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   Chapter 38 Kagome, Kagome

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Updated: 2017-12-29 04:11

Kagome, Kagome is a Japanese children's game that can be interpreted. Since Kagome can be translated as "circle", the game can also be called "Circle You, Circle You."

This is less of an urban legend itself, and more of a bunch of miniature theories and legends behind this game. Personally, it took me a while to sort this all out because of how much there is behind this game on the internet. I apologize if it gets too confusing, but hopefully you can understand the gist of what I'm about to write.

Now, the unique aspect of this game is that there have been many rumors of the purpose behind it. Because of the cryptic lyrics and rules, nobody can be truly sure of what the lyrics mean, or what the game is about.

In the game, one player is chosen as the oni, which is similar to "it" (it can also stand for a demonic creature, but "it" is the more popular meaning for this). The player is blindfolded and sits or stands on the floor. The other children join hands and walk in circles around the oni, and sing the song that goes with the game. Once the song ends, the children stop walking in a circle and stand where they are. The oni then has to try and name the person standing behind them. If they are correct, the person behind them will exchange places with them and continue the game. If not, then they stay in the middle and the players go around once again.

Here are the lyrics of the game in Romanji along with an English translation:

Kagome kagome (Circle you, circle you, )

Kago-no naka-no tori-wa (The bird inside the basket/cage, )

Itsu itsu deyaru (When, oh when will it come out, )

Yoake-no ban-ni (In the night of dawn, )

Tsuru-to kame-ga subetta (The crane and the turtle slipped, )

Ushiro-no shomen da-a-re? (Who is behind you now?)

Now, people have a ton of theories on what

unts of research and have found nothing that leads to this story being real in any way or form. The fact that it's based on a fictional music video alone should be enough proof that there isn't any actual information supporting this story. Even with this lack of evidence, many people chose to believe it anyway.

Another damaging fact is how the Creepypasta states how to play Kagome, Kagome. The Creepypasta claims that one plays the game in a different way. The player that is chosen sits in the middle without being blindfolded, and the children join hands and circle the player, singing the popular song that goes along with the game. However, as they sing, they try to scare the person in the center with sudden movements, loud sounds, or contorted facial expressions. If the player in the middle flinches before the song ends, they lose.

This description that they provide isn't the way to play Kagome, Kagome at all. In reality, the theory didn't even explain how to play the game correctly and made up different rules. This has caused many people to be misinformed on how to play the traditional Japanese game.

So, what do you think about Kagome, Kagome? Does it really mean anything with its lyrics, or are these just people thinking a bit too much about a children's game?

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