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   Chapter 37 Shirokiya Department Store Deaths

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Updated: 2017-12-19 18:25

This legend revolves around a historical event that happened in Japan, which was a tragic fire in 1932. It happened in one of Tokyo"s largest department stores, Shirokiya.

The fire started in the toy section, shortly before the store was to be opened. According to witness reports, there was a spark from a light bulb that decorated a Christmas tree, and the spark landed on highly flammable toys, igniting them. The open staircases in the building acted like a chimney for the smoke, and provided an abundance of oxygen for the fire to rage on. Because of this, the fire was able to spread to different floors, and the main entrance was blocked off by flames and heavy smoke. There were eight floors in total, and it is said that the fire started on the fourth floor.

As firefighters rushed to the scene, it was discovered that the ladders and hoses were too short to reach the fifth floor, and so there was little that could be done to stop it. People trapped inside were desperate to escape, and had to take drastic measures. Some saleswomen went up to the roof and jumped into safety nets held by firemen. Others attempted to escape the building by fashioning ropes out of clothing or curtains and trying to climb down them. About 80 people in total clim

there is not a lot of evidence to back this up.

Also, some think that there was no reason for these women to choose death over modesty. Since the kimonos were tight and long, it is guessed that one could use the length to cover themselves if they were to fall from a high area. Along with this, at the time they had mixed gender hot springs and bath houses- proof that Japanese culture was tolerant with public nudity. Then again, some people are simply extremely conscious of showing too much skin, and so the women may have just been that way, even with the fact that Japanese culture was accepting of it.

Looking at all of this evidence... what do you think? Were there really women that were so petrified with fear and a sense of modesty that they refused to jump, or that this was a story fabricated to benefit from the tragedy?

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