ariel Sebastian many times there. He describes her as a “Cute girl that keeps to herself”. He claims he never saw her speaking to anyone there. Until one day he saw her talking to a Pig like fellow. When asked if this “Pig Like Fellow” has a name, Augustine gave me a shrug. So now, my attention is on this “Pig Like Fellow”; which shouldn’t be hard to find…cue sarcasm.

? Maxx Shepper: 18 years old. He identifies himself as a “Future Ogre Killer” but according to him means “I’m only going to kill like the really, really, really, really, really bad Ogres. Not the good ones like Shrek.”….He claims that he approached Ariel Sebastian one day, a few months ago, and he offered to buy her a drink but she rejected him citing, “I don’t associate myself with spawns of Ogre hunters”. And he said he quickly left her alone. Considering how cocky he was and how long he kept on flexing his muscles- because apparently to him, me being Gay means I’m attracted to any man I set my eyes on- he doesn’t look the type to kidnap anyone. To annoy someone? Oh definitely!

Self Note: So far these witnesses are not actually witnesses at all since they didn’t see Lilly Snow and Ariel Sebastian get taken. It appears once again Dean Tremaine’s disorganization has interfered with this investigation. I’m starting to suspect that maybe “chirpy”, “preppy” and “prissy” Dean Tremaine is an act. I’ll speak to her right after I talk to the last “witness”, Jimmy Kanter…who is already ten minutes late.

Judias closed his notebook, sighed and rubbed his forehead. It was at least three hours since he found out Agatha was murdered and he didn’t even have time to rest or digest anything from the tragedy. Now here he was in Hallows High, interviewing clueless students about their missing peers, who none of them actually saw get taken!

The Witch waited a few more seconds for the last eyewitness to arrive but so far no one named Jimmy showed up to the library and Judias really needed something to eat.

He rose up from the uncomfortable yellow plastic chair and grabbed his notebook; just as he turned around to leave, he saw Jimmy Kanter enter the library nervously scratching his arms.

“Hi, you must be Jimmy Kanter.” The Witch said with a sincere smile on his face- a trick he picked up a few years ago in acting school.

Jimmy nodded nervously and he avoided eye contact with the stranger completely, ‘Dean Tr-Tremaine said you wanted to speak with me?”

Judias nodded slowly, “Yes. I’m a…let’s just say a Magical Sleuth, and I’m here because a few of your peers have gone missing. And I was told you were a witness when your friend Dean Deckler went missing.”

“He-He-He isn’t my fr-fr-fr-friend.”

The teenager’s nerves were getting the best of him as he started to think back at how Dean bullied him throughout the years and made his life a miserable Hell, the last thing he would ever call Dean would be a friend.

Judias watched the teen’s solemn expression and he remembered the testimony Augustine Kui gave about Ariel Sebastian speaking to a “Pig Like Fellow” and based on the erratic behavior of Jimmy; Judias knew something was definitely wrong.

“Jimmy-“ The Witch began. “-Did you also speak to Ariel Sebastian too?”

Jimmy nervously backed away from the Witch shaking his head. “Le-Le-Leave me alone!”

“I’m not here to hurt you Jimmy, I’m a Witch and I’m here to help you. I just need to understand what’s going on.”

Judias extended his right hand to show the teenager that he didn’t mean any harm but Jimmy slapped his hand away and backed away again. “No! You-You-You’re lying! Yo-You’re here to punish me.”

The Witch shook his head. “Absolutely not. I’m here to help your school. If you’re in trouble I need to know.”

Jimmy chuckled shaking his head. “N-No one can help me now except him.”

“Him?” Judias asked. “Who’s him?”

Jimmy ran out of the library causing Judias to let out a deep frustrated sigh. “This is why I hate children.”

The last thing Judias wanted to do was run through the halls of Hallows High like a mad man on the loose, especially since he looked twenty-seven and someone might get the wrong impression and it was the fact he was really tired and needed some sleep. It’s not every day you realize your father is trying to kill you.

Judias ran out of the library and stopped as he saw Jimmy standing a few feet away from him. “Listen kid, I am not the enemy here. I just need to know what is going on!” He stated trying his hardest not to come across as rude or dangerous; but that didn’t stop Jimmy from feeling belittled.

The teenager angrily stomped his right foot on the ground sending a huge gust of wind hurling toward Judias. The gust of wind knocked the Witch off his feet and unto the ground with a loud Thud!

“Agh!” The Witch groaned out in pain as he landed roughly on his back.

Jimmy knew what was going to happen next. He had heard stories about Witches and the dangerous powers they have when they are angry. While Judias didn’t look quite intimidating to the teen, who assumed the Witch was part of a theater group because he had a certain “theatre vibe” about him when he speaks; Jimmy still couldn’t take a chance.

The teen watched nervously as Judias got up slowly from the floor, “Rowan No End. Rowan No End. Rowan No End!”

In a black smoky light Rowan No End appeared and he looked down at Judias who’s eyes widened in shock. “Hello! Oooooh!” The Jester sung aloud in excitement. “You’re a Witch! This is going to be so much fun!”

Rowan’s black lipped smile revealed stained razor sharp teeth and he smelled like Brimstone and char. Judias glanced as the Jester clapped his hands happily letting out a high pitched giggle.

Judias nervously gulped, “Uh Oh!”


Haneltha’s Magic Crystal Shop:

Nathaniel pushed the door of the Magic Shop open and he felt a familiar chill run down his spine as he passed through the threshold. He felt as if he had been there before, as if he had walked through the same door, saw the various shapes of colorful Magical Crystals organized on the shelves by size, color, and weight and Magical attribution; but why did it feel familiar? He had never been to a crystal shop before or let alone was a visitor of the neighborhood of Klorisin; so he clearly thought it was just a simple case of Déjà vu.

He clos

ed the door behind him and made his way toward the counter. The boutique wasn’t filled with any customers shopping or guests frequenting the aisles in search of anything that caught their eye; instead it was the just the Knight.

Once at the counter, Nathaniel noticed a clear crystal heart in a box on top of the glass counter. The clear crystal seemed to have soothed the Knight; it cleared his mind from the craziness he endured in the past six hours.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” The question broke the Knight’s concentration on the crystal heart and he looked to find Haneltha standing by a curtain made up entirely of pink glass beads.

The woman looked no older than 29 years old. Her voice was smooth like velvet and she had an English accent, which was unique since she wasn’t from England. She had shoulder length lavender colored hair, dark brown eyes, skin the color of mocha and wore a black form fitting dress. She approached the counter as Nathaniel straightened his posture.

“Yes, it is.” He answered.

“I just got it in today. It’s said to glow when the buyer gives it to the person they’re destined to be with. Sounds like a cliché I know, but I assure you it’s quite romantic.”

Nathaniel nodded and he cleared his throat. “My name is-“

“Nathaniel Echoes-Prince Nathaniel Echoes.” Haneltha interjected with a smile on her face.

Nathaniel looked at her as if she had just confessed that she drinks the blood of pigeons for breakfast. How did she know him? How did she recognize him?

As if Haneltha could read his mind, she smiled and tilted her head to the side. “I know you because I am aware of the royalty here…that and you’re the cleanest customer that walked through these doors.”

The Knight couldn’t refrain himself from smiling at the compliment (?) Haneltha gave him.

“So-“ She began. “-What brings you here? Is the Kingdom in trouble?”

Nathaniel quickly shook his head. “No not at all. Thankfully. I was actually sent by Judias.”

Haneltha let out a small gasp at the mention of her best friend’s name. “How is he? I’ve been trying to call him for two days now.”

“He’s been good.” The Knight stated. “Agatha’s passing hasn’t really hit him yet. That or he’s just super cold on the inside.”

The shop owner giggled and shook her head. “No he isn’t one to hold his feelings in about anything. Trust me.”

Nathaniel placed the image of the crystal on the glass counter, slid it to Haneltha and she glanced at it. The Knight watched as the woman’s dark brown eyes widened at the sight of the crystal. “Where did you get this?” She didn’t take her eyes off of the image.

“From a case Judias and I are working on. It was taken from a scene where a student went missing; he was hoping you could identify it as he has no idea what it is.”

“It’s a shard from an Enchanted Rock.”

Nathaniel’s eyebrows lowered, “What kind of Enchanted Rock?”

“One that shouldn’t be in the Magic Realm or any Realm for that matter.”

The words caught Nathaniel off guard and he looked at Haneltha as he asked in shock, “It’s a Dark Magic Crystal?”

The Store Owner nodded her head at his question, “I’m afraid so. I don’t know how it got to this Realm but if it’s here, it isn’t a good thing. Do you know where this crystal is now?”

Nathaniel thought about the question for a few seconds, considering the image was taken on the property of Hallows High he knew exactly where it could be. “The crystal would have to still be at the school.”

Haneltha clapped her hands together joyfully. “Oooh goody! I know a spell that would bind the powers of the crystal, if it has any. I’ll be right back.”

Before Nathaniel could get a word out, Haneltha joyfully walked through the beaded curtain, which led to her stock room full of various magical items and spell books, all she had to do was go through each book and find the spell she remembered she saw many years ago.

Nathaniel tapped his fingers lightly on the counter when the door of the boutique opened. He turned around hoping it wasn’t a customer that recognized him because the last thing he needed was someone asking him questions he really didn’t want to answer. But to his surprise- and regret- it wasn’t a stranger…it was Valerius!

The Knight knew the only reason Valerius showed up to the boutique had to be because of his father. “If my father told you to snoop on me you’re wasting your time.”

“Don’t get your tights twisted in a bunch.” Valerius stated as he entered the boutique further with his hands by his sides. “I’m here checking up on you. It seems I couldn’t sense you for the past four hours. I thought maybe you were stupid enough to get yourself killed.”

The Knight chuckled at his words, “Why? So you can finally replace me and be the second son my father always wanted?”

“Screw you! It’s not my fault you decided to hang out with that Witch!”

“That Witch has a name and his name is Judias!”

Valerius smirked watching how angry the Knight was becoming with every second that passed by. “Whatever you want to call him, doesn’t take away from the fact that Agatha is sending you on a suicide mission. No one in their right mind would pair a Witch and a Knight together, unless they were stupid, or setting that Knight up.”

Nathaniel felt his blood boil, a sensation he had felt moments ago when he was having the exact conversation with his father. His heart was pounding in his chest as if it was trying its hardest to escape the Knight’s body. He felt the air around him get thicker as he panted and Valerius watched in amusement as the Knight’s hazel eyes turned crimson.

Valerius licked his own lips as he stared deeper into the crimson eyes of Nathaniel. He felt the rage, the hatred and he felt the Beast lurking within the Knight; trying so hard to escape it’s confine to come out and play.

Haneltha walked through the curtain and paused observing the scene between both men seconds away from attacking one another.

“Uh…Am I interrupting something?” She asked.

Nathaniel’s eyes changed back to their normal color and he turned back to the storeowner. “Not at all, Valerius here was just leaving.”

The taller man slowly nodded his head and in a black smoky light, he disappeared leaving just Nathaniel and Haneltha in the boutique.

“Sorry about that.” The Knight stated clearing his throat and calming himself down. Haneltha dismissed his words and smiled warmly.

“No worries. You’re a Prince. I’m not going to question anything you do.” She giggled.

Nathaniel thanked her for not being as nosy as most people were and he glanced at the paper she held in her hand. “Is that the spell?”

She nodded her head and handed it to him. He looked it over in confusion; it was written in Latin- a language he neglected to learn growing up.

“That spell will take away whatever power the crystal has.”

“You think the crystal possesses power?”

“All crystals do.” Haneltha stated. “Since the one in the image you showed came from the Dark Magic Realm, there is no doubt in my body that it has some kind of dark power to it. When you find that crystal, it is imperative that you get only Judias to recite that spell. A Witch can only say that spell for it to truly work.”

The Knight thanked Hanletha for her help, he couldn’t be anymore grateful at the amazing job she did and he turned around to make his way toward the door when Haneltha quickly called out, “Becareful and tell Judias to call me when this is all over!”

Nathaniel told her he would make sure Judias called her and he exited the boutique.

She watched as the Knight made his way down the street and she let out a deep sigh. “He doesn’t remember at all.” She said to herself.


The sound of thunder caused Judias to open his eyes and he discovered something quite ridiculous. He was sitting on a cold metallic chair and found his arms; legs and upper body tied to it with rope. The room he was held captive in looked like a cave; flame lit torches were the only means of light as the flames flickered and revealed a large prison cell made up of bamboo sticks which was located in the far right corner.

Inside of the prison cell were three students; two females and one male. Judias knew they had to be Lilly Snow, Ariel Sebastian and Dean Deckler.

The male student looked at Judias and shook his head, “If you’re the cavalry sent here to save us, then you suck!”

“I apologize for getting kidnapped by some psychopath!” The Witch snapped back as he tried to move his arms but it was of no use; especially since his arms were tightly tied to the armrests of the chair. He stopped wiggling and looked at the three students in the cage. “Is anyone hurt?”

“No.” Lilly and Ariel answered quickly.

“Nah we aren’t hurt.” Dean stated. “He said he wasn’t going to kill us. He just wants to find a Witch to help him get power.”

Judias lowered his eyebrows and looked at the Jock. “Power? How the hell does he plan on doing that?”

“By killing you!” Rowan sung as he jumped out from behind the chair causing all four of the people in the cave to flinch in shock.

The Jester clapped his hands happily; he pulled out a small black dagger from the inside of his tights and laughed.

Judias glared at the annoying Jester and rolled his eyes. “Well, good luck with that.”

The Jester twirled around in a circle as if he was a ballet dancer, “Luck is for Mortals. I have a strong belief that I will kill you. But first-“. He stopped twirling, leaned in closer to Judias’ face, and held the tip of the dagger against the Witch’s right cheek. “- I need your blood.”

The scent of Brimstone tickled Judias’ nostrils as if the air was smothering him with it and he knew this man, being or whatever Rowan was; wasn’t real he smelled like Black Magic and the scent was making Judias very nauseated.

“Why the hell would you need my blood?”

“To bring the Dark Magic Realm back silly!”

Most people tied to a chair with a psychotic clown pressing a sharp dagger against their face, would be nervous and try their hardest to comply with the psycho…but Judias isn’t like most people. A few seconds after Rowan finished speaking Judias started to laugh causing Rowan to frown in anger.

“This isn’t funny!” Rowan stated as he stomped his feet on the ground like a child throwing a temper tantrum. “My name is Rowan No End and I am the Court Jester of the Vanderson Kingdom. The King of the Dark Magic Realm was ferocious and fearless. That was until one faithful night in September; a Witch named Athena invaded the Kingdom. She tried to imprison everyone not only in the Kingdom but also in the Shadow Realm. I, along with five other Shadow Beings, were given orders from the King himself, to run. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far and we were imprisoned inside of… a crystal rock. Somehow, I ended up North and was found by that Pig snout vermin named Jimmy. Instead of letting me go and figuring out a way to bring me back, he decided to use me as a tool for his act of vengeance against his school bullies.”

The words echoed inside of the minds of both Lilly and Ariel. They had no idea Jimmy viewed them as bullies. Lilly met him at the library, he asked her out on a date and she politely declined and Ariel was asked out as well by him and she politely declined; but they didn’t decline based on Jimmy’s looks. Truth was, Ariel and Lilly are dating each other!

Both young women looked at each other in remorse about Jimmy feeling the way he did and how angry he must’ve been.

Judias once again gave the man a smirk, “So in other words, you’re Jimmy’s Genie in a bottle. Tell me, did he rub you the right way, honey?”

In an angry fit Rowan slapped Judias in the face causing everyone in the cage to flinch out of fear. “LEAVE THE JOKES TO ME!”

A small drop of blood dripped from the corner of the Witch’s mouth, he licked it as if it was a small drop of ice cream on his face and he smirked as Rowan continued on telling his story.

“I thought for sure this…Jimmy kid was a Witch sent to rescue me from that dreadful Enchanted Rock but he is far from a Witch. He’s a pathetic loser that will never learn his body odor is worse than his pig snout.” The Jester let out another giggle and he licked his black painted lips meeting Judias’ glare. “But once I laid eyes on you, well I knew it was a match made in Heaven. Not only do I have the Judias Grey in my possession, but I have one fourth of the ‘Canutus Coven’ in my possession.”

It sounded as if Rowan just spoke a completely different language to the Witch as he looked at Rowan as if he was insane.

“A Coven?” Judias asked, “Okay now I know you’ve gone off the deep end. I am not a part of any Coven.”

Rowan nodded his head slowly, “Ah, that’s right! I forgot you were infected with the Curse and that made you forget all about your little group of friends.”

“What Curse?”

Rowan tiptoed and he twirled gracefully as if there was ballet music playing somewhere in the cave. “That isn’t my place to tell. All I want from you is a drop of your blood. Then I can create the potion I need to not only free me from this damn rock, but also to kill Jimmy. So…GIVE ME!”

Without any warning Rowan tightened his grip on the dagger and roughly stabbed the thigh of Judias’ right leg.

“AGH!” The Witch screamed out in agony as Rowan happily clapped his hands together enjoying the scene.

Judias looked at the teenagers in the cage and through his pain he shouted, “Cover your ears!”

All three of the students nodded their heads not entirely sure what he meant but they didn’t bother to question him. They placed their hands on their ears nervously and Judias gave Rowan a smirk.

The Witch inhaled deeply and let out his Ultra Sonic scream, Rowan was completely caught off guard forgetting the specific ability Judias had which made him a threat to many people in the Magic and Shadow Realm. The scream caused Rowan to drop to his knees and he covered his ears as his brain felt like it was on fire.

Judias stopped screaming and he quickly recited:

“Do not murder was their rule,

But who cares when in a duel?

Ice won’t melt when it is cool,

Take us back to Hallows school.”

In a purple blinding light the imprisoned students and tied Judias disappeared from the cave, leaving behind Rowan who angrily jumped to his feet and shouted, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Meanwhile at Hallows High; Inside of Hallows High Library:

“What do you mean he’s gone?!” Nathaniel asked angrily as Dean Tremaine handed Jimmy a cup of water.

“We had a little…um incident.” Dean Tremaine said still smiling

Jimmy took a sip of the water and nervously looked at the Knight. “What kind of incident?”

Jimmy swallowed the sip of water and he got up from the chair. “I-I-I thought Ju-Ju-Ju-Judias was here to take me away because I’m the one that has been conjuring Rowan so I called for him and he-he-he took Judias aw-aw-aw-aw-away.”

Nathaniel’s eyes changed to its beastly crimson color. “Where the hell did he take him?!”

“Mr. Echoes please calm dow-“

Dean Tremaine’s words were cut short when in a purple light the cage of students and Judias appeared in the middle of the library causing Dean Tremaine, Nathaniel and Jimmy to look at them.

“Judias!” Nathaniel’s eyes shifted back to his natural color and he ran over to the Witch tied to the chair. The first thing the Knight noticed was the dagger’s handle poking out of the Witch’s right thigh and he quickly yanked the dagger out causing Judias to scream, “Son of a bitch!”

Dean Tremaine took out a blue diamond wand, she waved it over the cage causing the door to open, and all three students walked out happily.

She turned to Judias and waved her wand once again causing the ropes that held the Witch to the chair to disappear.

“Are you okay?” Nathaniel asked as Judias quickly got up from the chair, his wound healing in a purple light and he gave the Knight a nod.

“I’m fine. “ Judias smirked. “Nothing I couldn’t handle.” He turned to Jimmy who nervously looked at him fearful of what the Witch would do to him. “Do you still have that crystal you found?”

“I-I-I do-do.” Jimmy dug inside of his beige khaki pants and showed Judias the small piece of the black crystal rock.

“Haneltha gave me this.” Nathaniel handed the spell to the Witch and he read the spell to himself.

Judias nodded his head and he looked at Jimmy, “I need you to conjure Rowan.”

As if it was rehearsed, Ariel, Lilly, Dean Tremaine, Dean Deckler and Nathaniel let out a shocked, “WHAT?!”

“Trust me. This is the only way.”

Jimmy had caused enough trouble and the last thing he wanted was to make Judias any angrier than he did by almost getting him killed. The teen nodded his head and he let out a soft sigh as he began to recite, “Rowan No End…Rowan No End…Rowan No End!”

Not wanting to be caught off guard, Nathaniel withdrew his sword and held the handle tightly waiting for whomever or whatever was coming.

In a gust of wind, Rowan No End appeared in the library and his attention went straight to Jimmy. “You’re really starting to piss me off kid.”

Judias looked at the paper and began to recite the spell:

“Tenebras non accipiunter hic,

Utere cum minus ut interficias obymbratio,

His verbis beatus per timorem occidere.

Tenebras non accipiunter hic!”

“Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Roman’s screams were met with painful agony that he had never felt before and in a black light he disappeared into the crystal and wasn’t seen again.

Judias grabbed the crystal from Jimmy, threw it on the ground and stomped on it shattering it into pieces.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief excited the nightmare was officially over and they wouldn’t have to deal with Rowan No End anymore.

While everyone was happy, Jimmy felt disgusted and anger for what he did. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone and most of all he didn’t mean to almost get anyone killed.

Judias turned to face him and smiled, “I know how tough high school can be. Believe it or not I was in your shoes once, but not everyone is against you. In fact, Ariel and Lilly could be your friends if you get to know them.”

“Bu-But they rejected me and I didn’t mean to summon Rowan it happened by accident.”

“They didn’t reject you because of how you look, your personality or whatever you think. They rejected you because they’re in a relationship; with each other.”

Jimmy glanced over at Lilly and Ariel hugging and he looked down at his feet in embarrassment and shame.

“I-I-I should ap-ap-apologize to them.”

Judias nodded his head smiling and Jimmy walked over to the pair. Nathaniel smiled as he slowly walked over to Judias and placed his sword back in its holster. “Looks like a job well done.”

The Witch smiled and he couldn’t wait to get back home and finally get that rest he deserved. But there was something that weighed heavy on his mind, Rowan told him he was a part of the ‘Canutus Coven’ and there was a curse casted that made Judias forget a few things.

He wondered if that was the reason why he was constantly getting Déjà Vu’s he couldn’t explain; he also wondered if Rowan was telling the truth and a curse was cast.

Judias didn’t know who was behind the curse or if there was one conjured, but one thing was for sure; he was going to get to the bottom of it, one way or another.


Meanwhile Back at Haneltha’s Magic Crystal Shop:

Haneltha placed her lavender colored hair in a sleek ponytail as she walked over to the door of her boutique. She locked it, flipped over the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’ and she turned around.

In a black smoky light Valerius appeared in front of her causing the woman to flinch clenching her chest. “Bloody Hell Val! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Valerius smiled sincerely at the woman, “Sorry…Did he come back?”

Haneltha shook her head, “No. But I think I found the solution to our problem. How does a Time Spell sound? We can cast it to send us back in time before the Curse was cast on Nathaniel and Judias.”

“Are you crazy?” Valerius asked, “Time Spells are unreliable and we have no idea where it will take us.”

“I know! But that is the only solution I can think of which can fix this.”

Valerius nodded and he took Haneltha’s soft delicate hands in his and gazed into her eyes, “I understand you want to fix this, but going back in time can alter everything we have here. It will bring Agatha back to life and we all know Death is never excited when we mess with his work.”

“I just…i just hate that we can’t tell them the bloody truth!”

“You and I both. But like Agatha said, messing with their minds by forcefully triggering their memories can have horrible consequences for them.”

It frustrated Haneltha so much that she can’t help her best friend with this horrible situation, but that’s the con of being a Magical Being in the Magic Realm. Nothing is easy when magic is involved.

She walked behind the counter, grabbed her pink purse from a nearby chair and returned to the man.

Valerius smiled licking his lips, walked toward the counter and pulled out a folded piece of paper from the right pocket of his black leather warrior pants.

“I actually have a Magical and legal way to return things to the way they were.” He unfolded the paper and handed it to the Lavender haired woman. She took the paper from the man and read it to herself:

“Dear My Fellow Underworld Beings,

Fugitive Witch- Judias Grey is back in the Magic Realm and he appears to be planning something deadly. Whomever brings me his head –or corpse- I will personally grant them the reward of ONE wish for anything their heart desires.


King Leon”

Haneltha stopped reading the letter and she glared at Valerius. “You want to kill Judias?”

“No no, ofcourse not!” Valerius stated shaking his head. “I was thinking we could find a corpse and make it look like Judias. I can bring it back to the King and then get a wish, where I can wish the curse to be undone.”

A shock of excitement coursed through Haneltha’s body and she smiled clapping her hands together. “That sounds like a marvelous plan! Are you able to do that without putting yourself in danger? The last thing we need is Rickasè finding out our plan.”

Valerius placed his hands on Haneltha’s shoulders and he smiled gazing into her beautiful eyes. “I can handle him. He already thinks I’m on his side and has no idea you and I were the only ones not affected by the curse. Trust me, if I can keep this act up, we’ll be one step closer to ending the curse and saving this Realm.”

Haneltha trusted everything Valerius said; she knew he would go to the end of the world to protect not only her, but also the Magic Realm.

“Just know I will be here to help you in any way you need.” Haneltha said calmly and Valerius shook his head softly.

“No, you need to rest and maintain the store. I can’t have you running around facing danger. Especially-“ he placed his right hand on the woman’s stomach and smiled. “-Since we have a little one coming into the world soon.”

“Soon?” She asked smiling. “I’m only three weeks pregnant let’s not make it seem like I’m eight and a half months. We don’t even have baby clothes or a crib.”

“Hey, Hanni, I will never stop treating this baby like royalty or stop caring for you.”

“The man of my dreams.” She said smirking as she placed her hands over his, still on her stomach.

Valerius’ smile faded and Haneltha could sense he was thinking about the curse. “Don’t worry Val.” She said softly placing her hands on his face and gazed into his eyes. “We’re going to fix this curse, our baby will be raised by us and come Hell or high water...our baby will meet its uncles.”

End of Story

Dear King Leon,

It has come to my attention that you are giving out a reward for whoever kills Judias Grey and brings you the body. While the plan seems much thought out and I’m sure your reasoning for this is pure; you must understand why I must inform you; you are wasting your time!

That Witch belongs to me and I’m going to be the one to watch him take his final breath.

So good luck, because when I find him, I’m going to kill him and if I decide to take you up on that little reward, I’ll wish him to come back to life; so I can kill him again!


The Big Bad Wolf

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