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   Chapter 40 Curse of the Colonel

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Updated: 2018-03-12 11:22

This one is the most horrific and creepy ones yet. It has scarred me to this very day and makes me feel absolute dread whenever I hear about it. It is one of the darkest sides of Japan, and I cannot truly fathom what terror it strikes in everyone who hears about it. This one is about...

Colonel Sanders.

Okay, this one isn't creepy at all, you got me. The truth is, this one is more of a brighter side at Japanese urban legends. All of these legends so far have been all about excessive mutilation, death, ghosts, angry ladies, etc. However, while browsing the internet, this one caught my eye and I could not just simply leave it there. So, this one won't be a scary one and more of a comedic one- unless you're afraid of Colonel Sanders.

And if you're thinking, "Uh, excuse me, when are you going to post more creepy ones then?" Trust me, I'm going to update with another story tomorrow to make up for my hiatus! I just wanted to add this one for fun, so don't worry.

The story of this finger lickin' curse goes as followed:

Considered the eternal underdogs of Nippon Professional Baseball, the Hanshin Tigers faced the Seibu Lions in a game of baseball. Devoted to their beloved team, fans of the Tigers flocked to the stadium to watch their team play. By the end of the game, the Tigers won, declaring them the winners of the 1985 Japanese Championship Series. Now, this was an impressive feat and made all of the fans extremely happy. Following the win, drunken fans headed to the Ebisubashi Bridge in Osaka, Japan. As everyone celebrated, they decided to do a little ceremony. As each player's name was called out, a fan who

ch ever since. And so, the downward spiral of the Tigers continued for many years. Divers were even sent in to look for the mannequin, but Colonel was never found.

That is until 2009.

Divers swam through the waters when they suddenly spotted some sort of unknown object. At first, the silhouette seemed to be some sort of corpse's torso, leaving the divers mortified. As it was dragged out further, it was quickly realized to be the upper body of the one and only Colonel statue. Through the muck and decay, his warm smile beamed through. However, parts of him were missing. The next day, they recovered his right hand and lower body and pieced him back together to reveal his final form. Well, almost. They're still looking for his left hand and glasses to this day, desperate to lift the curse by returning everything. But, for now, he's in front of a local KFC near the Koshien Stadium.

He's definitely seen better days, but at least it gives Tigers fans some hope for the future.

I bet that creeped all of you out, didn't it? Yeah, this one will definitely give you nightmares.

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