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   Chapter 36 Y. Z, and 7 to 12, together, 16°, cloth $1.00

One of My Sons By Anna Katharine Green Characters: 2460

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RISIFI'S DAUGHTER. A Drama. 16°, cloth $1.00

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New York and London

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The Crime Of the Century. Hudson Library, No. 12. 16mo. $1.00; paper 50 cts.

"It is a tribute to the author's skill, that he never loses a reader. For fertility in imagining a complex plot, and holding the reader in ignorance of its solution until the very end, we know of no one who can rival him."-Toledo Blade.

"The book deals with the subject involved in the most powerful style that the author has shown. There is more purpose and thought in it than in the other books."-Boston Globe.

"It is one of the best-told stories of its kind we have read, and the reader will not be able to guess its ending easily. It is ingeniously worked out without giving away the true solution, and those who enjoy a well-written detective story should not fail to read it."-Boston Times.

An Artist in Crime. 16mo, $1.00; paper 50 cts.

"One may safely say that it ranks with the best detective novels yet published in this country."-Boston Times.

"'An Artist in Crime' is the best detective story which has been published in se

veral years."-New Haven Palladium.

A Conflict Of Evidence. 16 mo, $1.00; paper 50 cts.

"This particular book is the best of its kind and just what its title sets forth.... It is a masterpiece of consistent theory, and will bear reading at any time and in any place."-Omaha Excelsior.

"An ingenious novel of the detective type.... The whole book is one of interest, both in construction and in literary execution, vastly superior to most of its general class."-New York Advertiser.

A Modern Wizard. 16 mo, $1.00; paper 50 cts.

"The plot is ingeniously constructed, and the book is intensely exciting."-Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.

"The story is ingenious, the characters are dramatic, and the evolution of the plot is natural."-Boston Times.

Final proof, or, The Value of Evidence. Hudson Library, No. 33. 16mo, $1.00; paper 50 cts.

"Dr. Ottolengui has given us another of his powerfully imaginative detective stories. The present one is a continuation of 'An Artist in Crime' and 'The Crime of the Century.' The problem in this story is shrewdly solved, and the interest on the reader's part is kept up until the very close."-New Orleans Picayune.

G. P. Putnam's Sons


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