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   Chapter 2 The Beginning

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Judias’ Office: An hour later:

Nathaniel Echoes watched from the kitchen window as two men dressed in black suits covered the remains of Jonah Grey with a black tarp.

He was still trying to piece together everything that happened within the past five hours. From Agatha’s death, to being poisoned by an Underworld Demon, to meeting Judias and then finding out Jonah-Judias’ brother- was hired to assassinate the Witch by his own father! This was something Nathaniel would see in a television show rather than experience it in real life.

“Nathaniel, what the hell are you doing here?” a voice asked causing the Knight to let out a deep sigh of frustration. He turned on his heels to find a forty eight year old well-dressed man enter the office.

King Leon of the Magic Realm wasn’t dressed in a King’s cape or wore a golden crown upon his head. Instead, he wore a form fitting black suit and tie, his salt-pepper colored hair was combed to the back of his head, and his Emerald eyes glared at the Knight.

“Dad-“ Nathaniel sighed, “-I told you I was helping someone.”

“And that someone happened to be a Witch? Not just a Witch but a Goddamn Grey?” King Leon tried his hardest to calm himself down but he was on unfamiliar territory and that territory belonged to Judias Grey. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“He doesn’t want to kill me.”

“Not yet at least.”

Nathaniel shook his head at his father. “Are you kidding me with this? If he wanted me dead he wouldn’t have given me the antidote after I showed up on his doorstep poisoned.”

The King’s eyes widened at the words that just came out of his son’s mouth. “You were poisoned? By whom?”

“An Underworld Demon. Judias knows him and he’s going to vanquish him later.”

King Leon let out a loud chuckle, “Of course he does son, he’s a Witch. All Witches know Demonic Beings, as they are from the depths of Hell.”

“Judias isn’t like that.” Nathaniel stated in a calming tone that had little hints of rage behind every word, but it was said in a tone that didn’t show he was being disrespectful toward his father.

“Did he put a spell on you? Are you blind to the fact he is a Witch?”

“He is a Magical Being and when I took the oath to become a Knight, I swore to protect all Magical Beings. Including Witches.”

The King shook his head and threw his arms up in the air in defeat. “It’s official. You lost it.”

“I didn’t lose anything, dad. You and mom raised me to look at other Magical Beings with an open heart and mind and I plan to do just that with Judias. Yes, he may be a Witch but he’s in trouble. As you saw downstairs, that was his brother lying dead on the ground. And he was sent here to kill him by his father. Not to mention a few hours ago, Agatha was murdered and she was the last living friend he had. So please forgive me if I’m not seeing him as some green skinned monster, but as an actual Magical Being that needs my help.”

As much as King Leon hated to admit it, Nathaniel was right.

Being a Knight of the Magic Realm meant Nathaniel was chosen to protect all Magical Beings who were in trouble. In this case, that was Judias. But King Leon didn’t want to hear that excuse and he sure as hell didn’t want to look at Judias as someone to feel pity toward.

He cleared his throat and stood firm and straight placing his arms behind his back. “You are right son and I would never dictate who you should protect. Magical Beings need to always see each other as equals and never seek to hate one another because of differences or class…Unfortunately, Judias is a Witch who had decided five Centuries ago to abandon his home in the Magic Realm, to live his life here amongst the Mortals. I cannot and will not stand for you to waste another second protecting a traitor.”

The King walked over to the door of the office and turned around one last time to look at his son, “I am heading back to our Realm to investigate the remains of both Jonah and Agatha. At Noon, I am sending Valerius to retrieve you. You are to return back to the Magic Realm with Valerius, no excuses.”

Before Nathaniel could open his mouth to get a word in, his father disappeared in a dark blue light.

“Son of a-!” Nathaniel could feel the rage inside of him build up. His Hazel eyes turned crimson red. He felt his blood boil, he felt this heart beat faster than normal and he wanted to punch his fists through the wall but in the Knight’s mind, he heard humming. It was a soft hum that he had heard many times whenever he felt his rage get the best of him, he wasn’t sure if it was from his childhood or maybe he heard the song from a movie. Either way, the humming tune was there for him in times he felt he was going to lose all control. He exhaled and his eyes returned to their Hazel color.

Nathaniel let out a sigh and he looked over at the balcony to find Judias leaning on the railing, sipping coffee and watching as the sun was about to rise.

The Knight walked out of the living room and made his way toward the balcony door. Without facing Nathaniel, Judias took another sip of coffee and swallowed it. “I didn’t know you were royalty.” He turned to look at Nathaniel and smirked. “Forgive me if I’m not bowing down to your feet and worshipping the ground you walk on.”

“I would never ask for you to do that. Remember I introduced myself to you as a Knight, because that’s who I am. The Prince title was never for me. I would rather be front and center helping other Magical Beings, than protected in a castle.” Nathaniel stated.

Judias shrugged his shoulders and looked back at the dark sky. “According to your father, I’m seen as a threat to your wellbeing. I wouldn’t want you to protect me if you view me as he does.”

Nathaniel’s heart skipped a beat. He and King Leon were speaking in such a low tone because he didn’t want to insult the Witch, but clearly that was a waste of time.

The Knight rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment, “You have very good hearing I see.”

“No.” Judias stated walking away from the balcony. “You two talk really loud.”

Judias walked back into the office and Nathaniel hummed the song once again in his mind, allowing himself a few seconds to calm down the fire he could feel burning inside of him. He let out a deep sigh and reentered the office.

“You must understand Judias, my father is from a different time. A different Century. When he was growing up, Witches were seen as the enemy. They were killing people of all ages, race, species, backgrounds etcetera. You have to forgive him for being a bit ignorant toward you. He just needs time.”

Judias placed the mug on his desk and he faced Nathaniel letting out a small chuckle. “It’s funny because I left the Magic Realm five centuries ago to avoid any more of the constant stares and the whispers I would hear every time I pass by a group of elderly Magical Beings. It wasn’t until I reached my teenage years that I realized, they were judging me because of my mother. A man-eating Siren. A Siren that sacrificed herself to give birth to me.”

No textbooks would’ve prepared Nathaniel for that revelation. He had heard many stories of Witches falling in love with Mortals, Warlocks and other Witches, but he had never heard of a Witch falling in love with a Siren. He couldn’t imagine how judgmental others must’ve been toward the Grey Family.

Witches mating with other beings not Magical were frowned upon by the Council of Magical Elders and even by others in the Magic Realm- but it wasn’t rare. Nathaniel couldn’t help but wonder how Judias must’ve been treated when some of the Magical Beings found out he was Gay, strangely Homosexuality isn’t accepted in many Magical Cultures; yet once again it wasn’t rare. Magical Beings are discriminated against in many ways than imagined, yet most of that discrimination comes from within the community. Pathetic right?

“That’s why I came here to this Realm. A Realm where I could start over. I could find something that I feel like I’ve lost centuries ago. To try to remember something I know I forgot…But no one here hates me because I’m a Witch. No. Over here I’m judged solely on being Gay.” Judias smiled shaking his head. “I’m not sure if that’s ironic or sad.”

“Can I ask you something?” Nathaniel asked.

Judias nodded his head as he walked over to the balcony door and closed it. “Sure shoot.”

“Why would your father want to kill you?”

That wasn’t a hard question to answer…well to Judias it might have been. There were a million reasons as to why his father would want him dead. “Please, refer to him as Rickasè. That’s his name…I don’t know to be honest. He was hardly around and when he was, he used his powers to steal, seduce women, torture animals and scare the local neighbors. He and I barely spoke.”

“Did he help train you with your powers atleast?”

Judias shrugged his shoulders. “No. Jonah did. Rickasè wasn’t present in my life much. But Jonah moved away and started a family of his own in a new town…Yet Rickasè was still around whenever he chose… I think he secretly blamed me for my mother’s death…Which was weird since many Sirens are Immortal.”

Nathaniel nodded his head, “May I ask how did you find out you were Immortal?”

Judias smiled. He felt as if this was a free therapy session and all that was missing was the long therapy couch and unwanted small talk. “I actually don’t know. All I remember was being beaten to death at an alleyway somewhere in the Magic Realm in 1517. I…woke up and I was at Agatha’s house. She helped me heal and explained how important it was that I move to the Mortal Realm. Since I already had that thought in my mind, with my mom being dead and no one left to care for, I decided to make the move.”

“So…you never casted a spell? Or had your brother do it?”

Judias rolled his eyes at what Nathaniel was implying. “I assure you, I did not cast a spell to be Immortal and I sure as hell didn’t plan on it. As I said, I was attacked and that’s how I found out. If I did cast a spell, the Council of Magical Elders would’ve been breathing down my neck by now.”

It’s true. King Leon may rule the Magical Kingdom of Sandsville with an iron fist but at the end of the day, The Council of Magical Elders is who really keeps law and order in the Magic Realm.

They have rules set forth for Magical Beings to follow and when someone does not follow those rules, they are met with consequences that can either destroy them or get their powers taken away and be banished from the Magic Realm for all eternity.

Considering Judias was standing before Nathaniel in good health and still with his powers, it was evident that the Witch wasn’t doing anything illegal.

Judias could feel there was an awkward silence falling upon them and he opened his mouth to change the subject but Nathaniel interjected, “I don’t want to sound insensitive but you need to come back to the Magic Realm with me.”

Judias glared at Nathaniel as if he lost his mind and within a second, he let out a laugh as if the Knight had made a joke. “Yeah that isn’t going to happen.”

Nathaniel sighed, “This isn’t the right time to be stubborn. Your brother was sent here to kill you by your father! Should I put the pieces together for you to realize how insane it is for you to stay here?”

“For your information Prince Nathaniel, this is my home! This is where I’ve survived five hundred New Year’s and where I watched the Gay Rights movement happen-even participated in a few events. Now I’m not saying I got arrested but I’m not saying I didn’t.” He giggled and gave Nathaniel a wink in hopes the Knight would join in the joke but sadly, he didn’t. He just glared at the Witch and crossed his arms across his chest showing how assertive he was being.

“This isn’t up for debate. You are coming back to the Magic Realm with me whether you’re kicking or screaming or—“

In a white smoky light both Judias and Nathaniel disappeared from the office space.



Judias and Nathaniel appeared in the middle of a spacious loft apartment.

The loft’s décor consisted of Gothic furniture and Gothic era paintings of various figures hung up on the brick walls. There was not a television screen located anywhere in the room, just millions of books neatly stacked on a wooden bookshelf decorated involuntarily with cobwebs, a large table stood in a room that should’ve been the living room and on the table laid a large black cauldron, empty potion vials and a few knives.

Both men exchanged looks with one another unaware of how they got there or where they were.

“Did you bring us here?” Judias asked causing Nathaniel to shake his head quickly.

“I don’t even know what this place is.” The Knight looked around nervously. “It looks like a torture chamber.”

“It’s a Witch’s House.” Judias replied.

Nathaniel’s eyebrows lowered as he glanced at the Witch, “Who the hell would live here?”

“Me.” A voice softly spoke out causing both men to turn around.

Standing before them was Agatha, dressed in a white Heavenly gown and her grey hair flowing behind her like ripples in the ocean.

Nathaniel couldn’t believe his eyes. He had heard of Magical Beings coming back as Ghosts but he had never seen one in person before.

Judias however wasn’t shocked by the sight of the deceased woman’s Ghost before them. “Agatha, what are you doing here?”

The Heavenly Sorceress smiled as she looked at both men. “As you know Judias, I am only given a few minutes to say my peace before I move on, so I need to make this quick…I’m sure by now you know that your fatherr, Rickasè is trying to kill you.”

Judias nodded and rolled his eyes, “Tell him to pick a number and get on line. Besides, I can handle him.”

“Actually I’m afraid you might not be able to. Are you familiar with the Imp Potion?”

Nathaniel looked at the Witch in confusion. If he was asked about wars, football games, Magical weaponry and the History of the Echoes family, Nathaniel would tell you everything you needed to know in seconds; but when it came to potions and anything to do with Witchcraft; he was just as clueless as a Heterosexual male watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for the first time.

“The Imp Potion?” Judias asked in disbelief, “How the hell did his grubby hands get that?”

Agatha looked down remorsefully making it obvious she was the reason he obtained it. Nathaniel interjected quickly before anyone could speak, “What is an Imp Potion?”

“The Imp Potion-“ Judias began. “Is a potion designed to destroy an Immortal. It strips the victim of their Immortality and poisons them. Their death is painful and only lasts three seconds.”

Nathaniel’s heart skipped a beat as the news resonated in his mind.

Agatha looked back up at Judias and met his gaze. “I didn’t think he would stoop so low. But now that I’m dead, you are vulnerable to his attacks especially since the charm I put on you to cloak your scent from him is no longer active.”

Agatha’s words caused Nathaniel to let out a sigh of frustration and he looked at Judias in concern. “This is why we have to move you back to the Magic Realm immediately.”

“No need.” Agatha replied softly catching the Knight’s attention. “This loft we’re in is actually in the Magic Realm. I’ve purchased it years ago and I hardly needed to visit here since I

became Mortal. It’s cloaked from beings of both the Magic and Shadow Realm, so you’ll be safe living here for as long as you need. There’s a portal located in the back closet that will take you to any Realm you need to go.”

“And where are we exactly?” Judias asked slowly.

“Midstonia.” She answered.

Midstonia is quite similar to New York City. They have a Mayor, City Hall, skyscrapers, laws, a nightlife, businesses-all owned and created by Magical Beings-, playgrounds, museums, schools and parks. The only difference between Midstonia and New York City is the fact Magical Beings can live out in the open without the fear of persecution from others based on who they are.

Ogres, Witches, Vampires, Wolf Shape Shifters, Fairies, Wizards, Gnomes, Trolls, Goblins and Ghosts are Magical Beings that Mortals have glamorized and made countless films and tv shows about. In their minds, these Beings were seen as dangerous and scary but that was far from the truth. In the Magic Realm, they lived amongst each other happily and in harmony; but there are times when things aren’t as glamorous as it seemed.

Sure this was the last place Judias wanted to be, but he had no other options on the table. Now that his father possessed the Imp Potion, it wouldn’t be long until Rickasè finds him and tries to kill him for whatever reason.

“I-I can’t stay here.” The Witch stated shaking his head. “You know I don’t do well in new places and not to mention the currency here is Quart stones. They sell a pack of those back in the Mortal Realm for $1.50!”

“Actually.” Nathaniel interjected with a smug smile on his face. “As of last month the currency is Rubies. My father felt Rubies are a lot easier to carry than Quart stones.”

“Ugh!” Judias rubbed his forehead in frustration.

“And if you’re worried about boredom don’t be. I spread the word around-helps when you’re a Ghost- that you are here and many of the Beings are eager to hire you.”

The Witch looked at her in confusion. “With what?”

“In the Mortal Realm you were known as a Private Investigator. Helping Migrated Magical Beings fit into their everyday lives. You took on cases the Mortals could never- would never understand. Here you’ll be doing the same thing.”

The thought of crimes being committed in the Magic Realm didn’t seem to be a shocker to either men. They knew it was all a part of having their own Realm away from the weak-minded Mortals- who were threatened by anything that wasn’t seen as “normal”.

“Wait.” Judias began trying to make sense of everything. “Isn’t it the Council’s job to enforce the laws? I mean, when I was in the Mortal Realm, I knew that using my powers for personal gain was wrong. I never exposed who I was to any Mortal. Why? Because the Council had forbidden it. Why is the Council unaware of any crimes happening in this city?”

“They aren’t blind to it.” The Ghost said softly. “However, they choose to look the other way when it concerns Midstonia. Urban life was never on the list of the Council members, even now with the new threat arising, they don’t seem to care if Midstonia parishes.”

It was times like these that Judias wished he had the ability to stop time and spend a few hours trying to calm himself down and destress, but sadly, he didn’t possess that ability.

“Wait, what new threat is arising?”

Agatha realized that throughout her time here she spent it more explaining the reasons behind her bringing the Witch and Knight to the Magic Realm, rather than the real reason she decided to have Nathaniel seek the Witch.

“There has been a few whispers that…The Box of Athena has resurfaced.”

Nathaniel felt as if a bolt of lightning struck him internally. He stood up straight and assertive as he heard the news about the ‘Box Of Athena’. He had learned about the box as well as the history behind it throughout his time in the Knight Academy, so he knew the fact it could’ve surfaced meant trouble for both the Magic and Mortal Realm.

Judias replayed the words again in his mind and he glared at the Ghost. “You told me years ago the Box was destroyed.”

“Yes I lied.” Agatha stated with ease. “The Box was in my possession the entire time.”

Both men let out a frustrated sigh at the confession and they shook their heads in anger and betrayal.

“You do realize this box is dangerous?” Nathaniel asked angrily.

“Ofcourse.” Agatha answered.

“Then why the hell would you lie about destroying it?” Judias interjected.

The Ghost of Agatha nodded her head slowly, that’s all she could do considering the damage she already caused. “I understand you are upset with me, but destroying the Box of Athena would have shifted the balance of Good and Evil. Athena used that box to protect the Magic Realm. Destroying it would throw off that balance. Besides, we all know the box cannot be opened without the Key.”

Nathaniel agreed with Agatha, “That’s right. Okay, well…where is the key?”

The Ghost turned to Nathaniel, smiled warmly and then replied, “I don’t know.” Which once again caused both men to let out a deep and frustrated sigh.

Athena was a Witch born in 1210AD and she was chosen to protect the Realms from Evil. While most Witches in that predicament would use their powers to vanquish the Evil beings, Athena didn’t believe killing would solve anything. So, she decided to create a box and charm it with Magical essence, in that box she placed all the Evil beings she encountered into it. These beings included: Warlocks, Hellbound Demons, Sirens, Leeches, Shapeshifters and everything that would make Mortals scared to sleep in the dark; as well as the Dark Magic Realm.

This was her own version of prison, as she believed those who did Evil things could be “fixed”. Ironically, she died ten years later after her fourteen-year-old son murdered her and took her powers.

For Centuries, every being from the Shadow Realm have sought out this box in hopes of unleashing the powerful Demons and destroying the Magic Realm once and for all. Agatha was given the box many centuries ago and was told to destroy it, but she couldn’t. Instead, she decided to hide it somewhere by using her infamous ‘Cloaking Spell’ to not only hide the box but to make it difficult for others to find.

What many Magical Beings don’t know is that when a being casts a charm on an item or even cast a spell and that person dies, the effects of the charm or spell becomes ineffective; meaning now that Agatha is dead, so is the cloaking charm on the box.

Judias had many thoughtful words for Agatha but he decided to remain calm and collective. Rage wasn’t going to do much good for anyone at this point.

“Okay.” He began, “What should we do?”

“Absolutely nothing. As I said, there has been whispers of the box resurfacing. So far there hasn’t been much chatter on the exact location but you boys need not to worry about that…yet.”

“Yet!” Judias snarled shaking his head and Nathaniel couldn’t help but agree with him. This was a serious matter, one that could potentially destroy everyone and Agatha-who was already dead- clearly wasn’t fazed by it.

“I understand how worried you two must be but I assure you, when the box resurfaces it will be protected. Now please, let’s focus on to why I have summoned you both down here.”

Agatha waved her right hand and a large crystal ball appeared on the table.

“That is the Crystal Ball of Vickerine. As I’ve said earlier, this city needs your help. Some Magical Beings will be reluctant to come to you, so whenever this ball glows red, you are both to touch it and it will take you to whomever called you for help.”

Nathaniel didn’t have any issues with what Agatha was saying, he always enjoyed helping people, which was one of the many reasons why he became a Knight in the first place.

“How will we know if someone needs our help if we aren’t at home to see the crystal ball glow?” Judias asked curiously.

Agatha waved her right hand again and a medium sized jewelry box appeared on the table. Both men looked at it and then looked back at her.

“In that box are two necklaces with a piece of the crystal hanging from it. It will glow whenever someone is in need and all you have to do is touch it and then you’ll be transported to them.”

It was very strange yet amazing that Agatha had everything figured out, but it didn’t really help ease Judias’ mind when he thought back to the city he would be leaving behind.

Nathaniel noticed Judias’ solemn facial expression and he lowered his eyebrows and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Judias inhaled deeply, “New York City wasn’t-isn’t just a city I fled to. It’s home and there are Magical Beings out there who need my help too. The Mortal Realm is filled with crazy people. People who they assume we are. Psychopaths, murderers and rapists. If I leave them, I’m worried they’ll be under attack.”

To see Judias care about others before him really impressed Agatha. It showed her that he was evolving and becoming more caring. “I agree with you and I want you to know, that I have people already moving in. These people are S.E.I.P.S agents and they excel at their jobs.”

The Special Enterprise Involving Protecting Supernatural Beings are quite similar to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Mortals. They are an independent and special enterprise who works to protect the wellbeing of Magical Beings. Judias had heard of them once but he never thought they were legit or even of importance to bother helping those who needed it.

Nathaniel nodded his head smiling and turned to Judias. “See everything is figured out. As much as you don’t want to be here, this is the only place safe, while your father runs amuck looking for you.”

“Speaking of that!” Judias interrupted and glanced over at Agatha, “What will I do about him? He won’t rest until I’m dead.”

Agatha’s calming smile reappeared on her face and she nodded her head once again softly. “Do not worry about him. As I said, this apartment is cloaked as well as you both. When the time comes you will face your father, but that time isn’t coming soon.”

“How do you know?” Judias asked.

“Because, I have foreseen it. And-“ Agatha stopped speaking when she heard a soft ringing in her ears. She smiled at both men and bowed her head. “It is my time to move on. Do not mourn me. Do not be sad for me. Just celebrate your life and know… that everything happens for a reason. Blessed be.”

In a white blinding light, Agatha’s ghost disappeared from the loft.

Judias looked at Nathaniel, “What the hell did she mean by that?”

Nathaniel was going to reply by citing how he didn’t know why Agatha did the things she did, when the crystal ball on the table started to glow red. Both men looked at it and Nathaniel smiled softly.

“It’s showtime.”

Judias looked at the crystal ball and let out a soft sigh. This was his first time back in the Magic Realm. A Realm that he had avoided for 500 years. Now he was here to protect them. What could possibly go wrong?

In The Echoes Kingdom:

Seated on a black cushion chair was King Leon. He was seated behind his large chestnut desk reading over a few policies that were given to him earlier. Nothing on the paper made any sense to him, he wasn’t even sure if the language was written in a dialect he understood.

“Ah, the wolf in sheep’s clothing.” A familiar voice stated causing the King to jump up from the seat.

Standing in the middle of his office was Agatha.

The King’s eyes widened at the sight of the dead woman. “Y-You’re dead. I know you’re dead because Nathaniel told me you were.”

“And he was right.” Agatha said smirking. “ But I’m not here to haunt you. Trust me, I have a feeling your past will do that for me.”

The King shook his head in both fear and confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Are you aware of how Magic works?”

“Of course I am aware of how it works. I’m not a fool!”

Agatha arched her right eyebrow at him still smirking. “I would say you ultimately are. You see when a person casts a spell and that spellcaster dies…so does the spell.”

The King’s body froze in fear and he looked at the woman. “Wh-What?”

“Oh yes. That little curse we put on the Magic Realm. We, meaning you, I and-“

“So that means they re-remember?”

“Oh no. It’s not that simple. Besides, it’s just I that died. You two are still alive. So there’s a chance the curse will yet be broken.”

“That’s alright.” He replied showing how fearless he was. “I will find another Sorceress to cast the same spell you did.”

“Nope.” Agatha interjected. “That’s not how it works. If the curse is recast there is no telling what damages you will cause, until it’s too late. Trust me; leaving them like this is the only way.”

“But you brought them together!” He spat angrily. “YOU did this to help them get their memories back!”

“Actually I didn’t. Fate did. As much as you try to interfere, the truth will come out. That is inevitable. And when it does, I suggest you find somewhere to hide, because your death…well, that is definitely going to happen…and when it does…I’ll see you in Hell…Rickasè.”

Agatha let out an amusing cackle her enemies had heard many times when she ruled the Underworld and she disappeared in a white light.

King Leon ran his fingers through his salt and pepper hair feeling anger and hatred toward the woman.

He had worked this hard to ensure everything went according to his plan. This meant lying, stealing and killing anyone who jeopardized it all and he never once saw Agatha’s death ruining the entire foundation.

King Leon angrily threw everything off his desk causing glass vials to shatter, papers to rip and the office door to burst open.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?” asked Valerius as he stood in the doorway with his sword drawn.

Valerius was a tall man. He had hypnotizing brown eyes, visibly muscular upper body, short shoulder length black hair that was styled in a neat bun on his head, a black neatly groomed beard, and he wore a black leather vest with black leather pants.

The King slowly turned to face the tall man. “Do you still have connections in the Underworld?”

Valerius nodded his head. “Of course. Why?”

An evil smirk spread across the King’s face. “Good, I need you to spread the word around. Whoever can bring me the head of the Witch, Judias Grey, I will grant them…one wish for whatever their heart desires.”

The man nodded once again and in a black smoky light, he disappeared from the office leaving King Leon by himself.

The King walked back around to his desk and opened a small drawer. Inside of the drawer was a black jewelry box with the inscription “Yours Now, And Yours Forever” on the front of the box. He placed the box on top of his now empty desk and opened it.

Inside of the box were two gold wedding bands with the inscription ‘Grey-Echoes’ on the inside.

King Leon glared at the rings. He hated them in more ways than anyone could imagine. It meant something sacred and something dangerous.

He waved his right hand over the rings and watched as tiny flames started to engulf the rings.

The sight of the Wedding bands melting wasn’t going to please him in the long run, but it was a start.

A start to keeping a secret. A secret he hoped Nathaniel and Judias would never remember.


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