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   Chapter 5 IV NOTES

Down with the Cities! By Tadashi Nakashima Characters: 1588

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Domination and exploitation are actually two sides of the same coin. But if we must make a distinction, then domination is a means of exploitation. It also follows that the city does not come into being by means of domination without exploitation.


The scale and form of the modern city is basically different from that of the ancient city, but in essence they are basically the same. We should note that both the ancient and the modern city are organizations for plunder and domination; the modern city, by means of industrialization and technological innovation, has grown to huge proportions.


In this instance, instead of saying that it transcends the differences between developed and non-developed countries, we should say that urbanization itself constitutes the ef

forts of the non-developed countries to overtake the developed countries by progress and development (or by means of living beyond their means).


"World of Laws" and "Natural World" are terms from Ando Shoeki.

(Translator's note)


Truth is absolute, but good is relative. Since the gods are absolute they are truth, but they cannot be good. To the farmers the rice weevil is an evil, but to the manufacturers of agricultural chemicals, it is a good. And to the gods the rice weevil is, just like the farmers and manufacturers of agricultural chemicals, merely another form of life.

It is nothing more than the arbitrary decision and wishful thinking of human beings to believe that the gods are on the side of good. This is where we find the fundamental error of religion.

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