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   Chapter 47 Jinmenken

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Updated: 2018-12-07 06:37

Do you like dogs? Let me rephrase that: do you like dogs with human faces on them?

Well, then look no further.

A jinmenken, which roughly translates to "the human-faced dog", is a talking creature that has a human face instead of the typical face of a canine. They have been known to be able to speak and communicate with people. Some believe that they are the results of some sort of botched science experiment, while others think that they are the spirits of a unfortunate event.

Their appearances vary from reports, although many have described them as having the figure of a medium-sized dog. They are typically thought to feature dark fur and have an eerie look to them.

According to reports, a jinmenken has a rather rude way of speaking and tends to not like the company of humans. It is said that in many cases, a jinmenken will ask a person to leave them alone, rarely holding a conversation for long. I guess dog-human hybrids aren't that social.

Luckily, besides wanting some privacy, a jinmenken isn't that harmful and do not kill humans. At most, they have been known to chase cars around, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour as they run. They are typically spotted i

re was one thing that I found very interesting as I researched this: Japan really likes things that possess human faces. This was brought to my attention by an article written by Brent Swancer on jinmenken, and I didn't notice how much Japan appreciates human features on objects until recently. For instance, they have an entire museum dedicated to rocks that look like faces. Also, if you've ever heard of the trend in Japan to grow watermelons into square-like shapes, then it may not surprise you that they have also grown watermelons to look like human faces. Trust me, if you look it up on google you will see the insanity yourself. It's crazy, but what else would you expect from Japan?

Could jinmenken be real or are people just seeing monkeys during the night? Only time will tell.

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