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   Chapter 48 Tenome

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Updated: 2019-01-20 12:44

Tenome, which roughly translates to "eyes on hand", are bloodthirsty yōkai that have manifested from angry spirits of the blind.

The legend of Tenome was first mentioned in Gazu Hyakki Yagyō, a book on ghosts, spirits, beasts, and folklore. There were many other legends brought to light in this book that I have previously mentioned in other chapters. This includes Jorōgumo, Kappa, Yuki-onna, and Kurozuka. Besides that, its origins aren't well known.

At first, a Tenome looks like an elderly man that is blind. There are no traces of eyes on its face, but instead two unblinking eyes on the palm of its hands. Although it looks like a human, it is termed more often as a creature due to its inhumane behavior. They are known well to feed off of humans and eat their flesh.

The backstory of a Tenome is cloudy and not completely known. However, they are mainly depicted as the spirits of blind men that were robbed and brutally murdered by thieves. This is supported by a tale concerning one. In the tale, a man goes to a field and gets attacked by a creature, later identified as a Tenome. The man survives the terrifying encounter and rushes to an inn to take shelter at. While there, he talks to the innkeeper about the ordeal, to which the innkeeper mentions an incident that happened a few days ago in the field.

According to the innkeeper, an elderly blind man was walking along the country lane and passed through the field. While passing through the area, he was suddenly approached by a group of robbers. They v

ared. The monk let himself out from his hiding place and was glad that they survived the encounter. However, when he opened up the chest to let the young man out, he discovered that the man was no longer inside the chest. Instead, all that was inside were loose flaps of skin. The Tenome sucked his bones and meat completely out of his body, leaving nothing but his skin behind as proof of what happened.

In the film Pan's Labyrinth, it is theorized that the Pale Man is based on Tenome as they both share eyes on their palms as well as homicidal characteristics. The picture below this paragraph is a depiction of the Pale Man. Tenome has also been referenced in Cuphead, a video game released in 2017. One of the bosses the player faces is Blind Specter, which shares a striking resemblance to Tenome.

I'm not sure what lessons could be taught with this legend. If any of you have ideas, please let me know because so far "blind men might be cannibals that slurp out your organs" doesn't have a good ring to it.

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