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   Chapter 41 Kurozuka

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Kurozuka is a yōkai that is also known as the Demon of Adachigahara, or The Witch of the Black Mounds. Another simplified name is Onibaba, which means "the demon hag".

Note: Old demon women are usually referred to as Onibaba in Japanese legends and folklore, so if you ever hear the term, don't connect it to Kurozuka right away. There are a bunch of other stories out there based off of Onibaba, but for now, this section is looking at a specific one that is rather famous in Japan.

At first, she seems to just be an old lady in need of some help. She typically has wild hair and a rather maniacal appearance, but aside from that, nothing stands out about her compared to other elderly women. Standing by a road, she usually spends her time waiting for a traveler to pass by. Once she spots someone, she will try to lure them by inviting them to a nearby cave that she lives in to spend the night. If the travelers decided to spend the night resting there, Kurozuka would murder them in their sleep and eat their remains. If a person denies her offer, there is a small chance that she may simply kill and eat them anyways.

Now, many have wondered why she does this act, but one can point at her tragic past as the source of her madness. The most infamous story of the Kurozuka goes as follows:

A long time ago in Kyoto, a wealthy couple had a baby girl. Unfortunately, to their own horrors, the child was girl extremely ill and haven't even spoken a single word for the first five years of her life. The couple grew worried and consulted with many priests and doctors to try and find out what was wrong with her. After years of desperation and no sign of hope, a doctor told them of a way to help their daughter through a sinister cure. The only way to cure their daughter was to feed her a fre

capture travelers and eat them. in her cave, and adapted to her psychotic ways of life.

There are some different orientations to this tale, including an add-on in the noh version of the story. In that version, a while after turning into a yōkai, a Buddhist priest visits her cave to lodge in and conveniently finds a couple mountains of human remains within the caverns. Like what every human being would do, he ran for his life, but it wasn't long until Kurozuka found out that he knew her secret and chased him. In a little battle, the priest overpowered her and killed her. Then some monks buried her among the black mounds of where she haunted (also known as Kurozuka, hence her name), giving her somewhat of a happy ending by freeing her from her chains of insanity.

Then again, this is a noh version, so some people ignore this and suspect that she is still roaming within Adachigahara, peering at travelers with a hungry look.

Either way, it's nice to help out an old lady and all. It's just that, in this case, perhaps you shouldn't sleep over at their place unless you want to be eaten by a crazy demon. Actually, just don't sleep at a stranger's house at all and you should be fine.

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