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   Chapter 99 No.99

The Book of Humorous Verse By Various Characters: 3346

Updated: 2017-12-06 00:02

Vague Story, A Walter Parke 74

V-A-S-E, The James Jeffrey Roche 227

Village Choir, The Unknown 528

Villanelle of Things Amusing Gelett Burgess 73

Villon's Straight Tip to All Cross Coves William Ernest Henley 399

Viper, The Hilaire Belloc 906

Visit from St. Nicholas, A Clement Clarke Moore 935


Walrus and the Carpenter, The Lewis Carroll 896

The Whango Tree Unknown 842

War: A-Z, The John R. Edwards 829

War Relief Oliver Herford 901

Ways and Means Lewis Carroll 870

Way to Arcady, The H. C. Bunner 201

Wedding, A Sir John Suckling 704

Wedding, The Thomas Hood, Jr. 412

Well of St. Keyne, The Robert Southey 584

What is a Woman Like? Unknown 118

What's In a Name? R. K. Munkittrick 347

What's My Thought Like? Thomas Moore 370

What Will We Do? Robert J. Burdette 311

Whatever Is, Is Right Laman Blanchard 786

What Mr. Robinson Thinks James Russell Lowell 292

Whenceness of the Which Unknown 476

When Lovely Woman Phoebe Cary 494

When Moonlike Ore the Hazure Seas W. M. Thackeray 34

When the Frost Is on the Punkin James Whitcomb Riley 34

Which Is Which John Byrom 368

Whistler, The Unknown 133

Why? H. P. Stevens 214

Why Don't the Men Propose? Thomas Haynes Bayly 131

Why Doth a Pussy Cat? Surges Johnson 895

Widow Bedott to Elder Sniffles Frances M. Whicher 195

Widow Malone, The Charles Lever 126

Wife, A Richard Brinsley Sheriian 366

Wife, The Phoebe Cary 494

William Brown of Oregon Joaquin Miller 653

Willows, The Bret Harte 423

Willow-Tree, The W. M. Thackeray 439

Wing Tee Wee J. P. Denison 139

Winter Dusk R. K. Munkittrick 42

Within and W

ithout James Russell Lowell 359

Wofle New Ballad of Jane Roney and Mary Brown, The W. M. Thackeray 552

Woman's Will John G. Saxe 362

Wonders of Nature Unknown 470

Wordsworthian Reminiscence Unknown 470

Wreck of the "Julie Plante" William Henry Drummond 662

Written After Swimming from Sestos to Abydos Lord Byron 80


Yak, The Hilaire Belloc 906

Yarn of the "Nancy Bell" W. S. Gilbert 632

Yonghy-Bonghy Ho, The Edward Lear 859

Young Gazelle Walter Parke 918

Young Lady of Niger, The Unknown 948

Young Lochinvar Unknown 381

Youth and Art Robert Browning 339


Zealless Xylographer, The Mary Mapes Dodge 759

Transcriber's Notes

Obvious typographical errors have been corrected.

It is not always obvious if verses in the original have been split through pagination; if there is doubt the split has been retained.

'Ode for a Social Meeting' has some words struck out and replaced above with alternatives. This has been represented with the struckout words underlined in red and the alternate words in boxes above. The font of the poem has been switched to monospaced to accurately align the two.

Both "Geoffrey" and "Goeffrey" are used as spellings for Geoffrey Chaucer's name without obvious reason. The spelling has been standardised here to the more commonly accepted (today) version "Geoffrey".

The title of "Spirk, Troll-Derisive" uses both "Troll" and "Throll" throughout the original text. The spelling has been standardised here to "Troll".

"There is no poem in the original beginning 'Oh! Weary mother' and it appears to have been an error. The page reference, '000,' is from the original."

* * *

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