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   Chapter 21 IN EXPECTATIONE.

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I had left my lodging and gone to occupy Falconer's till his return. There, on a side-table among other papers, I found the following verses. The manuscript was much scored and interlined, but more than decipherable, for he always wrote plainly. I copied them out fair, and here they are for the reader that loves him.

Twilight is near, and the day grows old;

The spiders of care are weaving their net;

All night 'twill be blowing and rainy and cold;

I cower at his door from the wind and wet.

He sent me out the world to see,

Drest for the road in a garment new;

It is clotted with clay, and worn beggarly-

The porter will hardly let me through!

I bring in my hand a few dusty ears-

Once I thought them a tribute meet!

I bring in my heart a few unshed tears:

Which is my harvest-the pain or the wheat?

A broken man, at the door of his hall

I listen, and hear it go merry within;

The sounds are of birthday-festival!

Hark to the trumpet! the violin!

I know the bench where the shadowed folk

Sit 'neath the music-loft-there none upbraids!

They will make me room who bear the same yoke,

Dear publicans, sinners, and foolish maids!

An ear has been hearing my heart forlorn!

A step comes soft through the dancing-din!

Oh Love eternal! oh woman-born!

Son of my Father to take me in!

One moment, low at our Father's feet

Loving I lie in a self-lost trance;

Then walk away to the sinners' seat,

With them, at midnight, to rise and dance!



1 (return)

[ In Scotch the ch and gh are almost always guttural. The gh according to Mr. Alexander Ellis, the sole authority in the past pronunciation of the country, was guttural in England in the time of Shakspere.]

2 (return)

[ An exclamation of pitiful sympathy, inexplicable to the understanding. Thus the author covers his philological ignorance of the cross-breeding of the phrase.]

3 (return)

[ Extra-over all-ower a'-orra-one more than is wanted.]

4 (return)

[ Tennyson's Morte d'Arthur. Atque animum nunc huc celerem, nunc dividit illuc. ??neid: IV. 285]

5 (return)

[ This line is one of many instances in which my reader will see both the carelessness of Ericson and my religion towards his remains.]

6 (return)

[ Why should Sir Walter Scott, who felt the death of Camp, his bullterrier, so much that he declined a dinner engagement in consequence, say on the death of his next favourite, a grayhound bitch-'Rest her body, since I dare not say soul!'? Where did he get that dare not? Is it well that the daring of genius should be circumscribed by an unbelief so common-place as to be capable only of subscription?]

7 (return)

[ Amongst Ericson's papers I find the following sonnets, which belong to the mood here embodied:

Oft, as I rest in quiet peace, am I

Thrust out at sudden doors, and madly driven

Through desert solitudes, and thunder-riven

Black passages which have not any sky.

The scourge is on me now, with all the cry

Of ancient life that hath with murder striven.

How many an anguish hath gone up to heaven!

How many a hand in prayer been lifted high

When the black fate came onward with the rush

Of whirlwind, avalanche, or fiery spume!

Even at my feet is cleft a shivering tomb

Beneath the waves; or else with solemn hush

The graveyard opens, and I feel a crush

As if we were all huddled in one doom.

Comes there, O Earth, no breathing time for thee?

No pause upon thy many-chequered lands?

Now resting on my bed with listless hands,

I mourn thee resting not. Continually

Hear I the plashing borders of the sea

Answer each other from the rocks and sands.

Troop all the rivers seawards; nothing stands,

But with strange noises hasteth terribly.

Loam-eared hyenas go a moaning by.

Howls to each other all the bloody crew

Of Afric's tigers. But, O men, from you

Comes this perpetual sound more loud and high

Than aught that vexes air. I hear the cry

Of infant generations rising too.]

8 (return)

[ This sonnet and the preceding are both one line deficient.]

9 (return)

[ To these two sonnets Falconer had appended this note: 'Something I wrote to Ericson concerning these, during my first college vacation, produced a reply of which the following is a passage: "On writing the first I was not aware that James and John were the Sons of Thunder. For a time it did indeed grieve me to think of the spiritual-minded John as otherwise than a still and passionless lover of Christ."']

* * *

Note from John Bechard, creator of this Electronic text.

The following is a list of Scottish words which are found in George MacDonald's "Robert Falconer". I have compiled this list myself and worked out the definitions from context with the help of Margaret West, from Leven in Fife, Scotland, and also by referring to a word list found in a collection of poems by Robert Burns, "Chamber's Scots Dialect Dictionary from the 17th century to the Present" c. 1911 and "Scots-English English-Scots Dictionary" Lomond Books c. 1998. I have tried to be as thorough as possible given the limited resources and welcome any feedback on this list which may be wrong (my e-mail address is This was never meant to be a comprehensive list of the National Scottish Language, but rather an aid to understanding some of the conversations and references in this text in the Broad Scots. I do apologise for any mistakes or omissions. I aimed for my list to be very comprehensive, and it often repeats the same word in a plural or diminutive form. As well, it includes words that are quite obvious to native English speakers, only spelled in such a way to demonstrate the regional pronunciation.

This list is a compressed form that consists of three columns for 'word', 'definition', and 'additional notes'. It is set up with a comma between each item and a hard return at the end of each definition. This means that this section could easily be cut and pasted into its own text file and imported into a database or spreadsheet as a comma separated variable file (.csv file). Failing that, you could do a search and replace for commas in this section (I have not used any commas in my words, definitions or notes) and replace the commas with spaces or tabs.


Word, Definition, Notes

a', all; every, also have

a' gait, everywhere,

a' thing, everything; anything,

abeelity, ability,

abettin', abetting,

a'body, everyone; everybody,

aboon, above; up; over,

aboord, aboard,

aboot, about,

aboot it an' aboot it, all about,

abune, above; up; over,

accep's, accepts,

accoont, account,

accoonts, accounts,

accordin', according,

acquant, acquainted,

a'-creatin', all-creating,

ae, one,

aff, off; away; past; beyond,

aff-gang, outlet,

afflickit, afflicted,

affoord, afford,

affront, affront; disgrace; shame,

affrontet, affronted; disgraced, also ashamed; shamed

afit, afoot; on foot,

afore, before; in front of,

aforehan', beforehand,

aften, often,

aftener, more often,

agen, against,

aheid, ahead,

ahin', behind; after; at the back of,

ahint, behind; after; at the back of,

aiblins, perhaps; possibly,

aidin', aiding,

ailin', ailing; sick,

ain, own, also one

airin', airing,

airm, arm,

airm-cheir, armchair,

airms, arms, also coat of arms; crest

airmy, army,

airth, earth,

aise, ashes,

ait, eat,

aither, either,

aiths, oaths,

aitin', eating,

aits, oats,

alane, alone,

alang, along,

Algerine, Algerian,

alloo, allow,

allooed, allowed,

Almichty, Almighty; God,

amaist, almost,

amang, among; in; together with,

amen's, amends,

amo', among,

amuntit, amounted,

an', and,

ance, once,

ane, one, also a single person or thing

aneath, beneath; under,

anent, opposite to; in front of, also concerning

Anerew, Andrew,

anes, ones,

angert, angered; angry, also grieved

anither, another,

answerin', answering,

answert, answered,

a'ready, already,

aricht, aright,

aside, beside, also aside

aspirin', aspiring,

astarn, astern,

'at, that,

ate, hate, also eat

a'thegither, all together,

a'thing, everything; anything,

'at's, that is; that has,

attreebuted, attributed,

atweel, indeed; truely; of course,

atween, between,

aucht, eight; eighth, also ought; own; possess

aul', old,

auld, old,

aulder, older,

aumrie, cupboard; pantry; store-closet,

aumry, cupboard; pantry; store-closet,

a'-uphaudin', all-upholding; all-supporting,

ava, at all; of all, exclamation of banter; ridicule

awa, away; distant, also off; go away

awa', away; distant, also off; go away

awaur, aware,

Awbrahawm, Abraham,

aweel, ah well; well then; well,

awfu', awful,

awpron, apron,

ay, yes; indeed, exclamation of surprise; wonder

aye, yes; indeed,

ayont, beyond; after,

bade, did bide,

badena, did not bide,

bagonet, bayonet,

bailey, civic dignitary; magistrate,

bairn, child,

bairnie, little child, diminutive

bairns, children,

baith, both,

bakehoose, bakery,

baneless, insipid; without pith,

banes, bones,

barfut, barefoot,

barrin', barring,

barrowfu', wheelbarrow full,

baubee, halfpenny,

baubees, halfpennies,

bauchles, old pair of shoes, also shoes down at the heel

baukie, bat,

beggit, begged,

beginnin', beginning,

begud, began,

behaud, withhold; wait; delay, also behold

behavin', behaving,

bein', being,

beir, bear,

beirer, bearer,

beirs, bears,

bejan, first year's student, at a Scottish university

belangs, belongs,

believin', believing,

ben' leather, thick leather for soling boots/shoes,

bena, be not; is not,

bend-leather, thick leather for soling boots/shoes,

benn, in; inside; into; within; inwards, also inner room

benn the hoose, in/into the parlour, best room of the house

beowty, beauty,

beuks, books,

beyon', beyond,

bide, endure; bear; remain; live, also desire; wish

bides, endures; bears; remains; lives, also stays for

biggit, built,

bilin', boiling, also the whole quantity

bin', bind,

binna, be not,

birse, bristle; hair; plume of hair,

bit, but; bit, also small; little--diminutive

bitch, , term of contempt usually applied to a man

bitin', biting,

bittie, little bit, diminutive

bittock, a little bit; a short distance,

blaeberries, blueberries,

blastit, blasted,

blate, over-modest; bashful; shy,

blaud, spoil; injure; soil,

blaudit, spoiled; injured; soiled,

blaw, blow,

blecks, nonplusses; perplexes; beats,

blessin', blessing,

blether, talk nonsense; babble; boast,

bletherin', talking nonsense; babbling; boasting,

blethers, talks nonsense; babbles; boasts, nonsense; foolish talk

blin', blind,

blink, take a hasty glance; ogle, also shine; gleam; twinkle; glimmer

blinner, blinder,

blude, blood,

bluidy, bloody,

boasom, bosom,

boatles, bottles,

boddom, bottom,

body, person; fellow, also body

boglet, bamboozled; terrified,

bonnet, man's cap,

bonnetfu', bonnetful; capful,

bonnets, man's caps,

bonnie, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

bonniest, best; most beautiful; prettiest, also considerable

bonny, good; beautiful; pretty; handsome,

boodie, ghost; hobgoblin,

booin', bowing,

bools, marbles,

boon', bound,

boord, board (i.e. room and board),

bothie, cottage in common for farm-servants,

boucht, bought,

bourach, heap; cluster; mound,

bowat, stable-lantern,

bowie, small barrel or cask,

boxie, little box, diminutive

brae, hill; hillside; high ground by a river,

braid, broad; having a strong accent,

brak, break,

brakfast, breakfast,

brat, child, term of contempt

braw, beautiful; good; fine, also lovely (girl); handsome (boy)

brawly, admirably; very; very much; well,

breedth, breadth,

breeks, breeches; trousers,

breid, bread,

breist, breast,

breists, breasts,

breith, breath,

breme-bush, broom-bush, also simpleton

brewin', brewing,

brig, bridge,

brither, brother,

brithers, brothers; fellows,

brithren, brethren; brothers,

brocht, brought,

broo, brow; eyebrow,

broucht, brought,

browst, brewage; booze, also the consequences of one's own acts

bruik, broke,

brunt, burned,

bude, would prefer to; behoved, also must; had to

budena, must not; could not; might not,

buff, nonsense,

buik, book, also Bible

buiks, books,

bund, bound,

burd alane, quite alone, also the only surviving child of a family

burn, water; stream; brook,

burnin', burning,

burnside, along the side of a stream,

buss, bush; shrub; thicket,

butes, boots,

butt, main room in a croft; outside, includes kitchen and storage

butt the hoose, into the house; into the kitchen,

by ordinar, out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual

by ordinar', out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual

by-ordinar, out of the ordinary; supernatural, also unusual

byous, exceedingly; extraordinary; very,

ca, drive; impel; hammer,

ca', call; name,

ca'd, called,

cadger, carrier; pedlar,

ca'in', calling,

cairds, cards,

cairriage, carriage,

cairriet, carried,

cairry, carry,

cairryin', carrying,

calfie, little calf, diminutive

callant, stripling; lad, term of affection

cam, came,

cam', came,

camna, did not come,

camstairie, unmanageable; wild; obstinate,

camstairy, unmanageable; wild; obstinate,

camstary, unmanageable; wild; obstinate,

can'le, candle,

canna, cannot, also cotton-grass

canny, cautious; prudent; shrewd; artful,

cap, wooden cup or bowl,

capt'n, captain,

carena, do not care,

carldoddies, stalks of rib-grass, also term of endearment

carritchis, catechism,

ca's, calls,

cast up, taunt; reproach,

catchin', catching,

cattle, lice; fleas, used contemptuously of persons

cauld, cold,

caure, calves,

'cause, because,

caw, drive; impel; hammer,

cawed, driven; impeled; hammered,

cawin', driving; impeling; hammering,

ceevil, civil,

'cep', except; but,

chackit, checkered,

chairge, charge,

chap, knock; hammer; strike; rap,

chappit, knocked; hammered; struck; rapped,

chaps, knocks; hammers; strikes; raps,

chaumer, chamber; room; bedroom,

cheep, chirp; creak; hint; word,

cheerman, chairman,

chessel, tub for pressing cheese,

chice, choice,

chiel', child; young person; fellow, term of fondness or intimacy

chield, child; young person; fellow, term of fondness or intimacy

chimla-lug, fireside,

chits, sweetbreads,

chop, shop; store,

circumspec', circumspect,

claes, clothes; dress,

claikin', clucking (like a hen), also talk much in a trivial way

claith, cloth,

clams, vice or pincers, used by saddlers and shoemakers

clap, press down; pat; fondle,

clashes, blows; slaps; messes, also gossip; tittle-tattle

clash-pyet, tell-tale; scandal-monger,

clean, altogether; entirely, also comely; shapely; empty; clean

cleant, cleaned,

clear-e'ed, clear-eyed,

cleed, clothe; shelter,

cleedin', clothing; sheltering,

cleuks, claws; hands; paws,

clo'en, cloven,

clomb, climbed,

clood, cloud,

cloods, clouds,

cloody, cloudy,

close, narrow alley; blind alley, also enclosed land

closin', closing,

clype, tell tales; gossip,

coaties, children's coats; petticoats,

coaton, cotton,

coats, petticoats,

coch, coach,

coches, coaches,

coff, buy,

colliginer, college student, also college boy

Come yer wa's butt., Come on in.,

comin', coming,

comman'ment, commandment,

compleen, complain,

con thanks, return thanks,

considerin', considering,

contradickit, contradicted,

contrairy, contrary,

contred, contradicted; thwarted; crossed,

convence, convince,

conversin', conversing,

convertit, converted,

coorse, coarse, also course

coort, court,

corbie, crow; raven,

cornel, colonel,

correck, correct,

cottar, farm tenant; cottager,

cottars, farm tenants; cottagers,

cottar-wark, stipulated work done by the cottager,

couldna, could not,

coupit, tilted; tumbled; drank off,

couples, rafters,

crackin', cracking,

cracklin', crackling,

crap o' the wa', natural shelf between wall and roof,

crappit, topped; cropped; lopped,

crappit heids, stuffed head of cod or haddock,

crater, creature,

cratur, creature,

craturs, creatures,

cried, called; summoned,

crookit, crooked,

croon, crown,

croudin', cooing; croaking; groaning,

Cry Moany, Cremona, make of violin

cryin', calling; summoning,

cryin' doon, decrying; depreciating,

cud, could,

cudna, could not,

culd, could,

cumber, encumbrance; inconvenience,

cunnin', cunning,

curst, cursed,

cuttin', cutting,

cutty pipe, short tobacco-pipe,

cwytes, petticoats,

dacent, decent,

dame, young unmarried woman; damsel, also farmer's wife

damnin', damning; condemning,

dancin', dancing,

dang, knock; bang; drive, also damn

darnin', darning,

dauchter, daughter,

daunerin', strolling; sauntering; ambling,

daur, dare; challenge,

daured, dared; challenged,

daurna, dare not; do not dare,

daursay, dare say,

dauty, darling; pet, term of endearment

dawtie, darling; pet, term of endearment

daylicht, daylight,

debosh, excessive indulgence; debauch, also extravagance; waste

deboshed, debauched; worthless,

deceitfu', deceitful,

deceivin', deceiving,

dee, do, also die

deed, died, also deed; indeed

'deed, indeed,

dee'd, died,

deein', doing, also dying

deevil, devil,

deevil-ma'-care, devil-may-care; utterly careless, also no matter

deevilry, devilry,

deevils, devils,

deid, dead,

deif, deaf,

deil, devil, also not

de'il, devil, also not

De'il a bit!, Not at all! Not a bit!,

deith, death,

deleeberately, deliberately,

dementit, demented; mad; crazy,

denner, dinner,

desertit, deserted,

desperate, exceedingly; beyond measure, also irreclaimable; very bad

didna, did not,

differ, difference; dissent, also differ

dingin', overcoming; wearying; vexing, also raining/snowing heavily

dinna, do not,

direckly, directly; immediately,

dirt, worthless persons or things, term of contempt

dishcloot, cloth for washing dishes,

disna, does not,

disoun, disown,

distinckly, distinctly,

div, do,

divots, thin flat pieces of sod,

dochter, daughter,

doesna, does not,

doin', doing,

doin's, doings,

doited, foolish; stupefied; crazy,

dominie, minister; schoolmaster, slightly contemptuous

dooble, double; duplicate, also double dealing; devious

dooble-sole, double-sole,

doobt, suspect; know; doubt, have an unpleasant conviction

doobtin', suspecting; knowing, also doubting

doobtless, doubtless,

doobts, suspects; knows, also doubts

dooce, gentle; sensible; sober; prudent,

dooms, extremely; exceedingly; very,

doon, down,

doonricht, downright,

door-cheek, door-post; threshold; doorway,

door-stane, flagstone at the threshold of a door,

dother, daughter,

dottled, crazy; in dotage,

douce, gentle; sensible; sober; prudent,

dowie, sad; lonely; depressing; dismal, also ailing

draigon, dragon; also boy's paper kite, reference to Revelation 12-13

draigons, dragons, also boys' paper kites

dram, glass of whisky,

drap, drop; small quantity of,

drap i' the hoose, presence of someone unknown,

drappit, dropped,

drappy, little drop; a little (liquor), diminutive

drauchts, plans; schemes; policies, also lineaments of the face

drave, drove,

drawin', drawing,

dreadfu', dreadful,

dreamin', dreaming,

drear, dreary; dreariness; tedium,

dreidfu', dreadful; dreadfully,

drift, snow driven by the wind,

driftin', drifting, snow driven by the wind

drinkin', drinking,

drivin', driving,

droont, drowned,

drucken, drunken; tipsy,

drum-heid, drum head,

drunken, drank; drunk,

du, do,

duin', doing,

dumfoundered, perplexed; stunned; amazed,

dune, done,

dunna, do not,

duv, do,

duvna, do not,

dwalls, dwells,

d'ye, do you,

dyke, wall of stone or turf,

eaves-drapper, eavesdropper,

Ebberdeen, Aberdeen,

ee, eye,

een, eyes,

e'en, even; just; simply; equal, also eyes; evening

efter, after; afterwards,

efterhin, after; afterwards,

efternune, afternoon,

eident, industrious; diligent; steady,

elbuck, elbow,

eleckit, elected, chosen by God for salvation (Calvinism)

ellwand, ell-wand; ruler; yardstick, 1 ell = 37 inches or 94 cm

en', end,

endit, ended,

eneuch, enough,

Englan', England,

enjoyin', enjoying,

eppiteet, appetite,

er, ere; before,

er', ere; before,

Erse, Irish; Gaelic,

etairnity, eternity,

ewie, young ewe,

exackly, exactly,

excep', except,

expairience, experience,

expeckin', expecting,

expecs, expects,

eyther, either,

fa', fall; befall,

fac', fact; truth; reality,

fac's, facts; truths; realities,

factor, manager of a landed property, lets farms; collects rents

fact'ry, factory,

faddom, fathom,

fa'en, fallen,

failin', failing,

faimilies, families,

faimily, family,

fain, eager; anxious; fond, also fondly; gladly

fa'in', falling,

fairmy, little farm, diminutive

Faith!, Indeed!; Truly!, exclamation

fallow, fellow; chap,

fan', found, also felt

fand, found,

farrer, farther,

fash, trouble; inconvenience; vex,

faun't, found,

faured, favoured; featured,

faut, fault; blame,

fau'ts, faults,

feared, afraid; frightened; scared,

fearfu', fearful; easily frightened,

fearsome, terrifying; fearful; awful,

feart, afraid; frightened; scared,

feelin', feeling,

fegs!, truly!; really!; goodness!, mild oath; exclamation of surprise

feifteen, fifteen,

fell, very; potent; keen; harsh; sharp, intensifies; also turf

feow, few,

ferlie, wonder; novelty; curiosity,

fess, fetch; bring,

fest, fast,

festen, fasten; bind,

fiddlin', fiddling,

fin', find, also feel

fir-can'le, a torch; 'firwood' used as a candle,

fishin', fishing,

fit, foot; base, also fit; capable; able

flax, flax; wick,

flech, flea,

fleys, terrifies; frightens,

fleyt, terrified; frightened,

flingin', kicking; throwing,

flittin', shifting; removing; departing,

flooers, flowers,

flure, floor,

flurin', flooring,

forby, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

forbye, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

foresicht, foresight,

foret, forward,

forgather, assemble; encounter, also meet for a special purpose

forgathert, assembled; encountered, also met for a special purpose

forgettin', forgetting,

forgie, forgive,

forgien, forgiven,

fortnicht, fortnight; two weeks,

fou, full; well-fed,

fouchten, fought,

fower-hoors, four o'clock tea,

fowk, folk,

frae, from,

freely, quite; very; thoroughly,

freits, superstitions; charms, also superstitious fancies

fremt, stranger, also strange; foreign

fren', friend,

fricht, frighten; scare away, also fright

frichtit, frightened; scared away,

frichtsome, frightful,

frien', friend,

frien's, friends,

frien'ship, friendship,

fu', full; very; much,

fule, fool,

fummles, fumbles,

fun', found,

fun-buss, whin-bush,

fund, found,

furbye, as well; as well as; besides, also over and above

fushionless, pithless; tasteless; feeble,

fut, foot,

gae, gave,

gaed, went,

gaein', going,

gae's, gave us; gave his,

gaird, guard; watch,

gait, way; fashion, also route; street

gaither, gather,

ga'le, gable,

gane, gone,

gang, go; goes; depart; walk,

gang yer wa's, go on,

gangs, goes; walks,

gar, cause; make; compel,

garred, made; caused; compelled,

garrin', making; causing; compelling,

gars, makes; causes; compels,

gart, made; caused; compelled,

gar't, make it; cause it; compel it,

gate, way; route, also method; fashion; habit

gatherin', gathering,

gaun, going,

'gen, by; in time for; whether,

German Ocean, , old reference to the English Channel & North Sea

gether, gather,

gettin', getting,

gey, fairly; considerably, also considerable

gi', give,

gie, give,

gie a lift, give a helping hand,

gied, gave,

giein', giving,

gien, if; as if; then; whether, also given

gi'en, given,

giena, do not give,

gies, gives,

gie's, gives; give us; give his,

gill, tipple; drink,

gin, if; as if; then; whether,

gird, hoop for a barrel or tub,

girn, grimace; snarl; twist the features,

glaid, glad,

glaidly, gladly,

glaiss, glass,

gleds, kites; buzzards,

gleg, quick; lively; smart; quick-witted,

Glendronach, particular brand of whisky,

glimmerin', glimmering,

gloamin', twilight; dusk,

gloggie, insipid; artificial; unnatural,

glowered, stared; gazed; scowled,

goin', going,

goon, gown,

goul, howl; yell; whine,

gowd, gold,

gowk, cuckoo; fool; blockhead,

gran', grand; capital; first-rate,

grandmither, grandmother,

gran'father, grandfather,

gran'mither, grandmother,

grat, cried; wept,

gravestane, gravestone; tombstone; headstone,

greet, cry; weep,

greetin', crying; weeping,

greit, cry; weep,

greitin', crying; weeping,

greits, cries; weeps,

grew, greyhound,

grip, grasp; understand, also hold

grips, grasps; understands, seizures; colic

growin', growing,

grun', ground,

grup, grip; grasp,

grups, grips; grasp,

grutten, cried; wept,

gude, good, also God

gude-bye, goodbye,

gude-hertit, good-hearted,

gudeness, goodness,

guid, good, also God

guide, treat; handle; look after; save; keep,

Guidsake!, For God's sake!,

ha', have, also hall; house

haddie, haddock,

hadna, had not,

hae, have; has, also here

ha'e, have, also here

haein', having,

haena, have not,

hae't, have it,

haill, whole,

hairm, harm,

hairps, harps,

hairst, harvest,

hairst-play, school holidays during harvest,

Haith!, Faith!, exclamation of surprise

haithen, heathen,

haiven, heaven,

halesome, wholesome; pure,

half-dizzen, half-dozen,

half-stervit, half-starved,

hame, home,

han', hand,

han'fu', handful,

hangin', hanging,

hangt, hanged,

hang't, hanged,

han'le, handle,

han'led, handled; treated,

han'let, handled,

han's, hands,

hantle, much; large quantity; far,

hard, heard, also hard

hash, mess; muddle,

hasna, does not have,

haud, hold; keep,

hauden, held; kept,

haudin', holding; keeping,

hauld, hold,

haveless, careless (therefore helpless), also wasteful; incompetent

haven, heaven,

haverin', talking incoherently; babbling,

havers, nonsense; foolish talk; babble,

hay-sow, long oblong stack of hay, shaped like a sow

he that will to Cupar maun to Cupar, a wilful man must have his way,

heap, very much, also heap

heardna, did not hear,

hearin', hearing,

hearken, hearken; hear; listen,

hearkened, hearkened; heard; listened,

hearkenin', hearkening; listening,

hearkent, hearkened; heard; listened,

Hecklebirnie, Hell,

hecklet, cross-questioned; examined,

hed, had, also hid

heepocreet, hypocrite,

heicht, height,

heid, head; heading,

heids, heads; headings,

helpin', helping,

helpit, helped,

her lane, on her own,

hersel', herself,

hert, heart,

hertily, heartily,

herts, hearts,

het, hot; burning,

hev, have,

Hielan', Highland,

Hielan'man, Highland man,

hillo, , a call to attract attention

him lane, on his own,

himsel', himself,

hinder, hinder; hind; latter,

hine, away; afar; to a distance,

hing, hang,

hingin', hanging,

hings, hangs,

hinnerance, hinderance,

hinney, honey,

hintit, hinted,

hips, borders of a district,

hiz, us, emphatic

hizzies, hussies; silly girls,

hoo, how,

hooever, however,

hooly, slowly; cautiously; gently, also 'take your time'

hoomble, humble,

hoombly, humbly,

hoor, hour,

hoo's, how is,

hoose, house,

hooses, houses,

hoot, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

Hoot awa!, tuts!; nonsense!, also exclamation of sympathy

hoot toot, tut!, exclamation of annoyance

hoots, pshaw, exclamation of doubt or contempt

horse-huves, horse hooves,

hose, stocking,

hostit, coughed,

houp, hope,

houpe, hope,

houps, hopes,

humblet, humbled,

hunger, hunger; starve,

hungert, starved,

hunner, hundred,

huntin', hunting,

hurdies, buttocks,

hurry an' a scurry, uproar; tumult,

hurtit, hurt,

huves, hooves,

hynd, straight; by the nearest road,

i', in; into,

I doobt, I know; I suspect,

I wat, I know; I assure (you),

ilk, every; each, also common; ordinary

ilka, every; each, also common; ordinary

ilkabody, everybody; everyone,

ill, bad; evil; hard; harsh; badly, also misfortune; harm

'ill, will,

ill-contrived, tricky; mischievous, also badly behaved; ill-tempered

ill-doin', badly behaved, also leading an evil life

ill-fashioned, vulgar in habits; ill-mannered, also quarrelsome

ill-faured, unbecoming; ill-mannered; clumsy, also unpleasant

ill-mainnert, ill-mannered,

ill-tongued, foul-tongued; abusive,

ill-used, used wrongly,

ill-willy, ill-tempered; spiteful; grudging, also reluctant

'im, him,

impidence, impudence,

imputin', imputing,

inheritin', inheriting,

in't, in it,

interesstin', interesting,

interferin', interfering,

interruppit, interrupted,

intil, into; in; within,

ir, are,

Ishmeleets, Ishmaelites,

isna, is not; is no,

is't, is it,

ither, other; another; further,

'ither, other; another; further,

itsel', itself,

iver, ever,

jabberin', chattering; idle talking,

jaloosed, suspected; guessed; imagined,

jaud, lass; girl; worthless woman, old worn-out horse

jaw, billow; splash; surge; wave,

jawin', talking; chattering,

Jeames, James,

Jeck, Jack,

jeedgment, judgement,

Jeroozlem, Jerusalem,

jined, joined,

jines, joins,

jist, just,

judgin', judging,

jumps, tallies; coincides,

justifee, justify,

justifeein', justifying,

jyler, jailer,

kailyard, kitchen garden; small cottage garden,

keek, look; peep; spy,

keekin', looking; peeping; prying,

keepit, kept,

kelpie, water-sprite; river-horse,

ken, know; be acquainted with; recognise,

kenna, do not know,

kennin', knowing,

kens, knows,

kent, known; knew,

kep, keep; catch, also intercept; encounter

kickin', kicking,

kickit, kicked,

kin', kind; nature; sort; agreeable, also somewhat; in some degree

kin'ness, kindness,

kirk, church,

kirks, churches,

kirkyaird, churchyard,

kirstened, christened,

kirstenin', christening,

kissin', kissing,

kist, chest; coffer; box; chest of drawers,

kists, chests; coffers; boxes; luggage,

kitchie, kitchen,

kittlins, kittens,

kneipit, knocked,

lad, boy, term of commendation or reverence

laddie, boy, term of affection

laddies, boys, term of affection

lads, boys, term of commendation or reverence

laicher, lower,

laird, landed proprietor; squire; lord,

lameter, cripple, also lame

lammie, little lamb, term of endearment

lan', land; country; ground,

lane, lone; alone; lonely; solitary,

lang, long; big; large; many, also slow; tedious

langed, longed,

langer, longer,

lang-leggit, long legged,

lang's, long as,

lang-tailed, tedious,

lan'less, landless,

lap, leaped,

lapstane, stone on which a shoemaker, hammers his leather

lass, girl; young woman, term of address

lasses, girls; young women,

lassie, girl, term of endearment

lat, let; allow,

lat's, let's; let us; let his,

latten, let; allowed,

lattin', letting; allowing,

lauch, laugh,

lauchin', laughing,

lauchter, laughter,

lave, rest; remainder; others, also leave

laverock, lark (type of bird),

Lawlands, Lowlands,

lea, leave,

lea', leave,

leadin', leading,

leal, loyal; faithful; sincere; true,

learnin', learning, also teaching

learnt, learned, also taught

leavin', leaving,

leddy, lady, also boy; lad; laddy

lee, pasture; fallow ground, also shelter from wind or rain; lie

leear, lier,

leebrary, library,

leed, lied; told lies,

leein', lying; telling lies,

lees, lies,

leevin', living; living being,

leiser, leisure,

len', lend; give; grant, also loan

len'th, length,

leuch, laughed,

leuk, look; watch; appearance,

leys, grasslands,

licht, light,

lichtlie, make light of; disparage,

lickin', thrashing; punishment,

lien, lain,

lift, load; boost; lift; helping hand, also sky; heavens

liket, liked,

likit, liked,

likliheid, likelyhood,

likly, likely,

limmer, rascal; rogue, also loose woman; prostitute

lingel, shoemaker's thread,

links, stretch of sandy grass-covered ground, near the seashore

lint-bells, flowers of the flax,

lippen, trust; depend on, also look after

list, enlist as a soldier,

livin', living,

'll, will,

lockit, locked,

longin', longing,

Lonnon, London,

loon, rascal; rogue; ragamuffin, also boy; lad

loot, let; allowed; permitted,

Losh!, corrupt form of 'Lord', exclamation of surprise or wonder

losin', losing,

loup, leap; jump; spring,

loup-coonter lads, shopkeepers; salesmen,

loupin', leaping; jumping; springing,

loupin'-on-stane, horse-block,

lowse, loose; free, also dishonest; immoral

luckie-daddie, grandfather, also fondly regarded forefather

luckie-daiddie, grandfather, also fondly regarded forefather

luckie-minnie, grandmother,

lucky, old woman,

lucky-daiddy, grandfather, also fondly regarded forefather

lug, ear; fin (fish); handle, also shallow wooden dish

lugs, ears,

luik, look,

luikin', looking,

luikit, looked,

luiks, looks,

luve, love,

lyin', lying,

lythe, shelter,

'm, him,

ma, my,

magistrand, student about to become M.A., at Aberdeen University

maijesty, majesty,

mainner, manner,

mainners, manners,

mair, more; greater,

mairch, march,

mairry, marry,

maist, most; almost,

'maist, almost,

maist han', almost,

maister, master; mister,

maistly, mostly; most of all,

maitter, matter,

maitters, matters,

mak, make; do,

mak', make; do,

makin', making; doing,

maks, makes; does,

mak's, makes; does,

man-body, full grown man,

Markis, Marquis,

maukin, hare, also a reference to a poem by Burns

maun, must; have to,

maunna, must not; may not,

mayna, may not,

meanin', meaning,

meddlin', meddling,

meenit, minute,

meenits, minutes,

meenute, minute,

meesery, misery,

mell, mix; be intimate; meddle,

mem, Ma'am; Miss; Madam,

men', mend,

men'in', mending; healing,

men't, mended,

merchan's, merchants; shopkeepers,

mercifu', merciful; favourable,

mere, mare, also mere

merried, married,

merry, marry, also merry

micht, might,

michtna, might not,

michty, mighty; God,

midden, dunghill; manure pile,

middlin', tolerable; mediocre; fairly well,

mids, midst; middle,

mids', midst; middle,

min', mind; recollection, also recollect; remember

min' upo', remember,

mind, mind; recollection, also recollect; remember

ministert, ministered,

minit, minute,

mint, insinuate; hint; feign, also aim at; attempt

mintin', insinuating; hinting; feigning, also aiming at; attempting

mintit, insinuated; hinted; feigned, also aimed at; attempted

mirk, darkness; gloom; night,

mischeef, mischief; injury; harm,

misdoobt, doubt; disbelieve; suspect,

missionar', missionary,

mistak, mistake,

mither, mother,

mithers, mothers,

mizzer, measure,

moedesty, modesty,

mony, many,

moo', mouth,

moose, mouse,

mornin', morning,

morn's, tomorrow,

mou', mouth,

moufu', mouthful,

mou'fu', mouthful,

mould, mould; loose earth; top soil,

muckle, huge; enormous; big; great; much,

muckler, bigger; greater,

mull, snuff-box,

mune, moon,

munelicht, moonlight,

murnin', mourning,

mutch, woman's cap with protruding frill, worn under the bonnet

mutchkin, liquid measure, equal to an English pint

my lane, on my own,

mysel', myself,

na, not; by no means,

nae, no; none; not,

naebody, nobody; no one,

naething, nothing,

nane, none,

nanetheless, nonetheless,

nater, nature,

nat'ral, natural,

natur', nature,

naything, nothing,

nearhan', nearly; almost; near by,

near-han', nearly; almost; near by,

nears, kidneys,

nebs, tips; points; nibs; beaks,

neebor, neighbour,

neebors, neighbours,

neebour, neighbour,

needfu', needful; necessary; needy,

needna, do not need; need not,

ne'er-do-weel, an incorrigible; troublemaker,

neist, next; nearest,

nesty, nasty,

neuk, nook; recess; interior angle, also corner

news, talk; gossip,

nicht, night; evening,

niffer, exchange; barter,

no, not,

no', not,

noething, nothing,

noo, now,

noo', now,

noo a-days, now; in these days,

nor, than; although; if, also nor

nor's, than is,

notwithstandin', notwithstanding,

nuik, corner,

o', of; on,

objeck, object,

obleeged, obliged,

och, , exclamation of sorrow or regret

och hone, alas,

Od, disguised form of 'God', mince oath

odds, consequence; change,

o'er, over; upon; too,

ohn, without; un-, uses past participle not present progressive

Ohone!, Alas!,

on', and, possibly a mispelling--should be an'

onlike, unlike,

onsays, unsays,

ony, any,

onybody, anybody; anyone,

onything, anything,

ook, week,

ooks, weeks,

oor, our,

'oor, hour,

oors, ours,

oorsel's, ourselves,

oot, out,

ootcast, outcast,

oots, outs,

ootside, outside,

opingon, opinion,

opingons, opinions,

opposit, opposite,

or, before; ere; until; by, also or

ordinar, ordinary; usual; natural, also custom; habit

ordinar', ordinary; usual; natural, also custom; habit

orra, odd job (man); exceptional; over all, also idle

o't, of it,

oucht, anything; all, also ought

ouchtna, ought not,

oursel's, ourselves,

ow, oh, exclamation of surprise

ower, over; upon; too,

owerta'en, overtaken,

oye, grandchild; grandson; nephew,

pailace, palace,

paintit, painted,

pairt, part,

pandies, strokes on the palm with a cane,

papistry, Romanism; Popery,

Paradees, Paradise,

parritch, oatmeal porridge,

partic'lar, particular,

pat, put; made,

peacefu', peaceful,

pecks, blows; strikes,

pernickety, precise; particular; fastidious, also difficult to please

perris, parish,

piana, piano,

picter, picture; sight; spectacle,

pictur', picture,

piece, slice of bread; lunch,

pint, point,

pipit, piped; played the (bag)pipes,

pirn, reel; bobbin, on which thread is wound

pit, put; make,

pitawta, potato,

pits, puts; makes,

pitten, put; made,

plack, the smallest coin, worth 1/3 of a penny

plaguit, plagued; troubled,

plaid, plaid used as a blanket,

plaistered, plastered,

plash-mill, fulling-mill,

playacks, playthings; toys,

play-actin', acting,

playin', playing,

playt, played,

pliskie, trick; prank; practical joke,

plisky, trick; prank,

ploy, amusement; sport; escapade,

ploys, amusements; sports; escapades,

poassible, possible,

poddock, frog,

pooch, pocket; pouch,

pooer, power,

pooerfu', powerful,

poored, poured,

poothers, powders,

pop', pope,

porkmanty, portmanteau,

positeeve, positive,

pouch, pouch; pocket,

poun', pound (sterling),

prayin', praying,

preachin', preaching,

pree, taste; try; prove; experience,

prent, print,

prentice-han', novice,

press, wall-cupboard with shelves,

preten', pretend,

preten't, pretended,

prood, proud,

pruv, prove,

pruved, proved,

pu', pull,

public, public house; pub,

public-hoose, public house,

pu'd, pulled,

puddin's, intestines,

puir, poor,

pun', pound (sterling),

putten, put,

quaiet, quiet,

quaiet sough, quiet tongue,

quaieter, quieter,

quaietly, quietly,

quaietness, quietness,

quean, queen; young girl; hussy,

queston, question, also sum

questons, questions, also sums

quest'ons, questions,

quibblin', quibbling,

rade, rode,

rael, real,

railly, really,

raither, rather,

rale, real; true; very,

rampaugin', rampaging,

randy, rough; wild; riotous, also coarse-tongued; abusive

rase, rose,

rash, needle used in weaving,

readin', reading,

reamy, creamy,

rebukit, rebuked,

receipt, recipe,

reckonin', reckoning,

reconceelin', reconciling,

reconcilet, reconciled,

reekit, rigged out; well-dressed,

regairdit, regarded,

reg'ment, regiment,

reid, red,

reik, smoke; vapour,

rejeckit, rejected,

remainin', remaining,

remeid, remedy; cure; redress,

repentin', repenting,

resentin', resenting,

respec', respect,

respecks, respects; considers worthy,

richt, right; correct, also mend

richteous, righteous,

richteousness, righteousness,

richtly, certainly; positively,

rig, ridge; space between furrows, also long narrow hill

rin, run,

rinnin', running,

rins, runs,

risin', rising,

rist, rest,

rivin', renting; tearing; tuging; wrenching,

rizzon, reason,

rizzonin', reasoning,

rizzons, reasons,

roarin', roaring,

rockit, rocked,

ro'd, road; course; way,

Rom', Rome,

roof-tree, beam forming the angle of a roof,

roomy, little room, diminutive

roon, around; round,

roon', around; round,

roset, resin; cobbler's wax,

roset-ends, shoemaker's waxed thread-ends,

rottan, rat,

rouch, rough,

rowdie, hag; beldame,

ruck, bulk; mass; majority,

ruggin', pulling forcibly; tugging; tearing,

ruggin' and rivin', draging forcibly, also contending for possession

runklet, wrinkled; creased; crumpled,

's, us; his; as; is, also has

s', shall,

sae, so; as,

saft, muddy; soft; silly; foolish,

saiddlet, saddled,

sair, sore; sorely; sad; hard; very; greatly, also serve; satisfy

sair heid, headache,

sair-vroucht, hard-worked,

saitisfee, satisfy,

saitisfeed, satisfied,

saitisfeet, satisfied,

salamander, large poker with a flat heated end, for lighting fires

sall, shall,

sang, song,

sangs, songs,

sanna, shall not,

Sanny, Sandy, also Scotsman

sark, shirt,

sarks, shirts,

sattle, settle,

saven, wise; knowledgeable, also seven

savin', saving, also except

savin's, savings,

Sawtan, Satan,

sax, six,

saxpence, sixpence,

sayin', saying,

scar, cliff; precipice,

scart, scratch; strike a match; scrape,

schuil, school,

schuilin', schooling; education,

schuilmaister, schoolmaster,

schule, school,

schule-time, time for school,

scoonrel, scoundrel,

scoon'rel, scoundrel,

Scotlan', Scotland,

scraich, shriek; scream; bird's shrill cry,

scrattit, scratched; dug,

screed, recite rapidly; talk tediously; reel off, also scraping sound

Scripter, Scripture,

sculduddery, fornication; grossness; obscenity,

scunner, disgust; disgusting; revolting,

scunnert, disgusted; loathed,

scurry, scour; got about from place to place, also wander aimlessly

seck, sack,

seein', seeing,

seekin', seeking,

se'enteen, seventeen,

sel', self,

self-forgettin', self-forgetting,

sellt, sold,

semies, second year's university students, at Aberdeen University

sen', send,

sendin', sending,

sen'in', sending,

servan', servant,

servan's, servants,

sessions-buik, church record of its proceedings,

set, set out; start off; become, also inclined; disposed

Setterday, Saturday,

shacken, shaken,

shackle-bane, wrist; wrist-bone,

Shackspear, Shakespeare,

shak'-doon, shakedown; crude makeshift bed,

shanna, shall not,

sharpset, keen; sharp-witted,

sharp-set, keen; sharp-witted,

shaw, show; reveal, also grove

shawn, shown,

shaws, shows,

shearin', shearing (sheep),

shillin', shilling,

shillin's, shillings,

shinin', shining,

shochlin, waddling; in-kneed,

shochlin', waddling; in-kneed,

shoothers, shoulders,

shortcomin's, shortcomings,

shortent, shortened,

shouldna, should not,

shuit, suit,

shune, shoes,

shutin', shooting,

sib, relation; akin; closely related,

sic, such; so; similar,

siccan, such a; such an,

sicht, sight,

sichtit, sighted,

sicker, secure; safe; firm; sure,

sic-like, suchlike; likewise, like such a person or thing

side, district; region, also the side of

sidin', siding,

siller, silver; money; wealth,

simmer, Summer,

sin, since; ago; since then, also sin; sun

sin', since; ago; since then,

sinfu', sinful,

singin', singing,

sittin', sitting,

skelf, shelf, also splinter

skelpin', digging; ploughing, also beating; striking

skirl, scream; sing shrilly,

slack, slow,

slauchtert, slaughtered,

sleepin', sleeping,

sleepit, slept,

sleicht o' han', sleight of hand,

sliddery, slippery; smooth, also sly; deceitful

slinkin', slinking,

slip, let slip; convey by stealth,

slippin', slipping,

slips, tricks,

sma', small; little; slight; narrow; young,

smacks, single-masted sailing boats, not necessarily a Scottish word

smeddum, spirit; mettle; liveliness,

smilin', smiling,

smokin', smoking; smouldering,

smokin' flax, smouldering wick, reference to Matthew 12:20

smorin', smothering; suffocating,

snappin', snapping,

snaw, snow,

sneck, door-latch; catch (gate), also latch

snod, smooth; neat; trim; tidy; snug,

sod, sad,

sodger, soldier,

sodgers, soldiers,

sojer, soldier,

some, somewhat; rather; quite; very, also some

somehoo, somehow,

sookit, sucked,

soon', sound,

soonds, sounds,

sornin', taking food or lodging; sponging, taking by force of threat

sortit, sorted,

soucht, sought,

sough, sigh; sound of wind; deep breath,

soun', sound,

soun's, sounds,

soutar, shoemaker; cobbler,

sowl, soul,

sowls, souls,

spak, spoke,

spak', spoke,

spark, speck; spot; blemish; atom,

spaud, spade,

speakin', speaking,

speerit, spirit,

speik, speak,

speikin', speaking,

speir, ask about; enquire; question,

speired, asked about; enquired; questioned,

speirin', asking about; enquiring; questioning,

speirs, asks about; enquires; questions,

speirt, asked about; enquired; questioned,

spen', spend,

spence, storeroom; larder,

speyk, speak,

speykin, speaking,

speykin', speaking,

spier, ask about; enquire; question,

spring, quick lively tune,

spult, spilt,

spunes, spoons,

Squaur, square,

stack, stuck,

stair, stairs; staircase,

stamack, stomach,

stamacks, stomachs,

stampin', stamping,

stan', stand; stop,

stane, stone; measure of weight, 1 stone = 14 pounds

stanes, stones,

stan'in', standing,

stan's, stands,

starnie, very small quantity,

startit, started,

steek, shut; close; clench, also stitch (as in clothing)

steekit, shut; closed; clenched,

stept, stepped,

sterve, starve,

stew, dust; vapour; smoke, also stench; stink

stickin', sticking; goring,

stingin', stinging,

stinkin', stinking,

stockin'-fit, feet clothed in stockings, i.e. without shoes

stook, arranging the sheaves in a stook,

stoun', ache; throb,

stown, stolen,

Straddle Vawrious, Stradivarius, make of violin

strae-deith, death in bed; natural death, not a violent death

straik, streak; stroke; blow; caress,

straiks, streaks; strokes; blows; caresses,

strang, strong,

strathspey, Highland dance, like a reel but slower

straucht, straighten; straight,

straught, straight,

stravaguin', saunter; stroll; go about aimlessly,

stren'th, strength,

stucken, stuck,

stud, stood,

stule, stool,

styte, nonsense,

subjec', subject,

subjeck, subject,

subjecks, subjects,

substrackin', subtracting,

sudna, should not,

sufferin', suffering,

suffert, suffered,

suld, should,

suldna, should not,

sumph, soft blunt fellow; simpleton; fool,

sune, soon; early,

sune's, soon as,

sung, singed,

sunk, drivel; loiter, also be in a low dejected state

sup, drink,

supped, drank,

supposin', supposing,

swack, elastic; limber; supple,

swarf, swoon; faint,

sweer, swear,

sweir, swear,

sweirer, swearer,

sweirin', swearing,

sweirs, swears,

sworn, swore,

syde, wide and long; hanging low down,

syne, ago; since; then; at that time, also in (good) time

't, it,

tae, toe; also tea, also the one; to

taed, toad,

ta'en, taken; seized,

taes, toes,

taings, tongs; prongs,

tak, take; seize,

tak', take; seize,

tak tent, look out; pay attention; watch,

takin', taking,

taks, takes; seizes,

talkin', talking,

tane, the one, also taken

tap, top; tip; head,

tastin', tasting,

taucht, taught,

tauld, told,

tawtie, potato,

taxed, found fault with; scolded,

tay, tea; supper,

tay-time, tea time; supper,

teachin', teaching,

teep, type,

telled, told,

tellin', telling,

tellt, told,

tell't, told,

telt, told,

tent, attention; care; heed; notice,

thae, those; these,

thairm, fiddle-string, also intestine; gut; belly

than, then, also than

thankfu', thankful,

thankit, thanked,

thanksgivin', thanksgiving,

that'll, that will,

the day, today,

the morn, tomorrow,

the nicht, tonight,

the noo, just now; now,

the piece, apiece,

thegither, together,

themsels, themselves,

themsel's, themselves,

thereaboots, thereabouts,

thimmel, thimble,

thinkin', thinking,

thinksna, does not think,

this mony a day, for some time,

tho', though,

thocht, thought,

thochtna, did not think,

thochts, thoughts,

thoo, thou; you (God),

thoomacks, violin-pegs,

thoucht, thought,

thouchts, thoughts,

thrapple, windpipe; throat,

thrivin', thriving,

throu, through,

throu', through,

throuw, through,

throw, through,

thrum, particle; tangle; mess,

ticht, tight,

til, to; till; until; about; at; before,

till, to; till; until; about; at; before,

timmer, timber; wood,

tint, lost; got lost,

'tis, it is,

tither, the other,

tod, fox,

toom, empty; unload,

toomin', emptying; unloading,

toon, town; village,

toon-piper, town piper,

toot, tut!, exclamation of annoyance

Toots!, Tuts!; Tush!,

towie, string,

trailin', dragging forcibly; hauling along,

traivel, travel,

traivellin', travelling,

tramp, trudge, also tramp

transe, passage within a house, also alley; narrow space

tribble, trouble,

trimlin', trembling,

troo, trust; believe,

troosers, trousers,

troth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

trowth, truth; indeed, also used as an exclamation

tryin', trying,

'ts, its,

tu, too; also,

tuik, took,

tum'ler, tumbler; glass (of whisky),

turnin', turning,

turnt, turned,

twa, two; a few,

twa three, several,

twal, twelve,

twalmonth, twelvemonth; year,

'twas, it was,

twise, twice,

tyke, dog, also rough clownish fellow

tyne, lose; get lost; miss,

'ull, will,

umquhile, former; of old; late,

unbecomin', unbecoming,

unco, unknown; odd; strange; uncouth, also very great

unco', unknown; odd; strange; uncouth, also very great

understan', understand,

unner, under,

unnerstan, understand,

unnerstan', understand,

unpleasin', unpleasing; unpleasant,

unsoucht, unsought,

unweel, unwell,

up the stair, upstairs, also to heaven

uphaud, uphold; maintain; support,

uphaudin', upholding; maintaining; supporting,

upo', upon; on to; at,

upsettin', forward; ambitious; stuck-up; proud,

vailue, value,

vainishin', vanishing,

vainities, vanities,

verra, very; true; real,

vex, trouble; vexation,

vraith, apparition,

vrang, wrong,

vratch, wretch,

vrote, wrote,

vroucht, wrought; worked,

wa', wall, also way; away

wad, would,

wadna, would not,

wailin', wailing,

waitin', waiting,

wakin', waking,

wall, well; spring of water,

wallopin', dancing; galloping, also beating; thrashing; knocking

wame, belly; stomach; womb; hollow,

wamlin', rolling; undulating,

wan, reached; gained; got,

wan'erer, wanderer,

wantin', wanting; lacking; without; in want of,

wantit, wanted,

war, were,

wark, work; labour, also show of affection

warl', world; worldly goods, also a large number

warld, world,

warldly, worldly,

warna, were not,

warran', warrant; guarantee,

warst, worst,

wa's, walls, also ways

washin', washing,

wasna, was not,

was't, was it,

wastit, wasted,

wat, wet, see also 'I wat.'

watchin', watching,

watter, water,

wauken, awake; wake,

waukens, wakes,

waukin', waking,

waukit, woke,

waukmill, fulling mill,

wauk-mill, fulling-mill,

waur, worse, also spend money

waure, ware,

weddin', wedding,

wee, small; little; bit, also short time; while

weel, well; fine,

weel-behaved, well-behaved,

weelfaur, welfare,

weel's, well as,

weet, wet; dew; rain,

weicht, weight,

weir, wear, also hedge; fence; enclosure

weirs, wears,

weyver, weaver; knitter, also knitter of stockings; spider

wha, who,

wha', who,

whaever, whoever,

whan, when,

wharever, wherever,

wha's, who is, also whose

whase, whose,

What for no?, Why not?,

What for?, Why?,

whaur, where,

whaur'll, where will,

whaur's, where is; where has,

wheen, little; few; number; quantity,

whiles, sometimes; at times; now and then,

whilie, short time,

whilk, which,

whumle, whelm; overwhelm; upset,

whusky, whisky,

whustle, whistle,

whustled, whistled,

wi', with,

wice, wise,

wife, woman; landlady, also wife

wight, fellow,

willin'ly, willingly,

willna, will not,

win, reach; gain; get; go; come,

win', wind, also reach; gain; get; go; come

winkit, winked,

winna, will not,

winnin', reaching; gaining; getting,

winnock, window,

winsome, large; comely; merry,

wi'oot, without,

wirrycow, scarecrow,

wis, was, also wish

wiss, wish,

wissed, wished,

wit, intelligence; information, also sense; wisdom

wite, blame; reproach; fault,

withoot, without,

withstan', withstand,

wob, web; woven material,

wolums, volumes,

wonner, wonder; marvel,

wonnerfu', wonderful; great; large,

wonnerin', wondering,

wonnert, wondered,

wordy, little word; little saying or proverb, diminutive

workin', working,

worryin', worrying,

wouldna, would not,

wow, woe, exclamation of wonder or grief or satisfaction

wrang, wrong; injured,

writin', writing,

wud, wood; forest, adj.-enraged; angry; mad; also would

wuddyfous, gallows' birds; scamps, also small ill-tempered persons

wull, will; wish; desire, also astray; stray; wild

wuman, woman,

wumman, woman,

wuss, wish,

wynd, narrow lane or street; alley,

wynds, narrow lanes or streets; alleys,

wyte, blame; reproach; fault,

yaird, yard; garden; farmyard, also yard (36 inches)

yairds, yards; gardens, also yards (1 yard = 36 inches)

ye, you; yourself,

year, years, also year

ye'll, you will,

Yellow-beak, first year's student, at Aberdeen University

yer, your,

yer lane, on your own,

ye're, you are,

yersel, yourself,

yer'sel, yourself,

yersel', yourself,

yersels, yourselves,

ye've, you have,

yird, earth,

yon, that; those; that there; these,

yonner, yonder; over there; in that place,

yon's, that is; that (thing) there is,

yoong, young,

yowth, youth,

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