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   Chapter 39 Jorōgumo

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Updated: 2018-03-12 05:31

Do you like spiders?

Jorōgumo, also known as "entangling bride" or "whore spider", is a yōkai in the form of a spider that can change its appearance to a seductive woman. Its name is also based off of the Nephila Clavata, a large orb-weaving spider.

Why do they need to change into an attractive woman? Well, the peculiar shape-shifting ability is because of its favorite prey: young men.

At first, they start off as regular golden orb-weaver spiders when they are born. When young, these spiders are only about two to three centimeters long and feed on insects- you know, general spider information. As they age, they grow larger and may be able to even prey on small birds if they get big enough.

However, this is where the regular facts twist into a rather unsettling legend.

Once a golden orb-weaver spider becomes 400 years

ens a man slowly, letting the spider sadistically watch their prey wither away until death. It is rumored that once the poison takes full effect and kills the man, the Jorōgumo devours them and tosses their skeleton somewhere. With all of these deadly abilities, a Jorōgumo is extremely hard to catch and could spend years in the middle of a busy city without anyone noticing them.

By the end of the day, life can get pretty rough, but at least none of us are getting eaten alive by a gigantic spider demon right now. And if you are, I'm sorry about that.

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