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   Chapter 18 THE LAST.

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HE surprise and delight which the sight of "Under the Cedars" caused in Elm Cottage I cannot describe. However many thousands of books are written year by year, however many thousands are launched on the stream to win popular favour, there is always a special charm and interest in the first book written by one we love. It raises the person for the time to an important place in the family; and though the poor little book may soon be engulfed in this stream of which I speak, and lost to sight, or beaten down by the lash of reviewers, or, worse still, left to die the natural death of utter indifference, the author's position amongst her own immediate friends is not altered by it.

"Under the Cedars" was fresh and bright, full of imagination and that subtle power which touches the commonplace with interest. It had many faults-faults of youthful exuberance of fancy-faults of construction; but it deserved the praise of the local newspapers, which said it was perfectly simple and pure in its style, and the descriptions of child-life and nature alike true and unaffected. Then "Under the Cedars" had the advantage of being well revised and corrected by an able hand. It was well printed and well illustrated, and Hans and Carl danced about with excited delight as they recognized their own portraits in two knickerbockered boys of their own age.

Ada laughed at this. "All little boys look alike," she said. "You don't suppose the man who did the pictures knew anything about you or Salome."

But Ada was none the less delighted to take back a copy to Eva Monroe on the day when twelve presentation copies arrived from London. And Dr. Wilton was pleased to show one to his wife.

"That child has done something to be proud of though she is so unpretending."

All the cousins admired and applauded, and Digby was triumphant.

"Did I not always tell you that Salome was awfully clever? Not one of us could ever come up to her."

Even Aunt Anna was pleased when a lady, of whom she thought a great deal, said, "I have bought a charming story for children, called 'Under the Cedars.' Have you seen it?"

It was something to take it from her writing-table and to say, "It is written by a niece of mine, a very clever girl of seventeen. So young, and so full of talent."

Thus did dear little Salome win praise, and in her simple heart this was all as nothing to the joy of feeling that she had helped to lift the burden of care from those she loved.

Raymond sailed with Philip Percival, and was full of spirit and pleasure at the change. It was grief to his mother to lose him, but when she saw how happy he was in the prospect, she was comforted.

Raymond was improved and daily improving, but naturally selfish people do not suddenly become unselfish, and the whole complexion of a life is not changed with one sudden impulse. But he had really awakened to some sense of responsibility, and the continually good influence of Philip Percival kept up the impression of the past which might have otherwise died out.

When the parting was over, and the letters from Barbadoes came regularly, Mrs. Wilton began to feel the relief of knowing that Raymond was out of temptation and happy in the change of scene and people.

A bright prospect opened out to Philip Percival. He settled the affairs on the sugar-plantation with great skill, and returned in the spring with an account of what he had done so satisfactory to the partners in the large concern, that he had a permanent appointment with a large salary, and Raymond was to remain with him for another year.

"Then I shall come back," Philip said to Salome, "and ask you a question."

They were walking together from Roxburgh one beautiful May evening. Salome had been to spend the day with his mother, his last day in England, at his special request.

"The question has been on my lips many times," he said, "since the night-so long ago now-when I picked up this, which a careless person dropped in the road." He took out of his pocket a large case which held his letters, and drew from it a handkerchief. "Look," he said, "whose property is this?"

"My handkerchief! I remember I dropped it that afternoon, and how Stevens scolded me and said I should lose my head next."

"Well," Philip said, "I lost my heart then, and kept the handkerchief as a compensation. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said.

"And if I asked the question now, could you answer it, Salome?"

"I think I could," she replied.

"I have loved you ever since that evening when you looked up at me, your face so dimly seen in the twilight," he went on; "the little brave sister coming out to meet a stranger to save her brother from disgrace and her mother pain. Every month, nay, every day I have lived since then, I have loved you more. Can you love me, and, when I come back next time, be my wife?"

"Yes," was the simple answer. Then, as if to strengthen it, she repeated, "Oh yes; let us go home and tell mother."

How happy they were as they walked to Elm Cottage together, and how bright and joyous were all the inhabitants of the little home that evening. The next morning, Puck, after an extra washing, had a piece of red ribbon tied round his neck, which was a long established custom on birthdays, and Salome said, as she tied it on between smiles and tears, for she had just parted with Philip for a whole year,-

"Ah, Puck, this is a grand day, not a birthday, but such a happy day to me; and, Puck, my new story is to be called 'Under the Quarry!'"

"A very poor prospect for Salome," Aunt Anna said; "still, it is something that the Percivals are a good old family."

"A greater comfort still," rejoined Dr. Wilton, "is that Percival is one of the best and noblest of men. May our daughters be equally fortunate."

So we leave Salome standing on the threshold of her great happiness. Patience has had her perfect work in the days of her girlhood. Will she need it no more in the womanhood which is dawning upon her with the soft, sweet radiance of a faithful heart on which she may rest?

Yes; Patience, that fair and beautiful angel, with its calm, sedate presence, will be needed for Salome as for us all through every stage of the journey. When the gates of love open for us, and we enter into what seems an Eden, we know that there are thorns amongst the flowers, rough places to tread, sharp angles to meet. Salome will take Patience with her, nor leave her gentle guidance till she comes to the Paradise of God. For there are no crosses to bear and no imperfect work to mourn, no sin to be hid in secret places, no sorrow, nor any more pain. The former things have passed away, and Patience, having had her perfect work, is exchanged for the rest of those who have fought the good fight, and bear the palms of victory in their hands through Him who has redeemed us to God by His death, and given to His faithful ones the life everlasting.

* * *

"Safe home! safe home in port!

Rent cordage, shattered deck,

Torn sails, provisions short,

And only not a wreck:

But oh! the joy upon the shore

To tell our voyage-perils o'er!"

"The prize! the prize secure!

The athlete nearly fell;

Bore all he could endure,

And bore not always well:

But he may smile at troubles gone

Who sets the victor's garland on."


* * *

Kingston's (W. H. G.) Books for Boys.

Crown 8vo Volumes, gilt edges, price 5s. each.

Cloth extra, uniform binding, 3s. 6d. each.

In the Wilds of Africa. With upwards of Seventy Illustrations.

An interesting account of the adventures of a shipwrecked party who are landed on the west coast of Africa, and make their way to the south through many dangers.

In the Eastern Seas; or, The Regions of the Bird of Paradise. A Tale for Boys. With One Hundred and Eleven Illustrations.

A tale of voyage and adventure among the islands of the Malay Archipelago.

Old Jack. A Sea Tale. With Sixty-six Illustrations.

An old sailor's account of his own adventures, during times of peace and of war, in many parts of the world.

The South Sea Whaler. A Story of the Loss of the Champion, and the Adventures of her Crew. With upwards of Thirty Illustrations.

A tale of mutiny and shipwreck in the South Seas.

A Voyage Round the World. With Forty-two Illustrations.

A young sailor's account of his own adventures by sea and land.

The Young Rajah. A Story of Indian Life and Adventure. With upwards of Forty Full-page Illustrations.

A story of the Indian Mutiny; the hero a young Indian prince, who had received an English education and become a Christian.

On the Banks of the Amazon; or, A Boy's Journal of his Adventures in the Tropical Wilds of South America. Profusely illustrated.

In the Wilds of Florida. With Thirty-seven Illustrations.

A tale of warfare and hunting.

My First Voyage to Southern Seas. Fifty-two Illustrations.

A young sailor's story, describing Cape Colony, Ceylon, Aden, etc.

Saved from the Sea; or, The Loss of the Viper, and the Adventures of her Crew in the Great Sahara. With Thirty Full-page Illustrations.

A young sailor's account of his adventures, along with three shipwrecked comrades.

Twice Lost. With Thirty-six Illustrations.

A young sailor's story of shipwreck, and of perilous adventures in the wilds of Australia.

The Wanderers; or, Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad and up the Orinoco. With Thirty Full-page Illustrations.

The Young Llanero. A Story of War and Wild Life in Venezuela. With Forty-four Illustrations.

A thrilling and fascinating narrative of adventures in South America during the struggle for independence between the state of Colombia and the Spaniards.

* * *

The Boys' Own Library.

Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 2s. each.


Across Greenland's Ice-Fields. The Adventures of Nansen and Peary on the Great Ice-Cap.

Breaking the Record. The Story of Three Arctic Expeditions.

The White North. With Nordenski?ld, De Long, and Nansen. With Illustrations.

After Years. A Story of Trials and Triumphs. By J. W. Bradley. With Illustrations.

Culm Rock; or, Ready Work for Willing Hands. A Book for Boys. By J. W. Bradley. With Illustrations.

Among the Turks. By Verney Lovett Cameron, C.B., D.C.L., Commander Royal Navy. With Illustrations.

Archie Digby; or, An Eton Boy's Holidays. By G. E. Wyatt.

As We Sweep Through the Deep. A Story of the Stirring Times of Old. By Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N. With Illustrations.

At the Black Rocks. A Story for Boys. By the Rev. Edward A. Rand.

The Battle of the Rafts. And Other Stories of Boyhood in Norway. By H. H. Boyesen.

A Fortune from the Sky. By Skelton Kuppord. Illustrated by Robert Hope.

Great Explorers. An Account of Exploration and Travel in many Lands. With Illustrations.

Gunpowder Treason and Plot, and other Stories for Boys. By Harold Avery, Fred. Whishaw, and R. B. Townshend. With Illustrations.

Lost in the Wilds of Canada. By Eleanor Stredder.

The Lost Squire of Inglewood; or, Adventures in the Caves of Robin Hood. A Boy's Story of Adventure. By Dr. Jackson. Illustrated by Walter G. Grieve.

The Romance of the South Pole. Antarctic Voyages and Explorations. By G. Barnett Smith. With Illustrations.

Soldiers of the Queen; or, Jack Fenleigh's Luck. A Story of the Dash to Khartoum. By Harold Avery.

Vandrad the Viking; or, The Feud and the Spell. A Tale of the Norsemen. By J. Storer Clouston. With Illustrations by Hubert Paton.

The Willoughby Boys. By Emily C. Hartley.

* * *

Tales of Adventure.

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A Daughter of France. A Tale of the Early Settlement of Acadia. With Six Illustrations by W. Rainey, R.I.

An interesting story of the adventures of Charles de la Tour and his companions in Acadia.

The Last of the Cliffords. Illustrated by Wal Paget.

My Lady Marcia. A Story of the French Revolution. With Five Illustrations by Wal Paget.

In Savage Africa; or, The Adventures of Frank Baldwin from the Gold Coast to Zanzibar. By Verney Lovett Cameron, C.B., D.C.L., Commander Royal Navy; Author of "Jack Hooper," etc. With Thirty-two Illustrations.

"From the deft and prolific pen of Commander Lovett Cameron.... In the course of a stirring narrative, of the kind in which boys most delight, he succeeds in conveying much real knowledge about Africa, its features, and its peoples."-Scotsman.

Jack Ralston. A Tale of Life in the Far North-East of Canada. By Hampden Burnham, M.A., Author of "Canadians in the Imperial Service." With Coloured Illustrations by Walter Grieve.

Every Inch a Sailor. By Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N., Author of "As We Sweep through the Deep," etc. Illustrated.

"Between the reader, ourselves, and the binnacle, there isn't a living writer-unless it be Clark Russell, and he appeals more to the adult-who can hold a candle, or shall we say a starboard light, to Gordon Stables as a narrator of sea stories for boys. This one is worthy of the high traditions of the author."-Literary World.

Held to Ransom. A Story of Spanish Brigands. By F. B. Forester, Author of "A Settler's Story," etc. Illustrated by Archibald Webb.

Jack Hooper. His Adventures at Sea and in South Africa. By Verney Lovett Cameron, C.B., D.C.L. With Twenty-three Full-page Illustrations.

Kilgorman. A Story of Ireland in 1798. By Talbot Baines Reed, Author of "The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's," etc. Illustrated by John Williamson. With Portrait, and an "In Memoriam" Sketch of the Author by John Sime.

With Pack and Rifle in the Far South-West. Adventures in New Mexico, Arizona, and Central America. By Achilles Daunt, Author of "Frank Redcliffe," "The Three Trappers," etc. With Thirty Illustrations.

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The Giants, and How to Fight Them. By the Rev. Richard Newton, D.D. With numerous Illustrations.

Dr. Newton possesses in the highest degree the art of interesting and instructing the young.

Glory. By G. M. S. With Illustrations.

A touching story of a poor dolls' dressmaker and the sacrifice she made.

Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain.

Grandma's Miracles; or, Stories Told at Six o'Clock in the Evening. By Pansy.

A Hedge Fence. By Pansy. With Illustrations.

A story of a boy whose purposes are good, but whose impetuosity plunges him

into all kinds of mischief, as the boy himself expresses it, "before he knows it."

Side by Side. And Other Tales. By Pansy. With Illustrations.

Striving to Help; or, The Browning Boys. By Pansy.

Granny. A Village Story. By the Author of "Great Englishmen."

Jem's Wife. A Story of Life in London. By the Author of "Granny," etc.

The Harrington Girls; or, Faith and Patience. By Sophy Winthrop.

Hope On; or, The House that Jack Built. With Twenty-five Illustrations.

Ilka: The Captive Maiden. And Other Stories. By S. G., Author of "Dickie Winton," etc.

It's His Way. And Other Stories. By the Author of "Copsley Annals," etc.

Jack's Visit. By Ellen Velvin. With numerous Illustrations.

A brightly-told story of Jack and his three cousins.

Johnnie Venture. A Story of an Exciting Journey. By G. E. Wyatt.

King Matthias and the Beggar Boy. Adapted from the Hungarian of Baron Nicholas Josika. By Selina Gaye.

Kitty's Knitting Needles-The One Moss Rose. By the Rev. P. B. Power.

A Lad of Devon. A Story for Boys. By Mrs. Henry Clarke, M.A.

The story of a search for missing diamonds that had disappeared from a house in Devonshire, and the adventures that befell a boy in trying to discover them.

Laura's Impulses; or, Principle a Safer Guide than Feeling.

Leaving the Manse. A Disruption Tale. By Kezia. Illustrated. Long 24mo.

"A pretty story of the Scottish Disruption of 1843."-The Christian.

A Little Candle. And Other Stories. By Letitia M'Clintock.

* * *

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For the Colours. A Historical Sketch of the British Army. With Coloured Frontispiece and Thirty-two Illustrations by Archibald Webb and other well-known artists. Crown 8vo, bevelled boards, cloth extra, gilt top.

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Clevely Sahib. A Tale of the Khyber Pass. With Eight Illustrations by J. Williamson.

An Emperor's Doom; or, The Patriots of Mexico. With Eight Illustrations by A. J. B. Salmon.

A Fighter in Green. A Tale of Algeria. With Nine Illustrations by R. Talbot Kelly, R.B.A.

In the Grip of the Spaniard. With Nine Illustrations by Wal Paget.

Red, White, and Green. Illustrated by Arch. Webb.

Under the Lone Star. With Eight Illustrations by W. S. Stacey.

A Vanished Nation. A Tale of Fighting in Paraguay. With Six Illustrations by W. B. Wollen, R.I.

Price 3s. 6d. each.

The British Legion. A Tale of the Carlist War. With Six Illustrations by W. H. Margetson.

Scouting for Buller. A Story of the South African War. With Coloured Illustrations.

* * *

Self-Effort Series.

Price 3s. 6d. each.

Men Who Win; or, Making Things Happen. By W. M. Thayer, Author of "From Log Cabin to White House," etc.

Women Who Win; or, Making Things Happen. By W. M. Thayer, Author of "From Log Cabin to White House," etc.

The Achievements of Youth. By the Rev. Robert Steel, D.D., Ph.D., Author of "Lives Made Sublime," etc.

Lives Made Sublime by Faith and Works. By Rev. Robert Steel, D.D., Ph.D., Author of "Doing Good," etc.

Self-Effort; or, The True Method of Attaining Success in Life. By Joseph Johnson, Author of "Living in Earnest," etc.

The Secret of Achievement. A Book designed to teach that the highest Achievement is that which results in noble Manhood and Womanhood; that there is something greater than wealth, grander than fame; that character is the only success. By Orison Swett Marden, Author of "Architects of Fate," etc. Illustrated with Portraits of eminent Persons.

Noble Women of Our Time. By Joseph Johnson, Author of "Living in Earnest," etc. With Accounts of the Work of Misses De Bro?n, Whately, Carpenter, F. R. Havergal, Sister Dora, etc.

Architects of Fate; or, Steps to Success and Power. By Orison Swett Marden, Author of "Pushing to the Front; or, Success under Difficulties." With Eight Illustrations.

Earnest Men: Their Life and Work. By the late Rev. W. K. Tweedie, D.D.

Famous Artists. Michael Angelo-Leonardo da Vinci-Raphael-Titian-Murillo-Rubens-Rembrandt. By Sarah K. Bolton.

Fritz of Prussia. Germany's Second Emperor. By Lucy Taylor, Author of "Going on Pilgrimage," etc.

Heroes of the Desert. The Story of the Lives of Moffat and Livingstone. By the Author of "Mary Powell." New and Enlarged Edition, with numerous Illustrations and Two Portraits.

* * *

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The World at the Fireside.

Small 4to, gilt edges.

Illustrated. Price 5s. each.

The Children's Tour; or, Everyday Sights in a Sunny Land. By M. A. Paull. With numerous Illustrations.

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The World at Home. Pictures and Scenes from Far-off Lands. By M. and E. Kirby. One Hundred Illustrations.

Wonderland; or, Curiosities of Nature and Art. By Wood Smith, Author of "Oakville Manor," "Prince Rolo," etc. With numerous Illustrations.

Rambles Among the Wild Flowers. A Book for the Young. By M. C. Cooke, M.A., LL.D. (Uncle Matt). The Five Parts in One Volume. With Ten Coloured Plates, illustrating Forty-two Wild Flowers, and 296 other Illustrations. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

Round the Hearthstone; or, Hints for Home-Builders. By W. M. Thayer, Author of "Men Who Win," "Women Who Win," etc. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

Works of Travel and Research.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top.

Price 5s. each.

The Bible in Spain; or, The Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman in an Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula. By George Borrow. With Illustrations.

Captain Cook's Voyages Round the World. With a Memoir by M. B. Synge.

Journal of a Voyage Round the World of H.M.S. "Beagle." By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S. With Sixteen Full-page and Six Double-page Illustrations.

Kane's Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin. With a Chart and numerous Illustrations.

The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. By Washington Irving. Author's Revised Edition. With Illustrations.

Voyages and Travels of Captain Basil Hall. With Illustrations.

Wanderings in South America, etc. By Charles Waterton. With Sixteen Illustrations.

* * *

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Shakespeare's Stories Simply Told. Tragedies and Historical Plays. By Mary Seymour. With Eighty-three Illustrations by the late Frank Howard, R.A. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

Shakespeare's Stories Simply Told. Comedies. By Mary Seymour. With numerous Illustrations by the late Frank Howard, R.A. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

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The Siege of Troy, and the Wanderings of Ulysses. By Charles Henry Hanson. With Ninety-seven Illustrations from Designs by Flaxman and other Artists. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

Stories of the Days of King Arthur. By Charles H. Hanson. With Illustrations by Gustave Doré. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

Uniform with Classic Stories.

Coleridge's Ancient Mariner. With Twenty-five Illustrations by David Scott, R.S.A., and Life of the Artist by the Rev. Dr. A. L. Simpson, Derby. Square 16mo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

The Shipwreck. A Poem. By William Falconer. Illustrated by Birket Foster. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

The Courteous Knight, and Other Tales from Spenser and Malory. By E. Edwardson. Edition de luxe, on antique paper. Illustrated by Robert Hope.

Shakespeare's Dramatic Works. With Explanatory Notes, Parallel Passages, Historical and Critical Illustrations, Contemporary Allusions, a Copious Glossary, Biographical Sketch, and Indexes, by W. H. Davenport Adams. With Three Hundred and Seventy Illustrations by the late Frank Howard, R.A., and Facsimile of Shakespeare's Will. Two Volumes. Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 3s. 6d. per vol.; or 7s. per set.

* * *


The "Little Hazel" Series.

Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 1s. 6d. each.

Jock o' the Beach. A Story for Boys. By Morice Gerard.

The hero is a nameless waif, sole survivor from the wreck of the ship Martin. His discovery of his parents and his meeting with them are touchingly described.

Little Lily's Travels. A Book for the Young. With numerous Illustrations.

Travels of a little girl, with her parents and brother, through France to Geneva.

The Little Swedish Baron. By the Author of "The Swedish Twins," etc.

A story of a young Swedish noble, illustrating the blessings of discipline and trials.

Master Travers. By Florence M. Story.

The story of a young squire whose self-will leads him into many troubles, and how these, and the well-timed counsels of his guardians, help to subdue his besetting sin.

Mopsie. The Story of a London Waif. By Dorothy Walrond.

Nono; or, The Golden House. A Tale of Swedish Life. By Mrs. Woods Baker.

Princess Louise. A Tale of the Stuarts. By Crona Temple.

Rollo and Tricksy. The Story of a Little Boy and Girl. By Florence E. Burch.

A tale of the doings of a little boy and girl, the latter part being very amusing.

Rich and Poor. A Tale for Boys. How one Boy Climbed Up, and another Slipped Down. By C. M. Trowbridge.

This pithy story recognizes the discouragements and temptations peculiar to poverty and wealth, and seeks to show that a sterling Christian character is that which can alone make a truly noble man.

The Secret Cave; or, The Story of Mistress Joan's Ring. By Miss Emilie Searchfield.

"Mistress Joan" is a bright little girl, aged nine years, daughter of Jonathan Blye, farmer in Somersetshire; and "Mistress Joan's Ring" is an heirloom preserved in memory of "The Secret Cave," and of what happened there in the year 1685. The incidents, which are narrated in quaint, old-fashioned language, are very exciting; and the book is sure to be a great favourite, especially with girls.

"Sheltering Arms;" or, The Entrance of God's Word gives Light. By M. E. Clements. Floral Design.

An interesting Irish story. The scene is a small fishing hamlet on the west coast of Ireland, sheltered by two rocky headlands from the Atlantic storms.

Story of the Beacon Fire; or, Trust in God and Do the Right. By M. E. Clements.

"The story is well, indeed powerfully, written. It is a story of Cornwall, and is full of genuine dramatic interest, combined with an earnestness of purpose that no one can mistake."-Scotsman.

* * *

Favourite Reward Books.

Post 8vo, cloth extra. Price 1s. each.

The Adopted Brothers; or, Blessed are the Peacemakers. By M. E. Clements.

Alda's Leap. And Other Stories. By the Hon. Mrs. Greene.

The Babe i' the Mill, and Zanina the Flower-Girl of Florence. By the Hon. Mrs. Greene.

Annals of the Poor. Complete Edition, with Memoir of Legh Richmond.

The Babes in the Basket; or, Daph and Her Charge. By the Author of "Timid Lucy," etc. With Frontispiece and numerous Illustrations.

The Basket of Flowers; or, Piety and Truth Triumphant. Illustrated.

The Boy Artist. A Tale. By the Author of "Hope On." With numerous Illustrations.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

A Child of the Mews. By M. B. Synge.

The purpose of the story is to show the evils of betting-how it leads to cheating, lying, stealing, and all kinds of trickery, ending often in domestic misery and ruin.

The Children's Voyage to the Cape. By Sarah L. Findlater.

The Cruise of the "Katherina." A Story for Boys. By John A. Higginson, Author of "A Secret of the Sea," etc. Illustrated.

The story deals with the meeting of two friends in Australia, and the many strange adventures subsequently experienced by them when together they set out on board a small schooner in search of gold known to lie hidden on a certain island in the South Pacific.

Daffodil. (A Brave Little Lady.) By Maude M. Butler.

A sequel to "Waiting and Serving."

The Fairy Cobblers' Gold. A Story for Boys. By Ethel Penrose.

The Ferryman's Boy. And Other Stories. By Crona Temple.

Fireside Sketches from Swedish Life. By Mrs. Woods Baker.

The Swedish Foster-Brothers. By Mrs. Woods Baker. With Illustrations.

Truth and its Triumph; or, The Story of the Jewish Twins. By Mrs. Woods Baker. With Frontispiece.

The Fisherman's Boy; or, "All have not the same Gifts." With coloured Frontispiece.

Geordie Stuart. A Story of Waterloo. By M. B. Manwell.

T. Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, and New York.

* * *

Transcriber's Notes:

Spelling and punctuation errors were corrected.

Retained: devonport, ascendency, fire-place and fireplace, ink-stand and inkstand, practice (for medical) and practise (for repeatedly do).

Locations of illustrations have been moved to the action in text that they illustrate. Most of these moves were slight changes, but the illustration on p. 66 originally displayed as a frontispiece before the title page illustration.

On caption in illustration list, original "Dr. Wilson" changed to "Dr. Wilton."

P. 22, "any more if-- If you come upstairs"; space after em dash deleted.

P. 42, "'I should have thought,' said Dr. Wilton", original read Mr. Wilton.

P. 100, "Edith and Maude", original read "Maud."

P. 139, "walking with them, and-- But if mother"; space after em dash deleted.

P. 191, quotes were added around "It was far better ... time."

P. 245, Poem at the end, "Safe home!", inconsistent indentation is faithful to the original as printed.

The ten pages of ads at the end of the text each displayed "T. Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, and New York." at the bottom of the page. These have been reduced to one occurrence, at the bottom of the last ad page.

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