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   Chapter 44 Coin Locker

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Updated: 2018-09-10 21:00

Also known as "Coin Locker Baby", this legend is of a tale that has to do with a mother abandoning her newborn child.

Coin lockers are public lockers in train stations that are opened either by coins or cards. Primarily in Japan and China, infants would be abandoned inside of these lockers. Some of them would be left in a locker alive, while others were killed by the parents before being locked inside. Some parents assumed that attendants would check the lockers and eventually discover their child, taking it away to an orphanage. However, there have been many instances where that isn't the case. The noisy atmosphere of a train station can easily drown out the weak cries of a child and the lockers can end up being airtight and unchecked. This has caused many children to die before they are discovered. These infants have been dubbed "coin-operated-locker babies".

Sadly, although many laws and measures have decreased these incidents, they still tend to happen. This year (2018), there was a case where a Japanese woman named Mao Togawa strangled her newborn daughter and hid the body in a suitcase. Then, she put it in a coin locker and continuously rented the locker on a daily basis, preventing anyone from using it. Eventually, they discovered the dead child because of the foul smell that came from the locker. To put it bluntly, this legend isn't about something of the past.

The popular story with this legend has a few different variations, but the details that are changed in each version are very insignificant so I won't bother mentioning every single one. Without further ado, here is the one variation that I decided to share:

There was once a young woman that fell in love with a handsome man. She thought that everything was going perfectly i

oy who was crying in front of the coin lockers. He was alone, and everyone walked past him as he wailed, seemingly ignoring his cries. Concerned, she walked up to him and bent over, looking into his teary face.

"What are you doing here alone? Are you lost?" She asked.

The boy continued to cry, not answering her. She looked around again and saw nobody that seemed to be his parents.

"Where is your mother?"

The boy suddenly stopped crying and glared at her, his eyes burning with anger. He finally replied, hate tainting every word.

"It's you."

A few years later, the skeletal remains of a young woman and a baby were discovered in a coin locker.

This tale can be interpreted in a few different ways. Perhaps it exists to show how unforgivable the action is. Perhaps it was written to put a darker twist on the phenomenon. There's not really a true answer. If anyone has any unique views on this legend, please mention your thoughts and ideas in the comments. I'm also going to include a song known as "Coin Locker Baby" that has to do with the subject of coin locker babies, and so if you want to take a closer look at the topic, you can view the video below.

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