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   Chapter 43 Yoshimuji-San

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Updated: 2018-09-10 21:00

This legend is about a worst-case scenario that can come from sharing personal information online. The story is supposedly true and happened on Mixi, a Japanese social network that's similar to Facebook. The story goes as follows:

There was a girl named Miko who spent her free time going on an online community. There, she would write posts about her plans for the day, along with unnecessary information of who she was with and where she would be going. One day, she received a friend request from a user named Yoshimuji-San. Miko accepted the request and didn't think of it for the rest of the day.

The next day, she got a message from the user.

Yoshimuji-San: Miko is 21 years old, but she is still not married?

Miko was unnerved out by the personal question but decided to be polite despite the uncomfortable feeling she had. Part of her was certain that this was just some creepy guy on the internet that thought her profile picture was attractive, but she didn't want to be judgemental right away.

Miko: Yeah, I'm a student, so yes... I am single.

Moments after sending the message, Miko got an immediate reply.

Yoshimuji-San: Do you have a boyfriend? Where do you live? Please tell me your real name.

This message scared Miko, much more than the previous one. However, it also annoyed her that he shot so many ridiculous questions. Though her anger, she sent a cold message in return.

Miko: I'm not answering any of those questions. Don't send me any of these

ose things made her feel even more terrified. However, she knew that she couldn't stand idly anymore. She messaged him an erratic message of anger and resentment.

Miko: Stop this right now or else I'm calling the police. I'm dead serious. What are you doing?

Yoshimuji-San: I am at your side.

Miko: How did you know where I would be?

Yoshimuji-San: I saw every update you posted... about your plans, about where you were and who you were with.

Miko: Where are you living right now? Are you living near me?

Yoshimuji-San: I live on the 5th floor in a room. Same as you.

Miko: Where are you watching me from?

Yoshimuji-San: The closet.

The origins of this legend are unknown, but it definitely puts a dark spin on sharing too much information online. That being said, it isn't as popular, but it's definitely an interesting tale and can be helpful when trying to convince people to not expose their identity on social media. Well, if you want to scare them, that is.

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