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   Chapter 36 Noppera-bō

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A Noppera-bō is a yōkai that looks like a human, with a slight difference- they have no face.

At first, they seem to be ordinary people. At most times they disguise themselves to look like people familiar to the victim, such as a relative or spouse. They blend in perfectly with society, acting completely normal. But, as time goes on, the illusion wears off and their facial features quickly vanish. There are no eyes, mouth, nose, or anything whatsoever on their face. It is just a smooth, blank sheet of skin where a face would be.

They are also known as faceless ghosts, due to their shocking appearance. When people meet them, they usually fear that the Noppera-bō will kill them and flee the scene. However, they"re relatively harmless. The only goal of the yōkai is to give people a good scare, and they do that tremendously well. They"re so mischievous that they even like to form groups and work together to scare people.

Legend has it that they usually appear in empty streets, and anything that can catch a person alone. Then, they put on their disguise and face away

man there. She began to plead with him, begging him to not fish in the sacred pong. The fisherman ignored her, and was about to turn away when she suddenly wiped off her face and turned out to be a Noppera-bō.

Horrified, he quickly rushed to his home to hide from the faceless ghost. When he finally reached his house and shut the door behind him, he was greeted by his angry wife. She confronted him for his wickedness, and how he is too lazy and ignorant. Then, before he could respond, she wiped her face off as well.

So, overall, these yōkai are less focused on hurting people, and more focused on scaring people. It"s similar to Hanako-san"s motives- wanting to make everyone have a bad day for the fun of it.

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