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   Chapter 46 Inugami

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Inugami translates to "Dog God" and is a mythical Japanese dog spirit. They are a spirit of possession, and people typically summon them to possess and harm their enemies. The legend of Inugami is popular in Western Japan, possibly due to the lack of foxes in the area. Foxes are usually used as familiars and spirits that perform tasks in Japan, and since many foxes weren't around in areas, it is speculated that they instead used dogs.

There are a few chilling rituals that have been claimed to summon an Inugami. They have been banned due to the animal cruelty surrounding them, as well as how the ritual is clouded with misfortune and ultimately seen as a dark act. It was strongly frowned upon by everyone in ancient times as Inugami could be seen as curse gods.

Although there are various rituals, I'm only going to be listing one. I will warn readers that it consists of hideous animal cruelty.

In the most well-known method, a dog would be starved until it reached the peak of desperation. One way this was often accomplished was by tying up the dog and placing food near it so that the food was just out of reach. This would cause the dog to be staring at the food as it slowly dies. The other way was by burying the dog up to its neck and placing the food in front of its head. This led to

liars. But these advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages of receiving discrimination and possibly getting harmed. In the past, if there were families or bloodlines that used Inugami, they were usually shunned upon by other villagers. It was considered taboo to marry someone associated with Inugami. Along with this, if an owner wasn't careful, it could end up possessing someone close to them, such as a family member.

Ultimately, Inugami don't bring much good and come from the result of a cruel ritual. They have been mentioned in many pieces of folklore, as well as in literature and television. Their appearances vary, so there are many different interpretations to what they look like. Overall, I recommend taking a deeper look into Inugami, as they have a lot of information that I didn't include on various websites and are interesting to learn about.

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