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   Chapter 42 Sugisawa Village

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Updated: 2018-09-10 20:59

This legend is about a village that exists somewhere in Japan. However, finding it is nearly impossible, according to this legend. Why?

Because it was wiped off of the map, along with all of the villagers living there.

According to this legend, there was a small village known as Sugisawa. It was fairly small and not many people lived there probably due to its rural location in the Aomori Prefecture (a district in Japan). One day, a man experienced a "moment of madness" and began a violent murder spree. He managed to slaughter everyone in the small village, before killing himself to end the bloodbath. In the end, nobody from the village was left alive.

After the tragedy, the abandoned village was erased from official maps around the area, along with any documents the village was mentioned in. The land the village was incorporated into a nearby town. The story of what happened spread throughout the Aomori Prefecture, yet little to no people dared to visit the village. This is due to the rumors that spread across the land, which included details of how that the village was plagued by evil spirits and that those who entered the village would never return. It was also said that the few people that wandered near the village died from mysterious causes.

If one would go towards the area, they would start hearing talking and laughing in the distance, as if there were some sort of festival. The noises would then suddenly switch to terrified screaming before returning back to the cheerful sounds of talking.

Some people refused to tell their friends and family about the location for fear that they would visit the area and end up dead. As the years went on, those who knew of its location died, taking the knowledge with them.

Eventually, only a few knew of what happened, and just about nobody knew of where it was located. Nobody really cared to s

ve". There also is supposed to be a torii gate and a stone that looks like a skull at the entrance. Besides that, the description of the village's interior is unknown.

This legend is believed to have been similar to the "Tsuyama massacre", an awful murder spree that occurred in 1938 in a rural village next to Tsuyama, a city in Japan. This massacre was done by a man named Mutsuo Toi. Upon learning that he had tuberculosis and was soon going to die, he murdered 31 people and then committed suicide. This toll was roughly half of the population of the village and was a disturbing event that occurred during the time. The murders were done in the midst of the night when he cut the electricity lines, sending the entire village into sheer darkness before starting the silent rampage. The suicide note he left revealed that he was worried about the social impact of having tuberculosis, which was incurable at the time, along with how he was treated coldly once he told others about his disease. I recommend doing more research on the massacre, but I'm probably only saying this because these kinds of stories interest me much more than others.

Anyways, that's all that's known about the Sugisawa Village- unless you find it one day, that is.

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